Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Notes on the "Way Out" conundrum

In this blog as well as in person, here & there I get asked by some
individuals "how to get out" of the Matrix. As if you could just get
out... without first knowing why you are here in the first place.

I never performed live music simply to gain something or to feed
the Ego; both seemed to me very empty ways of killing the power
of magic. I always played to attain/achieve the "wave", to tune in
or into the infinite Consciousness of Love; likewise I don't charge
for this blog.

See, there are no fixed answers fit to all, because the real deal is
there are no fixed questions to all. Everybody has his own road
less traveled to tread, according to the reasons why we're here, in
specific to each. Pondering abstractly on the "Meaning of Life" has
to be a delusional exercise, when devoid of PERSONAL blueprints;
this is why I always loved music, it is "so" overwhelmingly personal,
yet precisely because of that, at the same time so universal.

The real road -the real questions & answers- are within YOU. But
the "I" is not who & how we "think" we "are", that is the trick; it is
getting to understand the "I", how we find the hidden clues as to
why we are here, in a personal sense. This is the era of the end of
gurus, and I never sought to be one; this is why music became so
important and popular, live music specially, the sharing of the wave.

Thinking there is a set of keys to get out, is like thinking there is a
Saviour that will do the getting out for me, when it is YOU who has
to do the job. In the next video, these 3 (including the cameraman)
went about Helping Others instead of just getting out; Maxwell
cites a Tibet lama, "Bad news is we don't have the key to heaven,
good news is there was never any lock to begin with". Underlining
this is the notion that Service-To-Self is a delusion based on shallow
perceptions of the "Self" (as separate), while Service-To-Others is
a more mature and apt posture, better attuned to the real.

As the song went "Love is the opening door, love is the key we must
turn, freedom the lesson we must learn, do you know what I mean".
Freedom here means, freedom from the false delusion of who we
"think" we "are", the "Self" box. This is the real 1st step in the oh-so
unfathomable getting out of the matrix trip; the matrix starts with
the "I" box, and you are the most immediate prison warder of your
own self. That is why I always sang; to release my true self from this
false "I", the first and most intimate prison of all. Dan Winter was
right in pointing out that there are INFINITY WAVE embeddings
that flash-construct a nest that "opens up" the material box of a
shell cage, and that these are found in the frequencies of Love, but
where/how this love resides/works, is another matter altogether.
Infinity Waves only resonate to the Love vibe, and love will only
resonate to the TRUTH vibe, and you cannot "open up" the cage
unless you cease & desist from trying so much to be yourself as you
"think" you "are". And part of this wrong thinking is assuming
that all you've heard about the chakras and the maps of the soul
is actually as it is, as told to "you".

How is that, you may ask...? Well, the point being, that when we
just assume we already "know" who we "are", then the matrix
will magnetize/attract those experiences and the "knowledge"
implicit to that "I" at work; in other words, you will indeed get
the perfect Ear-Candy that will massage that delusion, albeit in
the most elaborate manners. You will get highly systematized
and intricate methods, loaded with philosophical support frames,
laden with history and so forth. This is why I never trusted either
philosophy or religion. It's not that they are necessarily "devious"
(which sometimes they might be) things, but they are very dull,
behind all that paraphernalia, there is one dull delusion, because
they are manufactured around the false identity of the "I".

You have to from the getgo stop trusting "history" so much; this
involves your own personal history as well... It all goes straight
into the "I" box prison delusion; history exists yes, but it's built
just as the Matrix is built, riddled with "staged-reality". It's wiser
then to begin by considering now the possibility that you yourself
as you have come to "think" you "exist" with an identity, are but
nothing more than... an ACTOR... -playing a staged drama for...

In the previous May 31 post "KUBRICK Tutorial 1", some crucial
notions to this theater-construct are presented; Bill Hartford (Tom
Cruise) is in a dream-reality going through the motions of his own
unresolved insecurities, attuning to the manifestations of all this
internal chaotic hubris. It's not that the events do not occur as they
do in normal life -cause they do, and the film is about actual normal
life events-, yet Bill Hartord is a 'Stepford' only slightly better than
the programmed Monarch slave types that are shown, in the sense
he is yet unable to see that who he "thinks" he is (the doctor, the
husband/father, the good social class new yorker), is precisely the
reason things are taking a shocking twist as they do, because he is
"manifesting" the delusional staged-dream, getting caught in the
maze of his very own self as a trap/cage. Totally unable to perceive
anything beyond his utter blindness to the Matrix and the nature of
the social circles he so much admires and seeks to be a apart of (the
satanic illuminati disguised as the well-to-do with all the glitter and
Ego rewards -and the big bait sex, of course-), the Hartford/Stepford
character has assumed an apparently successful & fulfilling "identity"
that in reality is 100% trapped in the illuminati maze, as he is indeed

He has no idea whatsoever of truly who he is beyond this apparently
"fabulous" & convincing prefabricated script, and as soon as a major
"GLITCH" surfaces (the fact that his drop-dead gorgeous loving wife
is self confessedly a loopy wreck of a compulsive Monarch type on the
verge of going haywire at any minute, and that he is not as sexually
desired as he thought), he instantly begins to "manifest" all of the
dream-staged projections of his inner insecurities. Life suddenly
becomes "unstable" inside, thus outwardly he also experiences the
"MIRROR" reflection of this shattering, and the underbelly hidden
construct of it all is exposed as it really is, so the new frequencies
lead him by Serendipity & Negative Synchronicity to the mouth
of the beast, the dark Nobility satanic illuminati circles comprising
the structure of his "reality". Now he sees what he was completely
unable to perceive before, dramatically so. Rude awakening...! The
terrible fact that his wife is a "generic" Always-The-Same-Woman
type, is a reflection of his own persona, partly up to this point alike.
They had not been having any intimacy in a true real sense because
these were NOT their real selves, but mere Actors playing prefab
life-roles in a staged script (mind programmed or mind conditioned).

It takes an extreme view of the delusion, to see one's own delusion
of a self. By analogy, one even when venturing into the "wisdom"
path, can be just as well following a prefabricated staged theater,
acting out an "I" identity, not truly anchored to the real and true
multi-dimensional Higher-Selves. This is why we must realize
who we are really, and why we are here, beyond the appearances;
FEAR works strange traps and ambushes. Cheesy versions of the
higher love abound; I love you/you love me, then why is everything
so messed up...? Because like the android in the film "AI", we might
have been merely following a pre-programmed software "imprint"
of the people we must love, devoid of true freedom. The 1st imprint
of course, to love that delusional false "I"...! This is how Ego works
and takes a stronghold, this how we become an Actor manifesting
staged dramas unto ourselves, looping forever into the same.

Throughout my life I have on occasions been blessed with moments
where I become aware that this 'here/now' identity is not the real
multi-dimensional self; every time is totally different, the simplest
one to share would be when I met Townes Van Zandt, as he looked
and talked to me (then a 21 year old kid) not as "that" kid, but as
who I am NOW, the real self -unmistakably so-. I was bewildered
to realize he was seeing a different much stronger persona in me,
and the 'pressure' to 'rise up' to that higher-self was unavoidable;
all this was not happening in a 3D sense per se, but at an "instant
karma" level, fully psychic & internal for the most part, very fast
and certain. Yes there was physical actual communication, but in
parallel and much faster and "compressed" there were loads of
beyond 3D conversation so to speak; Townes was of course loaded
in other sense -stoned to oblivion, but with incredible clarity- and
he was highly amused that I would be communicating vividly with
him in these parallel simultaneous platforms, at my age and being
totally sober (obviously he took this as a sure sign of an Old-Soul,
so he would address me in those terms, high hyperbole amongst
2 wise friends
). Much later in life I would learn that a few select
people also had similar extra-dimensional experience with Townes
(like his last wife Jeanene for ex, the moment she met him she
would actually hear spiritual voices). In this short video we see
Townes -Guy Clark behind him as always as the pupil- as a sage
giving his comic impression on how at some point he was stupid
enough to choose to come here (to help others, and/or mingle
with kin souls) -pure Zen-, on other occasions he would say he
wrote songs in order to save people (from themselves):

No, there was nothing 3D-Linear-Sequential about Townes, it was
a full dip into the Synchronicity and instant-communication realm,
the physical bodies a mere vehicle, no different than a car. Part of
discovering who we really are and why we are here, is thus a clear
PERCEPTION & AWARENESS of the Multi-Dimensional realms,
beyond this Matrix 3D construct. "Only" when we actually begin
to LIVE the Synchronicity itself, we find ourselves and step out of
the projection dream-state. Take for ex the very link I just offered;
it contains the expression"KORG", and I have always been known
to play the Digital Delay -precisely through a rack style KORG unit
model SDD2000 from the 80's-. As in the Kubrick films, very real
exact CLUES of the multi-dimensional, are "e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e"
for us to see, that in the android/dream state we fail to perceive.
These small clues are there for a reason; they lead us to our REAL
persona, to our REAL purpose in this Matrix, to our REAL deal;
they constantly remind us to why we are here, and what to do.
The difference being, that the mind programming Matrix staged
reality, also fills the setting with a myriad FALSE CLUES, acting
for all purposes like the real clues, seeking to substitute them, by
mapping out for you a false path at every turn. This is the crucial
difference between "Positive" and "Negative" Synchronicity.

Kubrick makes a concerted effort to show that women in particular
have a propensity to always fall for Negative Synchronicity lies,
taking in and following that deceitful "Yellow Brick Road" that leads
to a reinforcing of the False Identity -explaining why the Monarch
slave syndrome is so often found in females-. They seem to have a
serious Blind-Spot for these false maps, Kubrick seems to say to
us. Thus predator type males abuse them, & later they complain
that men are beasts, yet... this merely reflects those men ... they...
chose... to be around, nothing more (a manifestation of their own
inconsistencies and weaknesses). Then by analogy, Kubrick leads
us to meditate how men in general and anybody seeking to better
be prepared to handle the abuse of the satanic illuminati, are in
this respect no different whenever no true Introspection about
our "identities" follow. The same all the way up to the spiritual
best of people, still valid and applicable altogether; which is what
I am trying to pin here, as to the desire to "get out" of the Matrix.
It will never work, unless we deconstruct "ourselves".

In the film "Paris-Texas" the whole plot revolves around an eerie
notion that who we "are" is MANY PEOPLE, "manifested" as those
who powerfully we love. In other words, there is a staged plane as
our reality here, whereby we appear as separate personas, and we
have to learn how to love each other through conditions that act
as a severe problem to that end. Thus we find who we really are
in a higher-dimensional self, in the experience of love, and all its
alienating impossibilities and dysfunctions. The film goes to great
length to expose this mystery, and towards the end in the famous
porn-booth scene, Travis poetically confronts Jane, and their faces
deliberately are SUPERIMPOSED IN THE MIRROR, to let us become
aware of the conundrum; "Travis" & "Jane" are ONE, manifesting
as separate "I"s. Then Travis can't handle this anymore, and he
must move the chair, turn around, & face the back of the booth as
he begins his climax speech: "I KNEW THESE PEOPLE...". He is
then beginning to tie the Gordian Knot of their "existence" again,
this time with a heck of a lot more spiritual awareness.

Just like Kubrick in "2001 A Space Odyssey" & "Eyes Wide Shut",
Wim Wenders deconstructs our "life" in 3D Space-Time here/now,
as the deeply painful admission that we do not know who we truly
are at all. Kubrick plays with the real life marriage of actors Tom
Cruise & Nicole Kidman -(mirrored in the film plot)-, as Wenders
plays with the mistake of thinking the film would be about Paris in
France in relation to Texas, when we discover it's about an empty
lot in the small town of Paris-Texas. Moral of the story...? How in
the world is anyone thinking about "resolving" karmic issues or life
heavy trauma dramas -or worse, actually exiting the Matrix itself-,
without first acknowledging that they do not know who they are &
what life really is...? The deeper core of our being resonates to a
set of Love-Vibes, where the experience of love of "people" in our
lives is a fractal of a much more real Love of Truth & Love itself.
We cannot "just" think that "love" is "only" these "people" that
we think we are. This the ultimate delusion; if we only "love" our
self, without going down the rabbit-hole of existence and decoding
what this is all about and how it is NOT at all what it "seems to be",
then there is no Love at all, because you can't handle Truth and
Love of Love in itself -which is Infinite Consciousness-. You cannot
have "Limited Love", overriding Infinite Love; you may spend 7
thousand lifes saying "I love you, I love you, I love you.." and not a
single time actually knowing True-Love at all, refusing to go into
Infinite Consciousness and Truth.

Only when Infinite Consciousness MERGES with the Love-Vibe, is
when we get to reveal who we are behind the 3D MASK of this "I"
we role play down here/now. When that merging takes place, all of
a sudden "love" becomes a much much bigger and expansive act,
it incorporates a Quest for Truth, a desire to Transcend, the vision
beyond the veil of 3D Matrix staged reality enters perception, et al.

Instantly, Positive Synchronicity takes the lead, and the HEROIC in
us manifests, along with the POETIC. It's at this level that we begin

to exit the Matrix, even though still here for a while ("we're on our
home, we're coming home"). No Yoga exercizes neither Kundalini
shielding can accomplish these things, these are not "techniques"
but EPIPHANIES of a very unique & personal nature to each's own
road less traveled path, according to one's own cosmic destiny and
missions, each different, all intertwined but distinct, no general
fomulas applicable. To zap-out the Matrix involves this in terms

of vivid reckoning, the beauty of magic wisdom, the detachment
from one's "bad deal" 3D-life as Townes ironizes; no meditative
techniques without these experiential epiphanies can perform the
task. There are no courses for this, you are your own guru.

Yes, the "opening up" of the Love frequencies nesting in an fractal
of Infinite Embedding must manifest, but this must be paired with
a clear Epiphany of the Intent of your being here/now, to work.
It is "Spiritual-Multitasking", by the hand of talismanic actions on
your part -instead of the linear strictly pragmatic utilitary actions-,
propelled by the new acquired capabilities of psychic knowing and
psionic manifesting.

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