Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day in Numbers

Since Emperor Constantine effected a simulated collapse of
the Roman Empire -which merely went into 1500 years of
MONARCHY-, in the 18th century following the Renaissance
era, this type of rule could no longer continue -just like the
previous Roman Empire could not-. So it "changed format"
once again; therefore the shell-game of "independent nations"
was brought forth, and while outwardly people were meant
to believe real freedom was in at last, the same Powers-
That-Be simply went from reigning overtly, to reigning
covertly. And by and large a lot of these nations went on
still being colonies, despite appearances.

Masonry was used as a vehicle for this shape-shifting of
public power formats; most Independences all over the
globe, were a work of masonic leading figures, as we all
know. The forefathers here in the US were no different, yet
they were smarter; they mostly played along, but had also
other ideas about what was set to transpire. Besides the Bill
of Rights and Amendments, they sort of effected a Covert-
Rule gone-wrong scheme, so that the Monarchies would
have the "maximum trouble" possible, ruling their covert
colony. This is the bottom-line and true under-history of
Independence in the US. And it is this same game of playing
along and then doing something different, that has been the
tradition amongst many key figures all along, most lately
JFK & brother, who although part of the agenda, had this
counter-agenda simultaneously, which prematurely landed
them 6 ft. under. The Clinton/Gore ticket in 1992 also to a
point continued that tradition, as they enacted but the same
globalists agenda, yet they did not comply with the continued
early destruction of the economy, and decided to effect an
albeit successful Economic Recovery (under the rules they
were playing, I mean). This in turn was punishable, and thus
Clinton Impeachment followed, and Gore in turn was robbed
of the presidency in 2000. At any rate, the new total control
agenda was delayed by 8 years as a result.
In Bavaria in 1776 the famous illuminati Society was founded,
and being the height of upper-elite masonic activity, this date
was setup for higher things so to speak. Thus the same date
was used as Independence Day at the founding of the new
greatest nation on Earth. The US nation's forefathers knew
this quite well -and played along-, as the inherent Numerology
and Gematria behind the date acted as talismanic power, and
this was a good thing anyway.

1776 = 111 + 666 + 999

If you ever hear someone saying that the number "666" is
"an evil number", please laugh. People who do such, do not
know what they are talking about, ok? Actually, No. 666
represents for ex. the "Hexameron" underlying construct
of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, as any decent theologian
knows. 666 is also the underlying construct of WATER, the
water crystal is a 666 geometric structure. Now how "evil"
is water...? There are no evil numbers, this is an imaginary
notion, every number has a Positive or Negative application.
Some numbers may have been used extensively in the past
in their negative-signature aspect, and so within our Genetic
Memory they might "resonate" more with that precedent.
This is what the Pythagorean School labeled "non-propitious"
in a number, how it has been energetically associated with
negative uses. At any rate, the number 666 hasn't: there is
no real precedent of it being used 'extensively' for nothing of
the sort. These "evil number" notions come from ignorant
people reading the Book of Revelation without knowing zilch
about Gematria or encoding (Rev 13:18 text clearly warns
it is only for those "who have wisdom" in this technique).

Of course other Triads yield "1776" (222+555+999=1776,
etc) as well. However [111+666+999] is the only one who
covers the full 1-to-9 spectrum of single digit numbers.
On the other hand the actual date "July 4" encrypted the
more specific monarchic covert agenda (a=1, b=2,..., z=26):

[ JULY 4 = 72 = Monarch ]

Adding the full expression:
{ "1776 July 4, Independence Day" = 1976 }
While adding the variant spelling:
{ "1776 July 4th, Independence Day" = 2004 }

So one assumes the nation's forefathers were aware of this
"1776 to 2004" period as a preset total control agenda, and
decided to writea Constitution that in great specificity goes
against and impedes this, via Bill of Rights & Amendments,
etc. They were the 1st Libertarians then.

And by extensions, both the JKF & brother, as well as the
Clinton/Gore counter moves, were done to set-back the clock
on the illuminati preset date period. Practically everyone now
knows that the date-clock is ticking towards the "Year 2012"
Apex. Therefore delaying the agenda, is but another way of
making it improbable to fully materialize, or at least making
it a troubled-deadline agenda.

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