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I did not create this diagram, yet it helps to picture the frame of the
"Transitional Window" towards 2012. The 1st. phase from 1962 to
1987 had a very different mental imprint than our 1987 to 2012 current phase.
Most "fast change" relates to this window, and it is not ideology or
sheer social hubris, as conservatives often imply when they blame
"liberals" for everything that has "gone wrong" ever since. This
politicized view is the result of ignorance and lack of awareness of
the depth of the ASCENSION PROCESS taking place, involving a
true REALITY SHIFT, from 3D to 4D/ 5D. Blaming 'others' for
a Karma-Clearing transition, only proves the self-delusion.
I will not offer here any explanation for the many calendars that
clearly pinpoint 2012, such as the Tibetan and Mayan, it would
consume inordinate space, and you are able to research that all
by yourself, resources abound in the Internet.
Many codes have been set by the elite to establish the paradigm; I
have already mentioned in my previous posts how the universal
computer code known as "ASCII" encodes the "ASCension" Process.
However Christianity itself is secretly a super-large code for 2012;
the whole Death & Resurrection theme acts as a code template for
the Ascension Process centered around 2012, and the "Cross" is a
symbol/template for THE CROSSING FROM 3D TO 4D/5D.
A growing number of researchers have been warning that this has
a double-edge embedded agenda; a pro-Ascension public agenda,
with an ABORT/IMPEDE agenda hidden behind the curtains. In
this sense it has become more & more prevalent to hear now that
religion's secret goal is to "Push You Down & Hold You Back", in
Consciousness terms. This is understood as providing a FIXED
and RIGID low-frequency mindset, intrinsically unable to enter
the 4D realm, which is all shift/morph/change/evolve in a very
fast mode, constantly, by definition. A higher-frequency is the
way to achieve this state, and a Within/Without manifestation
is its hallmark; reality in higher realms is what you desire it to
be -instantly almost-, as there is much less Containment of the
Will through the low-vibe fixed/rigid matter of our 3D realm here.
Ideologies of the Mind that seek to copy the 3D matter state, are
thus labeled "Intellectual Materialism" (conservatism one of such),
while religions that seek to copy the 3D matter state are labeled
"Spiritual Materialism". They idolize the material fixed/rigid 3D
state, and make both the Mental and Spiritual realms akin to it,
constructing elaborate IDOLATRIES to this end, which entrap
the naive unto a frequency where the Absolute or Unchanged,
where the Fixed/Rigid, are considered "divine", when they are
actually the very opposite of it. In this way countless people are
trapped in the 3D and unable to transition into the 4D, without
realizing so, believing in an outer intervention to their "salvation",
instead of an inner morphing consciousness process.
Yet when we peek into the hidden codes, a much different picture
emerges; we have a christian public exoteric religion that teaches
doctrines elaborated by PETER & PAUL, which I demonstrated in
previous posts, are nothing but PITUITARY & PINEAL symbols.
"Tarsus" in the case of "Paul", illustrates the "T"-shape of the
Corpus Callosum which contains the Pineal Gland, this symbol for
the Corpus Christi in itself. The famous gospel passage of Peter
beginning to walk on water and then starting to drown in it, is but
a symbol for the Transition from 3D to 4D, and how consciousness
drowns in 3D unable to "navigate" the 4D.
The Pineal & Pituitary are the organic Wormhole Portals into all
higher dimensions, and the letter "P" of both (and the Pi number
implied) is no coincidence; the number Pi means the Circle (Earth)
as the letter "P" means the POLE. This is irrefutably seen in the
so-called "Sign of Constantine", composed of the shape of the letter
"X" joined with the shape of the letter "P" with a very long pole.
This sign is nothing else than an In-Your-Face archetype for the
SOLAR YEAR, the Cross marking the N/S Solstices and the E/W
Equinoxes, as the "X" marks the Beltane/Samhain/Lughnasadh/
Imbolc positions, while the long-pole "P" pinpoint the N/S axis of
the Summer/Winter Solstice, of December 21-2012.
I recommend surfing this website, that includes stunning graphics
of the Solar year archetype, for better comprehension. Attention
must be paid to the fact that these are typically "satanic symbols",
more than religious.
What is definitely at the bottom of this symbology, is Palingenesis,
an alchemist term to designate "LIFE FROM DEATH", which is
the hidden core of... Christianism. It is self-evident these were but
extant previous esoteric traditions coming from Egypt through the
Greek Mysteries, that is why the New Testament is entirely written
in Koine Greek, because it contains Greek Gematria extensively.
Goro Adachi makes the claim that the ritual figure of Sarah Palin
is a hidden cue for "PALINGENESIS", i.e. 2012 understood by the
elite as a Rebirth of the Phoenix process.
Religion has done its best to CONCEAL the ORIGINS of mankind,
in order to conceal the fact that some elites do not come from this
Earth, and they transmigrate through longer cosmic eras, passing
through planet Mars, just as they are passing now through planet
Earth. These elites have gone through "Ascension and Descent"
processes, through cataclysms and relocations. Their sources of
higher realms, know the cosmic cycles and the impending dooms,
and hide them within emblematic writings, be them mythology
or religion, so the few can access them across millennia "hidden
in plain sight" so to speak.
For ex. colors in Coats of Arms or in national Flags, are utilized to
signify CROSSBREEDING long-range programmes; in this way
you will see Red or Blue or Green etc, configuring an agenda of
bloodline hybridization (for whom knows what the colors mean).
Thus also STARS are used in Flags, symbolizing the Star-Seed
origins of the bloodlines, and their "colonies'' on Earth.
The last 2000 years were set to implement a "preparation" for the
2012 shift; "christianity" was used as a vehicle for encoding this
secret knowledge. The public outer shell of the religion constructs
doctrined based on... PETER & PAUL, particularly Paul. But if
you care to perceive, "Paul" is pronounced... "POLE"...! While his
original name supposedly was "Saul"; therefore the Gematria is
irrefutable as to the "P"OLE "S"HIFT", "P"aul/"S"aul".
The diagram at the beginning of this post shows a 1962 to 2012
window of transition; yet in 1963 Pope PAUL VI enters the scene
in a most clear "Paul/Pole" code. He is followed by John PAUL I
who only lasts 33 days, and is in turn followed by Pope John PAUL
II, a "POLISH" Pope to the surprise of all (Popes were typically
elite italians). Now the word "POLISH" is clear cipher of "POLE
-Goro Adachi and others have already mentioned this-.
As if to make matters even more self-evident, his St. Malachy
motto is "De Labore Solis", i.e. the SOLAR YEAR figure, however
under the sign of the ECLIPSE; this meant to mean the Pole Shift
is imminent and catastrophic.
See, the whole "Life from Death" alchemic/astrological symbology
of hidden Christianity, implies that the Sun goes into the Eclipse as
death, only to be reborn emerging after it again. But an Eclipse is
a normal event, therefore the 2012 Eclipse symbology means that
this time the Sun will go into a "different" type of "Eclipse", lasting
longer, and with catastrophic consequences on Earth. How long?
Say, how about as long as the Gospels write Jesus went down under
after having died -3 and a half days that is-, before "resurrecting".
Jesus is the SON /SUN of God, that is Eclipsed and goes through a
Rebirth/Resurrection; this is code for the Earth losing the Sun for
3 and a half days during the POLE SHIFT, on its transitional state
between 3D and 4D.
You'll find these 3 and a half "Days of Darkness" repeated in many
other more recent sources, such as the Padre Pio 'prophecy'. But I
would kindly suggest you read: 'elite sends a message', into this.
If any of this had any inkling of real truth, it would be easy to find
confirmation of the code in emblematic places, right? Well, how
about the center of the globalist agenda, The Temple in London;
none other than St. PAUL's Cathedral sits there, the "Millennium
Bridge" pointing directly to its central Dome, its eastern bordering
street appropriately named "New Change". Lots of "Paul/Pole"s in
all the right and high places, when you consider.
Which leads us to the age-old conundrum of the symbology of the
"ROAD TO DAMASCUS" upon which the story says, "Saul/Paul"
converted into Christianism, Jesus appearing to him in person. In
the context laid out here, "Jesus" represents the SUN; thus when
we read "Road from Jerusalem to Damascus", this certainly means
the POSITION OF THE EARTH within the Solar Year Circle Figure,
indicating a number of Degrees NE of the vertical "P" axis passing
through Jerusalem. This is a hint at the POLE SHIFT angle -or
something of the sort-, but this is a theme all by itself, worthy of a
full article.

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