Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the Machine

This blog is deliberately constructed in a way as to avoid a "slick"
formatting, the use of images, fancy artwork & easy to read posts.
The above article in the link will explain why this is so; we live in
a world that is degrading into a Matrix robotic consciousness at a
fast rate. People think they "deserve" to be entertained & amused
to death, even by reading about the deepest intricacies of existence.

Most people seem to be only able to watch Videos, where all things
are illustrated in image & sound presentations; others cannot even
read an essay, they can only follow the story-line in a novel. Most
can only digest the news on TV, which are of course just fairy tales
and cold lies from corporate newsletters passing as "information".

However, when you are reading this blog ('reading' already defines
you as a minority these days) the actual content is not to be found
so much in the posts, as it is to be found in YOUR EFFORT to grasp,
decode, and comprehend the 4D riddles I propose as the origin of
this devolved 3D "reality", as mixture of 'real' & 'staged context',
no different than how we fabricate a 'natural habitat' for the animals
in the local Zoo.

In other words, your own personal ability to steer away from the
utterly childish 7 to 10 year old prevailing social mentality, and try
to truly explore a different reality -(which of course is this one, 'cept
you've been indoctrinated to see it differently, by believing in the Zoo
as "real")-, just by making the effort to read the blog, is what is at
play here.

No one will save you, save yourself and start practicing here. If you
cannot even read a blog like this one that is designed to be elliptic &
hyperbolic, synchronic & resonant, where you have to do the work
of finding the hidden jewels, do you seriously expect to be competent
to "understand" a much more complex and deceiving "reality", now
do you...,?

Look at yourself in the mirror and say these words aloud: "REALITY
CHECK". You truly think that you "know" what this reality is -and

worse-, what it is about...? Really...?

What makes "you" different from the citizen described in the link...?
It is time to start realizing that there's a few qualities that are sorrily
missing from this reality: like being Brave, or being Truthful, or like
showing a little Effort beyond the physical effort you display every
day, that constitutes your reality. An effort in the Psychic and Soul
departaments of existence -so to speak-, I mean.

The world approaches a pivotal Point of No Return, where Humanity
is divided/split in 2 camps, those who are magnetized by all "this" 3D
here, and those who are making the effort to distance themselves

from the False Illusion of their own fictitious "identities".

You are not splitting from something "out there", but from the illusion
of your OWN SELF; it is your imaginary "I" that keeps you grounded
to this Matrix and all its incoming disasters. Only those who are able
to veer away from their own false self-identity and engage in a new
union with higher realms, will be able to make the transition; like for
example those reading this humble blog. This blog requires that you
leave your mental self-referencing luggage behind; for the 1st time to
many, this blog is not about "me" or "you" as this world sees these.

In order to read it, you have to necessarily take a step into the Great
Beyond; beyond your own "self", that is. Maybe -just maybe-, that is
where your true hidden self is to be found. That higher self you keep
hostage and "incommunicado", gagged and starved, repressed and
tortured; that higher self you exile and wage war against, constantly
batter & abuse, put down and mock, demonize and fear of.

Humanity at large basically faces the conundrum to either continue its
childish existence at a 7 to 10 psychic level, or simply ... GROW UP.
Most insist to the point of dementia, in living out the same kid they
have been taught to believe is "who they are"; these will find the
Matrix realm they dwell in will become progressively degraded and
hellish, the more so the more they keep insanely clinging to their
self delusion of "identity". Things in this realm, will definitely not
become better, but much much worse. Those who coldly calculate
that is is good-business to play the game here and sell-out, will come
to a radically different assessment rather sooner than later.

Where do you stand...? Who are you truly...? Where are you going...?
Will serving the system provide you a sustainable existence...?

These questions you will find elliptically answered in this blog, but
only if you care to dig and find them. Being brave is not a physical
venture as the media portrays it; it is a Psyche & Soul quality. Are
you ready to be Brave...?

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