Friday, October 24, 2008

McCAIN's hate-fest campaign GOES PINOCHET

Friday October 24th of 2008, another sad day in american politics,
from Palin's out-of-control Beauty Pageant antics, to McCains ties
to dictator Pinochet in Chile.

Sadly enough, we learn that besides Palin's orgiastic $150,000 chic
shopping spree (just one visit to a designer store shows a ludicrous
$75,000 bill...!?), McCain's top paid employee in the month of October
was Palin's MAKEUP ARTIST -even better paid that John McCain's
Foreign Policy Advisor...!?-, for a whopping $11,000 a week...!?

News of this ridiculous excess traveled fast around the globe, landing
in the front page of most circulated newspapers.

We have also learned that she traveled to Las Vegas to a Governors
Meeting, booking a $700/night room, for which she only attended
1 single meeting lasting 4 hrs...!? The taxpayers also footed her kids
transportation and meal expenses
. If this is how "Miss Small Town
Real America" hockey-mom turned potential Vicepres behaves,
no small wonder the rest of the world mocks american politics. What
a lying hypocrite this woman is.

On a sadder note, contributors to
posted articles accusing Barack Obama of traveling to Hawaii due to
his Surrogate Mother/Grandma's imminent death, of going there to
"Ritually Kill Her"...!? They were talking of satanic sacrifice in order
to guarantee a win in the upcoming election. Evidence? None. I can't
think of anything more hateful than coming up with that. Is this how
a presidential campaign is conducted in the world's biggest nation...?

Now onto the saddest note of all, one mentally unstable female Field
Representative for the Republican Committee and McCain supporter
named Ashley Todd, is made to simulate the hoax of being attacked
by a black male supporter of Barack Obama, who supposedly spotted
a McCain sticker in her car, robber her at an ATM, and punished her
by beating her and marking a "B" in her face with a knife...!?

" " Todd originally told police a man "punched her in the back of
the head, knocking her to the ground, he continued to punch and
kick her while threatening to teach her a lesson for being a McCain
supporter," according to a police statement. She had also told police
her attacker "called her a lot of names and stated that 'You are
going to be a Barack supporter,' at which time she states he sat on
her chest, pinning both her hands down with his knees, & scratched
into her face a backward letter 'B' on the right side of her face using
what she believed to be a very dull knife." "

A McCain campaign dirty-tricks desperate racial "Black-Op" clearly
designed to effect a much needed turnaround in the flunking voter
support, has turned sour as police through inconsistencies discovered
the hoax to which she later confessed, exposes the frenzied HateFest
state this campaign has sadly developed into.

Also today Oct 24th, in this chilean newspaper post we learn John
McCain traveled to Chile in 1985 to meet personally with dictator in
power Augusto Pinochet
in Dec., during Pinochet's most troublesome
years, as a sour economy and a US Department of Justice trial sought
to extradite his top General in charge of repression and torture, along
with 2 other subordinates, linked to the murder of chilean dissident
executive Orlando Letelier and his US female assistant Ronnie Moffit
(they blew up his car in Embassy Row, Washington DC, in 1976), who
was working for the World Bank and living in the capital.

This emblematic crime occurred under George Bush Sr's tenure as
director of the CIA, who apparently let it happen in order to gain
further control over Pinochet by blackmail. Besides the General and
the 2 subordinates being extradited, an agreement was reached with
the notorious ex-CIA turned Black-Ops american Michael Townley,
who was "clumsy" enough (in purpose), to even leave behind a trail
of gas station credit card use, before he blew up Letelier's car. It is
vox-populi common knowledge that the agency was keeping close
tabs on him, and that Townley was a double-agent, working both for
Pinochet under the cover of a "rogue mercenary", while at the same
time still continuing to be a Black-Ops agency operative. Bush Sr.
went into TV cameras as director of the agency, to lie about the
assassination; in premeditated fashion, he stated that "chileans
were not involved" in the crime. Quietly the moves to take
them out of public exposure began.

However when Jimmy Carter decided to pressure Pinochet into
terminating the infamous DINA intel agency in Chile -of which the
3 operatives were part of-, this took the form of a protracted Judicial
process in the US seeking the authors of the Letelier assassination,
because the event occurred in Washington DC. So a "fine line" had
to be walked, where the 3 operatives had to "appear to be tried &
", but in reality this was just a shell-game to extract them
and place them in protected anonimity here, where they would not
reveal anymore beyond the sketchy cliche basics.

Michael Townley was brought to the US, and only 1 of the General's
chilean subordinates was extradited (the so notorious Psychopathic
butcher and manchurian type Armando Fernandez Larios) here, and
both in exchange for "crucial information", were finally placed forever
under Federal Witness Protection Plan, disappearing into anonymity
to this day, after serving perfunctory small sentences in jail.

Here we see how Michael Townley's team of cubans was disbanded
THE DAY BEFORE the JFK hit; most likely this team was a parallel
one to create multiple confusing leads in the case of exposure. We
see clear evidence of this, in the 1982 murder of emblematic and
highly respected former President of Chile Eduardo Frei Montalva,
who in recent years has been revealed was infected/poisoned with
swabs following a routine Hernia operation, an assignment carried
out by former associates of Michael Townely, members of his very
inner team in Chile. It is the rule of high level hits, that only those
who are in this league by previous assignments, can carry out such.
This murder is still under investigation & trial, pursued by his son
(of the same name) who also became President of Chile in the '90's.
Frei was poisoned with designer toxins, Belgian researchers found
Mustard Gas in his dead body, and Sarin Gas was later identified.
Simply way too sophisticated for a 1982 Chile; Townley's team reeks
of much higher level, "int'l presidential" level that is, elite top level.
This in turn explains the chilean-based Operation Condor tie in with
european massive Operation Gladio, as will be detailed below. A lot
of over-the-top hands were at play in seemingly "little Chile" all
connected to the JFK hit and the Nixon fall.

McCain's visit to Chile to meet with Pinochet is seen as necessary
logistics to extract the 3 persons involved, and thus immunize their
managers from further legal problems. McCain called the meeting
"Friendly and at times warm", only noting that Pinochet seemed
overly obsessed with fighting Communism. At no time did McCain
schedule any meetings whatsoever with the regime's opposition.

This meeting was coordinated by Pinochet's ambassador in the capital
and the facts now obtained via a newly declassified cable-document.
The newspaper link analysis observes that "meeting with dictators
without preconditions" seems to blatantly contradict McCains claims
in this Election's 2008 debates, as he severely attacked Obama's
intentions to use Diplomacy in the future.

(Orlando Letelier was Chile's former Foreign Secretary, and was a
potential political figure into the post-Pinochet era, being somewhat
of an informal government-in-exile figure. McCain thus appears now
to be a part in the coverup of his murder, the 1st. act of terrorism
in the US capital. Consequently, he also appears as acting as a cover
or fuse, triangulating for G. Bush Sr. In this vein, McCain appears as
a highly secretive Black-Ops cordinator, involved in the shadowy
world of secret agencies and shadow government, a member of their
dirty works ops. Hardly the " moderate" or "maverick" image
he has publicly construed for himself. At the very least, he
was the Congress "yes man" in charge of legitimizing the whole
muddy affair).

ADDENDUM (must -read):
1985 was a year of "cleanup strategy" regarding Chile, in the Agency;
McCain also met with member of the Chilean Junta & Navy General
Toribio Merino, who informed him in 1990 there would be a transition
to true Democracy through open elections, and therefore the Plan A
of continuing a "mock democracy" with a rigged "Elected President
Pinochet" was out of the question. Since this meeting then, Pinochet
officially became a LIABILITY to the agency, and the extradition
of the 3 Black-Ops operatives, had to be effected immediately, as
the CleanUp was given a fastrack "Go". Bill Clinton in the mid 90's
to expose G. Bush Sr.'s murky role in managing Chile through the
Pinochet Regime; more than 10,000 docs were made public, and
Clinton's idea was to minimize the Bush dynasty's role, using the
declassifying of compromising secret documents, to gradually
pressure them into "early retirement" (basically blackmail). It
is this ongoing turf-war between the Bush and the Clinton camp,
that better explains CLINTON'S IMPEACHMENT, as a form of
retaliation by Bush. Most crucially, Pinochet in the mid-late 90's
was subjected to more trials in Chile (as the new info. provided
important legal evidence), and a TRIP TO LONDON was arranged
for Pinochet (who never left the country for fear of arrest) by none
other than Margaret Thatcher, so that he would be "arrested",
i.e. placed in House-Detention in a comfortable residence in Surrey,
for a year & a half, until Clinton was on his way out of office, and
his power greatly diminished after the Impeachment. Pinochet
was then returned to Chile, and years later died without ever
having been subjected to a real trial, thus all the information
linking him to Bush Sr., was forever covered. In 2000, Al Gore
was impeded from becoming president, following same thread.
When we speak of "Chile" and "Pinochet", we must consider this
merely the tip of the iceberg, into the whole Latin American
continent. What made Chile SO CASE-SENSITIVE, is that
in Chile the triangulated management of "Operacion Condor" was
installed, with the agenda of assassinating key politicians all over
the world. Amongst the victims Olaf Palme PM of Sweden. It is
this operation in connection to "Operation Gladio" in Europe, that
is at the heart of the coverup, and the axis of the Bush-Clinton
rift. It must be remembered how a young Bill & Hillary traded
books of famous chilean legend poet Pablo Neruda, while dating.
Op Condor provides an "entry point" into Op Gladio, and thus
it made Chile and Pinochet a highly sensitive and risky matter.
The assassination of Orlando Letelier in Washington DC, was a
key "weak link" risky sore-spot in the Bush network. Therefore
John McCain's meeting with Pinochet in 1985, provides a great
deal of insight into the real McCain behind the public facade, the
so-called "Manchurian McCain ".

Besides Op Condor, Chile was a small but key piece in a much
wider and far-reaching agenda, being sort of "Tried & Tested" in
beta-version so to speak. One must factor in the true significance
of the fact that the Coup D-Etat that installed Pinochet as dictator,
occurred in... SEPTEMBER 11 in 1973, during the so-called
"Power Vacuum" years of the Nixon fall-from-grace. It's no secret
this was the exact time-frame when the Bush dynasty came into
power in higher politics, via Kissinger. It is a persistent and long
time rumor, that the real "Deep Throat" that provided facts to the
Washington Post reporters, was none other than George Bush Sr.,
as Nixon was made to fall, in order to let the new Kissinger-Bush
team reign in (accurately, they were called "Team B"). As Chile
was then his pet-project, it has to be properly pondered under this
light and in this hidden perspective, the curious "coincidence" of a
date with... 911.

In the background of all this, as highly strange and Out-Of-Context
for "little Chile", is the fringe rumor that Adolf Hitler might have not
died in 1945, but carried out to south Argentina (Bariloche region),
then across the Andes to neighboring Chile, where the rumor goes,
he died in the late '80's. Fact is, in south-central Chile a notorious
Nazi enclave called COLONIA DIGNIDAD existed for decades,
out of the reach of the country's jurisdiction, where a german child
abuser established a "religious" organization & camp. His name Paul
Schaffer, and he was involved with Michael Townley, as this one later
confessed to biological experiments on prisoners in Colonia Dignidad
where some of the chilean "disappeared" by Pinochet were taken.

G. Bush Sr. went to Chile in 1991 to "formalize" the country's new
Transition Into Democracy era, an event seemingly for public show.
At some point, all these high level figures directly involved with a
far away little country of no geo-strategic importance, traveling
there in person, makes for a good suspicion of something way above
what meets the eye. Sooner or later another pattern seems to take
shape in the mind, and rumors begin to look less preposterous. After
all, during the '60's, veritable and respectable witnesses were known
to have said that they met with high level nazi (also supposedly dead
at the end of WWII) Martin Bormann, in southern Chile. While of
course the unavoidable "coincidence" of the date Sept. 11, persists
in the memory, now doesn't it...?
---(Read Customer Reviews in the link)---
When researchers like Peter Levenda who has actually gone to try
to investigate Colonia Dignidad in-situ risking his life, see southern
Chile as full of german descendants and so forth -assuming a lot of
WWII nazis went there-, get it all wrong. The German Colonization
in southern Chile was effected between 1850 & 1900 by and large;
Levenda completely misses the point in his witch-hunt obsession.
that to some High Level nazis (particularly those at the top supposed
to be dead, like Hitler or Bormann), it might have seemed the ideal
escape-artist location. It was quite simply, the ideal location on the
globe, to "blend-in" unnoticed. However if a noticeable number went
in, this would have been impossible to conceal. The vast majority of
nazis came to the US, to WORK, where their advanced science and
intel & warfare skills were useful; what was a skilled nazi to do in the
idyllic southern Chile, raise cattle...? Here is where the money was
good and laboratories set, be it in aeronautics, or weaponry, or in
newly forming intel agencies, or in psychiatric research institutes,
etc. But some of them -the few lonely emblematic & iconic ones at
the very top-, would have had no alternative but to forever hide in
Chile, doing basically nothing. Since these arrangements were carried
by the Allies under "Operation Paperclip", the elite in the US would
have known this quite clearly in detail, therefore some groups within
this elite might have developed "emotional attachments" to them,
constructing through the decades an image of Chile (or Argentina)
than christians go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and such. And in
time, this would have led to beginning to set certain secret agendas
over there, charged with symbolic esoteric resonance in their minds.
And this ultimately the "mythic" force behind the unusual nature of
the South America dictatorships installed during the '70's, in countries
like Chile that were utterly peaceful (Chile had enjoyed uninterrupted
stable democracy since its Independence in 1810). Eventually all this
would have attracted the OUTSOURCING of "hidden testing" and such
gung-ho ideologic parafernalia, to utilize thr place and its people, to
fine-tune future agendas set for larger scale in developed nations.
The racial proximity made Chile & Argentina perfect testing grounds,
being the whitest countries in Latin America. In the end , this even
transpired within the normal open business & political agendas. For
example the privatized medical HMO's were previously tested and
fine-tuned in Chile (called AFP's over there), etc etc etc.

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