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Hidden Computer Kabbalah

The language of computers starts with a CODE, assigning another
letter/symbol, to our Alphabet & Numbers, etc., so that their full
Code is a lot longer. This practice developed in WWII, as computers
arose out of the need to crack the japanese "Purple" & the german
"Enigma" secret codes. Thus in a house in Bletchley Park-England,
cracking CIPHER-CODES led to present day computers. As to
why Bletchley Park was a secret until declassified in the late '90's,
long decades after WWII, is a very good question. Perhaps it has
to do with the fact it was pretended computing was an "American"
creation, carefully diverting attention from the centuries-old british
traditional expertise in SECRET CIPHERS, as early as Sir John Dee
and his esoteric WatchTowers of "Enochian" Language, during the
reign of Queen Elizabeth I, to which he was the main advisor. Dee
was the architect of the Laws of the Colonies, still very much alive
as the current laws in America. Ian Fleming -author of the James
Bond series-, was the a high commander in intelligence services, an
expert in Secret Ciphers and cracking codes, & he used John Dee's
secret signature on his letters to Elizabeth I, as in "For Your Eyes
Only"; this was spectacles forming a "007", which Fleming stole for
his "Agent 007 James Bond" books.

It's quite obvious that by hiding for decades the real historical truth
about computing being developed in England -rather than the US-,
they were hiding its association with Secret Ciphers & Esotericism.
In other words, casting a veil on its relation to KABBALAH. Quite
laughably so, we were led to believe computers were a New Mexico
'business venture' of one William Gates III -(known as Bill Gates)-.
Never mind that NM is the home state of Los Alamos/Alamagordo.
By hiding the fact that computing began in 1940, and indeed the
"Purple" /"Enigma" codes were cracked early in 1941 even before
Pearl Harbor, the British were obscuring the awful truth about a
WWII unnecessary war (as Pat Buchanan few weeks ago declared)
because the Allies were predetermined to win with this knowledge
of the enemy codes, and the war could have been a lot shorter, had
they desired so. But a long war served the interests of the Crown,
whose real agenda was the complete infiltration of America, needed
as the US had grown from dependent colony to superpower nation
with a more independent will. The Crown also desperately needed
to establish control of the Middle-East, and the creation of Israel
as a country was crucial, thus a long war with exceedingly large jew
casualties, was optimal for such goal. And the longer the war went,
the more time the british had to create the american intelligence
services from scratch, which did not really exist prior to WWII.


Kabbalah Encryption has 3 main methods: Notarikon, Temurah and
Gematria. The "Atbash Cipher" is the most notoriously used jewish
cipher of Temurah, there are many such Cipher Tables. But as the
English Language was developed to contain many secret encryptions
out of the John Dee practices -as well as the esoteric group known as
the "Shakespeare Project", which also served to translate the King
James english Bible (notable members Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon,
etc.)-, ever since the British Empire ruled, the new ciphers were all
in plain english. Call it British magic Kabbalah, such as:

[ ATBASH = SABATH ] (rearrange letters)

So the secret Rabbi doctrine, of the Bible being a Kabbalah Code,
was 'transferred' to english coding, from the Elizabeth I reign on.
The above example illustrates that a seemingly literal doctrine of
keeping the 7th Sabbath Day -Saturday- as sacred & dedicated
to God, actually conceals an instruction to read the Torah using
Atbash Cipher. The "7th Day" may mean the "7th Cipher Table"
(the 1st to us, as jewish order of reading is left to right). Applying
same conding notions to the New Testament, the "Shakespeare
Project" group used Christ's declaration to Peter "You are Kephas
(stone) & upon this Kephas (stone) I will build my church", in a
different manner, to actually encode their project name, viewing
themselves as the 'true secret church' Jesus supposedly founded:

{ ShakeSpeare = "Shake Spear" + e }

The "Spear" to be "Shake"n, is the PINEAL GLAND at the center
of the Brain, also known as "The Third Eye" and it was believed it
can be used to Project Reality in a Psionic way, loading Language
with Neuro-Linguistic Templates, in the form of Secret Ciphers.
This cabal considered the re-building of the "Temple of Solomon"
to be a Kabbalistic feat. The cabal was a part of the "ORDER OF
SION", known as the "Priory of Sion" in the other french branch

of occultism. This is the real background behind the develoment
of computer informatics.

Of course they viewed "Kephas" -the Stone- as Britain:


This is the "ASCII" international code for computers mentioned
before, the backbone of the Information Age. Fringe researchers
however, have pinpointed that 2 luciferic terms are embedded:

{ " SATAN" } { "DRACO" }

Since the "Order of Sion" or "Priory of Sion" is a RosyCross elite
esoteric cabal dedicated to the preservation and empowerment of
the royal Bloodlines to rule the world, one must look at the Coat
of Arms of the original "Sachsen Coburg Gotha Battenburg" royal
bloodline currently known as Windsor (after 1917), coloured in Red
&Yellow in Sachsen-Germany, thus the Prince of Wales carries the
same Red & Yellow unto this day. Notice the name "Sachsen":

[ "SACH - sen" = "ASCH - sen" ] resembles "ASCII"
Even more so, using Kabbalah Notarikon (1st & last initials):
[ SCGB / NGAG ] notice "ASCB" can be read.
As "II" can be labeled "B"(2), or "2", or "Two", or "Dos"(spanish),
"ASCII" can be read "ASCB".
This would mean that the "ASCII" acronym, stands secretly as a
cipher for the "Sachsen" or "Sachsen Coburg Gotha Battenburg"
bloodline of England, formerly of Germany.

If we take a look at the alternative "ASCTWO" expression, we will
read "WTC" (World Trade Center) backwards in it. Thus in a single
"ASCTWO" acronym, the universal computer code, the "WTO" (or
"World Trade Organization"), and the "WTC" (World Trade Center)
are contained 3-in-1. We also read "WT" as "WatchTower", and the
famous "ACT" subliminal ("WatchTower" contains "Act & Owe").


Masonry's most excelled Albert Pike wrote that the real teaching is
given to the upper elite Degrees, while the lower levels of Masonry
are deliberately taught disinformation, so that they would not know
the real agenda. He went on to declare that the Compass & Square
is the Ying-Yang/Yoni-Lingam, the sexual Male-Female in oriental
esotericism, the Vulva-Penis constructed geometrically in the Vesica
Pisces, that leads to the Pentagram/Hexagram Metatron's Cube.

The "MS" of "MICRO-SOFT", is kabbalistically the "Moon-Sun" as
the Female-Male cosmic expression of the Vesica Pisces. Then by
Fractal Concordance, the "MS" is also "Maldek/Sirius B". This was
the original war out of which Maldek became destroyed and a larger
piece of it became our current Earth (between Sirius B & Maldek).
"MS" also means "Magic Square", a magical "WatchTower", which
is an occultic CrossWord of Letters/Numbers.

In previous posts we showed how tiny Patmos Island was chosen as
the supposed place where the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse was
written, because it encodes the computer technology, by anagram:

But also by Gematria (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26) it encodes:

Let's now link together the "ASCII" wth "MICRO-SOFT":

{ 119 = Maldek Nibiru = Terra Moon = Mary Magdalene }

( Mary = 57 = Sion = Rose = Moon = England = Eridu )
( Magdalene = 62 = Queen = Terra = Mason = Torah )
("Eridu" is the Sumerian Anunnaki term for "Earth", meaning
"Home Away from Home").

Why the hexagram "Star Of David"? Because it reads "D.O.S." in
initials backwards! When MicroSoft chose "WIN-DOS" to call its
operating system, was not to signify "Driver Operating System" as
publicly claimed, but... the "Star of David". The old Sachsen
Coburg Altenburg coat of arms dislayed a Star of David. It's worth
mentioning that St Gothardus heraldry is Yellow & Red. The colour
RED is used to denote the DRAGON, or its substitute the LION,
while some have noticed how [ Orion ~ Sion ~ Lion ].

Let's dig further into MicroSoft Windows/Win-Dos:

[ WIN = 46 = MALDEK = SOL ]
[ ASC TWO = 81 = Venus = Tower = Square = Ritual ]
[ .DOWS = 61 = ASC DOS = "Chi Rho" = Anglican = Church ]

"Chi Rho" the famous Sign of Constantine, as the previous Roman
Empire was transformed into the "Holy Roman Empire" as a new
era of Medieaval Christian Feudalism through Monarchies, in the
4th century AD. "CHI" & "RHO" english transliterations for the
first 2 letters of Christ; this sign was drawn as an "X" crossed by a
long pole "P". Some have speculated this a secret acronym for the
"[P] Planet -of the- [X] Cross-ing", NIBIRU that is. Others have
noticed how this also serves as a symbol for the takeover of the
Human PINEAL Gland, which is the organic crossing portal in/out
of the body. At any rate, what matters here is MicroSoft:

WINDOWS "XP" ("XP" is Emperor Constantine's "Chi Rho" sign)

[ MICRO = 58 = T.W.O. = STAR ] (Total Word Order)
[ SOFT = 60 = WORD = ORDER = WALES ]

After Windows XP, came the current Windows Vista:
VISTA = 71 = Orion = Babylon = Sheshak = Anunaki
71 = Royal = Temple = Opus = Catholic = A Vatican

"Sheskak" is "BABEL" using the Atbash Cipher. Opus is for "Opus
Dei" the modern day Knight Templar order of the Catholic Church,
the original Templar Constitution was called "Militia Dei", and they
only answered directly to the Pope, just like the Opus Dei 'priests'.

Let's now pay closer attention to the key "MOON SUN" gematria:

"MS" ~ Ma - Son ~ "Mason"
"MS" ~ Moon Sun = 111 = Londinium = New York = New Mexico

By Kabbalah NoParikon, the 1st & last initials:

[ V.E. = 27 = S.H. = 27 = CODE = 27 = RED ]
"WORLD TRADE CENTER" backwards reads [RED=27=Code]

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