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Is the PHOENIX Bird.. NIBIRU? (Part 1)

Most oriental philosophy & practice deal with the concept of Inaction
and Nothingness. In a world slave to the Violence-Of-Doing, such an
endeavor appeals to many, yearning for relief. It is vox-populi now,
that "reality" (this one, at least) is an Illusion, perhaps a Simulation
like in The Matrix. Years ago we even heard top politicians of our
world, saying things like: "We make our own reality" (Cheney) so
don't bug me with 'facts'. The term "Beautiful Mind" is employed by
the Illuminati to describe their status as beings that "Manifest" their
own reality, unobstructed by the petty morals and ethics of "lesser
human-apes". Amongst conspiracy researchers the same term is
understood as lingo for a Psychopath, since such road is most often
traveled by those who see themselves as "Legends in their own Mind"
and manifesting Power for nefarious ends, machines of destruction.
Realizing then that Letters/Words/Names/Phrases might to some
mean something publicly, while all the same to others they may
carry a completely different meaning, is a good start to this post.
Just what exactly is "Language", we may humbly ask, if it conveys
meanings so disparate, under the same shell...?

U2 famously sang about a place where the streets have no name,
implying that "Names" are used to... program minds... perhaps...?
Well, notions such as mind control are very old news, and a simple
search on the web provides ample exposes. Thing is, if this reality
is an Illusion, what is the purpose in programming people to this
very same Illusion...? Huh? It already IS one, so what's the object
of all that convoluted agenda? Enhancement of the same Illusion?
Should we then believe the orientals in that doing nothing and
attaining nothingness in the mind paves the way for some true
enlightenment? How come then, they don't seem to be so... er...

Let's start from a different and NEW paradigm; let us assume
that Vampirism is the Universal Rule of Dominion. Big Fish eats
Little Fish, and Energy gets transferred from the Weak to the all
powerful. You see this all over the place from the law of the jungle
to the human realm, and one wonders if this could be the "secret"
of existence, something that is so evident and visible. Huh? Yet
every single ideology that seeks to "free" you from "oppression",
pushes for a convincing expose of how you are vampirized, in
ENERGY terms I mean. The right-wingers will "educate" you on
the "hidden" dangers of being vampirized by the liberals and the
communists, and every left-winger will do the same in reverse.
This gets me to think; why do I need to be "educated" about stuff
that is so openly visible in everything...? It is ALL just one giant
spaghetti of vampiric turf war for territory, for more prey. How
come then everybody everywhere boasts of "educating" me on
that which gee "I don't know" yet...? Something smells fishy in
here, all that excessive attention and focus on Money (energy)
and Power (more energy) and Happiness (even more energy)
and Realization (guess what, more energy!) and such. Like, this
creed is it, no the other is better, wait! that one is definitely one
to settle for (more emotional energy, indeed). Seemingly all of
the ideologies and theories and doctrines just speak of that...
energy!? Over and over and over and over again, ad infinitum.
Kinda boring, don't ya think? Or suspect...? Of what exactly?

David Icke wrote that if you still think in terms of Energy, you are
still in The Matrix: I could just not agree more. Stay with me here,
because this will be a rough ride; what is "You"? If "identity" is
part of the grand illusion, "you" don't exist neither. What is "A god"
then...? What is his "identity"...? If we exist and somehow form part
of his/their existence, then we must be real... OR... they also must
not exist. Right?
Ok, hear me out: What if -just what if-, he/they
do "exist" as long as "you" exist...? In other words, what if what
"gives" God/The Gods existence, is... YOU...? And I don't mean
simply your blind belief, but something else. Is there another type
of Vampirism, that does not involve the exchange of Energy...?

What do you do after you die and before you reincarnate? There is
quite a bit of information proposed on that "Limbo"-like existence,
mostly pointing to the ugly fact of ASTRAL PROGRAMMING, the
kind of "mind control" better termed "Psyche/Soul" programming
performed before you incarnate in this or other reality. Hardly new
information. The problem I have with this, is that all people I've
known or read from, instantly assume this state is After-This-Life.
As George Carlin would say: It Seeeeeeeeeeeemmmmssss to me...
that if this "reality" is an illusion, then... this very reality is probably
precisely one of those "Limbos" where souls get astrally/psychically
programmed, don't you think so? Let me repeat this again, in case
you are slow in the head: how about THIS reality "here", as that
LIMBO "existence" BETWEEN WORLDS...?

Uuhah, that kinda changes things, now does it? For starters it means
that whatever happens "here" is an illusion MEANT TO BECOME
REALITY IN ANOTHER PLANE, this just a preparatory phase, the
phase of.. Programming for the Reality it is destined to manifest in.
Thus welcome to the notion (albeit yet foreign to you) of PSIONIC
VAMPIRISM, the kind of Vampirism that is not interested in your
energy (be it physical or emotional), but in you as a COMPUTER.

What...? Let's assume you are a "god" and got really big in the game
of manifesting, but you are running out of "manifesting power"; then
you create or hybridize a bunch of beings in some Limbo, "construct"
a "world" for them, and program their Psyche so that they will HELP
YOU MANIFEST more & more, in-sync or in-link with you, the "god".
So to make the obvious computer analogy, instead of them being your
"energy battery", they instead would be your extra computer psionic
reservoir, billions of extra little computers heads all manifesting for
you, with you, in you. The more of those you got, the more powerfully
manifesting you get. After all, these endless universes you create as
alternate realities, consume a heck of a lot of psionic computer ram,
buddy even as a god you do need infinite extra rams out there. So
voila, here you are, extra ram for the computing "god" that has you.

Question is, how exactly you hook 'em up and get 'em up and running
in this "manifesting" grand enterprise...? Obviously just plain "belief"
ain't gonna cut it. See, you must provide the software. Everybody
must be on the same page, so to speak, otherwise you'll have one big
helluva jam in your manifesting power platform. Enter the magic of
LANGUAGE. That unappreciated thing that humans conceive just
in terms of Linear/Random/Utilitary, mere symbols to make life
easier when communicating. Really...?

What if I tell you that the blue "G" letter you see outside in those blue
lodges of semi-public low level Masonry -placed inside the Compass &
Square-, does not stand for "Gnosis" as they claim, but that it means
rather... GEMATRIA, the science of Language Encryption within a
SYNCHRONIC FIELD, Language operating at the level of Resonant
4D Synchronicity Concordance? Language that can synchronize the
Psyche construct of "identity & action" (or inaction) of all those pesky
little organic slave-ram-people, so that they act as One Ram Mind?

Wouldn't this describe the software I was talking about, the software
that would "synchronize" all those little suckers that build up your
Manifesting Platform -(you as a "god" in the example)-? What if
the real business in this Between-Worlds Limbo Realm of Illusion,
is to "mark you" or "engrave you" in a Psychic sense, through the
use of LANGUAGE as the building-blocks of your "identity", so
that what is Within You, you Manifest as "reality" because you
think it is so real? Then it follows that it doesn't matter whether
you call for action or inaction, for a lot of IT or a lot of Nothingness,
because it might all be just pre-designed Synchronicity at play,
for programming purposes beyond this Limbo "existence".

Wouldn't it be great if you came up with a system of words and
concepts that would provide "ease" to the mind of those little
suckers that build up your Psionic Computer Manifesting ram,
giving them a "sense" of "purpose" regarding their In-Between
Limbo "existence", as they get ready for the endless charade
of "Births" and "Deaths" and "Rebirths"...?

Such a Template of the Mind exists; since apparently even before
the earliest of the Egyptian eras, this has been utilized unto this
day to that end, as the PHOENIX BIRD which constitutes the axis
of esoterics within the Masonic circles, that "Bird" that dies in
fire, and experiences rebirth again out of its own ashes.

Thus in this scenario -admittedly hard to swallow, but ye shall
see later, more full of clues than you can fathom-, the trick is
not to "Be or Not To Be", "Do or Not Do", but in DISCERNING
WHAT IS AT PLAY, deciphering the Limbo and what it's setup
to become in which reality, decoding the Astral Programming,
that is. And yes the Greeks as usual got it right, this is the real
meaning of the Labyrinth, not just a meditation on your mind,
but a DECODING of it. No "attitude" regarding the riddle will
suffice, you still have to SOLVE THE RIDDLE, walk the actual
Labyrinth thread in hand holding tight to your mental sanity,
until you get to the bottom of it and kill the Beast.

No Cloud 9 of meditation or enhanced subtle powers will do
the trick; yes still, you have to walk the walk and inspect the
talk, because that's where the trouble is, Language is a mined
field, and no emptying the mind technique will rid you of it,
since your Psyche has been programmed around it, with it.
It is in your very DNA, a careful language Construct mirror
of the Psyche/Soul.

A strange landscape of synaptic valleys and peaks, qualities
and obfuscations, matches and mismatches, haves and have-
nots, crosswords to be completed, degrees to attain, loves
to pretend you are what you feel for just "your" only one,
strange indeed the illusion of walking while being anywhere
and nowhere, utterly convinced in knocking wood and hail
to the power of the will, or the baits of belief, a landscape
as U2 accurately pointed out, rather BUILT OF NAMES.

Thus how you escape to some Limbo, if you actually are presently
and unknowingly already living in one? Do you need to become a
WRITER of your own existence to truly build another one in a more
"real" realm...?

I am of the humble opinion, that becoming aware of the neural
programming and your position In-Between worlds, and moving
towards a mastering of Synchronic Language, shifts you indeed
into that which you are desiring to a point. Otherwise, why would
the control system bother to so passionately and intensely chase
and bug those operating at this level, be it in the music/art business
or any awareness to this end, unless this actually did do something
to you, of real importance...?

You will notice how the Greeks conferred unusual status to the
poets and philosophers, who "speak" the Language of the Gods.
Then quickly came the Roman Empire to kill or conquer them,
and since then, the Limbo-World as grand illusion has been stuck
in this very same Roman Empire paradigm under different shells;
apparently, the Greeks must have stumbled onto the very key.

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