Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debating the Yawn

A fundamental conundrum faced the home viewer watching the 1st.
Election 2008 presidential debate: should I fall asleep right now, do
it midstream, or maybe then fall asleep towards the end...?

If you didn't yawn or experience uncontrollable narcoleptic seizures,
you're a certified insomniac. This "debate" could have put back to
sleep a bear coming fresh out of winter hibernation.

The "historic" night as announced by TV pundits, turned out to be
more like a bureaucratic 0-0 tie in a fiasco soccer game between
Greece and Turkey.

The only sign of veritable animosity being McCain's epileptic eye
blinking while staring into any secret spot except contender Obama,
you the constituent were treated to a royal lesson in extreme civility
by a bowing Obama, cavalierly repeating "John is absolutely right"
over & over again, every time "John" blinked more than usual.

In turn, one was to remind oneself that this was not a bad B-movie
but a real-life event of -yes- historic proportions. Appropriately
by automatic reflex, one would avoid yawning, like a catholic kid
after confession avoids looking at a girl's legs. At any rate, sooner or
later bowel movements would take their course and impel one to
the bathroom, feeling guilty of perhaps missing the crucial part of
a night to forever remember as the night nothing happened at all.

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