Friday, October 10, 2008

Most "Experts" are Paid-Propagandist Morons

How can it be that a person such as I, who only took two optional
courses called "Introduction to Economics" and "Accounting" while
studying for other careers in university -as somehow related to the
subject of the current financial crisis-, could have predicted in
1999 that this would happen, and even a year and a half
ago I coined the expression "BAB BAD OCTOBER 20008"?

Sure enough, by the late '90's it was fashionable in university circles
to wait for the expected Doom & Gloom of the US economy; but that
is like expecting a 7-time soccer champion to finally cool off and take
a dive -a natural decline-. What I am talking about here, is how I
was completely able to predict this IN DETAIL, predicting a rise in
Oil prices in 3 phases (1st. very slow phase to $75, 2nd. medium slow
phase to $100, and 3rd. fast phase to over $125), with dull meltdown
occurring after reaching the 2nd. phase target, and a "shock crisis"
when reaching the 3rd. phase target. I also predicted the concomitant
slow demise of the Dollar, and a severe corruption of leadership.

Armed with only these 2 university courses, and a lifetime of reading
geo-economic news and the like (macro-economics), I was perfectly
able to recommend investing in GOLD -as its price would skyrocket-
and in premium-lot real state waterfront properties -which I even
labeled "The Gold of Real Estate"-, because most other real estate
-I used to warn repeatedly- was bound to crash, and Credit along
with it, in a Domino Effect that would engulf the stock market.

I told many acquaintances that the current incumbent regime in the
US was engaged in a deceptive political strategy of just "Simulating
Prosperity at a time of most dangerous downfall", and that what
was "desperately needed" were 4 things:

(1). Drastic change in the political scene.
(2). New widespread forms of energy (thus creating a new economy).
(3). Scaling back the Import-Export "world trade" scam (colonialism
heavily dependent on oil consumption for transport).
(4). A gradual end of the present MONETARY system.

In hindsight, was I right or was I right...? Of course when I say "I"
it simply means "Independent Free-Thinking" people like me, not
just "me"-not that I personally did not think & say the things I did
think & say-, but that there were many more at different levels of
the game, thinking & saying more or less the same.

I labeled the current Status-Quo as "UNSUSTAINABLE", adding it
would necessarily lead to a Dictatorship of the most oppressive form
in order to perpetuate itself in the face of crisis & meltdown, but that
this in itself would also be even more Unsustainable, and in the end
would amount to nothing else than a "Nice Try". Albeit a terminally
costly one, for the human species at large.

I had a metaphor for this; imagine a 40 ft. high tidal wave coming to
your region in the future, and that the local governments respond by
establishing a martial law plan, recruiting all citizens to build a giant
... 35 ft. wall encircling the totality of the region...!? I was in the
most folksy terms, just pointing to the elementally obvious fact
that "This ain't gonna work...!".

We are exceedingly late now, but the following full-length film titled
"Zeitgeist Addendum" will help you grasp the crucial paradigms at
hand, its 2nd. half depicting THE FUTURE as it can truly manifest:

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