Thursday, October 16, 2008

Intellectual Materialism = Ideology & Religion

The universes vary from the most material extremely rigid levels
of Density and low frequency Vibration, to the most subtle/ethereal
morphing and "instantly-manifesting" thoughtforms of almost zero
density and high frequency Vibration.

Our 3D realm here, is nearly at the bottom of the Density spiral, and
we represent a mode of reality based on "Fossilized Thoughtforms",
of which the outer material shells are a projection of. All but Negative
Change is the only predominant mode of Morphing; we see this in the
process of Aging, and through Disease, and mental Pathology.

If you wish to manifest a reality, you have to Work for it, in Material
terms, Labour in repetitive slow manner, until after a long time
things "might manifest", hopefully that is. In other words, this is a
Realm of Containment of the Will (to manifest), where extreme Low
Frequency impedes all Morphing, and life appears as "frozen/static",
with a strong Inertia towards Stasis.

The "ideals" of people in this most heavily dense Material Realm, are
an expression of the same; by and large people cater to IDOLATRY,
which is nothing else than IDEALIZING THIS FOSSILIZED STATE
OF MATTER, imbuing it with "metaphysical properties". This form
of pathological "spirituality", by Aggiornamento merely "decorates"
the Fossilized Thoughtforms, "charging" them with the attributes of
the higher realms -which of course they cannot embody at all-.

Historically we have seen the same process of Material Idolatry in
various shapes, from idolizing animals, to idolizing totemic fetish
objects, to idolizing the cycles of Nature, to idolizing a sex gender
(ex. "mother goddess"), to idolizing rituals, to idolizing power and
money, to idolizing physical beauty, to idolizing higher social class,
to idolizing traditions, to idolizing tyrants, to idolizing mostly all
those things that are "FIXED" or "DENSE" in essence, like ideals
or virtues that are not related to Change & Evolution, such as is
the penchant for idolizing Rules & Laws, or utterly fundamentalist
codes of Morals (not the same as Ethics), and ultimately idolizing
any "theology" or "dogma" that by definition is "cast in bronze",
and thus unchanged and absolute.

Little do people whose Consciousness is chained to these blatant
forms of Intellectual Materialism, realize their predicament, since
they are deluded in the "sensation" of appearing as "spiritual".

However all things spiritual are an inner will to Ascend in the Spiral
of Densities, towards less dense and totemic realms, were Freedom
of Will and Instant Manifesting and Morphing, are the very ways
"reality" exists as such. There is nothing fixed in such realms, and
only LOVE is the constant, a Love that consists of an ingrained and
true apprehending of the cosmic nature of the "All Is One", a Love
that is not a Set of Learned Codes, but an Energetic Lattice of High
Frequencies that like a caleidoscopic light-robe envelop a Good Will
unbound by any lower frequency fences & ego firewalls.

Therefore in higher less dense and less fixed spiritual realms, the
notions of "Limit" and "Separation", are non-computable; this is
why Freedom reigns above, because Freedom is where there are
no walls and no limitations, and "Infinite Potential" is a fact.

All these notions are the very opposite of all Ideology & Religion in
our 3D earthly realm; these are actually projections of Separation,
of Limit, of Rule, of Labour, of all things Finite, of Scarcity, of the
elite vs. the rest, of "us & them" mentality, of "Payment" schemes,
of "ownership", of "master & slave", of "reward" vs. "punishment",
etc. Ideology & Religion in our highly dense & fixed material realm,
3D material/physical density of illusory "solidity".

As such, they "re-construct" and "project" in seemingly "ethereal"
terms, the very physical Polarity nature of this reality, building a
Temple/Template that is just a manifestation of extremely dense
and Fossilized Thoughtforms loaded with BI-POLAR pathologies,
yet presented as "spiritual".

This is how "IDOLATRY" is defined, the desire to represent Spirit
as taken out of the material ways and forms. They see a dense and
fixed material reality, thus they conclude that exacerbating this, by
taking this being "dense & fixed" to the extreme of Absolutism,
will confer those Ideas & Values & Rituals a "spiritual" nature.

However since they never even speak about true Freedom & Change,
or about Morphing & Instant Manifesting, or about the All-Is-One
Consciousness, or about activating the Infinite Potential, or about
truly connecting to the High Self, BECAUSE THEY CANNOT EVEN
opposed to real spirituality, as the night is to day.

We can picture by analogy, what happens to our Consciousness when
we are seized by the Idolatry of Ideology & Religion, in the following
way: if we see our 3D dense/fixed realm as our body, and the next
level up in ethereal less dense/less fixed realm as the water surface
of a lake or the ocean, when we try to Walk on Water, we fall.

As soon as we speed up ("change"), we can water-ski on its surface.
This means that "staying" in the "same place" with the same "weight"
makes us incapable of grasping the new more subtle and morphing
texture/density of the water. We "cannot hold" ourselves in such a
medium. Conversely if we learn to swim by adjusting our positioning
and movements ("morphing"), we are able to become a bit like the
fish we see using water as a habitat. All these adaptive operations
must be seen as EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, to internalize
the new less dense and morphing medium of water. They represent
EVOLUTION, not rooted in absolutist unmoving consciousness.

When Ideology & Religion force our Consciousness towards a delusion
of "Absolute" and "Fundamental" center, they are in fact forbidding
the natural Exercise of the Will to prepare for new future realms of
Less-Density and much greater Freedom and Instant Manifestation.
For all practical purposes this will require as in the example the new
ability to swim & fly, meaning new capabilities derived of Expansion
of Consciousness -not reduced scope-. Life on this 3D earthly realm
is supposed to be a training exercise in unblocking some issues about
how to adapt & survive in higher realms, it is not a foolish & dumb
exercise in "STOP EVOLVING", not a "Freeze your Will" boot-camp,
as they have sadly turned it to.

Any "spiritual" or "intellectual" venture that does not explicitly speak
of Expansion of Consciousness, how to break the illusion of the False-
Self, how to transcend Material Fixed Thoughtforms, how to be truly
Free, how to attain Infinite Potential, how to Love beyond the usual
attachment co-dependencies on Limit and Separation (just "loving"
what is mine, my race, my nation, my people, my ideas, my beliefs,
my family, my class, etc.) or "love" turned into control /possession,
ultimately how to Morph & Manifest Instantly, and how to insert one's
Conciousness of the Self into an All-Is-One Universal Field of Being,
is no spiritual or intellectual venture at all, but rather a dangerous
counterfeit trojan, designed to push you back & hold you down.


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that is some deep stuff. where did you come up with this?

TT said...

that is some deep stuff. where did you come up with this?