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Kabbalah for celebrities

"Kabbalah-for-everyone"is opening branches just like a franchise
store; like Scientology, they decided a push for mass appeal must
be fronted by celebrities; Madonna and David Beckham are but a
few of the new 'converts'. However we know that celebs just use
spirituality as a tool for Magic, a key to more success; this type of
"mysticism", is a Cult-of-Success, period. A religion is simply a cult
with a lot of power and money to leverage its public perception, so
a Cult-of-Success is another 'denomination' religion within a larger
substrata of a philosophical/mystical movement.

A few people have always asked me to summarize to them what I
know about either Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism; I was raised
catholic, and started researching Kabbalah Mysticism in 1979. In
1987 I bought the Charles Ponce book "Kabbalah, an Introduction
and Illumination for the World Today" (copyright 1973, Fourth
Quest Printing, 1986, by Theosophical Publishing House). This
was the best buy ever, and I strongly recommend it as the must-
have introduction for all things Kabbalah. Mainly because Ponce
unveils the full breadth of Kabbalah setting it beyond the "jewish"
element. The Hebrew/Jew/Semite tradition only distracts & slants
the real underlying knowledge. By fiercely defining Kabbalah same
as jewish, they actually throw a veil/filter upon it, when the name
"Kabbalah" means to receive the tradition, as an UNVEILING.

The bottom-line being, that Kabbalah is but a remnant knowledge
from previous more advanced civilizations. And the kicker, that
Kabbalah was a container or vessel from MANY traditions, but
integrated into clearly defined practices. After the destruction of
the Temple of Judea, whatever got collected scattered once again,
and it was only under Emperor TITUS FLAVIUS VESPASIANUS
at the end of the 1st century, that a "gathering" took place in an
organized fashion. He setup shop as to these matters at JAMNIA
in the coast of present Israel, and there began both the resurgence
of Jewish Mysticism as well as the practice of Kabbalah, and it was
the systematic study of both that led to the creation of Christianity,
finally formalized under Emperor Constantine -3rd Century-.

Trouble with either understanding or explaining Kabbalah, stems
from our less developed knowledge, mainly linear one-dimensional
logic, that is inadequate to grasp it. Kabbalah has different brands;
the Speculative (philosophical, mystical) and the Practical (magic,
through Language and Talismans). Both were carried in 2 ways:
Written or Oral tradition. So what you may hear is a "Kabbalah"
center, might be a rabbinical appropriation of it, with an agenda to
fulfil a specific role in society, or to gather power by spread. And
by now, the "race card" issue has tainted so completely the jewish
side of things, one has to cringe at the sight of Kabbalah being
practically sold as kosher mumbo-jumbo. And of course a few
'churches' out there like to put their own spin on Kabbalah as a
background sea of 'authority'.

But in essence, what one has to remember, is that Kabbalah is a
vehicle to preserve a Lost Knowledge trickling from a a more
advanced science spanning a really long time way beyond what is
accepted as formal past history. What has come to us at the end
of the decaying line, is but pieces and fragments, or even perhaps
the deliberate TAINTING of the source, Disinformation mixed
with some original templates. It is dead-obvious it deals within
a context of Fractal Hyper-Dimensional Geometry, but that part
is definitely missing in the tradition, like telling you about a certain
machinery without informing you what it's used for.

Kabbalah is the knowledge of the UNDERLYING STRUCTURE of
all things, be them in 3D Physical shape or in 4D/5D Etheric form.
This is labeled "The Tree of Life", in the figure of 10 "Sephiroths"
that are the expressed manifestation paths of the hidden "Ensof".
The Diagram of the Sephiroths is the centerpiece of Kabbalah; it
is a hyper-dimensional diagram however, a 'map' of the nexus
between 3D and 4D, a Template of Manifestation. Within this
Diagram, are embedded certain LINGUISTIC CODES, that act
as both Passwords in a neuro-linguistic/informatics sense, as well
as in a classic 'numerology' sense. Therefore Kabbalsh is the
knot where Geometry and Language intersect. The geometrical
aspect was not pursued in the jewish tradition, as was the word
and number aspect. But the geometrical side was revived in the
further resurgence of Kabbalah in the christian era.

Kabbalah teaches that "reality" is intrinsically tied to language,
and that there are several Layers of Meaning to everything you
can name or tell, even the Torah or Bible. Thus Kabbalah deals
with this Neuro-Linguistic/Informatic ENCRYPTION aspect,
of our "reality". 3 Rules of Encryption were taught:
(1). NOTARIKON; analysis of 1st & last initials.
(2). TEMURAH; analysis of Cipher-Table encryption methods.
(3). GEMATRIA; analysis of Number/Letter substitutions.

All these 3 involve the notion that "reality" is akin to an advanced
organic "software" program, much like a computer is run by codes
in its programming. What Logos means, is advanced computing of
an organic and etheric nature much more advanced than our quite
toy-like inorganic version of informatics. These 'programs of
reality' with all their inherent 'Free-Will' and 'Learning-Lessons'
alternatives, follow the Manifestation Templates of the Ensof and
the Sepiroths, that act like your mainframe pc. But ultimately,
the only "computer" operating here, is our own PSYCHE, the
mind being the mainframe where the software Codes embed
to project reality, and the phsyical body brain just a terminal for it.

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