Friday, July 4, 2008

THE BIG-SPLIT, into the 4D/5D

Humanity has entered the 4D Realm at least twice before (in
Atlantis and Lemuria for ex.), and then the situation reversed,
as now the 4D Realm-ers can come in certain ways into our 3D
Realm, but viceversa we cannot enter their 4D Realm. This is
what is so clearly described symbolically in the Eden story of
Cherubim "guarding the entrance to Paradise". Devolution in
its clearest sense, means an 'Earth-Bound' downward spiral of
Consciousness and Incarnation, where "reality" is perceived as
an inverted Outside-In instead of the true Inside-Out projection.
Once this devolved mode-of-consciousness sets in, we become
nothing more than a food source for 4D vampiric entities, who by
and large control/manage/stage our 3D "reality to suit their
specific kundalini Harvesting needs. The devolved reversal of
Consciousness brings down the original SHIELD of the Self, and
exposes the Incarnated "I" to intrusion, abduction, possession,
tampering, deactivation, and general predatory practices. No
sir, you are not on top of the food chain, and you are delusional
if you think such. Humans are energy food, and those avoiding
this awareness, fully deserve their predicament.

However, there are those who are aware of it, and do try to re-
evolve and change their predicament. The former are poised for
futile wars of power and dominion in a 3D Realm that is for all
practical purposes just becoming closer and closer to what one
is used to label as "Hell", but these new breeds of Explorers are
part of the Avatar advancing circles, as Consciousness once again
Breaks-The-Shell and is on the verge of entering the 4D once
more. But this Realm by now is also riddled with negative vampiric
devolving beings, particularly what is called the "Lower 4D"-, so
the real serious push, is to land in the 5D Realm. The current
cosmic shift, actually permits this, as Dimensions/Densities are
re-aligning from top to bottom, and there is a general Upwards
Surge, where Harmonics are elevated in each D-Realm, allowing
the Explorers to even possibly bypass the 4D Realm, and access
the 5D directly. Needless to say, people still trapped in the BiPolar
notions of predator/victim, rich/poor, white/black, male/female,
etc., haven't even begun the preparatory exercises for an existence
in 5D where Polarity does not exist in this degree (or at all, maybe).

Therefore while most in 3D Earth will be fighting for the fewer
& fewer available resources amidst catastrophic Earth-Changes
and a Humanity more & more composed of the "Left-Behinds"
-the best simile of this, life in prison-, a much smaller portion of
the human pool is decidedly splitting-up from them, experiencing
"Fast-Evolution" and gradually 'phasing' away from the lowering
zombie frequency of those. This much smaller group, is little by
little manifesting themselves at a frequency level BEYOND the
reach of 4D vampires, and devolving humans turning ghoulish.

You can easily spot these advancing explorers, by a striking Absence
of Ego and Self-Centeredness, a definite orientation to serve the
"One Is All" and not just the ilusory "I", a phenomenal psychic
and intellectual capacity in a more integral sense, definite wisdom,
a life path basically construed by Synchronicity, lack of pretension
and posing, a dislike of the limelight, a stunning LACK OF FEAR,
etc. You know the type, those who are pushed aside, boycotted,
harassed and ridiculed, gossipped against, black-listed, starved,
rejected by the mainstream, conspired against, ignored, bypassed,
unheeded, suspected of, done away with, those who everybody in
a systematic and deliberate manner like to play "indifferent to,"
those who in seemingly every job or activity are constantly being
"substituted" by people of much less capacity and level. One could
go on forever describing this type of individual, but... we all know
exactly who this type of individual is. It's the SOCRATES syndrome,
how the best philosopher is made to drink the Poison Cup, so that
the Left-Behinds in consciousness terms, are made to "feel better"
about themselves once he's removed from sight...!? The present
Reality-Matrix, ever since Socrates on (just to pinpoint one of the
latest cliche moments of devolution), is but a depository of the
worst type of individuals, bent on REMOVING the best & brightest
from amongst them in the Matrix. Voltaire best summarized this
when he stated that this earthly humanity is a cosmic serving-time
prison for faults committed in higher realms, and that the only
meaningful difference between one human and another (irrelevant
of their cosmic "origin"), is whether he's on a Downward Spiral
-devolving- or an Upward Spiral -evolving again-. Those who are
terribly busy devolving, too obsessed with being their Ego-selves,
or who merely are here on Earth seeking "sensations", do not
share an iota with those who carry a different tune; physically
one might resemble the other, but both like beings from a totally
different cosmos and species, on the INSIDE -in Consciousness
terms-. And this Split is widening dramatically as we speak, the
Uppers and the Downers of this Consciousness shift, are evident
for anyone with a brain cell alive, to see.

There is a Humanity evolving into something higher and better,
reaching out even beyond the 4D realm into the 5D, and another
"Hell-Bent Humanity" devolving by-the-minute, becoming Zombie,
irrational and obsessive-compulsive, slave to addictions, trapped
in their Incarnate physicality and genetic Dna Structure, being
grossly vampirized and possessed and mind-controlled to the hilt,
who really serve no purpose other than to fill the Matrix. Thus
this majority is gradually being "virtualized", and their future is
to become a blend of Machine/Human, a walking computer with
pre-loaded limit programs. This SPLIT BETWEEN ASCENDING
HUMAN AND DEVOLVING ROBOT, constitutes the conundrum
of these times we live in.

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