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We are an OffShoot-Earth

Quantum Physics made Parallel Universes a reality to conceive
without being labeled 'insane'. The 90's seminal film "STARGATE"
starring Kurt Russell, contained the most clues regarding the fact
that what we call "Earth" could be one of many parallel Earths. The
ironic posture of the film -which most totally fail to grasp-, is that
it shows a planet accessed through an alien StarGate portal, that
is an OffShoot of Egypt, where humans there have been teleported
in the far past to be slaves, and an alien being occupied one of those
human bodies, passing as God Ra unto them. What irony...? That
Kurt Russel is sent with a team to investigate this OffShoot planet,
but the film ultimately WANTS YOU TO THINK OUR PRESENT

After all, even the Bible itself states that Man was created on what
theologians call "Original Earth", but God placed Man in "Paradise",
(where God proceeded to create a Woman for him), and then later
God evicted/exiled Man to another Earth (a "Fallen Earth"). This
is the official Judeo/Christian/Islamic monotheistic theology. What
is self-evident, is the notion of "Many Earths" of a parallel nature,
although in different States of Evolution. "Paradise" the highest -in
a 4D state-; "Original Earth" in between -in a state not defend-; and
"Fallen Earth" as the antechamber to "Hell" -in a DEVOLVED state-.
Even the very word "PARA-dise", mirrors the word "PARA-llel".
In italian-latin root, the word "paradise is "PARADISO":
[ Para - Diso = Para - Dios ]: Parallel God, that is. How many
"Earths" have we, is akin to how many "God"s have we.

Religious tradition is an amalgam of many sources from a Past that is
far more ancient and advanced than the official manipulation passing
off as "academic education" intends to perpetuate. Like scattered sets
of a lost maze or puzzle (or like the debris of a crashed vessel), what
was left off a catastrophic past is passed down through ages through
myths and what have you. The official manipulation of knowledge in
the shape of Academia/Power/Religions/Lodges, is there precisely
to impede the realization of what happened and happens to this very
day. The function of those institutions is to block your awareness, and
to provide Make-Believe slanted "interpretations" of the remnant
pieces of extant ancient & alien and Parallel-Earths pieces (be them
artifacts or knowledge), so that all facts are channeled through to
status-quo official 'Ways of Understanding' reality and Humankind.

Thus whatever extant fragments found their way into the Bible or
into museums/libraries/secret societies, they are made to conform
to spurious and shallow "interpretations" of them, within a context of
"This-Is-The-Only-Earth-That-Exists", and after just 1-run of this
little thing called Life, you either go to Hell or Paradise, period. And
any scientist not conforming to the official academic line is pushed-out
and discredited, grants taken away from him/them. And the tired game
of "lodges that carry the torch" kicks-in, but secret societies actually
run a much tighter noose grip, merely playing "Oh I know so much in
secret" tricks on the minds of their brethren. The real reason for the
secrecy of course, is TO AVOID FACT CHECKING...!?

So secret societies simply tell their 'initiates' whatever they do wish
to, without the brethren having the slightest of chances of actually
being able to verify an iota of the "secret wisdom's" spoon-fed to
them, to see if those have been filtered and slanted to fit the agenda
of their puppet-masters. So secrecy is a must, the moment anyone
wants to explore a little further down the rabbit-hole of official public
superstition; your choices are open public fairy tales, or secret bull
adorned with extensive distracting rituals.

What are they trying so hard to cover up, and therefore avoid you
from realizing? That you -like those teleported humans in the Off
Shoot planet of the movie "StarGate"-, were "placed" in the parallel
TimeLine of a Parallel Earth. Just like the ancient extant fragment
texts that made their way into Book of Genesis in the Bible, describe.
And that the official status-quo has "interpreted" falsely for you to get
an incorrect picture of the real scenario. This fact easily ascertained,
when you witness the obsessive clampdown they tried to effect at the
end of the Middle Ages, when Copernicus and Giordano Bruno realized
that we are not the astronomical center of the universe. It was not so
much that all this 'went against theology', so much as this EXPOSED
THE UNDERLYING "nature" of our Earthly reality here, being one of
many OffShoot "Earths". Copernicus/Bruno et-al, never implied such,
but it is inherent to the development of their line of science, that some
at a certain point would get to this realization, like certainly indeed we
did. Bottom-line: imposing a "We-Are-The-Center-Of-The-Universe"
scam, would make it impossible to ever achieve this realization.

Carl Munck developed a prevailing notion of many researchers, that
this current "Earth" had a precise system of Coordinates, of which
our present Latitude/Longitude is a but minor version of. System
grid-centered at the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt, where the
center of mass of the Earth lies. Massive stone monuments where
actually "reception" decompression centers for incoming/outgoing
StarGate portal travellers; These stone structures served as places
of "DNA ATTUNEMENT", so that travellers would better adjust to
incoming/outgoing conditions. They acted as "TONE" inducers, so
that Dna was properly tuned to the new environs; that is why the
very word "Stone" contains the word "Tone". And also this is why
the religious slant has recorded this as the "Day of Atonement". One
must not view ancient more advanced science, as purely "physical",
like our present technology; at the contrary, "Attunement" indeed
meant "Atonement" as well. Higher science is PSYCHIC SCIENCE.
To properly "steer" your way through Portals, it suits to have Psychic
abilities, starting with a developed ability to "center" the Self. People
not fully developed in their Dna/Psychic template, risk damage.
Present aviation or deep-sea diving have the risk of accidents & such,
just like StarGate steering has its own genetic damage risks. Usin
English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) we find that:
[ TONE = 54 = SUN ] Sol means Sun, so the 'Temple of Solomon' is
just code for this TECHNOLOGY of "Sun Tone" Template Portals.
Tuning or attuning was harnessing SUN frequencies into the Dna.
Whomever locked-in his Dna this SUN frequency templates, was
fit for wormhole-portal transversing between parallel "Earths".

Nearby in Baalbek and what presently we call Iran/Irak, there were
other Portals, which the powers-that-be nowadays are fighting wars
to get hold on to. And so there were Portals all around the globe, in
highly precise coordinate locations, as Carl Munck discovered. Some
of them were StarGate, some were PlanetGate, some were MoonGate,
some were RegionGate. From Peru to Mexico to China to wherever
these Portals were, you have stone structures serving as receptions
centers or preparatory exit centers. Much later concocted egyptian
"religion", transformed all this into rituals of death and funerary
practices, sort of like in the film "The Planet of the Apes" they used
remants of New York City signs as parts of their 'theology'. This is
a well-known phenomenon, called "Cargo-Cult"; in WWII some Allied
troops were sent to a remote island, and periodically provisions were
thrown to them from airplanes. The local natives developed a religion
involving these cargo packages as sent by the Gods. While definitely
a conspiracy on the part of the Control-System exists to obscure and
slant all findings of our real position in the scheme of parallel realities,
by itself the native superstitious mindset will erect "Cargo-Cults" all
the same. All extant traditions are actually a mixture of both.

Charles Ponce's book "Kabbalah, and Introduction and Illumination
for the World Today" (1973), on the 2nd. page of the Introduction
states the crucial teaching;
"The Kabbalah... differs from rabbinical Judaism, in proposing that:
1.- The creator God of the Bible is a limited God & is subordinate to
a yet higher, limitless & unknowable God, the EnSof.
2.- The universe is not a result of creation 'ex nihilo', but the result
of a complex operation performed by the emanated attributes of
the EnSof, the Sephiroth.
3.- The Sephiroth are a bridge connecting the finite universe with the
infinite God."
In essence and beyond the 'spiritual' lingo, what is revealed by the
Kabbalah knowledge, is that THERE ARE GODS WITHIN GODS.

It is like a Russian-Doll routine; the all-too-obvious reason for this, is
not along theological lines, but a matter-of-fact-ly reality. There are
many parallel universes, many parallel TimeLines and "Earths". So
there are many 'creators' for them, each one being unto a "God" to
that parallel reality or "Earth". When the Kabbalah teaches that the
"EnSof" manifests into a "reality" through the "Sephiroth", it's really
recognizing the fact that one reality comes from another, period.

The idea to RE-CONSTRUCT THE TEMPLATE out of which one
Parallel-Earth was extracted/duplicated as a simile OffShoot from
a previous Original-Earth, is what is symbolically called "Rebuilding
the Temple of Solomon". In fact, this is the TOWER OF BABEL old
tale, to build a computer program (bricks w/names, coded bytes)
of "One Language" that can connect the different TimeLine Earths,
even up to the originating source (called "the Heavens"). When the
Tower of Babel tale says that 'god' performed a Division of Language
upon Men to trojanize this program and render it useless, we should
understand it as a symbol for "Fast-Devolution", of a unifying Fractal
Template of the Mind & Dna fracturing/decaying catastrophically.

What has been washed down through eons as Kabbalah or Sanskrit
or whatever Language-Incursion into rebuilding the Template, is
but the attempt to either enable that again, or clever disinformation
on the part of the Control-System from one reality unto another, to
prevent this reconfiguration and Fast-ReEvolution from happening.
It is interesting to observe how in past cultures such as the Central
Americans, the ever present drawings of WORMHOLE PORTALS
always depicted as exceedingly long and intricate Serpents, clearly
indicate beyond a doubt, that this is how their "gods"came into their
reality. And the serpent depictions both serve to illustrate about the
incoming/outgoing mode, as well as the nature of the visitor gods.

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