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Ever since the Book of Enoch was banned from the official Bible
edit, the question about the Watchers and their offspring called
the Nephalim (or Nephilim), has loomed in rather vague terms.
Channeling from the 1990's in the website [www.cassiopaea.org],
from supposedly a group of discarnate humans in the future at a
dimensional location in our 3D Cassiopea constellation, purport to
carry messages from our future-selves, in a more evolved state.
What interests here to this post, is their insistence in a very large
number of NEPHALIM presently in Orion, claiming they reside in
3 giant ships, numbering 36 million in total; this channeling speaks
of a TimeQuantum Wave that is heading towards our cosmic area,
riding an outer 3D manifestation as a comet-cluster. The Nephalim
(some) would be riding this Wave in this direction, with a negative
agenda. My interest is their spelling of NEPHALIM as the "correct"
one -instead of Nephilim-, the relevance of this as follows.


ALHIM is the 1st. name of God in the Book of Genesis (1st verse),
deliberately it seems mis-transliterated as "ELOHIM". We know
it is a Plural name, thus everytime the Bible states "God" created
or did or said this/that, it should be correctly translated as many
beings, not as a monotheistic single God -but obviously they always
translate it in single person, because this reaffirms their theology-.

The 2nd most prominent Name of The Gods in the Old Testament,
is actually not a name but a GENETIC FORMULA, the so-called
TetraGrammaton (YHWH or IHVH), which was forbidden to be
spoken, and only the high priest on the Day of Atonement could
ritually vocalize it ("a-TONE-ment", to give Tone to), and its true
pronunciation including the vocals is not known anymore. This has
been viewed as a Magic Transformative Spell, and even the urban
legend of "YAHOO" being a possible pronunciation -as prevalent
amongst the computer geeks- , is part of the allure of this YHWH



As best-explained in the link, our genetics are split in a double code
of DNA & RNA, each of 4 Letters; "ATCG" & "AUCG" respectively.
You will notice that it is not by coincidence that the 2nd Name of
God(s)in the Bible -"YHWH"-, as well as the "INRI" cipher sign
supossedly placed on top of the Cross, also contain 4 Letters. This
is quite deliberate, because it is precisely intended to secretly mean
the hidden Genetic Code... of the... NEPHALIM, apparently. By
moving up 1+space in the English alphabet, we observe that:

[ "ATCG" becomes "BUDH" ] (reminds one of the BUDDHA)

[ "AUCG" becomes "BVDH" ] (like the hindu "Bhagavad Gita")

When also moving 1+space up the alphabet:

[ "IHVH" becomes "JIWI" ] or [ "YHWH" becomes "ZIXI" ]
(matching the "J"esus and "I"NR"I" cipher-sign on the Cross)

[ "IHVH" = 47 = Beast ]
[ "YHWH" = 64 = Hotep = Zion = Israel = "Zero" ]
(Akhen-Aten, renamed Pharaoh Amen-Hotep IV)

We must notice how the "IV" is part of the "IHVH" Name of God;
in the previous post we showed how it is also part of "DAVID":
[ ATEN = 40 = DAVID ]

So we have all these 4-Letter (SQUARE) Formula-Names:
[ IHVH INRI ATEN AMEN ] genetically as [ ATCG AUCG ]

While also we have the 5-Letter (PENTAGON) Formula-Names:

While we have the 6-Letter (HEXAGON) Formula-Names:

When we also move 1+space up the alphabet:
[ "ATEN" becomes "BUFO" ] & [ "INRI" becomes "JOSJ" ]

An eerie and simple association between Akhen-Aten and UFO's.
And an apparent validation of the conspiracy claim of a "JOSeph"
code hidden in the construction of the Bible, rather 'hidden in-plain
-sight' in the very emblematic "INRI" sign on the Cross...! This
conspiracy claims a "PISO" (another 4-Letter name) as well as the
"JOSEPHUS" (the spuriously named historian Flavius Josephus)
code, as keys behind the latest Bible secret encryptions, during
Roman Empire times. This conspiracy claims JOSEPHUS was the
PISO last name of a supposed highly cultured aristocrat, inserting
as a "historian" invented "facts" (stories) to secularly validate the
Gospel narrative. As to the "PISO" supposed last name, this ties
in with the ruling Egyptian Order of the Opis (OPIS is Serpent in
Egyptian; OPIS anagram of PISO); it also ties in with the catholic
masonic order of the Opus Dei, whose role has been to secure the
preservation of power for the royal bloodlines (Piso=Opis~Opus)
(Opus Dei = Piso Deu).

This last possibility is reaffirmed by the fact the Opus Dei's name
carries the spanish name for God encrypted in its 1st. & last initials:
[ O-pu-S D-e-I ~~~ D.I./O.S. = "DIOS" ] ("Dios" means God)
In turn: { DIOS = DISO ~ PISO by association }
Interestingly the "PISO" code seems to be embedded visibly in the
word for 'Paradise' in Italian: { Paradiso = P-ara-Dios }

In English -as in most languages-, the secular word "God" comes
from the past tense of the verb 'to Give', as in GOTH. However
only in English this word for God matches the name of the most
powerful monarchy on Earth: the Saxe-Coburg-GOTHA (changed
their name to Windsor in 1917 in WWI, to appease antisentiment).


Some authors have lately espoused that the GENETIC FORMULA
CODE "YHWH" or "IHVH", must be separated in 2 parts, the "Y"
as the actual "divine" genetic aspect, and the "HWH" or "HVH" as
the "human offspring" genetic aspect. They claim that by repeating
the "H", this is deliberately done to Conceal the True Genetic Code
Formula, being such sensitive information to pass on. So that the
hidden letter was the emblematic "G", present in blue color in all
the Masonic (thus called Blue) Lodges.

In this way the last 3 "Human Genetics" letters would be "HWG".

This would appear to be then a Secret Code, and as such arranged
to be carried in the initials of the Bush dynasty, barring the "B".
Moreover, others claim the 1st. Name of God "ALHIM", actually is
just the Pentagon 5-Letter version of the more complete Hexagon
6-Letter name "BALHIM", which contains the crucial "BAL" or
"BAaL" of ancient semite times, from where it seems BABEL or
BIBLE are related to. Thus whereas in the 2nd. Name of God the
letter "G" was intentionally hidden, in the 2nd Name of God the
letter "B" was intentionally hidden also. As such, the full code adds
up to: "BHWG" (GHWB the initials of the current 'dynasty'),
which would secretly act as a highly emblematic 4-Letter Formula.
This means that it intends to fulfill the TetraGrammaton.

These 4-Letter/5-Letter/6-Letter & Square/Pentagon/Hexagon
codes might be best-considered as inserted into 4x4 or 5x5 or 6x6
MAGIC SQUARES, also called "WATCH-TOWERS". As you may
notice the word "WATCH" contains 3-letters of the Human Genetic
code "ATCG", therefore when the "Sons of God" or "Fallen Angels"
(depending on who you want to believe they were) are called the
WATCH-ERS, we are given more than meets the eye, actually the
very genetic formula (the 2 other letters "WH" as the "HWG"

This word "WATCH" seems mighty important, as for example the
masonic Rosicrucian offshoot organization WatchTower Bible&Tract
Society (regularly known as Jehovah's Witnesses) encrypted it:

WATCH TOWER BIBLE TRACT all are Pentagon 5-Letter
(the ATC subliminally read as trigger "ACT", as in the word Tract)


While fighting for supremacy over each other, we can clearly see
that in a Gematria sense, ISRAEL & ISLAM share a lot in common.
3 Letters in the exact same order, that is:


But they also share letters with the Bible's 1st. Name of God:


[ A L S I M = I S L A M ] ~ [ A L R I S E = I S R A E L ]

Which as stated at the beginning of this post, perhaps could be but
a code for the NEPHALIM ( nep-ALHIM / or NE-BALHIM).

This name ALHIM thus thought of as linked to a Genetic Formula
provides us with a much more concrete meaning for the mythology
of the "Mark of Cain", later in Revelation morphed into the "Mark
of the Beast" to be (genetically...?) embedded into humans:

[ ALHIM = 43 = MARK ]
[ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]


Arthur C. Clarke who was according to many an "Insider" into big
league secrets, developed the famous "HAL/IBM" cipher included
in his joint-collaboration film with Stanley Kubrick "2001 A Space
Odyssey". In the film "HAL" is the name for the computer gone
psychotically sentient, but we all know that by moving up 1+space
in the alphabet (2001 a space odyssey), it becomes "IBM", the
then name of the most famous computer manufacturer.

However in light of all the above, there seems to be considerably
more water under the bridge regarding this simple cipher, than
meets the eye: because tying both HAL & IBM together, the full
name of God including the hidden "B" (BALHIM) is revealed.

Since the story line was about the Alhim / Elohim speeding up the
primates evolution on Earth, the film seems to imply this was not
just another name, but a crucial FORMULA.

Intriguingly so, please observe how the apparently 'inexistent'
theme of the 'Name of God'... is... actually... right there in the
very title of the film: first 4 letters of "ODYSSEY" spell "DYOS".
Just as the word CODE is also visible there: "SpaCE ODyssey".
Every time we read the title of the film, we inadvertedly realize
that "Spa-CEODYS-sey" is "CEODYS" short-hand for precisely:

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