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Or Twin Cities Armageddon?

Besides San Francisco as a numerological fractal of 911, the case for
the Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities is also strong, and more literal
indeed. Close and directly south of it, stands (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ MASON CITY = 119 ]
{ Mason = 62 = Torah = Queen }
{ City = 57 = Sion = England }

If we go to the "Temple of Solomon" esotericism, we find that the
Twin Towers are actually the 2 Pillars: JOACHIM & BOAZ, which
are the foundation of occultic Masonry. They manifest Polarity;

"JOACHIM" (Joachim=59=dragon)
represents: right & north, male, Sun (Jupiter), fire, father/maker,
severity, beauty.
represents: left & south, female, Moon (Saturn), water, mother/
redeemer, mercy, strength.

"JOACHIM" is projected in religion as Christianism (Sun religion in
esoteric astrological terms), and "BOAZ" as Judaism (Moon religion
in esoteric astrological terms). That's why the Jewish Calendar is a
Lunar based calendar, ritual emphasis on the Sabbath/Saturday
-as Saturn is planetary mirror of the Moon-, while Jupiter is of the
Sun (Saturday named for Saturn). Christianity therefore switched
to ritual emphasis on the day of the Sun -Sunday-.

[ CHRISTIANISM + JUDAISM = 100 + 119 ]

There is a 3rd Pillar at the center of both, called the Middle Path,
and the 3 monotheistic religions that were after-Egypt created as
manifestations of this same esoteric Template, each fight & claim
to be the Middle Pillar, as balancing force between the 2 poles, i.e.
the "true religion":

{ number "Pi"-3.14...-, stands for "Pillar", and the "Temple" is the
Squaring of the Circle -Ying/Yang, Compass/Square-, Pi the key }

[ TWIN PILLARS = 153 ]
( 1 cubed plus 5 cubed plus 3 cubed, sums 153, a famous number,
encoded in the "miracle fishing" story in the Gospels)

What is best-termed "ARMAGEDDON PROGRAMMING", is but
a highly polarized form of BrainWashing, where the Brain Template
is turned into a Fundamentalist "Belief" trojan horse, by slanting 2
of the 3 Pillars, into allying always against the 3rd. Ever since the
Crusades of the Medieval Ages, it has been customary for Judaism
and Christianism to ally against Islamism, but this is a most tricky
territory, because under the public facades & at the level of secret
lodges, these alliances often switch for momentary schemes, while
ultimately at the top, they form a TRIAD (Trinity). This triad is the
way in which 4D negative beings manipulate humanity for a war of
massive destruction (Armageddon), presently building up. There
is an alternative spelling "Har-Magedon", lately of wide use:

[ HAR = 27 = CODE = R.E.D. ] { worl-D trad-E cente-R }
[ Magedon = 59 = Joachim = Dragon ]

You will notice the use of the element FIRE in 911, represented by
the Joachim Pillar as well as the Dragon; a substitute symbol for
the Dragon is the Egyptian Phoenix bird (birds are reptilians that
have further evolved). In Masonry the method of ritually enacting
"Order Out of Chaos" (Ordo Ab Chao) is archetyped as the Phoenix,
the bird that resurrects after a fire death. Har-Magedon is derived
of "Megiddo": { MEGIDDO = 57 = Sion = England }.

Many conspiracy buffs have rendered the 911 event as a "Phoenix
Ritual"; this is reaffirmed numerologically when we consider that
in more detail the JOACHIM Pillar represents not only FIRE, but
also the Lower AIR elemental: [ FIRE + AIR = 66 = TWIN ]

As Minneapolis-St.Paul are called the "Twin Cities", the Republican
National Convention takes place there starting 9-1-2008. Besides
the obvious "91" date , the actual "911" date is only 7 days after it.
[ MINNESOTA = 110 ]

Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota while St.Paul-Bloomington in
the state of Wisconsin. The tallest tower is the "IDS CENTER" (also
called "IDS Tower"), north and across the street from the "WELLS
FARGO CENTER" south tower: [ "IDS Center Tower M." = 191 ]

[ MN = 27 = CODE = R.E.D. ]
[ MN WI = 59 = Magedon = Joachim = Dragon ]

If we look at the full 1st. & last initials of "MinneapoliS-ST.PauL":
[ MSP / STL = 99 = "J & B Pillars" ]

In the simplest form, considering "StpauL" as 1 word, they are:
[ MS / SL = 64 = Zion = Israel = "Hotep" ]

Akhenaten -renamed as Pharaoh "AMEN-HOTEP IV"-, was who
created Monotheism, and the Phoenician Script was translated into
at least the 2 main languages of Greek & Jewish, out of which the 2
"Pillars of Joachim & Boaz" (meaning later Christianity & Judaism)
came to be based on these new languages. Phoenician Script was a
Linguistic Template tool to enact the esoteric KABBALAH that is
the true backbone of both religions, using apparently "historical"
narratives, to actually conceal a vast set of ENCRYPTIONS of the

esoteric kind, under the cover of the apparently "literal stories" of
the Bible. We find "Akhenaten/Amen-Hotep" encoded in some of
the names of crucial Biblical king figures:


{ 143 = Patmos Island } ("P.I." is the code of Revelation)

Also the name "Akhen-Aten Amen-Hotep IV" encodes "DAVID":

[ ATEN = 40 = DAVID ]

[ DAVID = U.S. ]
[ "DAVYD" STATE = 143 = "GROUND ZERO" ] where:

[ "ZERO" = 64 = Hotep = Zion = Israel ]

{ "Ground Zero" = 143 = Patmos Island ]
{ "Patmos Island" = "Dos Lan Isp Atm" ] (computer code)
{ Patmos Island = 143 = "Torah Tower" ]

[ SEPT 11 = 71 = Temple = Moses = Opus = Orion ]

Which potentially takes us to the Twin Cities Wells Fargo Center:
[ WELLS = 71 = Temple = Target ]

Actually corporate TARGET Stores was located in the IDS Center
across the street, later moving a little further NW downtown. By
taking the full 1st. & last initials for "WellS FargO CenteR" and for
"MinneapoliS ST PauL", we see that:

[ "Wells Fargo Center" = 183 = "WFC / SOR" + "MSP / STL" ]

You will also notice how the full initials and the name "WELLS"
hint at "ORWELL 84". Indeed: [ "WFC / SOR"=84 ], while:
[ Orwell = 1+84 ]. Full name "George Orwell", same as the
current incumbent:
[ GEORGE = 57 = Sion = England ]

Meanwhile across the street to the north tower, the full name of
the IDS Tower was "InvestorS Diversified Services" (IDS / SDS):
[ IDS / SDS = 74 = Jesus = Lucifer ] (Joachim & Boaz)
[ Diversified = 110 ]

[ Minnesota Wisconsin = 1+234 ] Rev 13:18 / (13x18=234)

Therefore the potential for a 911 type of event in this location and
perhaps on the same date, is something of note.

We must add that there is a lot more to the "AkheN-AteN AmeN-
Hotep IV" code. I call it the Triple A/Triple N, because each Triad
is a point in the each of the two Triangles that form the so-called
"STAR OF DAVID". This is the "ATEN" or "God" of Akhenaten,
and in English it extends as a code to the TEN CommandmENTs.

[ STAR OF DAVID = 119 ]

The upwards Triangle within the "Star of David" stands
for the "JOACHIM" Pillar, while the other upside down
Triangle stands for the "BOAZ" Pillar. Each Triangle can
therefore be in a reduced symbolic form be also seen as a
PILLAR or TOWER: 2 Triangles is 2 Towers (these in
turn represent the Double-Helix human Dna as well).
In other words, the "2 Pillars" of "Joachim & Boaz" is but
another simpler or reduced form of the "Star of David".

[ AMEN = 43 = "Mark" ] [ "Mark Seal" = 80 = "Akhenaten 1" ]

The "Triple A" initials, are a pictograph for the Star of David; if you
draw it, you will see each Triangle corner forms an "A" pictograph.
This same pictograph is emphasized as hidden "A in the dollar seal,
with the truncated pyramid and the upper Triangle. A reference
to Akhen Aten Amen Hotep IV; as far I know, I've never heard of
Pyramids in this country, now have you...?


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