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The Fractal NeuroLinguistic Matrix -part 2-

I am convinced that Egypt at large is a place of Ritual Memory of the
former (perhaps many) EXODUS from Mars to Earth, and that this
is why in the "Bible" the Exodus is symbolized as occurring there, to
hide-in-plain-sight this theme. While a repeated exchange between
Mars/Earth (to/from) may have been occurring ever since in minor
scale, the event(s) ritualized is a "MASS EXODUS", which might also
be the pun of the ritual of Mass in church, the churches marked by
a Cross (Crossing), the Cross often placed on top behind the altar, as
a reminder of "Jesus" blood (red) sacrifice on the "Cross". A blood
spilled sacrifice at the "Cross", that presently is fractalized en-masse
by the ongoing Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico ("M" is Mars, & "X" is
the Cross/Crossing, "Co" a hint at the same), where the sea turns
blood-red, as in Egypt.

It's not hard at all to realize this is the bottom-line as the very name
Egypt in Arabic is "MIS'R", in Egyptian Arabic it is "MAS'R", while
the name for its capital Cairo is presently called "MAS'R", meaning
MARS. The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt borders the Red Sea, where we
must believe "Moses & Aaron" made the famous "Red Sea Crossing".
Besides Mars being obviously the Red Planet, the word Sea is MARE
in latin, thus the pun is evidently "RED MARS".

We already know that Egypt is a highly fractalized name, because in
in English Standard Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
(the british "CommonWealth" Nations, incl. Australia, Canada, etc).
However no one seems to realize the direct connection between the
Gulf of Mexico & Egypt, where the current Oil Spill IS the original
myth of the Nile River turning blood-red, proved here -"Mejico" is
the spanish rendering of Mexico, and "Gizeh" is Giza/Gizeh plateau
where the 3 Pyramids (as Orion ~ "Horizon" ~ Deep Water Horizon
oil rig) lay in Egypt:

[ CAIRO = 46 = GULF ]
[ MEJICO = 55 = GIZEH = "DRILL" ]
[ SATAN = 55 = HORN ]

In the map of the Sinai Peninsula, you see the Red Sea makes the
WEST HORN ("see" ~ "sea", Holy See); thus America is the HORN
in question (as the New World), of the 2 Horns, while the other East
Horn represents Europe/Middle East (as the Old World). Such that
both Horns are what the hand-sign for horns means ultimately, the
Red Sacrifice at the Crossing between the Old World of Mars & the
New World of Earth; this is why "SINAI" contains "SIN", to mean
the "Mass Blood-Red Sacrifice at the Crossing" we must believe is
just and holy, due to our "sins" -Manufacturing Consent-. In
the map, when "Moses & Aaaron" travel Eastward, this represents
A RETURN TO MARS -the true Old World-. But there in the map
you also see the many puns to "Sin", as in the Wilderness (the Earth
and humans representing this beast/wilderness), as in Zin, as in the
Path of the Philistines, etc.

This "Horns" fractal was repeated in the famous "Battle of Little
Big Horn" where Gral. George Armstrong Custer lost iconically to
the indians; a "little horn" figures in the prophecies of Daniel, while
"George" pinpoints to the Bush era, as "Armstrong" points to the
Apollo 11 mission (Neil Armstrong, see ahead). "Custer" is the key
fractal here, as the "Land of Cush" related to one of the 4 Rivers of
the mythical Paradise is found -which most adscribe to the Saudi
Arabia huge Peninsula west of the much smaller northern Sinai
Peninsula (this last one as an inverted PINEAL GLAND fractal...!).

This is presently ritualized in the ongoing Oil-Spill, as America's bad
addiction to oil, its consumerism & out of control spending, et al, in
such a way that the imminent new "Exodus to Mars" is presented as
a direct consequence of "our sins" -Manufacturing Consent-. It
is in summary "God"s punishment in the form of a Mass Sacrifice of
humans at the Crossing, re-enacted ritually once again. We see this
contorted evil logic, as "justification" of the Mass Sacrifice, which is
in essence a strong punishment every time "humans fall away from
God", and start to become too independent. But of course at another
level (the real one) we see that what this all means, is that whenever
humans FIGURE OUT THE CON, and realize what is truly happening
in the planet, where we come from, how we are grossly manipulated
and exploited (as nothing more than Kundalini energy prey), that an
instantaneous "punishment" is effected, to bring it all back to Square
One to start from scratch all over again, and "return to God"; all this
of course means that "god" in this manipulative sense, isn't and has
never been the real God, but a false luciferic ET style substitute(s),
enacting merely an agenda of Total Control & Harvesting of humans.

Thus when Oprah and others called Obama "The One", in secret
this subliminally means Back-To-Square-One; which square may
you ask...? The "evil white man" figured out the full con, and since
then the illuminati has been deliberately dedicated to bring down
the white man in a myriad of ways, ritualizing this "punishment".
In the last map, you see how the entire Saudi Arabia peninsula is
THE SQUARE OF MASONRY -i.e. "Square One", "The Origin",
"the Alpha & Omega", the "from/to" of the Exodus, in the sense it
implies MARS-. The supposed "Chosen People" in Israel, placed
at the western shore to the "Mediterranean" (Mid-Terra, or Mid-
Earth), clearly symbolizing coming from Mars & landing on Earth.

Naturally all the while the White-Man was playing along the con,
he was promoted as the ultimate superior being, but now as soon
as the same White-Man is all of a sudden responsible for exposing
what is and has been forever happening of this planet, he instantly
is morphed into the "evil white devil", and all his strongholds are
being dismantled gradually, the elite shifting to China or the Saudi
kingdom, or Israel, or what have you, whatever "but" this White-
Man who committed the "mortal crime" of figuring it all out. We in
all logic, begin to suspect that whatever "original sin" is promoted
as such, may actually have been a similar figuring out & awakening
process... all in all just one big Spin of the facts.

As America (the US) was the ultimate knowledge producer, and is
verifiably where the majority of the Information Age alternative
crucial info has been coming from (for ex during the last 2 decades
there has been a consistent ascent of the rankings of american US
universities, with a concomitant decline in the ranking of european
universites -to illustrate the point even in the formal knowledge
arena-). 80% of the Internet information happens in English, while
most of the alternative info Internet boom is produced in the US, all
this in stark contrast to the general impression of a "decadent US",
and a vivid hatred of the country. The ostensible contrast between
both, may be best-explained as the reason "why" the US has been
increasingly pushed to play the World-Bully, particularly since G.W.
Bush was installed to this end deliberately (his verbal dyslexia, etc,
all STAGED in purpose to debase the US image). When only half
a century or so ago, the US was the Saviour of Europe & the world
against nazism, then funding Europe's reconstruction & recovery,
etc. It becomes extremely obvious when you grasp the "playing
along" REWARD, vs. the "dismantling as punishment" agendas,
how all this is ET/illuminati manipulation of the world game, as to
whether the population has an awareness of them, or not. Evidently
via TV & media with Hollywood as a main player of the agenda, the
US mentality has been attacked to seek & copy the lowest common
denominator, criminals and deviant types promoted, retarded and
subcultural icons established by the "Entertainment" industry, and
corrupt politicos and outrageously greedy corporate types made to
be "kings of the land", all a prelude to the "chastisement", to make
it "justifiable" because of "divine" reasons & prophecies.

All the while the bottom-line agenda's true face is as the links show,
a "USA" to dismantle; it's in reality what I have described, those who
are predominantly white, have decoded the con, expose it, and are
at the forefront of the awakening process in humanity. Everything
else, has been staged to this end, to justify the clamp-down, which
is but the only thing that really matters on planet Earth by & large,
that this far reaching "Awareness & Awakening" must be impeded
and aborted at all costs by the inter-planetary controllers-, even if
it means bringing down countries as big as the USA (they brought
down Atlantis in the far past, they invaded and destroyed Greece,
they created a Hitler to tear down Germany, etc, what's new...?).

If it is impeded in the US as the main center of such, then by domino
effect it does so everywhere else, that is the rationale. As some for
more than a decade now have called it: "Use AmeriKa to bring down
America" (for ex David Icke), & this precisely what also the Great
Depression and the Gulf Oil Spill are all about, as well; and there
are reasons to suspect other major calamities have been planned,
like the Yellow Stone eruption. In order for this to become palatable
as "natural phenomenon" or the like, the public is kept distracted
with a totally phony opposition between "democrats & republicans",
or its main simile all over the globe, a phony "left vs right" con, just
a false "Pepsi or Coke" illusory "option". It never dawns on people
cajoled into these "opposames" media staged contrivances, that
there are much bigger powers at hand, of inter-planetary scale
at the very least.

Therefore everything is a ritual-pun of something else much bigger;
for ex the forced down the throat massive illegal immigration is to
"MANUFACTURE CONSENT" for inter-planetary migrations/

Ultimately it all falls back to Square One in Egypt, there where we
find all the codes & puns; many have pondered what is the symbol
of the famous masonic expression "A 1000 Points of Light", as for
ex told by Bush Jr. in relation to the New World Order (1st referred
by him on TV as such on Sept 11-1991) on his 1989 very inaugural
address...! We must at some moment realize that CAIRO is labeled
"The City of a 1000 Minarets", thus this refers to MARS ! The New
World Order here implies a Mars origin, & to many a Mars destiny
once again, the from/to EXODUS the central agenda of it all. There
must be a place in Mars (or even in NIBIRU) where there are 1000
Towers of Light defining a specific City. Easy to see that "1000" is
"M" (Mars) in roman numerals, while {"Point"=74=Lucifer }, as his
name means "Light Bearer", thus "1000 Points of Light":

[ MINARET = 81 = TOWER ]

The word comes from turkish MINARE and arabic MINARA, from
where Zecharia Sitchin must have perhaps thought of ancient ET
overlords coming to Earth to MINE (Mine is Mina in spanish); but
we also find the name "AMARNA" contained in it ('cept less 1 "A")
as the new capital of Egypt by Pharaoh Akhenaten -quite evidently
a Martian-, as well as "MARI" or "MERI" (Mary), he named his
daughter "Meritaten". The pun here, that these 1000 Points of
Light are a City in Mars, fortified by these WATCHTOWERS, in
order to keep watch over its citizens or prisoners; interestingly
the masonic Rosicrucian agent Charles Taze Russell (of the quite
powerful illuminati Russell family -ex, Russell Trust, those known
as the Skull & Bones society-) who founded the WatchTower Corp
otherwise called the Jehovah's Witnesses, was very interested in
the stars & planets (placing "Jehovah" in the Pleiades, to confuse
the issue most likely), and no doubt had knowledge of all this to
some degree. Thus either "1000 Points of Light" or "WatchTower"
are elemental key symbols of the so-called "Watchers" (the fallen
angels in popular lore) in their TOTAL CONTROL of humans, just
as the term "Holy See" expresses identical dominion of the Earth
as a 3D-dimensional "cage".

The egyptian "biblical" event of the Nile turning "Blood Red" right
before the Exodus of Moses & Aaron, is enacted now in the Gulf.
We find in the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse this event appearing
as a recursive prophecy (read: instruction manual to enact) of the
old egyptian event archetype, on Rev 16; this the reason Joseph
Ratzinger chose the name "Benedict 16" as Pope. The word itself
encodes { REVELATION ~~~ RIVER }, meaning that it's all based
on & encoded with the egyptian "RIVER NILE" fractal template:

(observe central "OS" for Oil Spill, & the "hORiSON" general pun)

We call a person of ancestral Royalty as a being of "BLOODLINE";
but the word "LINE" is an anagram of... "the "NILE" River...! It
becomes quite evident once you realize that the Fractal Template
of everything almost is Egypt, that the "Nile River" is the key to
all things ritually-secret and occultic at the illuminati level. Then
we must be aware that this river is a "HOLOGRAPHIC MAP" of
sorts, symbolizing harmonically a lot of things important to those
of inter-planetary power on Earth:

There are strong fractal resonances between the ongoing Gulf Oil
Spill & the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon; the Oil Spill started on
April 20 (birthday of Adolf Hitler), while Apollo landed on July 20;
big birds covered in oil have been prominently paraded on TV and
the Apollo 11 logo was that of the Eagle over a crater; the famous
Apollo Mission logos featured ORION as their centerpiece (why
Orion if the mission was to the Moon...????):

In them, the Moon Mission is iconized as a PYRAMID, implying what
can be described a "No-Doubt" ref to both Mars & Orion, as to the
land of Egypt and the Pyramids; in other words Nasa was so clearly
saying the Moon Mission was part of more ancient Exodus agenda,
last event evidently found in Egypt. You'd really have to be fully
retarded not to aprehend this in their logos; for any further doubt
let's confirm the name of the man himself who stepped on the Moon,
Neil Armstrong { NEIL is anagram of... NILE...! }.

On the other hand, there is a "2012" theme connection:
[ nasa apollo = 106 ] (106+106=212}
When at the beginning of this article you saw how the UK tries to
"be" Egypt in all ways possible, then it follows the Thames River in
London must be a fractal of the Nile River. Indeed, a "2012" pun:
[ thames river london = 212 ]
The Nile "3 Colors" (White/Blue/Red) fractalize the most crucial
esoteric group in England (responsible for WWII, the creation of
Hitler), called "The Golden Dawn", and more...:
[ white blue red = 66+66 ]
[ the golden dawn = 66+66 = a prince charles ]

Of course Nasa's control center in Houston-Texas, their launching
facilities in Cape Canaveral-Florida, both the biggest states in the
Gulf of Mexico (one of the 3 astronauts of Apollo 11 -Collins- also
born on a day 20). Now here's a key meaningful very little known
fact that ties in the whole bit; the exact geographic Parallel of the
the only reason why this tarmac runs "exactly" aligned East-West,
to mark this correlation of Geo-Parallel (and the "GEO" name does
that, reaffirm the same). In the same meticulously ritual fashion, it
is exactly in Texas & Florida that both of Bush Sr. sons were made
to be Governors. Under one of these as former Houston resident
and based in Austin-Texas Governor later turned president, that
the 911 event took place, yet we observe that:

[ CAIRO EGYPT = 119 ]

In this way, the 2 Towers that fell, represent one of the 1000 Points
of Light / Minarets of the City of Cairo (MARS), in what we can best
understand as the announcement of the Fall of America/USA, only
prior to the future EXODUS to/from MARS
, by way of reminiscing
the ancient land of Egypt, as a fractal of the desertic Mars. The full
reddish landscape of the entire Sahara Desert that covers the North
part of Africa, is "MARS ON EARTH", as an Archetype Template;
this Mars-On-Earth fractal geography, was for this reason chosen
as the "context" of the mythical Exodus of Moses & Aaron, but this
is also why precisely now simultaneous to the Gulf Oil Spill event,
the manufactured & obviously "scripted"ritual figure of one "Sarah
Palin" iconically dressed in Red/with strong Red lipstick, announces
once again the same agenda:

[ "A SARAH" = "SAHARA" ]

At the same time her supposed nemesis Barack Obama, carries the
Nile River code prominently, as "River" in arabic is "BAHR"...!, while
we are told he is from Kenya, where Lake Victoria lies, as the origin
of the waters of the Nile...! And the whole "racial" theme carried by
a Barack being "Black & Arabic", an unmistakanle pun on the nature
of the Nile River, as it consists of a WHITE NILE originating at Lake
Victoria, that down unto its long journey towards the Mediterranean
Sea (i.e. Mid-Terra/Mid-Earth, towards Earth from Mars) intersects
the BLUE NILE at Khartoum, while later of course in the "Bible" this
same Nile River further down at its Delta over the Mediterranean
Sea is turned to a BLOOD RED by Moses (ie. Akhenaten, who is now
played by... Barack Obama ostensibly
). These colors and their "mix"
the true symbology behind all "Red/White/Blue" flags all over the
world (UK, USA, Australia, Chile, etc), expressing the CrossBreeds
of different "Planetary/Cosmic races" on planet Earth, derived en-
masse of ancient Exodus events. Obama thus symbolizes a new race
hybridization occurring at a NEW EXODUS TO/FROM MARS to take
place in the near future, one that is triggered by catastrophes such
as the Gulf Oil Spill, et al.

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