Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lois Lane (Louise Palin) Does Washington

We've all heard about the
studies that have shown
conservatives tend to react
or be far more impressed
by loud noises and bright
lights or colours. They also
exhibit a distinct tendency
to be utterly fixated on
SuperHeroes, subconsciously
that is-; this explains their
religious fundamentalist
proclivities, as well as their
penchant for big-fetish
power politics -the totemic
kind; strong words/gestures,
resolute baloney, but impressive in form and delivery, a perennial
addiction to hearing good stories instead of the truth about anything
& everything really, particularly in respect to politics & economics.
then your mind is mush the moment you just see or hear a favorable-
to-you (as you see it) Celebrity or SuperHero. You might think you
are logical/rational/pragmatic, but actually you are making decisions
at the level of an 8-year old fantasizing comics SuperHeroes and the
like without realizing it -subconsciously, that is-.

In this type of constituency -the impressionable kind-, democracy
is nothing but a pipe-dream, a dream conveniently manipulated &
triggered On-Demand by the Usual-Suspects, configuring a slanted
Post-Modern projection of staged illusions based on figure worship.
Take the new Faux-Figure manufactured to meet the impressionable
conservative voter crowd expectations, Sarah Louise Palin. On closer
inspection, her media construct has bits/pieces of MEMES belonging
to other highly visible figures, such as Hillary Clinton, Linda Carter
the powerful cartoonish WonderWoman, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft,
Nefertiti the 1st. female Pharaoh, Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky,
Paris Hilton, Nancy Pelosi. We shall explain a little ahead these rather
obvious yet hidden to the Conscious Mind meme relationships, which
CONSTRUCT Palin's totemic allure, like puppet masquerade theater
of the absurd. In Sarah Louise Palin -as LOIS LANE-, Amerika goes
Comics in a literal sense, this is a low-point in mass manipulation.
The wornout phony "Man of the People" (in a fake ranch) routine is
by Gender-Makeover morphed into a Lara Croft Tomb Raider (see
illustration above, only designer spectacles missing), the videogame
-i.e. mind control- female figure most sold in history; in "real" life
as in Washington, Palin stands in front of cameras reading scripts
written by George W.'s speech-writer on tele-prompters, seemingly
convinced of herself being Nefertiti the wife of Akhenaten who later
was anointed Pharaoh herself, assured in her role of being the last
true reformer of the New World Order gone bust. One cannot but
think... "Dan Quayle revisited, what a goon".
It's hard to believe, but the right-wing elites do actually believe that
in this most perilous moment in our planet's history, they can simply
pull-off a Faux new Margaret Thatcher zombie, dreaming everything
will be for them (and us) a fine & dandy Back-To-The-80's normal.
Truly then I tell you, The-Inmates-Have-Taken-Over-The-Asylum.
So let's look at some of the most in-your-face memes embedded in
the Fox/Faux construction of a mythical Sarah Louise Palin barbie-
doll for a delusional repressed horny-toad conservative constituency.
Let's begin with the title of this very article:
[ "LOIS" stands for "LOUISE" ] while:
[ LOIS LANE = "S. ALIN + ELO" ] { S. Palin Elohim}
So SuperMan's (Elohim) girlfriend gets to go to Washington as Palin.
"LANE" of course is also pronounced "LAIN" (ALIN); therefore
"LOIS LANE" is nothing but "Louise Lain" (LOUISE ALIN).
But female make-believe Presidential Buster goons were already in
full right-wing manipulation regalia already by 1997's Impeachment:
The only 4-letter discordance's, eerily form the word "UTAH".
In other websites I have pointed out the similarities between the
Twin Towers 911 event and the 1997 film TITANIC, its 2 huge
chimneys representing the 2 towers, and the ship turning vertical
with lighted windows representing a tower falling down. The key
figure was acted out by KATE WINSLET, whose extremely obvious
pun to MONICA LEWINSKY went beyond the generic not-skinny
and extremely pale oval face with heavy red lipstick (they could
have been sisters), into their names:
[ LEWINSKY = K. WINSLEY ] (Kate Winslet)
Which of course in turn reminds one, announced in... 1997 also:
"Y2K" ~~~ as { "Why Two Key" } or { "World Trade K" }
reading as: [ World Trade 11 ] (K=11)
If we most simply read "Y2K" as "WTK" the clue emerges as
(a=1, b=2, ... z=26):
[ 119 = "WTK" + Prince ] [ 119 = "WTK" + WINS ]
So this eerie Impeachment/Titanic/911 synchronicity is clear:
In other words, Palin is merely the natural extension of the very
same Synchronicity: "Impeachment/Titanic/911/Palin", that is.
As in stranger than science fiction, we might illuminate on the fringe
fact that SYNCHRONICITY IN LANGUAGE comes from the Future
in Reverse Alternate TimeLoops; what we perceive in 3D as Future
is actually the 4D Realm impressing its concordances unto our linear
time reality, backwards (more evolved to less evolved always takes
a reverse/backwards linear-time flow direction). Linear Time is an
illussion, or as orientals have always taught: "The World Is Maya"
(The World Is An Illusion) -a Projection- using Plato's own metaphor.
What is Circular/Concentric in 4D, becomes 3D Linear successive in
our realm, but this is just an illussory appearance. LANGUAGE here,
serves as an acute example of this Synchronistic 4D principle. Thus
in the aftermath of the also...1997... Columbine School event -by 2
young guys, one called {Harris=Sarih+r} the other {Dylan = Dalyn},
i.e. [ "SARIH DALYN" ], involving lots of SONS & DAUGHTERS,
in a highly charged emotional shock trauma state of mind, during the
widely broadcast-ed long funeral, CELINE DION's song "My heart
will go on" from the flm "Titanic" was played over & over again:
Now at the 2008 RNC republican. Convention we see the unusual
sight of a full family of sons & daughters, even of toddler age. And
on cue, the entire conservative viewer audience goes nuts for Palin;
all a replay of previously embedded highly charged emotional past
experiences of this "Sons & Daughters" painful Columbine event.
Somebody somewhere, toying with impressionable people's minds.
Oh look... now the little girl licks her paw... and combs the toddler's
hair... wow ... Palin will REALLY PROTECT OUR CHILDREN...!
Seems all like highly detailed & staged/scripted make -believe,
taylor-made to the Stone-Age mindset of a many conservatives.
And here comes Linda Carter the WonderWoman, in patriotic Red
White & Blue, also in overdo hair & heavy lipstick, as Palin clone:
What about Angelina Jolie, also overdo hair and heavy lipstick ?:
Paris Hilton anyone...? They share the same full 1st. & last initials:
As well as sharing many other letters in their names of course:
Hillary Clinton such an obvious choice, was after her that Palin took:
And even the 1st. female Speaker of the House herself:
So we get to the ultimate female power icon, NEFERTITI herself,
wife of Pharaoh AMENOPHIS IV (also called AmenHotep IV as well
as Akhenaten), becoming a female Pharaoh, in place of Amenophis
(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):
Observe the full 1st. & last initials of the Egyptian power couple:
("L" is the only letter missing)
If reading these insane bizarre Synchronicities doesn't give you the
distinct impression our 3D "Life is but a joke" as B. Dylan famously
sang in "All along the watchtower" , then you sport a really low level
of perception. The more you look into Encrypted Power Language,
the more our 3D linear Realm becomes akin to a crazy video-game
gone wrong, manipulated by halfway demented 4D negatives (most
likely seriously devolving), toying with human minds. Perhaps this
-the one toying, the programmer-, is what Dylan in drug induced
trance wrote about when he sang in the same song: "There must be
someway out of here, said the Joker to the Thief", the Joker that is,
(the Thief being your politico playing king of the hill). Accurate lyrics
for an other-wordly vision of a ghostly video-game like matrix; that
would explain the fascination this song had on Jimi Hendrix, or even
Neil Young who used to close his shows with it, repeating endlessly:
"There must be some way out of here", while breaking all his electric
Gibson guitar strings, pummeling it into a distorted feedback.
Now it's the End-Times Dementia kicking in big-time into scene,
each "GOVERNOR" (REV-elation) enacting the part of a comics
series SuperHero, from Arnold Scharzenegger in an almost literal
conscious sense, to Sarah "Lois Lane" Palin in a more subconscious
manner. And before that another Governor -Dubya-, was playing
the part of post-911 "Protector", while staging elaborate theatrical
landings on top of a sea-carrier dressed in full fighter jet pilot
uniform, in corny reenactment of the president flying a fighter jet
in the film "Independence Day", with a preposterous "Mission
Accomplished" sign for a war not yet ended years after. It is all
bizarre mind mass hypnotism performed upon the impressionable,
which most often than not turn out to be conservative naive blind-
believer-follower types, thus explaining why most encryptions and
meme subliminals target them.
Yes, we have a veritable constituency of impressionable Super-Hero
worshipping conservatives, acting on subliminal magnetism, turning
now a sickly mediocre and thinly disguised "mean" regressive Sarah
Palin, into a Cleopatra for the New World Order. This from the same
constituency crowd who fell victim to Dubya's father deliberate John
Wayne accent !?, who fell victim to Dubya's fake small-town cowboy
& ranch persona !?, the same crowd who never had a clue about J.
Edgar Hoover's gay cross-dressing secret life !?, while thinking of him
as the epitome of conservative virtuosity !? No kidding, this crowd
needs to urgently GROW UP and break the shell they're stuck in, or
the world will remain plagued by the retarded Sarah Palin types
forever and ever hunting moose and bear and procreating like there
is no tomorrow, in a ficticious Alaska where things are not Paradise,
but rather a Bridge To Nowhere.

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