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-Part I- Immigration/Balkanization "101"; the hidden cosmic background-context & agenda

I am of the opinion the so-called illuminati are but human gofers on
planet Earth, for other entities -both in the 3D material universes,
as well as higher dimensional/density universes-. However I don't
see too much in the alien way of things, as I see more a presence of
extant inter-planetary civilizations, of a far past history related to
this planet, that is tightly concealed from public knowledge. This
view involves a very crucial role of the "Atlantean Priesthood" in
human affairs -Atlantis here meaning a global civilization (not just
a mythical "island") of quite advanced status, interacting with the
entire Solar System at large, and/or parallel Solar Systems, whose
"sun" might have been other than the current Sol/Sun-.

These illuminati know far more than "official" Humanity, and have
a keen awareness of the Cosmic Cycles -and Solar Cycles-; these
types then possess a comparative-advantage over all the rest on
Earth, by reason of this knowledge of things to come. Amongst the
illuminati are the so-called "Zionists", this expression to denote the
chapter of the Sion that deals more with the so-called "Jewish", yet
by no means a Zionist is a synonym of Jewish, but rather those only
use the COVER of these, to remain in the shadows with a crafted
semi-public face that is quite convenient for them to operate. In
other words the Jewish people are as much victims of the Zionists
as anyone else for that matter. For ex it's common knowledge the
Rotchschilds as the ultimate Zionists, were not Jewish and merely
adopted a new name and "jewish" identity long time ago (the name
"Roths-Child" means both Son-of-the-Devil, as well as being a most
clear reference to the "Sign of Constantine" -the "CHI-RHO" sign,
which means the Cross-ing, at the center of the illuminati agenda
for this cosmic transitional era).

Which takes us directly to the subject at hand, since ostensibly so
the current 1st lady carries an identical code, also under the image
of a son -"Robin Son"-:

This reinforced by both she & husband coming from CHI-cago.

In this case the code is enlarged to include the wandering ET planet
or solar system known as Nibiru/Nibiro, which is supposed to be
a giant "Watcher" cyclic substation of Orion over the Solar System:


As so many have noticed Obama is a pun of Osama, yet the iconic
figure's entire name less letters "AD" are also contained:
[ Michelle LaVaughn Robinson ~~~ Osama Bin Laden ]

What this all means, is that the lady carries an illuminati agenda
code, signaling great steps-forward in their plans for the USA; in
this sense I have pointed out before how that she symbolizes the
"hidden lady" (ORION QUEENS) behind religions, in Christianity
represented by the "Black Madonnas" as "Mary Magdalene", as
Isis/Ishtar. Whenever this Black-Queen appears on the scene, it
means the announcement of the near "Birth/Death/Resurrection"
ritual that is the central core of all religions. This urbi-et-orbi type
of announcement has been signaled since the 19th century, when
the dogma of the "Virgin Mary" (Immaculate Conception) thus
was instituted; then the "Marian Apparitions" started to show up
as a clear announcement-reinforcement, most of them close to the
Renees Le Chateau occultic area of France, indicating rather that
the hidden-figure is "Mary Magdalene", as she is supposed to have
landed there (an obvious hoax spanning many centuries, to create
the myth of the European Royalty as possessing the Blood of Jesus).
In the 80's we get the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" book/doc.s in order
to continue the announcement, with a paid-for Dan Brown ("Brown
Dna" ~~~ mixed/black race pun) later copying their claims in his
"The DaVinci Code" book -he was sued for the plagiarism, and lost
the case-. But also since the 80's none other than Pope John Paul
II had been signaling the same code ostensibly in his oh-so public
prayers to the Virgin of Czestochowa (a Black-Madonna), so clearly
staged to this end of presenting the code/announcement.

In John Paul II we find the "2/II CODE", the only other public icon
figure to carry such being... Barack Obama II...! This "II" is also the
"11", the Twin Towers, the 2 Pillars of Masonry, which ultimately
signify the 2-Helix DNA of humans in the current devolved state
(the original Dna consisting of 12-Strands, this the symbol of the
incorrectly called "Star of David" -was never a jewish sign until the
nazi era-). Therefore what is being conveyed, is that the current
DNA Hybridization is about to be "redone" again in a new program
of Hybridization, after the debacle of the ongoing Cosmic Cycle End
is finished. This is what the "Birth/Death/Resurrection" means at
another deeper level, within the human being himself; the outward
Earth/Sun Changes events, mirrored by the inward genetic DNA
"new creation" of man/woman. Since the FEMALE carries the
mythochondrial DNA of changes, the icon of "Black Madonna" has
the effect of presenting the new cosmic agenda to the Collective
Unconscious of the present human race; this is why the illuminati
entertainer Madonna carried that name, with her constant puns
a-la "Like a Virgin" and ostensible use of Crosses et al. This is why
also now "Lady Gaga" is a pun of "Our Lady" (the Virgin or Mary
Magdalen), identical references applicable. The term "Magdalen"
means both "Tower" -magdala- (the Dna helixes as spiral towers)
as well directly refers to the AMYGDALA at the base of the Brain;
the implication, that the "new hybrid human" will have a different
Amygdala (and Pineal/Pituitary), thus the expression "illuminati"
means the "Illumination of the Amygdala/Pineal/Pituitary" at
the center of the Brain, in the "Cave of Brahman" (thus Plato's
Metaphor of the Shadows in a Cave clearly implied this secret).

The bottom-line issue here, that the ORION QUEENS (reptilian)
have been hijacking the "Human Ascension Process" for a truly
exceedingly long time -(even up to millions of years)-, and this is
what was behind the Hybridization programmes agreed on the
Lemurian era and later the Atlantean era, that ultimately led to
the current devolved era (i.e. "The Fall"). At the present fork-in-
the-road moment of human history, rogue groups of mainly thugs
have been vying for "Supremacy & Control" of all others, and it
would be a most tragic mistake to naively believe that this is only
a trait of the White-Race; truth is, MOST races and groups have in
fact pursued exactly the same. Worse, the current agenda by the
illuminati -assigned to this end on the hands of the Zionists-, is
precisely the opposite, TO GRADUALLY "PHASE-OUT" THE
WHITE RACE, starting with a massive "mixing" of it. Why? it is
due to the white race's RECOVERING OF ITS LONG GENETIC
the ongoing "Awakening Process" before the "Great Ascension"
takes place, where humans free ourselves from the bondage to
the Orion Queens grip -the negative reptilians, otherwise known
as the Etheric Vampires that keep 3D Earth as basically a giant
organic Kundalini Harvesting factory (extraction through the
Chakras, the highest grade extraction taking place through the
Amygdala/Pineal/Pituitary organic portals)-.

Of course all races have been awakening, but ostensibly the White
Race is the one doing this more rapidly (many times faster than
all the rest in general), coupled with having been the power force
in the planet, possessing more knowledge/education/culture; in this
No. 1 OF THE ILLUMINATI contrary to the prevailing perception,
as the universal cliche goes. The widespread ignorance of this key
fact, is what constitutes the greatest danger to Humanity at the
current juncture; we see this for ex emblematically in the higher
level of Arts, and particularly in the myriad of Alternative Websites
that are at the forefront of the Awakening Process, most of them
by white people & mainly in the USA; 80% of all internet occurs in
English, and also about 80% of all Alternative Info websites based
in the USA. This was a highly-predictable reversal to the illuminati
dominion, who have been preparing to this for centuries now. This
is the main reason for the so-called "New World Order", in its base
level an agenda to "ABORT & DETOUR" this massive Awakening
carried forth essentially by the best amongst the White Race -with
the help of many in all races, yet majoritarily by whites-. We see
for ex this agenda spelled out by one illuminati-zionist Emmanuel
Rabinovich, already in 1952 (notice how the cover "jewish" hides
the hidden illuminati new-race hybridization at hand, as a better
suited for reptilian-genes human result):

"The goal for which we have striven so concertedly is at last within
our reach and because its fulfillment is so apparent it behoves us to
increase our efforts & our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you
that our race will take its rightful place in the world with every jew
as a king and every gentile as a slave. I can state with assurance
that the last generation of white children is now being born. In the
interest of our program and peace we are wiping out inner racial
relations and creating tensions; we will forbid whites to mate with
whites; white women must only cohabit with black men and other
dark races and white men with black women, thus the white race
will disappear for this mixing truly means the end of the white
man who is our most dangerous enemy who will become only a
memory. We shall embark upon an era of 10,000 years of peace
and plenty and our race will rule undisputed upon over the world.
Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery
over a world made up of dark-skin people".

You have to be really ignorant to ignore this agenda effected from
the top-down by the illuminati for at least 60 years now, while you
have to be retarded not to realize that every time they use Israel
and employ the term "Jewish", they actually mean something else
entirely, this merely a convenient cover for the reptilian race. All
those who so "convinced of their position" fight the White and the
Jewish, should grow up and realize the situation is more complex
than they can fathom; you are not fighting morons, but cunning
and highly deceptive cosmic fodder. To these, any race amongst
the human, are nothing but puppets, and they couldn't care less
who comes on top or goes down, literally so; the moment a race
of their favoritism refuses to play along and becomes a danger to
them, they simply bring it down or exterminate them gradually,
as the preceding quotation clearly states. This is exactly what has
been happening to the White Race by and large, while this hasn't
yet happened with the Jewish, therefore they have been putting
down the White Race for 60 years, but are still using the Jewish,
until they also refuse to play along and thus will meet same fate.
This is precisely why they speak in terms of the "Jewish Race"
as a cover for the hidden cosmic race; they've prepared other
"default races" as alternatives, in case one plan or another goes
awry; this is why the MUSLIM arabs are being pumped up, in
the end they are another 'alternative-to-the-whites', just as the
blacks and most lately the mexicans and latinos are pumped up
in identical fashion, concertedly so. All these "racial battles" are
nothing more than staged contrivances, whereby the hidden
masters (the cosmic negative-reptilians) seek to always come
on top at the end of all human conflicts, no matter who "wins".

Whenever one particular people or race begins to acquire too much
knowledge & wisdom, they change course and "punish" these. They
did it in previous not-aknowledged more advanced civilizations, they
did it to the Greeks, & they do it now to most of the White people; in
fact, since mid 20th century they have been indeed "tracking" white
individuals all over the globe, who exhibit an unusually high psychic
or intellectual/creative ability (that of course belong to the cosmic
star-seed of the opposing positive ascension process). This has been
a covert agenda embedded in the global "educational" system that
has been thus implemented everywhere, in part with this objective
in mind. They Screen/Filter-Out these from any high-level/public
platform whichever it may be (business/politics/entertainment or
what have you); this in part the reason for psychological tests in
the job market, they only pick those with border-line psychotic
traits, discarding all those with a high-power positive psyche, who
are then profiled in secret lists of people not to advance or to plainly

boycott. It matters very little whether the operating machinery is
communist or fascist oriented, these are but mere chapters for the
same underlying covert processes.

What is more stunning is not the fact that these agendas exist as
such but that they are totally out of the view & perception of the
common-folk; because it is only the super-bright who get to see
these hidden-movements all around them, be it in science, the
arts, or any field that has a veritable effect on humanity; to keep
the few bright ones who refuse to be victimized, they created all
the secret societies that these have to become members of, in
order to survive and live a normal life without being subject to
permanent interdiction. Once in the secret societies, they must
do as told, or else; once they comply, then they are given ample
opportunities, and practically guaranteed success.

It is simply amazing how meticulously they've spelled out their
agenda to gradually phase-out the awakening Whites, like for ex
in the following quote from the book "A Racial Program for the
20th Century" by one Israel Cohen:

"We must realize that our most powerful weapon is racial tension.
By pounding into the mind and consciousness of the negro race that
for many centruries whites have oppressed them, we can mould
them to our program. The terms Colonialism & Imperialism must
be included in our propaganda. In America we will aim for subtle
victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will
endeavour to instill in whites a guilty-complex for enslaving
Negros. We will raise the Negro to prominence in the world of
sports, entertainment and professions; with the high prestige we
will create for them, Negros will be able to intermarry with whites
and thus begin a process that will deliver America to our cause".

Naturally Slavery & black-oppression have existed; Slavery was at
that time in the world a universal practice, not "just" a White thing.
Actually it continues to exist, only in other countries and regions of
the world, as a large number of the products we regularly buy, are
yes the result of slave-labour, only we look the other way, and just
pretend it is not so...! What I mean is dead obvious; the entire Earth
and human history, is one of conquest/abuse/exploitation. To make
it look like it is "only" the whites doing this historically, is a result
of the agenda detailed in the above quotations
. Of course intelligent
black people in America have learned all this, and are quite in the
know regarding the blatant utilization of the "black cause" to the
benefit of the illuminati; they know fully well that Black Slavery
involved not just whites as recipients, but was managed by the
Venice nobility, using the worldwide jewish networks, and most
importantly that the ships that went to Africa negotiated with
the black African dynasties, who collected the slaves & delivered
them at the ports whenever possible. ALL learned & intelligent
black people know this (& it's rather easy to find YouTube posts
by some of them, detailing all this and more
), only most amongst
them choose not to show this knowledge in public, in order to help
with the betterment of the black people, because the revelations
would harm the current "affirmative" agenda here. There are no
"guilty & innocent" here on this planet, it's all one big gray area
of wars/abuse/exploitation, by all, all the same. Only that some
like the whites, have faired better than the others, that's all.

In Europe they managed finally to win over the Muslim arabs,
after centuries of dreadful wars & invasions (rape & pillage &
torture) in the Middle Ages, therefore Europe became white,
otherwise it would have ended-up arabic and black-moorish,
and these would have colonized the entire planet just like the
white europeans did, yet perhaps in a much more bloody and
imposing way than these did (I have little doubt of this). For
ex we find that the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition were a
direct result of the application of the previous arab practices
during their conquest there; or we find that the emblematic
case of Vlad Tepes Dracula in Transylvania (today's Romania)
also was a direct result of his years of imprisonment as a child
when he was systematically tortured by the turk muslims, and
their refined methods of slow torture were thus applied by Vlad
to his enemies, once he became free and established as a Prince.

It is particularly preposterous then, to naively believe that it is
"only" the White Race that has abused others; or that it is the
worst offender of them all. The Japanese to this day continue
to deny the subhuman grotesque horrors of the months-long
Nanking Massacre. There is a certifiable trait by which a people
will consistently take credit for all the good it has to show, while
"outsourcing" all the evils it has done to others; we find this for
ex as a general rule regarding the Latin-American dictatorship
era of abuses, they all blame it emphatically on the USA, while
evidencing very little self-aknowledgement. After all, whatever
the manipulating anti-communist input of the USA was, all the
abuses were actually performed by the Latin-American pretty
much all by themselves; yet by stark contrast, as soon as a good
history is to be found, it "must" be instantly attributed to them
in themselves only (when almost all the times it is also in part
an agenda of USA intervention). This is the weak psychological
construct upon which the described agenda to gradually "phase-
out" the White man takes hold, these are the type of buttons
that are pushed, this the prevailing spin.

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