Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blinded By Belief


We often encounter wild animals on the road, who are not conscious
of the danger of automobiles, and are sometimes paralyzed by the
headlights of your car. Their natural programming does not include
automobiles as predator, yet automobiles do kill them. In a similar
way, we humans are not programmed to recognize 4D Predators,
and have a giant BlindSpot. This is filled by BLIND-BELIEF by the
same 4D Predators; Blind-Belief basically consists of making you
ASSUME WITHOUT QUESTIONING or any minimal analysis, that
the object of your belief is "Essentially Good" or even "Divine". In
short, you Give-Away your mind protection devices against intrusion
in exchange for promised rewards. That can often be a most tragic
mistake, because it is a form of EXTRACTING CONSENT out of you.
Translated: you become 4D Roadkill.

See, there are laws for abuse in higher realms, just like our criminal
laws exist here. While sometimes abuse without consent happens,
in most cases some form of CONSENT THROUGH TRICKERY is
the standard. You are being corralled / herded / abused, mainly
because at some point... you actually consented to it.

There's 2 kinds of people in our 3D realm; those who are here to
advance evolution & freedom of consciousness, and those who are
here because they just consent over and over again through many
incarnations, to be abused

While most of the population will vehemently deny they are either
of these types, the fact is they are wrong, because they ARE indeed
these 2 types. People by & large are living in a cocoon illusion, where
they "think" they are here on 3D Earth simply to procreate and to be
"happy". Of course we all want to have a good time, joy is a natural
state of being in any dimension/density. We would all want to have
children/work/progress, however these are DESIRES, not facts. The
Blinded-By-Belief crowd, obsessively forces "reality" to these desires
without coming to grip with the hard facts. Not everybody can have
children for many reasons, not everybody is happy, not everybody
is able to work and earn a living -also for many reasons-, certainly
not everybody is free, not everybody buys into this whole mythology
of "normality" neither, in larger & larger numbers in the population.

A lot of times religious fanatics declare "God" has rewarded them
with goods, but we have better eyes, we can clearly see these goods
came to them most likely because... they Sold-Out to the system...!
The system, not "God". The hard truth is common knowledge; the
Good-Guy almost always loses, the dice is loaded, the captain lies,
and rampant theft, abuse and exploitation is the rule in this planet.
Hardly the place to just peacefully procreate and be "happy".


The Belief-Scam applies to anything, be it ideology or religion or
what have you. Manipulators create a Status-Quo situation where
some of the things we most often by natural programming do, are
severely criminalized. This is a technique to induce a SPLITTING

-For ex. Sex
-For ex. Free-Thinking

These manufactured "Forbidden" trojans, are embedded amongst
all the other ethical universal values & standards, in such a way that
they are given "special emphasis". In this very simple yet effective
way, absolutely every human without exception is torn between
Consciously 'believing' one is Saved, and Subconsciously 'believing'
one is Condemned. In other words, a highly polarized artificial set
of "Saved vs. Condemned" is introduced and made to be the focus
and axis of all human Consciousness. Sex is inherently essential to
3D human physical and emotional evolution, while Free-Thinking is
inherently essential to psychic and spiritual evolution into the 4D.
Criminalizing these is putting a cap on them, and slanting the clean
energies towards "toxic" vibration Rationalizations-By-Belief of all
these as something highly Forbidden/Negative or taboo.

Therefore anytime anybody engages by natural predisposition in
either Sex or Free-Thinking as in the example, that person attaches
trojans to these actions, that change their FREQUENCY, and indeed
are saved into a Memory-File under "Wrong". By repetition of this
natural actions, the Wrong-Files grow bigger & bigger, to the point
the Subconscious Mind is unable to any longer keep 'believing' one
is "Saved"; the Subconscius makes a clearcut determination: I am
indeed "Condemned". This then induces a Split with the Conscious
Mind, bent on egotistically believing one is "Saved" By-Belief. This
is a very messy affair, since in real terms, the Subconscious is way
more powerful and bigger than the Conscious. In practical terms,
this means that the person Subconsciously 'knows' himself to be
so to speak, within the same imagery, as "Punishment". Which of
course means that person will re-incarnate in a life-scenario acc. to
those punishment images. It is a way of manufacturing Negative
Karma by tricked Consent.

We go where our Consciousness truly Subsconsciously thinks one is
deservedly going; whether in this incarnation or the next one, we go
where we subconsciously think we belong, period. Just because we
Consciously "believe" we are going some place, does not mean that
is where we do truly think we're going. This Split-Dysfunction is at
the heart of the Blinded-ByBelief scam. Nobody wants to be abused
and go to a hell-like situation where abuse is continually recycled;
yet through sophistic trickery, By-Belief ONESELF "thinks" to go
precisely there; this equals to inducing CONSENT By Deception.
Thus the real business of any Fundamentalist Belief -at the crucial
and deciding Subconscious level-, is not the business of "Saving" but
at the contrary the business of "Condemning" oneself by Consent
of Punishment.


At any Projection-Terminal of the Holographic Reality, evolution is

This mutually increasing Union is Alchemical in nature, to use just
a known term for illustration purposes only. Consciousness & Love
cannot increase separately, without dooming the venture into a
recessive devolution. Whether this happens at the DNA terminal,
or the Brain or the Heart terminal, it is all the same; both the will
of Consciousness and the power of Love must direct themselves in
unison towards the INFINITE, & away from Limitation/Separation
for any Evolution and Ascent to occur at all.

Regressive Consciousness based on Limitation/Separation mirrors
a False Love, which is nothing more than "Asserting Territoriality"
and "Exerting Domination", traits typical of animal behaviour.

Extremely limited "loving" of "my" self, or "my" family, or "my"
peers, or "my" group, or "my" religion, or "my" ideology", or "my"
social class, or "my" version-of-reality ONLY, as opposed to Love
For All, and a corresponding Consciousness of the All-Is-One.

If Consciousness gets entrapped within itself, it disconnects from
the divine SOURCE of the INFINITE ALL-IS-ONE, and begins to
Devolve. Inmanent belief in the "I" makes one gravitate towards
an "earthbound" or "fallen" Consciousness, where the "I" believing
itself to be "real", is hypnotized by the holographic projection.

Believing what is not real, is the beginning of all Devolution. Starts
with a belief in a Limited/Separate "I", and soon it will spread to a
belief in an External Separate "God", not realizing the "I" is part
of the One & Infinite Divine, and that "God" is within, reachable
by Increasing Consciousness & Love, in a free-thinking manner.
This leads to a healthy union between Conscious & Subconscious,
where "thinking" is replaced by "knowing", and loving only what
is mine is replaced by loving all.


You cannot "love" if you are not linked to the Real, to the Truth.
Accepting that what we call "reality" and the "I" are illusions, is
an essential part of the Truth. A love without love for the truth
and the real, becomes vapid & vacuous, self-centered & vampiric,
obsessive and out of balance, or simply just a chemical response
to attachment co-dependencies.

A strong Love for the Truth is the surest way of knowing one is
honestly tied to True-Love, as in Infinite Love that is. The irish
band U2 has a recent song called "Miracle Drug" that says:

"... Of science and the human heart, there is no limit..."
"...Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby's head..."

This implies that love and freedom go together, and both are about
what is NEW, it is a birth of Consciousness. It is self-evident that as
one clings to the old lies about "reality", one cannot access the New
and tap into the real Truth within.

Blind-Belief in old shells of false constructs, perpetuates attachment
to visions of Limitation/Separation, that are inherent to everything
that is Dominating/Controlling. These Blind-Beliefs then, are nothing
else than manifestations of SHEER EGO. Most often fundamentalist
believers are people deluded by monumental Egos, and when these
Egos are preposterously identified as "God", that is when things take
a turn for the much worse, when things get seriously dangerous and
out of control. That's too often how wars, murder and violence are
the end-result. As to how any if it has remotely anything to do with
"love", is any one's guess.

Finally, if we look at the english word for "Believe" an eerie image
is visible:


Which is like subconsciously saying you Fall with Eve's Lie once again.

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