Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8/8/8 (WWIII) still the menace


As I describe in the overwhelming Synchronicities involving 8/8/8,
in my August '08 posts (two "8/8/8" titles, 2 "Nostradamus" titles),
this subject is the real undergoing paradigm of the current events,
underpinning the financial crisis.

I am not -nor ever was- a 'nostradamus freak', I actually never gave
him credit for anything beyond a few matches. My posts do not tie
in with any of the Nostradamus usual literature; in fact, I am simply
pointing out some fringe linguistic encodings, that revolve around the
8/8/8 startup attempt for World War III emblematic event.

This event is so capital in human history -due to the enormous power
of the new technologies involved-, that no psychic or person in any
form or fashion related to remote-sensing, can be able to withdraw
himself from linking into this massive synchronic thread, & not have
a say in this. Nostradamus I think, becomes suddenly accurate in the
events focusing on 8/8/8 & WWIII, for this very reason.

Common people with some sense of psychic awareness, will also find
that as these crucial times unravel, their lives begin to exhibit an
uncanny synchronic nature as well, because everyone's lives are
so intimately involved in all this. I am confident that as the Rabbit
Hole goes deeper into an Omega-Point, the previously held illusion
that Gematria is nothing but babbling randomness turned into some
self-referencing meaningful concoction, will gradually be overcome
by an abiding new awareness of what is truly at play in Gematria, as
the veritable consciousness science of the 2012 leap.

Gematria taps into the RESONANT HIDDEN configurations of the
90% to 97% of so-called "Junk Dna", the unused Dna that exists
for some reason, yet nobody seems to know why. This Dna is not
dependant on strict Hereditary-Genealogical transmission, but it
is the aspect of us, that resonates in the Unified Field of the All-Is-
One. Through this Dna aspect, "separate" people and identities
actually do connect / intersect / converge in more than one
ways, albeit under their Conscious level. This Hidden Dna as a
4D/5D Linguistic Template in ever-morphing motion, acts closer
to what can be best termed "A Language Within Language
Within Language", a fractal Russian-Doll psychic construct.

As academic science and pseudo-spiritualism glorify a view of reality
as Energy, the need to bring back an emphasis on the Consciousness
part of the universe, becomes more urgent. This part is LANGUAGE,
yet a deeper and higher-dimensional language, embedded both "in"
and "over-riding" the routine linear-language, that merely acts as
a momentary Carrier.

"Solutions" to world problems, will not come about in a linear way
and under a linear consciousness and thought of a sheer energy, the
current "reality" has to SHIFT into a higher dimensional awareness
for the problems to dissipate. Gematria has a key role in this shift,
and it is beginning to manifest as the true axis of the transition.

This means that you WILL NOT find the answer to the conundrums,
in regular linear philosophical & political analysis, but that the path
involves you changing your very thought-process, the configuration
of your hard-wiring so speak. Gematria like no other discipline, leads
to a new (or revived) Neural Network Pathway, re-connecting Dna
that is presently fragmentary and un-encoding.

Therefore if you desire to avert a calamitous WWII scenario, it is
time for you to learn ahow to read again, in a brand new way, and
this is the role of Gematria presently. "Reality" is a Projection of
a Within/Without template, and we can indeed change the outcomes,
yet the tools need to be of a higher synchronic nature.

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