Monday, September 29, 2008

The End of TV "News"

TV news sold us an Obama/McCain 2008 presidential debate as "the"
historical debate of the century... then we were treated to a moronic
doze-off B-movie bore of the century.

After the failed Wall St. Bail-Out, all TV channel "news", be it CNN
or FOX or NBC or what have you, have been displaying a variety of
interviews with Congress representatives and experts, all of which
practically without exception just represent the bitter side of the
losers, those who SUPPORTED THE BILL.

At no time those who defeated the Bill, have even been on

Can you imagine a Superbowl night where all TV cameras are given
to just the loser team to whine and complain...? So we the public
thus, switch off the TV channels, in the self-evident awareness that
neither of the candidates (both supporters of the defeated bill), nor
the entire leadership of both parties, a little less than half of
Congress, and the entirety of corporate TV news media, -not to
mention the presidency of course-, give a damn about We-The-
People, or about elemental fairness at large. Even when we kick
their butt, they will still royally ignore us. Whether they win or
lose a game, only their team & supporters will be on the "news".

Wow what a "surprise"that is...!? Gee, we are "so" shocked...!?

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