Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Becoming aware of the subconscious matrix

My blog's introduction states: "Normal' Consciousness is a Disease
caused by Devolution". This simple truth is beyond computing for
most, since society's dogma is that the "Normal" is both good
& ideal, while "Devolution" is not supposed to exist. We are led to
believe this is the 1st. advanced civilization that ever existed (...!?),
and that we are the only inhabited planet in all the universes (...!?).
Simply taking a frontal look at these demented beliefs imposed as
PSYCHIC DOGMA all over the globe, gives you a measured hands-
on assessment on the lunacy involved in what's considered "Normal".
Truth is, the "Normal" state is a haven for all kinds of Pathologies
of the psychic & spiritual kind, and the real suppressed actual stat
regarding people with "anomalous" behaviours, is 1 in 4 -not 1 in
25, or 1 in 40, as official psychiatry extrapolates publicly-. Not that
the other 3 will be "Fine & Dandy" either, just not utterly prone
to dangerous and pathological conditions. The suppression of this
fact, provides the ILLUSION that "Normal Consciousness" in our
modern society, is ok, by & large "desirable", and approved by "God".

Far from it, human beings are split in at least 4 Psychic & Mental
LAYERS: the Conscious / Unconscious / Subconscious/ Meta-Self.
each of these Layers corresponds to a Dimensional Realm, usually
expressed in the "4 Elementals" symbology: "Earth" for Conscious,
"Water" for "Unconscious", "Air" for "Subconscious", "Fire" for
"Meta-Self". Each a UNIVERSE, and an Identity of Origin attuned
and/or living in its respective universe. What society considers
"Normal" Consciousness, is merely a 4th. of the total (Conscious),
and even within this 4th. part the Conscious Mind only processes
between 3% and 10% of "reality in this Realm. This is why both
our BRAIN & DNA utilize 3% to 10% of their capacity, meaning
the rest is utilized in remote-fashion, by the Higher-Self (or Rogue
Source substituting the Higher -Self) in each consecutive Realm.

In other words, your "Conscious Self", is but a tiny speck of what
is really going down... underneath the surface of your Mind, the
tip of the iceberg. That a society could "pride itself" in just being
Unaware & Unconscious of all the underneath activity & reality,
is a testament to how far down as a species we have Devolved.

For all practical purposes, consciousness-wise we live in a SHELL

The "reality" we see & touch -the material 3D density-, is sheer
illusion, as THE 5 SENSES "PERCEPTION" is electrical impulses
fed into our brain acting as a Coding/Decoding computer, and we
"see" or "hear" or "taste" according to the computer programming
in predetermined software, and there is really no way of telling how
"real" are the actual "material" inputs before they enter the senses,
because it's the brain that decodes everything "perceived". When
science attempted to study matter & energy as real, they arrived
at... Quantum Mechanics Physics, where nothing is what you think.

Yet for the most part, society is still living in a Newtonian world, and
people still assume things "really are what they appear to be". It is
simply beyond, how most people have never even known -let alone
apprehended- the fact that EXISTENCE IS CONSCIOUSNESS
layered projections in the different universes. What you
will perceive as real in a specific layered realm-universe, is but the
way Consciousness interacts with the Set of "Laws" as "Game" in
the field of manifestation of a particular realm. Different universes
are just different Game-Rules setup to exercise varying ways in
which Infinite Consciousness can assume a reduced holographic
modality, for purposes of Evolution (out from Source & Return to
Source). The ALL becomes momentarily a "One".

In order to make a certain universe a "reality", an unimaginably vast
number of Data-Processing operations are needed, as are embedded
in the software of the "Body Computers" incarnating a Higher Self
at a specific realm. In our little 3D Material realm, amongst humans
some people afflicted by AUTISM, cannot block & filter completely
the Unconscious & Subconscious operations of the Brain Computer.
Thus the whole array of infinite computations "bleeds" in part into
the Conscious, allowing us a sheer glimpse of the massive underlying
operations routinely performed. This is what the 90% to 97% of your
Brain & Dna are constantly engaged with, in more subtle forms of the
Dna (resonance) that densifies in the material body as bio-chemicals.

Every time you move around, your brain computes every object and
numbers and correlates all sub-objects SCANNING FOR PATTERNS
and establishing Synchronicities. Without these, it would just not be
possible to simulate the "reality". Through Synchronicity, the Brain
makes the Infinite become Finite, and thus manageable.

We see an Autistic person being able to tell you how many objects
are in a room, even to stunningly large numbers, and so forth. Also
some will be able to mentally multiple very large numbers on the spot.
The illusion that our minds are "just" this puny tiny part of what we
perceive as the Conscious, is akin to try to relate to a person whose
IQ is more than 10 times higher than you. Our Conscious mind is this
animalistic retard, and we have been locked and indoctrinated to only
think/feel at this retarded level, and even consider it "ideal", some
go as far as to say that it is "superior".

However this is a DOWNGRADED & DEVOLVED STATE, that is why
nearly all spiritual traditions speak of a "Fall" from a higher previous
State of Consciousness. And the goal of them all is to return to the
formerly held state. As power-politics and ideologic slant took over
spirituality in the form of organized religions, the Restoration Process
was trojanized from Consciousness Ascension, into a "Fixed Belief"
scam, where the higher Consciousness is made to be like the material
realm, static, highly dense, unchanging, totemic. Thus spirituality
was turned into Intellectual Materialism, the idolatry of the material
applied to "spiritual" higher densities, conceiving them as material
like. Concepts of Separation & Limit, Us & Them, Hierarchy, Control,
Imposition, Violence, Unmovable Order, etc., have defined these

idolatries, casting a Veil of Deception that obscures the true nature
of what is really happening at the root of Awareness.

Genetics at the beginning of the 20th century re-discovered Language
as the underlying construct. From that moment on, there was but one
and only one way to go for knowledge, informatics. So later on the era
of information based on computing was realized, and now the present
Synchronicity within the 3D linear Language we humans use to speak
and think and conceive.

This awareness and higher capacity psychic platform, is crystallized
through GEMATRIA, as a mental vehicle to download a new version
of Psyche into the human experience. This now involves piercing
through the illusion of language as merely "instrumental"/"random"/
"separate" between words and letters and numbers. Both a positive
agenda to become aware of the hidden Fractal Resonance & Intrinsic
Unity of Language (be it mathematical or verbal) is presently at play,
as well as a counter-acting negative agenda to impede this very
awareness, and continue to basically brainwash/program/hypnotize
populations, utilizing precisely the very Gematria methods, although
secretly and with the clear intention towards Psychic Enslavement.

We see around us in a myriad synchronic ways, examples of coding
embedded in our every surrounds. If we look at high power politics,
we can for ex. find the current dynasty's initials everywhere (GHWB)
acting as triggers and reinforcement. Thus our richest people will be
"W"arren "B"uffet or "B"ill "G"ates ("W"illiam "G"ates), while on
CNN (whose logo is a "C" attached to an inclined "W" -the 2 N'
joined as a "W", for the british dynasty) we have "G"lenn "B"eck,
in radio Rush Lim"B"au"GH", we got in so many corners a ruling
pharmacy franchise "W"al"G"reen's -or "W"almart-, etc etc etc,
ad infinitum. This prevalent and almost laughable embedding, is
so emblematic that it even was included in the Boof of Rev. as key
to observe THE PROCESS of "marking" (psychic programming),
as when in the future -today- the Beast Was, Is Not, "W"ill "B"e-.
While of course the original greek expression is Therion, which
is translated properly as "W"ild "B"east. The Book of Rev. is both
an instruction manual for the elites as well as a tool to train the

In the end, the whole "2012" or so-called "EndTimes"paradigm,
is ultimately about activating the rest of your Dna & Brain, so that
you can reclaim its use for yourself, instead of being roguely cued
and hypnotized/programmed at an industrial level. It is indeed
an Awakening, but not through "Visual Spirituality" of "Energy"
and 'feelgood' techniques, as it is a DEEP RECKONING of the
robotization/zombification our species has devolved down into,
and a re-appropriation of the GEMATRIA TOOLS, for legitimate
ascensional end goals, a vehicle for higher synchronic awareness
re-activating Dna to attune to higher realm's resonant modes, as
an expression of the "ALL IS ONE FIELD".

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