Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Psychopaths Epidemic

Since academic psychiatry has been utterly unable to truly inform
the public about the real nature (and true numbers) of Psychopaths,
the internet alternative realms have thus filled in this sad gap.

Some have defined psychopaths as "REACTION MACHINES", in
the sense that it is not a "momentary condition", but an intrinsic
nature of the being in question. Their mind-construct will react to
contextual human input, cataloguing humans in 3 basic TYPES:

(1). Irrelevant humans; "not real" people to them.

(2). Humans that make up Life as Mere "Objects" in a "Room" of
their own property, which they feel entitled to toy with at will.
These humans are expected to behave as absolute slaves and
supporters, and punishment awaits those who have free-will.

(3). Humans that constitute "Enemies", because they are living
proof of their own failings; these are turned into Victims. These
are humans that excel and manifest spiritual ethical behaviour.

Within the mind-software of the Psychopath, the Worth-Value
of humans increases from (1) to (3), the latter being the absolute
prize possession in their twisted logic, so this type of human will
either be bullied into becoming a Slave, or attacked as a Victim.

While (1) & (2) end up filling the entire "life" of the Psychopath,
it is the (3) Type the Psychopath LIVES FOR, the raison d'etre
for his existence in this plane. They were sent here to actually
"Seek & Target" this type of humans, and they spend their full
lives obsessing about them, tracking them, conspiring against
them, picking on them, bullying them, attacking them, all with
the sick intention of "converting them" unto their "cause", with
a twisted "love" for these -their cause being, becoming a Psycho-.

Thing is, every Psycho feels like "A Legend in My Own Mind",
so they perceive themselves as "part of" the (3) Type of humans,
the brilliant and legendary ones, albeit a 'Marginal Misunderstood'
subgroup of such, as 'almost gods'. They in turn REACT to the fact
they almost have NOTHING IN COMMON with them, and this is
ultimately an expression of PAIN twisted into AGGRESSION that's
essentially trying to gather ATTENTION to themselves, until it has
been "properly recognized" that they are "Brilliant & Legendary" as
well. The Psychopath then, seeks to "Establish a Fabricated
& Imposed Relationship" with the (3) Type, in order to fulfill
an "Inclusion Desire" to be amongst the realm of the Superior Ones,
as they make sure they are "forever & ever linked & bonded" to
them, thorugh a series of "Stratagem Chess Moves". These moves
of calculated "Attachment by Fixation" are the Axis of the lonely
universe the Psychopath mentally dwells in, which for all practical
purposes, constitute his hidden set-goal in life.

No. (1) and (2). simply provide the Psychopath with Entertainment,
from having slaves to work for his needs, the ultimate purpose is to
derive pleasure in being entertained by the Master-Slave symbiosis,
as well as the deception of craftily using them as Social Cover that
will allow them to enter "Human Reality" undetected.

This "Adaptive Process" is the most crucial cornerstone evidence of
the real nature of the Psychopath; it is what allows them to become
a "normal" part of society on the surface, blending-in at perfection.
Yet by the same token, it sheds a light on their pathology; because
after a while it becomes rather obvious to the ones with which they
chose to become intertwined (spouse, offspring, friends, colleagues,
etc.), that they are used just as Theatrical Objects in a detailed game
of Staged Representation.

Usually way too later than sooner, these pawn-people start to "get"
they have absolutely No-Idea who their mate really is/was, at all.
And typically they will begin to recoil in horror at the awareness of
their mate's MACHINE-LIKE BEHAVIOUR, at their incapacity to
truly connect with others beyond the surface-rituals, and to feel the
even most basic EMPATHY with others.

What this discovery amounts to, is that they suddenly realize they
were all along nothing else than "Objects in a Room" for their mate,
a Room carefully constructed to MIMIC HUMAN LIFE.

In other words, they came to the acute awareness that there was a
HIDDEN AGENDA concealed within the Psyche of their loved mate.
And that their outer "Personality" was just a Shell, and this Shell is
all they really interacted with the whole time.

So they start trying to "make contact with the inner person", the
real Self, and usually this involves pinpointing some disturbing and
questionable behaviours and "Judgements / Options". As soon as
this process even lightly begins to take place, the Reaction on the
part of the Psychopath is way over the top, and this person now is
automatically classified as a potential "Enemy/Victim", and treated
as such accordingly -to the shock and dismay of the one trying to
reach in for real-.

A textbook expression in this case is repeated by all Psychopaths in
the form of a: "You disappoint me..." or the like. This expression
will be utilized in a peaceful neutral exchange, while on a heated talk
the person will be called "Demonic" or "Evil" or "Crazy" typically.
These expressions are merely the Preparatory Phase for Aggression,
as the mind of the Psychopath adjusts to the "new setting" and starts
a "Classify as Target" process. Thus is recurrent to hear that people
speak of their mates all of a sudden turn verbally aggressive. And
thus the ABUSE begin, they now are no longer "Privileged Happy
Slaves", now they've become "Slaves Deserving Punishment". The
cover stage has been blown, now they are dead-center in the very
Field of Games of the Psychopath, who will immediately look for new
fresh people to act as Social-Cover. Meantime, they will most coldly
proceed to "deal" with the "nuissance" the close person has become
now to him, under a Pre-Set "Defend The Program" auto-modality
of action, clearly a defense-mechanism. To the Psychopath this mode
is all but "natural", while to the surrounding acquaintances, it appears
as a severe abnormality, and evidence of cruelty. Little by little the
ones close to the Psychopath, will come to the awareness they are
thus not dealing with a fully 'sentient normal human' per-se, but a
Machine like mimic being, run by a pre-set programming.

What's at the root of the software problem, is that the Psychopaths
cannot log-in their memory a "Wrong" judgement/option on their
part; they quite simply LACK A "WRONG" FILE. This inability to
compute as "error" any of their wrong choices or doings, renders
This is the necessary "corrective" process of Evolution, but they
are NOT part of Evolution, they are NOT interested in it, as they
cannot evolve at all, they merely "learn tricks" and how to best
simulate an existence as an "Adapted Psychopath" in society.
Their mind-software is a FIXED PROGRAM, looping forever into
infinite the same "Games & Rituals" This is what's meant by them
when they speak of "My Beautiful Mind", another repeated cliche
in their deviant lexicon; it means a Mind that won't evolve & change,
unaffected by Reality or Humans, dedicated to Games & Rituals.

Their entire Memory Log reads like an endless Linear Collection
of Random Tricks and Adaptive Strategies, at best. This is why
they fit so well within the CORPORATE AND PLUTOCRATIC
Technocracy. Because most of day-to-day corporate business and
power politics consists of trickery and deceptive strategies, along
with heavy back-stabbing, they fit in like a glove within that kind
of environment, where it's a all a Shell game. The problem is when
to come home to the real world with real people, not just the usual
abstract "meeting holders" and "competitors" and "employees" etc.
They can function seamlessly and go unnoticed in a world where
people are traded like objects & defined in corporate target terms,
where there is ZERO INTROSPECTION and Minimal Empathy.
In this kind of Business & Power field they go a very long way and
climb up faster and higher than any normal human.

Therefore we see the top echelons of Corporations and Politicians,
filled with a disproportionate number of Adapted Psychopaths.
In this high level game of Power/Finance and Deception/Control,
they view themselves as bona fide brilliant and excelling beings,
proof of their "I Am A Legend In My Own Mind" self-dogma. As
soon as the inherent Corruption and Betrayal and Cronyism
begins to unravel and being exposed publicly, they entrench
themselves in a Reactionary Aggressive verbal prose, where
all others begin to gradually become "Enemy/Victims" again.

We have a first-hand view of this pathology in the latest Financial
Meltdown, which is but the climax of a couple-of-years process,
where the current administration and its support base, have been
gradually exposed as not good for America. We have gone though
a massive deterioration of our international image & leadership,
have lost most of our allies, our incumbent is the laughing stock
amongst socialites in most nations, our economy is in terminal
shambles, retirement pensions have lost already 2000 billion
in value, the government is expected to default on its payments
towards international creditors by next summer 2009, and by
and large the economy is entering a long 15-year Depression
with Hyper-Inflationary momentum, that will make the 1929
Great Depression look like a boyscout bootcamp, and at the very
center of all this, is a 20-year Republican rule (only tampered by
an 8-year democratic government that left an economic surplus),
and many obtusely fanatical Republican representatives, seemingly
unable to grasp their part in the whole debacle.

This example vividly presents us with a real-life laboratory setting
that can perfectly test the levels of Psychopathy within the power
elites. Here's an undeniable terminal Titanic-like crisis, from which
personal Republican responsibility CANNOT be absolved in any
shape or fashion whatsoever. Anybody that doesn't acknowledge:
"I screwed up big-time"
being a Republican representative in the
escalating last 28-years frame, agreeing with the structural basic
policies & ideology
, is a certified Psychopath.

After all, we have the iconic examples of Republicans like Ron Paul
or Bob Barr or Pat Buchanan and a long cache of others, who began
disagreeing with the insanity & corruption within their own party, a
testament to the fact it is perfectly possible to remain fully human
and caring, within any single construct. So there is just no excuse for
siding with Adapted Psychopaths.

Yet this is what we gather in the last 2 days only in political news:

---Sarah Palin---
"We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that
we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call
the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very
patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation," she said.
"This is where we find the kindness and the goodness and the
courage of everyday Americans".

If you live in a Big City (more than half the population now do), you
are not a "real american" and you are "not pro-america", & you are
"not kind and good and courageous", much less "patriotic"

This is classic psycho-speak revealing a Deep Hatred of anybody
possessing a learned consciousness, a clearer awareness, a more
developed cosmopolitan view. Unless you come from a hamlet of 6
thousand people in Wasilla-Alaska like she did, you're no good and
not pro-american, you are "Not Real" i.e. you don't "exist" in her
mind, you are TYPE (1) HUMAN. Naturallly when confronted, she
will deny that her words mean at all "By Contrast & Contrive" what
they clearly are intended to mean. It is akin to a mother that has
2 sons, calling one "the real son" and "pro our family" and "good &
courageous", then when confronted by this egregious act, denying
that this By Contrast means the other son is not such...!? That a
candidate for the very vice-presidency of the US could speak using
a By Contrast & Contrive logic about the majority of the population
-the most educated and evolving part- in those filthy terms, is but a
warning of how far society lets psychopaths continue to occupy seats
of power without any proper checking of their mental balance.

This raving Psychopath in need of immediate treatment, labels
all "Liberals" and "Left-Wingers" as "Anti-American", period...!?
This is classifying the majority of the population that is voting for
a change, as TYPE (2) HUMAN, that is. She views the entire
country as a "Room of her own property", where People are but
OBJECTS, or SLAVES and anyone wanting to think or decide for
themselves what's best is TO BE PUNISHED. What she is saying,
is : "I Am Ready To Punish & Inflict Damage On You", she going
into Phase 2 of the Reactive Mind, verbally abusive aggression.

It would be a real downer to list more examples, I rather picked
the softest ones, coming from females in order to highlight the
disturbing discrepancy between "Sweet Shell" & "Psycho Content".
That we have a veritable epidemic of Psychopaths in public life
and corporate finance, is all too evident. And it is time to stop
the techno-talk, and deal with the underlying psychic pathologies.
We have an indisputable mental crisis at the highest levels, that
needs to be recognized and isolated, and made part of the cultural

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