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Research in "Zeitgeist - The Movie" or in books by Acharya S. (D.M.
Murdock), show that the archetype of the "12 Apostles" is code for
the 12 Constellations of the Zodiac, the path of the Sun in the sky.
We find identical archetype as the "12 Knights of the Round Table"
in the Arthur / Grail tradition -the "Round Table" is the Solar Year

The world's secular power structure, is configured upon exactly the
same archetype template as the religious. The link shows how "The
Round Table" is the over-arching "Star-Of-David" encompassing
the 6 major organizations that run the current world order.

In other words, be it the "religious" (12 Apostles) or the "esoteric"
(12 Knights) or the "secular power" (Round Table Group), there is
absolutely no difference whatsoever; it operates exactly under the
same identical Template, a projection of the same hidden knowledge,
by the same exact elite, for the same ultimate purpose.

Any decent conspiracy researcher will tell you the optimal way of
disguising a conspiracy, is by HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Question is, what's the ultimate hiding spot...? The answer is: it is
WITHIN LANGUAGE ITSELF. Author Philip K. Dick wrote about
his bizarre inner experiences, the most notable of which is what he
named the "VALIS" saga { http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VALIS },
a highly advanced Computer Interface that disguises itself as the
very surrounding context; his experiences with Koine Greek led
him to realize the underside of "reality" in Informatic terms. We
assume Language is an after-the-facts sheer instrument with
random structure and no meaning beyond the utilitarian, yet both
in ancient Sanskrit/Kabbalah or Gematria, as well as in Informatics,
Language is an ORIGINATOR of reality, it is a "Significant Hidden
Code" that acts as container of the divine (the program), of which
the external utilitarian linear language is but a reduced shell, a mere
disguise for higher-platform 4D operations: Synchronicity.

Just as in the Stanley Kubrick/Arthur Clarke film (also involving an
advanced computer) "2001 Space Odyssey", when moving 1+Space
in the english alphabet its name "HAL" becomes "IBM" (illustrating
how the shell hides the real wider meaning), when moving 1+Space
in the alphabet "VALIS" becomes "WBMJT", a hidden acronym for
many a high-profile code: such as the WB power dynasty, the "MJ"
supposed org in charge of et contact (MJ12, that pesky "12" again),
the "JT" of J-esuschris-T, etc.

You may be now wondering, what has any of this to do with the Pole
Shift theme...? See I already told you, best way of hiding something
truly sensitive, is in plain sight within Language itself. Philip K. Dick
"VALIS" as an advanced computer interface disguising itself as the
environment means that:

[ "WMBJT" = 68 = LANGUAGE ] (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26)

He stumbled upon the Big-Secret, no doubt. In my previous PART 1
post, I explained how the theme of the POLE SHIFT is hidden in the
name-codes of all things "PAUL" within Christianity, in symbiosis
with the polar "PETER", both ultimately token for the PINEAL and
the PITUITARY, respectively. The external 3D globe of the Earth
with its 2 N/S Poles connected by a long Pole line passing through
the center of the planet, is but the projection of the inner HEAD
chakra (Crown Chakra).

This is the "Inner Globe" inversely illuminated from within, via
firing the Pineal/Pituitary as THIRD EYE wormhole/portal/gate
where we enter the supra-dimensional Light Realm. When we are
able to fire-up the Pineal/Pituitary 2-Poles, our Brain links itself to
the Universal Mind (the Psyche) in 4D, and "linear language" thus
is alchemically transformed into a GEMATRIA resonant-synchronic
Higher Language, containing the Program-Codes of Existence.

If our INNER GLOBE gets mis-aligned, then this operation falls
into disarray, and we are not able to fully open up the Crown Chakra
that connects us to the higher dimensional realms. But the external
Earth Globe is a Resonant Holographic Projection of the very same
mis-alignment, thus when the Earth is tilted it replicates the inner
disarray within the Cave of Brahman at the center of the Brain orb,
where the Pineal & Pituitary lay.

Christianity as an allegorical preparation for the POLE SHIFT as
a Within/Without "re-alignment", has thinly concealed that "The
Birth of Jesus" was originally set inside a... CAVE, not a manger.

In this way the "Birth" is token for "Firing Up" the Pineal/Pituitary
inside the Cave of Brahman in the Brain; it means esoterically that
we are "Born unto the 4D Realm". This is why "Jesus" is declared
to be "The Light of the World", this light being the INNER SUN
("Son of God" means "Sun of Godhead").

Jesus/Inner Sun through DEATH/REBIRTH realigns himself and
the world to the new "Kingdom of God", i.e. 4D & 5D realm reality.

This is the true secret esoteric teaching hidden within Christianity.
What about Language then, you may ask...? If we care to look at
the names involved in the overall religious allegory we will clearly
see the POLE SHIFT theme embedded yes, in clear plain sight...!:

Jesus has "12 Apostles" [ APOSTLE = "A POLE S.T" ]

In the "Gospel" [ GOSPEL = "G. POLE S." ]

They became "Bishops" [ BISHOP = "PO. SHI. B." ] (b=2)

{You will notice "BISHOP" is reverse of "PO. SHI. B."/Pole Shift 2}

The code hidden in plain sight within Language, speaks of a "Pole
Shift 2" in the year "12" (2012), it could not be clearer; this same
"12" number refers to the Zodiac constellations, indicating it is an
event involving the SUN in its Year Circle path. The famous date
of "December 21, 2012" occurs on the WINTER SOLSTICE, which
lies at the Southernmost tip of the Solar Circle in all representations.

The notoriously famous "SIGN OF CONSTANTINE" or "Chi-Rho
Sign" was not a miracle Emperor Constantine witnessed in the sky;
it was a code the elite inseminated into Christianity to mean "2012",
the RE-ALIGNMENT of the 2 Earth Poles, as it also realigns itself
with the Galactic Center. It is an INSTRUCTION ON WHAT TO
PERFORM ON THAT DATE. The greek "Chi" ("X" in english) and
the greek "Rho" ("P" in english), act as a Cryptograph for the long
pole "P" centered through the "X" which is 2012, the "Date of the
Crossing", this is the meaning of the "Cross".

It was also called the "Labarum" { Labarum = 68 = Language }.
The Prophecies of St. Malachy give the motto "De Labore Solis"
to the previous Pope John Paul II ("Pole 2"), a clear reference to
the Labarum sign, indicating: "The Sun is nearing the moment".
In the previous PART 1 post I explained how the preparatory
window-of-transition was from 1962 to 2012, when the Vatican
emblematically had 3 "Paul" (Pole) Popes: Paul VI, John Paul I,
and John Paul II -the current Pope acc. to Malachy, is the last-.

Traditionally this Chi-Rho/Sign of Constantine has been viewed as
a "PAX" message, as in Peace after Victory; this is the "P" Scepter
the Popes carry, as Peace-Makers. In our current days, the only
"PAX" we know is the "Pax Americana"; this expression was in a
deliberate manner inseminated Urbi-Et-Orbi into public politics,
in order to highlight that this is the era of the event:

[ "PAX" is meant to hide "Pole Axis" ]

The Piazza di San Pietro (St. Peter's Square) in The Vatican is an
elongated "ELIPSE" with an "X" on the ground marked by a POLE
-obelisk- in the center; this represents the SOLAR YEAR CIRCLE;
the Elipse is code for ECLIPSE, this in turn code for a "fading out"
of the 4D reality; the Obelisk is a Solar Clock keeper of the Times.
In an Eclipse the Moon (woman) covers the Sun (man); here the
"woman" is 3D humanity, fading out/covering the spiritual Sun
in 4D, this the negative aspect of the Pole Shift. This is the "death"
before the "rebirth"; the Obelisk on St.Peter's Square was brought
from ancient Heliopolis in Egypt, the City of the Sun. The elongated
Elipse can also be thought of as representing SOMETHING ELSE,
an eccentric eliptic orbit of another "Sun" that veers into the Solar
System; countless researchers have written on the Star NIBIRU
(a fading star/planet), that is all-too-clearly encoded in the "INRI"
sign on top of "The Cross of Jesus"; the "Stations of the Cross" in
the Rosary/Lent tradition represent a hidden constellation passage
of Nibiru, it seems. Thus we have an overt Moon/Sun symbol, yet
another occult Nibiru/Sun symbol, as to the "Eclipse" (of course
the Gospels include an abnormally long & dark total Eclipse during
the "Crucifixion"). In secular politics/warfare, NIB-IRu is encoded
in Osama BIN Laden, in this way pinpointing we are "in the time"
of passage, apparently. This "Planet of the Crossing" contains the
"RIB" of "Adam" from which "Eve" was "made", symbolizing the
NI-BIR-U origin/palingenesis. You may also notice how the public
org "UN" is NIBIRU's 1st & last initials, once again pinpointing to a
"Time of Return", perhaps?

The longitudinal axis coming in directly into the Cathedral is SPLIT
IN 2; the Piazza/Square is open symbolizing 2 "P"s facing opposite
sides. Each "P" means the PINEAL & PITUITARY, the prefix Pi"
means CIRCLE, the key to the Squaring of the Circle, as perfect
dimensional re-alignment in 2012.

Once again the sensitive crucial secret information is hidden in
plain sight within Language; the Cathedral was designed by none
other than BRAMANTE, while the Piazza/Square by Michelangelo.
He stands for the Age of Michael the Archangel (the Golden Age),
while "Bramante" holds the code:


{ "BRAMANTE" symbolizes "The Cave of Brahman" }

This is why "X-Mas" involves a PINE TREE (Pineal Gland is shaped
like a Pine Cone) & ornaments like "Lighted Pine Cones" are placed
on it, to represent a "Shining Activated Pineal 3rd Eye", it is all just
illuminati code; the "X-Mas" date December 24/25 symbolically is
"3 and a half days" after the Winter Solstice (between Dec 20 & 23),
it's all hidden code on the Dec 21- 2012 Pole Shift.

The 2 P's of the "PAX" are the 2 AXES (i.e. "AXIS") of Fascism,
(called the "LABRYS" sign, lately used by the lesbian movement
together with the Yoni-Lingam symbol), which must be traced to
the esoteric doctrine of the Temple of Solomon (Temple of Sol/
Temple of the Sun); these are the main "2 PILLARS", the "2 PI"s,
the 2 "P"s (2 POLES), the 2 Pituitary & Pineal ("Peter" & "Paul").

In the Bible they are expressed as "The 2 Lights" under which all
sacrifices are performed in ritual; thus you have the "2 Witnesses"
and the "2 Testaments"; the 2 Lights/Witnesses are the Pineal &
Pituitary, the re-alignment of which is brought forth on the Pole
Shift "2012". If you get the feeling the Bible is very masonic in
its symbols, it's because it is; the same Split is archetypally played
out in the 2 Branches of Masonry -the Scottish & French rituals-;
these were figured in the so-called "Cutting of the Elm" ceremony
at Gizors. They are played out in the division between Royal Arch
masonry & Templar masonry, as well (the Templar branch uses
the Bible as key).

The 2 Pillars are "JOACHIM" & "BOAZ", which I addressed in full
in a previous post; there I explained how Joachim is "JUPITER"
while Boaz is "SATURN" (in the Temple/template of Solomon):

[ "JUPITER" is "Zeus" is "Jesus" ]
[ "SATURN" is "Chronus" is "Satan" ]

The coded implication, is that the formula name "Jesus Christ" is
token for "Jesus Chronus" (or "Jesus Satan" or "Jesus Lucifer");
this is why the Gematria was arranged so that:
[ Jesus = 74 = Lucifer ]

The entire leadership was encoded to mean Management of the
TRANSITION FROM 3D TO 4D, symbolized as a "BRIDGE":

The High Priest of the Ancient Roman College of Pontiffs dating
at least to the 3rd Century BC, is where the Pope gets his title of
PONTIFF, it is an extant & actual Roman title, meaning "Bridge".
You will notice how the words PONTIFF & POPE carry the POLE
code, beyond a doubt.

In fact -it comes as no surprise now that you know the deal-,
most big titles/names carry the letter "P" for this very reason:

as in Pharaoh, as in Pyramid, as in Pentateuch, as in Prophet,
as in Philosopher/Poet, as in Politician, as in POLIS, as in Power,
as in Pentagon, as in Piazza(San)Pietro, as in Priest, as in Pastor,
as in Parish, as in Preacher, as in Pulpit, as in President, as in
Palace, as in Perfect, as in Pi/Phi, as in (Vesica) Pisces, as in
Penis, as in Pole (Shift), as in Peter/Paul, as in Pineal/Pituitary,
as in Pater (Noster), as in Parthenon, as in Patmos (Island), as
in Pentecost, etc. You get the idea... !

St. Peter's Square is a WOMB centered unto the Pole/Obelisk;
this is the oriental YONY/LINGAM symbol of the Union of the
Penis & Vagina (VA-tican/VA-gina). Inside the Cathedral and
under the Dome, lies the BALDAQUINO with the Altar inside
of it, surrounded by 4 SALOMONIC Columns (fluted or spiral),
an In-Your-face code for the Human DNA Genetic 4-Letters,
which of course is the real meaning of the TetraGrammaton
"Name of God" (YHWH, or IHVH); these columns represent
the spiral Double-Helix of the Dna. Currently most humans
have devolved into possessing only 2-Strand Dna; I think the
TetraGramaton symbol represents an agenda to embed a 4-
Strand Dna, by Hybridization -{the full 12-Strand "Star"
Dna, symbolized by the "12 Lost Tribes" of "Israel"}-.

The "Balda-Quino" means the PENTAGRAM (Quino), and you
may recall that the European Monarchies originated from the
myth of one King Merovech, born as a HYBRID CrossBreed
between a woman and a Sea Beast named the QUINOTAUR.

(scroll about 1/3 down, under title "Vatican Connection "); there
you see how ST. PAUL's Memorial is key to forming a landscape
Pentagram with the Vatican ("Pole" key); also you might want to
go to Google Maps & enter "St Peter's Square Rome", zoom-in and
observe how the central "P" Axis -horizontally- leads to/from a
Pentagram at the right, next to the river (the "Milky Way").

The extensive Pentagram symbology, I think refers to an agenda
of Hybridization AIMED AT THE 5D Realm; in other words, while
the "2012" Paradigm of Ascension involves a Pole Shift into the 4D,
the real attempt is by the 4D devolved ("Fallen Angels") exiled
from the 5D and higher realms, to CrossBreed with Humans, in
such a way that the dormant Dna of Humans has the potential
to leap into the 5D skipping the 4D realm altogether (some of the
humans, that is); the "Fallen Angels" might attempt to piggyback
on the Human Dna, to regain entry into the 5D again. I think this
is the underbelly goal of the CROSS-BREED programme since
ancient times; the word "CROSS" here means both the hybrid
programme, as well as the final moment in which the Ascension
occurs, at the so-called "Moment of the Crossing".

A prefiguring of this was established in the allegory of the RED
SEA CROSSING; the "Opening of the Blue Waters" means the

opening of the Human Dna (Red Blood) to receive the BlueBlood,
so that this external lineage Dna can CrossBreed with the Human
Dna, fine-tuning the process until the "2012" end-event.

The goal of these tran-dimensionals then, would have been to "re-
advance" and "re-evolve" man to the point that some men may
make it into the 4D Dna Resonance(where the same "Fallen Angel"
beings await in ambush), but ultimately to re-evolve some humans
to make it to the 5D, carrying within them the CrossBreed hybrid
Dna. In this way the Fallen 4D ones can begin to incarnate in the
5D realm once again. This a fine line to walk, since awakening Man
can become dangerous, as Man might find out about the agenda; the
trick then, to evolve Man "just enough" to facilitate the piggyback
Dna transition, but "not enough" to awaken the full Consciousness.

This highly negative view of a HIJACKED ASCENSION PROCESS,
is a possibility to consider seriously, because all the evidence seems
to suggest such. This implies that Humanity for the 4D Fallen Ones,
is nothing but a live Dna Reservoir, and they are simply managing
the Human Livestock, no different than we breed horses or dogs
or athletes.

Within this perspective, our 3D "Reality" would most likely be
just a MODEL, a Fractal Holographic Projection of another solar
system, set to act as an "Incarnating Experiment", in view
of the upcoming Dimensional Shift
. The Matrix thus would be a
Dna Lab, and the structure of the cosmos within the Matrix would
be a Holographic Fractal, a resonant reduced quantum fractal of
for example... the triple Sirius Star System.

Philip K. Dick wrote of VALIS as a "Reality Projector" computer
interface placed on "Earth" by Syrians to speed-up evolution;
this is interesting within the framework of possibility I have set
and proposed as possibility here.

Sirius A/SiriusB/Sirius C, could be "fractalized" as the Sun/Jupiter/
Saturn; this would explain the elite's obsession with these planets.
In fact both Jupiter & Saturn are almost gaseous STARS, lacking
only the igniting fusion to become one, or maybe were stars before.
It is most interesting how all MARRIAGES between man & woman
use the SATURN RING as ritual token, that is a fact, the marriage
ring was a Saturn symbol historically. The entire "jewish" Sabbath
prescription doens't make any sense, without this Tri-Fractal; the
Sabbath is Saturday, "Saturn-Day", of course. The Christian Book
of Revelation ends up with the Wedding of the Lamb, humanity
his Bride.

This strange scenario becomes more plausible as we realize that the
3 Pyramids of Egypt represent ORION'S BELT on the ground, thus
Orion's Belt could be a fractal of Sirius1/Sirius2/Sirius 3; it's eerie
that the emphasis of religion has been on the TRINITY. The same
fractal pattern seems to project itself dimensionally into the main
3 inner planets Mars/Earth/Venus, where life on them at some in
their history is a staple of so many ancient traditions.

Perhaps "MAN" may be a MARS creature, while "WO-MAN" might
be a VENUS creature (as it's hip to think now), and these find a
Hybridized existence on EARTH; in this way, the Trinity might have
a different blueprint, that of "Father/Son/Mother" or "Father/Son/
Wife", as... it... originally... was in Babylon, during the Nimrod and
Semiramis days.

Maybe each POLE SHIFT is an End-Of-Timeline of specific agendas
and they have beeen pre-set to do so. But this is all speculation of
a high degree, of imagination that is.

At any rate, the theme does not stop here at all, it indeed just shyly
begins at this point; to Voltaire this 3D Earth realm was a "prison
of souls" -what he referred to as the scum of the universe, serving
time here as correction or such-, others have suggested 3D Earth
being a "Training of the Will" facility (bootcamp by containment),
still others suggesting 3D Earth as merely a live Dna storage/lab
realm, thus justifying the large variety & number of species here.

However old sources on the american-native traditions, speak of
an original plan of incarnations on 3D Earth, with the purpose of
enacting "CHI Energy Transfer Contracts" of the soul, such
that another parallel reality in a higher dimension would use this
realm as Chi-Energy Reservoir, extracting Chi-Energy from it in
a complex series of Life-Contracts, where some agree to come here
regularly voluntarily to incarnate fot this purpose.

This is where things get truly interesting, conceptually wise; since
it is widely claimed the "original" plan of reality was HIJACKED
(not only once, but in serial mode), then it follows the intruders
stole the "CHI-Energy Harvesting Contracts" for themselves and
their own perverted use, establishing a negative type of Vampiric
FeedLoops; thus the need for Drama/uffering/Fear/Control, et al.

In this view certain specific 4D negative beings as inter-dimensional
Intruders/Pirates take hold of the matrix and change frequencies,
reconfigure patterns, set new traumatic goals, ultimately converting
the "soft" Chi-Harvesting/Transfer into a re-directed nightmare
for the 3D Earth human species. Part of this view, the notion that
the current pradigm becomes a terrible "FISHING" expedition
on the part of these inter-dimensional predators. Now wasn't this
the metaphor of the Gospels, that of "Fishing Men"...? A long list
of collateral themes and innuendos follow this line of reasoning,
which has been the long-held view within some circles. Some have
gone to lengths to warn of an incoming mass of inter-dimensionals,
arriving in gradual phases as time approaches 2012, basically to
"harvest" the human pool as food-source and incarnating vessels.
Some have spoken of a Quantum Time-Wave that carries these
here, in a series of minor preceding waves.

Others contend most ideology/religion/power structures were set
to turn humans into a more complying prey, particularly requiring
an acceptance/idolatry of SACRIFICE. At any rate, I believe this is
a line of questioning, that deserves wider scrutiny, don't you?

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