Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down Goes Amerika, to Homologue the Globe


This has been the secret mantra of the decade, nothing more than
carefully "Controlled Demolition" of the United States, necessary
for Globalism to truly become feasible. This actually symbolized for
all to see in the Twin Towers destruction.

See, Globalism cannot become a full-fledged reality, while discordant
levels between nations persist. Disparity must be leveled-off, and
the USA was the biggest disparity of them all; this is what is called
“Homologuing", raising the level of 3rd. World nations to the Mid-
level nations, and lowering down the level of countries like the USA
unto a Mid-level nation.

The current incumbent's administration was installed to enact this
Controlled Demolition, and thus pave the way for a Centralized One
World Government, this was all along their secret agenda, disguised
with patriotic flag waving and deceiving speeches, designed to
distract and caress the ears. The real object was to bring down
America and turn it into a backyard sale, subservient to the new
global masters.

Europe has been already advancing by leaps & bounds towards that
goal, through the European Union. Latin America is now creating its
own regional block super-government, through their own bank and
currency -albeit not the puppet entity the globalists have in mind-,
therefore globalists are engaged in plotting to bring it down & replace
it with their own puppet block supra-government, starting with who
else?... Venezuela and Bolivia and Colombia, then Chile and the rest
of them -in their wishful thinking that is-. Just an example.


The idea is to unite large segments of the globe into Blocks, and then
Homologue them, in order to simplify the whole world “Homologuing“
process, because a 1-by-1 case would by nightmarish. After that the
respective Blocks can more easily unite into a Central Government
across the globe, ruled by one single currency. Thus obviously the
Dollar had to fall-from-grace as well, to facilitate this transition.

Individual nations were convinced to transform their independent
economies & productivity into an EXPORT/IMPORT model. This is
a heavily DEPENDENT ON OIL model, to transport all products big
& small throughout the planet, creating an unsustainable rise in Oil
demand, which is the bottom-line of the rise in Oil prices. Then this
induced stress on the global demand for Oil directly translates into
INFLATION in monetary terms, and this Inflation is concomitantly
aggravated by insane out-of-control printing of money, increasing the
money supply (necessary for the Dollar to fall in value).

Inflation is a form of TAX imposed unto the masses, to pay for both
the Devaluation of the Dollar and the Rise in Oil prices, both crystal-
clear deliberate agendas, enacted to force individual nations to seek
unity in Blocks of Nations, as an attempt to a "solution" for these new
highly fluctuating stresses that become the day-to-day norm.


In other words, unless the individual nations now coalescing into
Regional Blocks, cease to pursue the suicidal insanity of turning over
all their geo-strategic resources into the "World Trade" scam, there
is but no other way for the snowball to go, but down the hill, bigger &
bigger until only the imposition of a Centralized World Government
is called in to "solve" the growing crisis deliberately implemented to
this end-goal.

It is this demented Import-Export trade-it-all model, that stresses to
the limit the demand for Oil; without it, Oil would fall naturally back
to historically low price fluctuations. This would "liberate" a stressed
Oil price from being totally pegged to the Dollar or whatever currency
it is pegged to, thus halting the spreading of the Fall of the Dollar
contagion unto the energy sector. It is not unfeasible to once again
think of an oil-based specific currency, as a momentary means to
contain the damage. This and other possibilities, are presently out of
reach, due to the insane demand on Oil, stressed out to the max and
without room or freedom to wiggle. So number 1 Way-Out is to turn
back the clock on the Import/Export mania, and transition again into
a mix-model of Local & International Trade economies
, which is of
course the NATURAL WAY economies manifest, thus freeing the
Oil peak demand.

On the other end of the current catastrophic economic Armageddon,
to a dramatic loss of purchasing power caused by near-bankruptcy in
the middle class, their jobs constantly Outsourced everywhere

If you think in the most basic terms, this is the true cause of all
mortgage failures; whatever fluctuations the interest rate and all
the rest of monetary-casino market mechanics bring on, it is the
loss of jobs and wages and certainties and so forth, that render it
as totally impossible for the masses to keep their mortgages afloat.
Thus once again, Globalization as insane trading of Everybody/
Everything across the globe, is the real culprit. Because besides
mortgage and credit in general, Consumption is also affected in
multiple ways, configuring an economy trapped between a rock
and a hard place.

News won't give you this explanation; they will confuse and cloud the
issue with complicated rationalizations, but ultimately all the repeat-
wave economic Armageddon crisis are caused quite deliberately by
the Globalization agenda itself, in order to make it imperative to
Globalize even more, until the Apex point of "Total" Globalization
through a Centralized Government & one currency is accomplished.
The elite calls it "Creating Through Chaos", while the masons have
always called it "Order Out of Chaos".


This is the root-cause of the sell-out; by indoctrinating people that
the purpose of life is to become like everyone else by having what
everyone else has and no less, Globalism becomes the only vehicle
to achieve this artificial idiotic dream bubble.

China wants to be like America. America wants all that the chinese
can sell. Everybody wants the same phones and cars and highways
and restaurants and lifestyles, IRRELEVANT OF THE GEOGRAPHY

This is an aberrant lie; Nature is varied and localized in many ways,
nothing is uniform and not all is available to all. This false "Unity of
Mind" is just a way to sell Globalism unimpeded and unrestrained.
This lie was inseminated through decades of pushing people out of
the countryside and into mega urban metropolis where they become
dependent on mega corporations to feed and do anything. Once they
lose their Sense of "Unique Place & Unique Identity", they're meat
fodder for Globalism.

Truth is, Local Sourcing is optimal for Food & Water and even most
essential needs, such as... ENERGY...! Obviously people in big cities
must heavily depend on Oil & Industrial Gas & Electricity, however
in lower density environments, Energy can be attained through Ocean
Wave or Solar or Wind power, in combination to the traditional oil &
electricity ways of meeting needs. Big cities are by definition traffic
intense bottlenecks, and in the end all the "Economic Comparative
Advantages" of clustering in dense urban centers, are wiped out by
the stringent demands on industial energy sources, as well as the
need to solve the endemic bottleneck traffic and crime problems.


The main reason the Baby-Boomer cloud-9 mentality of procreating
'til kingdom come was pushed into place as the norm, was to create
CITIES. Once this was in place, Globalization was not an "If" but a
"When" only. Therefore the push-back to Decentralization and into
lower densities -intrinsic to less procreation and consumption-, is the
only real way of reverting the spiral towards global centralization in
the form of authoritarian rule.

While most of the educated classes have thus stopped procreating
in unsustainable ways, the lower classes are still indoctrinated to do
so via the mass mainstream media, and they in turn aggravate the
demand for Oil and stress the Money supply, through their obsessive
craving for all products they feel they "must" have. Presently it
is not a question of an "Oil & Carbon Footprint", but rather a
situation of "Oil & Gas Rape"...!? The demands are simply beyond

So this is the Time to stop pretending to want to be somebody you
ain't, simply because TV & Films teach to to be so. It is the Time
to live by lesser means, with lesser gadgets, and happy to be who
you are with the essentials that configure that, no more
. Nothing
will be solved, unless there is a strong change in MENTALITY, in
the lower classes particularly. "Education" is merely a tool to like
in machine fashion produce "professionals", without an emphasis
on the basic environmental and ecological perspective as to how to
live in a stressed planet. We don't need so much "professionals"
who know almost everything about almost nothing, what we need
is responsible educated people who KNOW HOW TO LIVE within
a sustainable environment, both culturally and physically. If they
have an academic degree or not, is irrelevant. After all there is a
thing called the Internet for self-education.

Globalism precisely strives to "solve" this acute educational failure,
a failure the elite intentionally has perpetuated because it yet again
gives credence to the "need" for "Total" Globalization as the only
solution. Globalism in essence is saying: "look, the situation is way
beyond control, and we must do this or else it's doom". By not being
aware that Globalism itself has been the tool to enact the very doom,
the whole discussion is slanted and rather pointless.


People like me have been predicting all this for a very long time, to
deaf ears. I predicted Oil prices past above U$125 for the year 2006,
already in 1999. Alright I missed by a year or so, but this is no reason
to have labeled me as clinically insane and telling me to go to a
shrink, like most professionals in the energy sectors did when I
told them so....!? In retrospective, who was nuts, huh...? Indeed I
warned about a year and a half ago about a "Bad Bad October 2008"
as pivotal moment in the downturn of the American Dream finances,
pinpointing real estate as the trigger problem of a much deeper
systemic condition.

I could go on boringly on a long list of fulfilled predictions, but the
point here is that another crucial element that needs to be fixed, is
to stop listening to the same false gurus -i.e. to the very same tired
deluded Technocracy
that got us to this mess-, and start paying
closer attention to what intelligent and better informed alternative
people are thinking and saying, for a change. Without this, what use
is there in even fathoming a way out of the continuous mess...?
There is therefore a need for a change in the dialogue, more than a
change in just the actors.

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