Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the Loot goes on...

And now, to add insult to injury, the Gamblers in Wall Street seem
intent on pulling off the biggest scam of all, a so-called "Bail-Out"
that is nothing else than the biggest theft ever. As the song says:
"And the Beat goes on", they are sure the american technocracy is
either too dumb or too scared to think straight, and see Opportunity
for more Stealing & Gambling, amidst the very crash.

If I was to rate the Bail-Out for sheer insanity -1o the maximum
level of dementia- then 10 it what this Bail-Out ranks. If enacted
it will pass on to history as the 3rd. most disastrous decision, along
with the previous also rushed-through by "emergency" insanities,
the War against Iraq, and the Patriot Act, in the post-2000 era.

In short, this Bail-Out is the final nail in the coffin. It's Looting at its
worst, trojanizing the Horse of Fear. Uncertainty is a bad thing, yet
there is nothing "uncertain" about the lunacy of this Bail-Out; it is
dead-certain the single-most preposterous move from this current
administration, to protect its financial network of pirates from too
much roadkill. They want to live on, and live on well by continuing to
loot and gamble forever & ever amen
, going into the same casino now
with a load of chips provided to them by the taxpayers, under the
faint pretext that this is "necessary" for survival of the system.
THEIR system, that is.

They, the same people that gambled Titanic securities straight into
an iceberg -because this was expedient to support an incompetent
administration, to create the ilussion of "prosperity"
-, want now
the taxpayer to finance them an extended leg of trip on the same

I can only comment as follows: Sick Bag Please...!? If you don't feel
like puking now, be assured you'll be puking tomorrow when the full
impact of the effects of this insanity register in your faltering brain.

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