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"To PHI or not to PHI"

Number "PHI" is the Ratio inherent to the "Golden Mean" Section,
out of which the famous "Fibonacci Series" of numbers comes, that
is the blueprint for much of nature's work, including our human Dna,
which is divided in a Fibonacci pattern. Supposedly it was recently
that this "PHI' name was assigned to this Ratio, yet even by looking
at Fibonacci's name from centuries back, it's impossible to miss that
it is akin to "PHI-bonacci"... (and yes, it was a nickname).

So someone's been playing MetaLinguistics on the seemingly causal
steady flow of the "development" of languages. NO SUCH THING!?
Language was from the start a Hyper-Dimensional embedding, both
staged and managed and configured at will, by higher entities. Only
those portions of language that are irrelevant, follow the usual way
we conceive language as a utilitarian set. Every single "meaningful"
or "relevant" subset of language, is always meticulously ENCRYTED
and made to be Fractal and Harmonized beyond a specific tongue.

"PHI" is the best & most notorious example of such. Greek word
for Wisdom is "Sophia" (so-PHI-a). Thus the "PHI-losopher". This
word contains both the "PHI" and the "En-SOPH" of Kabbalah. So
a PhiloSopher, meant someone 'in-the-know' about the Underlying
4D/5D Structure of reality. Of course Kabbalah teaches the Ensof
manifests in a Template called the 10 "Sephiroth" (se-PHI-roth).

However even the term "PHI" in itself, is a code; [PHI = Pi + H].
Therefore we have the 3 most important numbers in one code:
"Phi", "Pi", and "H". Max Planck dicovered the constant relation
between Energy and Frequency, called "H" (Planck's Constant).
H divided by 2Pi is called the Reduced Planck Constant, the basis
of Quantum Physics.

There are other coded uses for "PHI", as "Infinity" (in-PHI-nity).
The english name for the numeric equivalent of the Pentagon also
is "PHI" encoded: "Five" (PHI-ve). There is a notable city name
with a Double-PHI... "PHI-ladel-PHI-a". The ancient Asia Minor
city in current day Turkey (tur-KEY), was crucially mentioned
in the Book of Revelation {Rev 3:7 "And to the angel of the church
in Philadelphia write; these things saith he that is holy, that is true,
that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth;
shutteth, and no man openeth"}. In Rev 1:11 the angel messages
the 7 Churches, Philadelphia being the 6th; matching the "Key of
David" (Star of David, the Hexagon). This achetype is known as
Metatron's Cube in occultic circles, the origin of the "Flower of Life"
in Sacred Geometry; connecting the diagonals inside the Hexagon,
a 3D figure of a Cube emerges, so in a 2D figure a 3D figure opens.
This has always been the quintessential icon for a PORTAL, what
is nowadays known as a Quantum StarGate. Thus it doesn't take
a genius to figure out that the symbolism has all along encoded the
science/technology of trasversing between Dimensions/Densities.
Which explains why in magical ceremonies, either a Pentagon or
a Hexagon is drawn on the floor when summoning an otherwordly
being. Yet the point here is that all things "StarGate/Portal", have
an implicit "PHI/Pi/H" geometrical structure, to be feasible. This
secret is what has been labeled the "Holy Grail" (HG).

What "HG" really encodes, is precisely that: "PHI". Moving back
1 place in the alphabetm "PHI" becomes "OGH". Not surprisingly
quite a few 'key' expressions have been termed after this code.
While Philadelphia here in the US was thus setup as the original
seat of power, so the repubican party's other name "GOP" also
reflect the code PHI/OGH. The "GOP" actually carries 2 codes,
as "GranD OlE PartY" also yields "DEY" in its last initials; for ex
JFK was killed in D-eal-EY Plaza, while "HarveY LeE OswalD" last
initials yield "DEY" backwards. Also for ex the World Trade Center
incoming street pointing to its very center is "Dey St", at the corner
of Church/Trinity St (as Dealey Plaza's west end was Trinity Pass).

But the root "GO" is a code for much higher things; like Golgotha in
christianism, the hill/mound where story goes 'Jesus was crucified'.
Golgotha in occultic christianity is the "Mystery of the Blood". But
"GO"is also encrypted in... the 3 Pyramids of Cairo, "G-iza O-rion"
(this a new turn, after it was revealed they layout Orion's Belt in
the ground). Some researchers have suggested "GOP" means "Giza
Orion Plateau" in secret code. And this is exactly when the "GO"
code takes a hell bent curve; naturally this was already enivisaged in
the "GO-liath"figurative story. Goliath being the last descendant
of the giants of Nephilim origin, the Nephilim being the crossbreed of
Anunnaki et's & humans. So it is that in the Old Testament "GO-g"
and "ma-GO-g" represent kingdoms of extant Nephilim power.
Some of these have been associated with a few monarchies, such
as the "G-arter O-rder" in Britain.

But in shortest form, a prominent blue "G" in the midst of Compass
& Square, is the exterior sign of every 'blue lodge' in Masonry. But
"G" rather than being "Gnosis" as they clam publicly, rather stands
for "GOTHA" and "GOLDEN MEAN" (Phi); Gotha is the the last
part of the real name of the current british monarchy. Gothic archs
were directly based on the Phi section, they are a half Vesica Pisces.
And the word "Golden" is password code for Bloodline Dna, those
'blue' Bloodlines that are here to "Mine for Gold" as Zecharia Sitchin
would disinform, i.e really to extract Kundalini energies ('juices') out
of the Human lifeforce pool. Britain's most prominent occultic circle
is called the "Order of the Golden Dawn" ('dawn' is pun for Dna).
[ Eng-land = Gen Land ]

In the perhaps best well known example of the Kabbalah encryption
method called "Temurah", by using an Atbash Cipher code table,
the term "BABEL" becomes "SHESHAK; this has been for some the
clearest hint at the "Shape-Shifters", those who must consume blood
and/or constantly renew themselves with fresh Kundalini forces to
maintain a Human form, otherwise they shape-shift back to their
original reptilan Dna alignment form. And Shape-Sfiters have been
traditionally ascertained to come from the star Rigel ('Regal' ~royal)
in Orion, or from the constellation Draco, first origin of the former.

Which takes us back to the origin of the "PHI" expression itself, as
derived from the "OPHIS" secret elitecult, called the "Brotherhood
of the Serpent" in ancient times, particuluarly so in Egypt. Thus the
Pharaoh wore a headress with a Cobra sticking out of it at the Pineal
Gland or Third Eye position in the forehead, as a token (or even as a
'wearable' tech interface gadget) of the "Order of the OPHIS". In our
modern world, we widely use the word "OFFICE" (Ophis), and also
all over the globe no matter what ideology or system holds power, the
term "President" rules. Go backwards on "Serp" & forward on "ent":

[ President = PRES - id - ENT = SERPENT Id ]

Furthermore, the outward initiatory masonic degress end up in the
33rd degree, beyond which which the real secret elite degrees start.
But in standard english genatria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ PHI = 33 ].

Such as that when in the Book of Revelation encoded in Gematria,
it is encrypted in Rev 13:18 that you must "Count the Number of
a Name..." (666), it is also encoding "PHI": [ PHI = 33 = Name ]
This text is doubly-confirmed as gematria encoded:
[ "Count the Number of a Name" = 234 = 13x18 ]
Where: [ Id =13 ] and [ 18 = Head ]

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