Thursday, December 11, 2008

In this my July '08 post, I explored the hidden history of the Solar
System, albeit a catastrophic one. It seems the "TRIAD" Planets
Mars/Earth/Venus share a common Displacement origin, affecting
the original extinct Planet Maldek (now as the asteroid fragments

The current hip-view trend of "Men are from Mars, Women are
from Venus", might have deeper innuendos. The Greco-Roman
& universal name for Mars -MARTE-, provides the key:

MARTEVENUS contains "EVE" and "MAN"


Observe the neat symmetry, how "RTEVEN" at the center act as
short form of "REVELATION", while at both ends "MA" and "US"
serve as short form of "MA-ry"(new Eve) & "jes-US" (new Adam).

While "MA" & "US" can also be seen to mean "USAM" , which is
short for "Uncle Sam". As I exemplified in the previous Part 1 & 2,
the Big-Secrets are hidden in plain sight within Language; we have
heard the church song "Pilgrims of Emmaus", a christian theme of
We have also read how in the Matthew 1:23 it is written that "Jesus"
was the prophesied "Messiah", since his name "Emmanuel" means
"God With Us"; yet his name in the story was NEVER Emmanuel...!
("Immanuel" is another form of "Emmanuel"):


Thus "EMMAUS" seems to be an acronym for "MARTEVENUS",
as well as the implied "ME-SSIAH" term; the word "EMMAUS"
seems to be precise shorthand for "ME-ssiah MA-rte Ven-US"...!
Even the code-name "MATTHEW" refers to "MARTE".

Furthermore, the name "Immanuel"/"Emmanuel" appears to be
referring not to "Jesus", but to MICHAEL Archangel the heraldic
icon figure of the new coming "Golden Age" (Age of Michael):


The word "MAN" is also contained prominently in "EMMANUEL",
reaffirming the "MAN is from MARS" theme.
Once again Matthew 24:21 speaks of the "GREAT TRIBULATION"
of the End-Times/"Second Coming" of "Christ" (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ REVELATION = 121 = SECOND COMING ] ("121" ~ "2012")

We know it's all encoded ciphers, because:
[ Apocalypse Revelation = 234 ]
{13x18 = 234} Rev 13:18

The word "REVELATION" obviously contains "NERO", just as the
word "APOCALYPSE" contains "(E)CLYPSE" (in correct order).
But it also suggests:


You don't need a Harvard PhD top spot these In-Your-Face codes,
they are right there in front of your eyes, hidden in plain sight. The
ECLIPSE theme set in "Jesus Crucifixion"s unusually dark & long
Eclipse, clearly a symbol for the incoming "2012 Eclipse" during the
so-called "Planet of the Crossing" (NIBIRU).
You may notice how
"Jesus" was "crucified" alongside "2 THIEVES", the "1 God" & "2"
"Thieves" hinting at "2012" (thi-EVE-es).

The layout of the "Crucifixion" is particularly illuminating; "Jesus"
(THE SUN) between 2 "Thieves" (2 EVES). In a date sense, this is
extremely accurate pinpointing, meaning: between Thanksgiving
Eve and Christmas Eve, i.e. "DECEMBER 21, 2012".

In a very broad cosmic sense, this speaks of the "1st. Eve" and the
"New Eve" of the future, meaning the 1st. Eve was inseminated by
Nibiru, while the New Eve will be inseminated after 2012, therefore
we are currently dwelling in an "IN BETWEEN 2 Eve's" position in
Time, i.e. between the supposed "1st Coming" and "2nd Coming"
of "Christ". But in the most middle-of-the-road sense, this speaks
of THE COSMIC ECLIPSE, as the SUN ("Jesus") stands between
2 STARS/Planets in 2012; I actually had a dream of this, watching
the "sun" as a TRIPLE Red/Orange conjoined Star, 2 of them then
separating towards the left.
Thus the "Crucifixion" scene is without the speck of a doubt a code
for what I am detailing here, since in at least 8 occasions the Bible
explicitly warns of "Jesus" coming like "A THIEF IN THE NIGHT";
Matthew 24:43 for ex. says "The Son of Man", this code for "The
"SUN of Man" ("The Light of this World"). That the "Scene of the
Crucifixion" is an archetype of the "2012" event, is obvious.

[ "TRIBULATION" is code for "NIBIRU" ]

This is why it is written that "Pilate" put an "INRI" sign on top of
the "Cross"; it is simply shorthand for "NIBIRU". Thus the parallel:

"REVE - LATION" (key name "EVE")
"TRIBU - LATION" (key name "NIBIRU")

The whole story then, speaks only of the "EVE TRIBE OF NIBIRU"
("Tribe" in spanish is "Tribu") rather than for the whole Humanity
at large. It is the story of extra-terrestrial Humans, coming to the
Earth after Maldek/Mars/Venus catastrophes, awaiting the repeat
of such by "2012" -whether this is an exact date or a generic time
marker of a window-span, is a separate matter-.

The "Great Tribulation" means "Earth Gravity Tribulation":
[ "GREAT" = "G + EART" ] ("G" is Gravity, universally)

Unless you have less than 2-inches of forehead and very slow in
the thinking dept., this clearly means that the "Second Coming" is
actually the Star/"Planet of the Crossing" NIBIRU, from where
the seed of Eve & Man originated; this the message encoded.
The effects of GRAVITY on Earth, are catastrophic:


Still having trouble seeing such obvious cipher...? Yet it contains
even more; the word "TRIBULATION" embeds "ALTITU"(de),
implying that the recipients of the coded message have to prepare
refuges in HIGH ALTITUDE PLACES, like Mt. Everest and such:


"Everest" here just an icon for the concept, high altitude mountain
ranges such as the HIMALAYAS or the ANDES, or the Rockies, or
the Swiss Alps, etc. Or perhaps Mt.McKinley (also called Denali) in
Alaska, the tallest peak in North America. Now any researcher of
conspiracy, knows the Elite has built underground refuges in the
Colorado Rockies, heavily protected by NORAD, while in Alaska
close to Denali it is well known there are missile defense bases and
also the HAARP secret project; perhaps this would explain "why"
Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska was vice-pres. candidate, a move
visibly geared towards 2012. It seems the Elite has been preparing
for the referred scenario, for a long time now, unbeknownst to the
common citizen, who will be left to fend for himself. This would also
explain the "Mystery" of why both the government as well as the
private bankers, have been incurring in demented DEBT, without
a foreseeable prospect of ever re-paying it; perhaps, they already
know it doesn't matter, because... something is coming in 2012,
yet massive amounts of money might have been secretly funneled
to make preparations for the Elite's places of refuge. Perhaps every
government in every country, has been engaged in the same tactic;
as to the Swiss Alps, isn't that the location of the most advanced
science project ever, the notorious LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
which many suggest, is secretly about opening a Wormhole portal
to other dimensions...? Could this be a case for Alternatives 1/2/3,
No. 1 to build bunkers in high mountains, 2 to leave the planet for
a while in normal space stations, and 3 to explore how to leave via
portals into other realms...?

Under this scenario, the role of Media and of Politicians, would be
to simply "Distract" the masses, while all this take shape.

Let us once again look at the "The Great Tribulation" expression:



In my Part 1 & Part 2 posts, I ventured in the notion that a part
of Humanity is actually a trans-migrational inter-planetary Elite,
whose ancestors (or themselves in previous incarnations) have
already experienced these types of terminal scenarios, and that
the main object of "religion" and such, is to transmit the crucial
information across millennia -hidden/disguised behind allegories-,
for them to prepare for the coming "2012" paradigm.
The SPHINX statue of a LION next to the Pyramids of Egypt, is
a LEO symbol, which apparently was built during the astrological
Age of Leo more than 10 thousand years ago, yet some say intends
to pinpoint to the "2012" paradigm, as a marker of some kind. If
we look at the word itself:

[ SPHINX = "P. SH. NI. X" ]

This could be a very short acronym for "POLE SHIFT" and for
"NIBIRU" Star/"Planet of the Crossing" ("X").

In a previous post regarding the "ALHIM" Code, I noted how the
transliteration of ALHIM (name of God in Genesis) into "ELOHIM"
is intended to obscure the "Alhim" hidden code. Observe how the
"ELO" addition is actually there to mean "LEO". Thus the Sphinx
as sign of Leo (the body of a Lion) seems to be an Antipodal ref. to
the Precession from the Age of Leo, to the coming Age of Aquarius:

[ LEO to AQUARIUS ] ("AL")

Let us now recap on the "IMMANUEL" cipher, tying it to "ALHIM":


The ciphers are not there only embedded in religious text, they can
be placed in high traffic public themes, like the car industry; the book
of Revelation speaks of a "Mountain of Fire" that falls into the ocean:

"FIRE / STONE" in the "GOOD / YEAR" of 2012, opening
the Age of Michael" -MICHELIN"-.
After all, it fits the "ARC"angel Michael (Arc = Car).

This means that people in-the-know within the Elite, have a penchant
for placing references to the "2012" paradigm, within businesses and
logos and such. It might seem laughable, but it's not; we just looked
at funny references in the business of "Car Tires", yet if we look into
for ex. "Cartier" the high-end manufacturer of designer leather and
jewelry apparel, we see just a massive focus on the color RED, which
is of course emblematic of both the "Red Planet" Mars, as well as
Nibiru the "Red Star" { }.

In a more direct astronomical-pun, we see the Olympics logo:
Which matches the same Nibiru "Eclipse" theme as the MasterCard
logo ("Card"/"Car"):
All of which it is widely known by now, are "Vesica Pisces" signs
(the name "VISA Card" is a pun on "Vesica"):

The myths surrounding the NIBIRU Star, speak of "12 Gods" that
come along with it; that so eerily matches the "12 Tribes" of Israel,
and the 12 points formed by the outer/inner intersections of the
lines in the so-called "STAR OF DAVID", that it's just not feasible
to deny it might be a NIBIRU symbol, in historical origin. A pattern
repeated in the "12 Apostles" within Christianity, and in the King
Arthur "12 Knights" of the Round Table, where the SUN & ZODIAC
imaging is accepted as such more explicitly.

Many have doubted the real racial existence of the jewish, saying
they might have been actually a "religion" that sought to portray
itself later as "race" of people; this argument has gained enormous
attention lately, even from within the jewish circles. The world is
just one big Melting Pot no doubt, yet the underbelly of the issue
might be that the Scriptures are not writing about "everybody"
identified as "jewish", but only about an ELITE within them. As
a matter of fact DNA-Tracing tests performed in the Middle East,
showed that only a tiny portion of the jewish people differentiated
from their supposed "enemy" arab neighbors (the "Kohanites" as
a branch descended from the Levite priest class -which were a
Tribe-, were the only ones recognizably different).

The "Star of David" seems more likely a direct reference to the
original "12 Gods" of Nibiru, from which the "12 Tribes of Israel"
were originated; when we look at the origin of the word "HEBREW",
it all becomes clearer.

"HEBREW" comes from the term "HABIRU" (or "Hapiru") which
in itself sort of says it all: { " HABIRU" ~~~ "NIBIRU" }.

The Old Testament scriptures, might have been an agenda to keep
these bloodlines "pure". If we consider that the prefix "HA" might
represent "HUMAN" -as opposed to "NI" which denotes "Nibiruan"-,
when "Nibiru" becomes "Habiru", this means a cross hybridization.
Of course there is no way to prove this, how could anyone? All I am
implying is, the linguistic and archetypal evidence, seems to suggest
this scenario.

In this way, when MicroSoft embeds the "Star Of David" (SOD) in
its "Win-DOS" system -usually just called DOS-, this is not to mean
they are "jewish" (!?), but someting much deeper along these lines;
it would not make any sense for them to do such, but it makes all
the sense in the world only within the context discussed here. After
all, "W-IN" carries prominently the NI-biru code, while "MicroSoft"
usually called "MS" stands for the Moon and the Sun, all in all a not
so hidden cosmic symbology.

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