Friday, September 26, 2008

Sasquatch & the R.E.D. Button

Almost a year ago I emailed a bunch of my friends the following You
Tube link of a pathetically laughable Lauren Caitlin Upton "Miss Teen
S. Carolina" beauty pageant answer, widely circulated in the web. I
did not quite know then why I got so irked by this; NOW I KNOW...
I was simply being the psychic. And compare it with the next You
Tube link of Sarah Palin answering a question by Katie Couric:
(I just miss the subtitles as well...).

Please observe the synchronicities with Sarah Palin; she was crowned
"Miss Wasilla" and "Miss Congeniality" -also the title of a film series
starring Sandra Bullock- in Alaska (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ "S. PALIN" = 71 = LAUREN ]
[ "LOUISE" = 81 = "A L. CAITLIN" ]

To the list of famous females Palin has synchronicity memes with
-as I listed in my previous article "Lois Lane (Louise Palin) does
Washington"-, we must add Sandra Bullock as Miss Congeniality:

{ conge NIAL ity } PALIN

Am I the only one scared of "Lauren Caitlin Upton" as Vicepresident
having access to the Red Button of terminal weapons...? Considering
that John McCain is sort of halfway dead -fact is his medical records
are longer than a thousand pages, recurring cancer amongst his
conditions- the sheer prospect of potentially Palin replacing him as
President, gives the expression "chills & a cold sweat" a terrifying
new Armageddon meaning.

This is a Wasilla stone-age mentality self-righteous fundamentalist
with delusional ideas of a "godly" mission, that presented herself to
the world ritually clothed in RED, down to the shoes. We already
know 911 was a ["Code" = 27 = " RED"], { worlD tradE centeR }.

I don't like the name Wasilla neither, as it reminds me of Vlad Tepes
Dracula's kingdom of Wallachia, and even more strikingly so the
name of the famous female vampire called CAMILLA. "Wasilla"
is like a blend of "Wallachia" & "Camilla".

Never mind that Sarah Louise Palin was a Miss Congeniality that left
the 6000 thousand people town of Wasilla-Alaska with a debt of $15
million after as Mayor she built a massive Sports Complex...!? Now we
are talking the possibility of the planet's demise; I don't relish a type
of a Cultural Sasquatch to even remotely be close to the Red Button.

Could it be that Palin just was placed as Governor of Alaska, in order
to "spike up" the controversial H.A.A.R.P Project in Alaska, that so
many conspiracy researchers blame for Weather-Manipulation and
even Mind Control on a continental scale?

Did the Usual-Suspects need the youngest and 1st. female, utterly
clueless Sarah Palin as Governor, to do as they please with this very
dangerous project? While this idea may seem too far-out, when we
do the Gematria synchronicity, it does stand up (rearrange letters):

(sort of like saying "Illuminati Nsa Haarp")

Thus besides the humor, every single synchronicity in Sarah Louise
Palin's name and life, leads to highly eerie and uncomfortable name
relationships to negative archetypes, and mass-media female icons,
even back to Nefertiti as I posted previously, with such intensity and
near-perfect matches, that her case goes beyond the mere casual, to
becoming a dark "loaded" figure. She acts out a dark female type,
in a re-enactment of Akhenaten's wife, becoming a Pharaoh herself,
with a starkly dangerous technological edge:


Nefertiti was placed as Pharaoh in this "emergency" period in Egypt,
and it seems this is the "intended fate" behind the Palin rise from
nowhere, the hidden agenda -not that it must come to pass, but as
a 'nice try', on the part of the Usual Suspects-.


In her 1st. interview with Katie Couric, she answered the simplest of
questions about why she had never even applied for Passport before
2006, in a strikingly hateful way against more learned and cultured
"A" CLASS RICH FAMILIES, with a thinly disguised hate for those,
as opposed to she -that had "2 jobs" and "could not"-.

What deeply revealing and dark lie this is; of course people that have
travelled are not all rich by any means, and culture does no come out
of "having money", it is INNER disposition. That a potential Vicepres.
-or even President by default- could utter this kind of lie, speaks of a
disturbing mental landscape; or at least of a lot of concealed Vermin.

As all Fascism is nothing but manifest Hate against the Learned, her
answer must be carefully reviewed in this context. Is Palin nothing
more than a Fascist expressing her Resentment against a world in
the middle of the Information Age, that is leaving behind her small
bubble ideas and beliefs, and expressing her cultural/geographical
Isolationism as a "revenge" against this more advanced/intelligent
world...? Her education is minimal, she lived her entire life in Alaska,
most of it in a 6 thousand people town "hunting moose", she was the
sports jock type, her religious views are plainly Fundamentalist, she
is highly Conservative and dedicated to procreating, all in all it reads
like the classic Resentment prototype.

Or at least it reads like a Cultural Sasquatch attempting to believe
that she is like a "New Nefertiti"
delusionally poised to avenge the
"damage done to her "kind", and "restore the world" back to basics,
-Sasquatch basics, that is-. Revert evolution, turn back the clock, do
the regressive move, rewind the tape and play "how we was".

You will notice every single time she is asked about her visible lack
of minimal qualifications, she skips the question, and deviates into a
rambling about her so "unique" experience, even laughingly so.
In other words, this is even worse than just another "Dubya" type,
dangerously close to have her hands over the Red Button, delusionally
believing in being the "Saviour/Protector" of Amerika -with a "K"
that is-. Feel free to enjoy the exposing videoclips:

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