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Who is Clark Kent?

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein & novelist Howard Jacobson suggested that
the comics hero SUPERMAN was partly based and influenced by the
Old Testament figure of MOSES, as well as by other jewish elements.

In the story Superman was born as "Kal-El" on planet Krypton, then
raised as Clark Kent in earthly Kansas. Rather all too obviously Kal-
El resembles a jewish word meaning "Vessel of God". Philosopher
Nietzsche was the 1st. to coin the expression "Superman" as a fateful
omega-point of human evolution. Then Nazism would also make use
of the word as implying the racial superiority destiny of the Arian
stock, about to make a genetic leap from human to "SuperMan".

Weinstein & Jacobson had reasons; the 2 writers of this Superman
comics series were jewish -Siegel & Schuster-. The most emblematic
Hollywood actor to ever portray Superman was Christopher Reeves.
This lends credence to others who have seen Superman as a symbol
of both Moses and Christ. The name Christopher reminds one of the
word "Christogram", a short -often in Latin- way of abbreviating the
name for Jesus Christ, such as the well-known & extensively used
"IHS", or the so-called Sign of Constantine, -"XP"-.

As Moses in the narrative led the jews to the Promised Land, later
in the medieval ages one Christopher Columbus led the way out of
Europe into the New World of America, for christians. That the last
name "Reeves" would contain both the term "REV" (Book of Rev.),
as well as "EVE" (woman of Rev 12), appears to be no coincidence;
in fact the story goes that Christopher Columbus sailed in the ship
called "Santa Maria", along with ships the Pinta and the NiƱa. If you
count that is 3 Ships, just like the 3 crucified on Golgotha, just like
the 3 letters of the Christogram "IHS", often rendered with the 3
Nails of the Cross under the letters, all these very clearly allegories
of the TRINITY. The Trinity is the Pyramid on elevation view, as
the Square (New Jerusalem) in the plan view; the Pyramid therefore
represents the TRANSITION FROM 3D TO 4D.

We see the Egyptian Pyramid with a Triangle at the Apex in the One
Dollar bill, with the Independence year 1776 date written at the base
in Latin numerals. In some previous posts I've have explained how
the riddle of "Rev.13:18" is very easily decoded as:

[ 13 x 18 = 234 ] while { 234 + 432 = 666 }. Thus we can also add up:
[ 1776 + 234 = 2010 ]

This means that the year 2010 is generically encoded as a pivotal
"Beginning Apex/Aperture" point in the Transition from 3D to 4D.
In Masonry, this is symbolized as the COMPASS (Triangle/Female)
opening up to the SQUARE (Male), all in all just an occultic sexual
image of the StarGate Portal from 3D to 4D, within the Human Dna.
In other words, the advent of the... -you guessed it-... SuperMan.

The character Superman derives his power out of a crystal called
Kryptonite, green in colour. This can be seen as metaphor for Christ
Consciousness in the Human Dna, the green denoting the Reptilian
aspect of the Hybridization experiment within the human races.

[ CLARK KENT SUPERMAN ] is embedded with { SERPENT }

Tracing back the Old & New Testaments to the last Egyptian crucial
KeyStone of Pharaoh "Amen-Ophis IV" (or Amen-Hotep IV) who
was also called Akhenaten -which some render as "ARKENATEN"
(origin of the "Ark")-, we can see his name also clearly encrypted:


Which is just another way of conveying the same, since "OPHIS"
means "Serpent". As Pharaohs changed to Kings and Caesars and
lately to Presidents, we see the same encryption as prevalent:

[ PRESIDENT = SERPENT ID ] ("Serp" in reverse, then "ent")

As Akhenaten/Arkenaten or Pharoah Amen-Ophis IV instituted the
worship of the 1st. monotheistic god "ATEN", that explains why we
have key words containing this term ATEN, like in "COVENANT",
etc., in all things 'power' ever since.

In the Superman comic series, we observe how Clark Kent worked
for the "Daily Star" newspaper -symbolizing his star of origin-, then
went to work for the "DAILY PLANET" -symbolizing his new Earth
planet destination-, conveniently encoding his "God ATEN" nature.

Therefore rather obviously "Clark" means the ARK, while the full
name "Clark Kent" means ARKENATEN, and so everything else is
carefully made-to-fit into this secret code. The name "Krypton" for
the planet of origin means of course KRYPTOCRACY, the rule of this
elite that encodes all human language of interest. For instance Clark
Kent falls in love with female reporter "Lois Lane":

[ LOIS LANE = SION AL-EL ] ("Al-him" or "El-ohim")

"EL" is an ancient abbreviation of "EL ELYON", meaning "(God)The
Highest", and as such it appears a few times in the Old Testament.

Superman is reared on Earth as Clark Kent by the surrogate parents
"Jonathan & Martha", whose Christ-Incarnated metaphor is obvious:

[ "Jonathan" means JOSEPH ] as [ "Martha" means MARY ]

This symbolism becomes almost too apparent, when for example in
the famous dying scene Superman's father utters the Trinity words:
"Father becomes Son, as Son becomes Father".

Do observe how in this scene, while the father utters these words, in
the wall we can see the word "JASON", meaning: "JAHWEH's SON".

The hidden reptilian symbolism behind the Superman comics series,
is best contained in the prominent "S" within a TRIANGLE, that he
wears over his chest. The big "S" is made to represent the Serpent.

As a few notable researchers such as Sigmund Freud have stated,
Moses appears to have been based in the figure of Akhenaten. What
matters here in reference to this post, is the COLOURS Superman's
skin-tight robe convey: RED & BLUE. The Crossing of the Red Sea
allegory in the Old Testament, means esoterically the "Opening Up"
of the HUMAN DNA, to allow a hybridization with a new reptilian
genetic stream; the "RED" represents the Human Dna, & the "BLUE"
represents the reptilian Nephalim Cross-Breeds. These are usually
called the "Blue-Blood"s, in occultic lore. From the land of the Blue
Nile (the land of the Pyramids), the serpent race crossed the Red
Sea, implying this Blue genetic stream last came from Egypt, and
expanded East, anchored in the occultic figure of Akhenaten and
his monotheistic cult.

SUPERMAN'S CAPE is an obvious reference to reptilian royalty as
in the Draco; thus the comics superheroes merge, Superman is to be
understood as being Batman, this comics figure actually showing the
Draco wings literally. Thus we can see how the latest film "Superman
Returns", is deliberately named so to correspond with the "Batman
Returns" previous film.

Superman is actually Batman, & Metropolis is actually Gotham City.
The theme of wearing disguises, is about wearing huma Dna suits,
disguising the true reptilian cross-breed 4D heritage. This in essence
the real scope of both comics series.

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