Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh the Sphinx problem...

Finally almost in the year 2009 -third millennia-, "experts" come
to the same conclusion an 8 year old child would come to simply by
LOOKING AT THE statue: that the face of the Pharaoh was placed
there later and is not part of the original design.
Obvious anomaly in size, style, and what have you, make it a self-
evident fact, that the original statue was bigger in scope -the front
paws are enormous in comparison with the rest-, and that either
the original was not completed on top, or destroyed on top due to
catastrophic events and/or many thousands of years of decay and/
or pillaging, such that the current Lion Body/Pharaoh face is clearly
a later COMPOSITE, and add-on.
That official "academia" & "science" have to wait 'til now to arrive
at this utterly obvious conclusion, speaks volumes of the state of
censorship the elites maintain mankind in regards to acknowledging
previous much more ancient and more advanced civilizations.
Moronic "creationists" a-la Palin and retards in the same vein, still
keep pumping out the tired routine of "we are the first advanced
civilization on this planet", to satisfy the pressure exerted by all
the fundamentalist creeds that fear losing their grip on people if
it is exposed their chronologies are preposterously short and they
only speak of THIS current civilization's origins -if at all-.
Looking at the 1st pic, a small child would easily say: "Look pa,
they stuck a small face on top of the statue...!?". Nevertheless all
these pedantic paid-by-the-system academics, have been now for
centuries "ignoring" such elemental observation.
On the 2nd pic, a "computer reconstruction" image of the supposed
original design; like we needed a computer to figure this out.
Suppressing a much longer ancient history and previous advanced
civilizations, is the equivalent of denying the world is round, during
the 1400 and 1500's; yet these modern day Flat-Earthers, earn
comfortable salaries, working for 'respectable' universities; and
people still call our society "advanced"..., when this absurd type
of censorship rules rampantly..., and suppression of knowledge
passes for 'education'...?

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