Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Simulated 3D "Realities"

In Theater, there is a Stage and Mise-En-Scene backgrounds, upon
which the Actors play roles in a Script with meaning. By analogy, in
3D "Reality", we acquire an "identity" (a ROLE) by inhabiting for a
while here a GENETIC SUIT, and get involved in LIFE-SCRIPTS
with a supposed meaning, against the "Contextual Background" of
a Staged-Reality that "fills-in" the environment. Yet most of the
times, you end-up living someone else's Scripts, representing a
false-play in a fabricated reality that only energizes others.

The only aspects of this Illusion that are "real", are those who have
Meaning, and connect via Fractal Resonance/Synchronicity with the
higher dimensional realms, and with our Higher Selves (that are the
real "I" behind the illusory role identities we play here). Everything
else devoid of Synchronicity/Resonance with the 4D or 5D realms
-that is not a Fractal of those-, is basically computer simulation as

The 3D "reality is not a "Continuous" field; it is FRAGMENTARY
and a "blend" of Projection & Simulation, in varying degrees.

This 3D realms open up to the 4D in general, they can be viewed
from the 4D in many angles and cognitive perspectives. The 4D
establishes "Organic Fractal Links" to the meaningful aspects of
the 3D realms, that can be either positive or negative.

The Fill-In aspects of the quantum-computerized Matrix that are
devoid of meaning, do not even imprint a Memory, they dissolve
into the Bits they came from; this is why you will not be able to
remember "how" you ate or bathed or the infinite irrelevant
operations of "sustenance", from years back. You will only be
able to remember them, when they became attached or part of
a meaningful activity.

The Illuminati basically just SELLS 3D REALITY through Media
and famous character figures, pumping up these Fill-In segments
of the Matrix, inflating them to cosmic or godly proportions, such
that they SUBSTITUTE for the real meaningful aspects of life;
they construct ideologies and philosophies of "pragmatism" that
FILL-IN SEGMENTS, imbuing them with a "Sense of Reality".

Because these aspects are Simulation, they can be theatrically
managed and altered at will; thus they place themselves within
these bits, building an elaborate universal context around these,
that substitutes & simulates the real-reality; needless to say,
they do such in order to place themselves high on the pecking
order at all moments, role-playing the "WINNERS".

But it is all a... F-I-C-T-I-O-N. This is why ideologies place an
preposterously inordinate amount of attention on the menial &
illusory fill-in aspects of "life"; politics and economics are made
to believe we depend exclusively on the material 3D in order to
"exist", therefore they inseminate a fraudulent Cause-Effect
linear logic unto the Psyche, that is no different than the most
absurdly false fundamentalist creeds & superstitions.

The Illuminati simply IMPOSE a LINEAR cause-effect view
of how to "attain things", through massive Indoctrination and
"Education"; yet it is all false, make-believe, it is a theater magic
trick performed on the asleep Consciousness of the masses.

The truth is, only they are allowed to play the "Winners", if they
ever allow anybody else, it is only to give credibility to the illusion;
the hidden object of the simulation, is to gain unfettered access to
your Consciousness, which is the ONLY "REAL RICHES" in this
deviant game of deception. The actual booty and bounty is your
own Psyche, a source of continued Psionic Energy, the Kundalini
life-force. Every single time you focus your attention or belief
unto their names/logos/figures/events, your are transferring
Psionic energy from you... to... them.

If this Psionic Energy is firmly linked to the Source -the higher
dimensional selves-, it is protected and not "vampirizeable" so
to speak; as soon as your Consciousness ventures in the shady
areas of 3D-Belief, becoming mesmerized by the Linear Logic
antics of their ideologies, fixed on THEM (as opposed to your
inner higher selves), you become PREY. The entire 3D reality
staged game of working/succeeding/attaining engrandisement
in purely material/power terms, is merely a BAIT. The actual
game is to get YOU in Psionic terms, to FOCUS on their contrived
& staged "realities", as if they were "truly real" and worthy.
When this film "Zeitgeist Addendum" speaks of a philosophy of
SCARCITY that is hidden behind the "Economy" currently at
play throughout the world, they have pierced the "Veil of the
Illusion", and looked at the naked Mise-En-Scene of the staged
theatrical background. Of course it is all based on Scarcity, that
is how only "some" have, and most others never get to. But that
is not how reality truly is, that is how the Staged ILLUSION of
the 3D simulation has been structured to play out.

The Illusion has been structured to function as a Vampire Setting,
where the only way to "acquire" anything or to "win", is through
provoking the opposite result on the many who become poor or
"lose"; One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell. This is NOT how
reality works, this is how they have built the Simulation to do so !

And they are perfectly able to do such, because the aspects being
used to this end, are precisely those aspects of "3D Reality" that
actually DO NOT EXIST AT ALL, those aspects that are basically
quantum computer fill-in simulation. The way they suck you into
the Matrix simulation, is by making you believe into all this as if
it was truly real, which they accomplish in 2 ways:

(1). Making you feel this is the only" reality that exists.
(2). Making you believe this is "godly appointed" & "great".

The moment your Consciousness realizes this is utterly devoid of
any meaning whatsoever and definitely not important at all, much
less related to "God" on any level, and that this is but one slanted
alter-reality in a universal Multi-Dimensional field of Realities, then
you are out of the illusion. You have internalized the perceptiopn
of "Couterfeit-Reality", the crucial fork in the road to awareness.

Therefore the 1st. step in the Awakening process, is to dispute the
2 basic claims; start by disputing that their "reality" is important
or crucial to existence, & that it's endowed with "divine" attributes
or part of a godly "plan". Start by questioning what a "winner" is;
conversely question what a supposed "loser" is. Start by realizing
that having riches means you most probably will not have inner
riches, that material riches are there for people lacking in virtuous
qualities, to "compensate" by simulating they are so important and
more advanced, but that this is simply a lousy trick; that riches are
there for spiritually-poor people, to "buy" the illusion they "are
something" to be commended for, no different than you buy/rent
a tuxedo to appear "elegant".

Think there are riches everywhere, only you have been conditioned
to think they are either not riches at all or not available to everyone,
suplanting them by propaganda with things you can never have by
design, and that are not really needed.

You can follow by applying the same higher rationale to Power and
to Fame. Pretty soon you'll apply the same to any field of the Illusion,
be it money/power/fame/religion, etc. Welcome to the Awakening.

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