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The Fractal NeuroLinguistic Matrix -part 1-


Researchers like Bryan Kemila (above links) present us with the
notion the entire 3D material universe is bogus, a false reality that
utilizes subliminal suggestion in order to "manifest sustainably" as
such. Obviously Plato had hinted at the same, while others think
that mind-control is an "after-the-fact" power ruse to acquire more
power by some, in a pre-existing valid "real" reality. The majority
by and large is completely unaware of any of these things, blindly
accepting it all as 100% "authentic"(including the media & psycho-
sexual puns of political/religious/business/esoteria/entertainment
crude brainwash).

Whatever the case excluding the last absent-minded blindness, it
is undeniable that a serious FRACTAL harmonic congruence is at
play in language, operating a a much deeper psychic strata than
what we call "Normal" Consciousness. I have stated before in this
blog -and I repeat it here-, I strictly delve in English language and
in Occidental traditions, because those are the ones I am proficient
in and fully understand and I am able thus to decode properly. This
does NOT mean at all, that the rest of languages and traditions are
exempt from all this, because they are not, and in fact for ex in the
case of the semitic muslim/hebrew world, the situation is far worse
in this respect (which explains their ostensible Fundamentalism).

Language is not physical or a product of physical life; its "historic"
linear "progress", is NOT the Original True Template of Language
at all; it is merely the plane upon which is is PROJECTED as linear
Construct -albeit in a severely reduced and limited expression, one
that involves strictly 1 way of "reading", within a much larger pool
of inherent readings-. These other ways of reading, are constantly
performed by the Subconscious brain (you're just not conscious of
them, that's all), and play a defining part in the elaboration of the
Myth-Archetypes that give shape to the Collective Unconscious.
Language is NOT tied to the Space/Time continuum, and is free
from its laws, operating as sheer SYNCHRONICITY-IN-ACTION, in
every single thought process where some "meaning" is involved
beyond the mere utilitarian-pragmatic survival mechanisms, the
robotic day-to-day random movements.

Therefore when we consider History or Archealogy as academic
endeavours -or even Archeo Astronomy et al-, we must be aware
of the fact that while all things in linear progressive sequential
manifestation can be traced as such through people and events,
the languages under which they are found, DO NOT respond as
"by-products" of these, at all -only they appear to do so-. In fact,
we may find that languages much further in the future than those
events and people, explain BETTER their true origin and cause of
manifestation, for ex (even using a totally different language). And
the english language is to this respect, quite the revealing key.

This RECURSIVE NATURE of Language, beyond Space/Time and
historic causation, is its very essence as a Hyper-Dimensional way
of operating, is its very existence in itself beyond matter. In this
sense Language is the link between our "lives" here/now, and those
who exist in higher planes, or as Kemila points out, how dominating
(domine/demon) entities perform what Freeman TV (Austin-TX)
labels as Atlantean Black Magic Priesthood sorcery, via Language
& symbols -many websites, the better presented the following-.


Freeman utilizes the name as a pun of Freemasonry, how to become
a free man outside the occult satanic neuro-linguistic manipulation.
The term "ROSE" in occultism, denotes a secret manipulation using
FEMALE NEGATIVE ENERGY; at another level, it is the Circular
Geometry contrasted to its polar "CRUX" or Square Male Energy,
often also rendered as a Vertical Line (obelisk, penis, etc). This is
what the masonic "Compass & Square" means, another symbol of
the same ("Rose & Cross") opposites of Circular & Straight. These
find not only a correlation in material forms, but also in Language
itself; this the ultimate occultic secret, that Language also possesses
a GEOMETRICAL NATURE, only hyper-dimensional...! This is why
the public masonic lodges place an outer sign with letter "G" within
the Compass & Square, the "G" signifying "Geometry/Gematria".

Gematria is the study of Language beyond the 3D linear utilitarian;
it is the study of its so-called magic properties, in the sense that it
can be a tool for Transformation or Enslavement. Therefore these
alchemical attributes of Language are reserved only to the initiates,
who must by membership belong to a secret lodge; all of this has
been going on as such for many thousands of years, whereas now
we are experiencing an opening to the public of these things, for
the 1st. time in who knows how long. Gematria observes the double
aspect of language -as NUMBER & LETTER-, in the sense these
are a fractal of the dichotomy of ENERGY & DATA. The dichotomy
in whatever fractal aspect it may become manifest, is the ultimate
meaning of the "Compass & Square"; to simply think that it refers
to just Female & Male Energy, is a gross error. The "G" as also in
"GOD", implies that to achieve the divine level, one must master
and be aware of these dichotomies, the most advanced of which is
the Energy & Data dichotomy. This for ex finds expression in our
modern "Hardware & Software" information age technology; yet
while this is inorganic, exactly the same Energy & Data template
is evident in all Organic Life, including the human species, the DNA
and the Brain the 2 "data processing terminals" of our software, as
opposed to the counter manifestation of biological energy (Brain
is Localized-Computing, DNA is Non-Localized Computing).

Thus the "G" of "God", means that Energy follows a Geometrical
configuration, while Language follows a Gematria configuration;
and they both interact, creating the manifested universe & beings.
The crucial thing here to apprehend then, that Language just like
Energy, interacts with the organic Psyche through a Geometrical
Template, this the real meaning behind "THE TEMPLE". In such
way that the secret-operators in the Atlantean Priesthood, often
encrypt the subliminal software using a combination of Circular
and Square cipher tables. This can be quite complex (if you know
anything about Magic Squares you realize how), deliberately so,
the idea is that no one will be able to crack their codes. What we
are told about Kabbalah for ex, is merely scratching the surface
of much more complex Square/Circle cipher methods, which have
been for generations through eons of time, EMBEDDED IN THE
the Subconscious Mind level, behind the conscious awareness.
In other words, the Brain & DNA are like an organic computer
whose design & configuration is accessible only to a very few, and
mostly outside the Earthly realm, who can thus at will effect any
"imprint" they wish, via Cipher Codes as subliminal software.

I'm in no way implying that this blog even comes close to decoding
this Template, I only offer glimpses (like postcards if you will) of
the myriad of Synchronicity Fractal software ciphers found in most
of high-profile names & phrases & logos and such. The bottom-line
idea, that everyone personally has to become aware of the linguistic
context that surrounds them, within/without I mean. I use the most
well known names to show the phenomenon of Fractal Synchronic
Harmonic Resonance in Language, this is what lies behind my use
of high-profile politicians and famous people & events, in general.
Reaching this level of awareness, one realizes that "external events"
are practically never "random", neither a result of mechanic actions
or agendas at the 3D habitual manner we understand them in our
"normal" Consciousness, at all. Most of the times, big events follow
a clearly irrefutable SCRIPTED mode, like your computer follows
the software that you are currently using to view this, for ex. Life
is definitely NOT what we "think" it is, or how we perceive it to be,
as we are trapped & lost in the "screen" of your computer, to repeat
the analogy. This is what the term "Matrix" means.

I will now offer a very well known (and at the very least 2000 years
old) example of the combination of Square & Circle cipher tables; we
find such in the "SATOR ROTAS" crossword, found in many places
and periods in history -even in pre christian Pompeii-, that is the
secret Template of the "PATER NOSTER" (title for the "Our Lord's
Prayer" or "Our Father" christian prayer), and offers a view in how
"Sacred Medals" were constructed -christian talismans-. But it will
also show a lot more related to our current day events, as you will
no doubt be surprised to find out. But just before offering it to your
viewing pleasure (or shock), let me first show how Magic Squares
are constructed, also using Circular & Square geometries.

{The video that follows is from a Protestant Separatist class, I'm not
a part of it, I am only posting the video because it illustrates in very
simple to understand manner; everything else in the video -or series
of them-, is applicable not "only" to the cities and places described,
but to EVERY SINGLE BIG place of power on Earth, at any moment
in history, both in western civilizations as well as eastern or middle-
east civilizations all the same (Square/Circle construct at min 6:00).
As a matter of fact, this secret knowledge comes directly from those
eastern & middle-east sources. Anyone implying that only western
powers are 'the' evil ones, are not just bonkers, but devious in doing
such "selective" cherry-picking. All this integral to the full Earth at
large, from the most ancient times to this day, everywhere}:


Now a quick look at the famous "SATOR ROTAS" Square, showing
how its letters rearranged form the "PATER NOSTER", with the 2
letters "AO" meaning the "Alpha & Omega", the name supposedly
Jesus gave himself in the Book of Revelation (in other words, that
"name" was a disguised direct ref to this Square, which was quite
popular in those days, not amongst mainly the christians as so many
naively wish to think but rather amongst the Hebrew magicians).
Look for the center of page animation:


Before proceeding you may just want to take a quick look also at
these pages, for a better grip of the same Magic Square, which you
may learn, is not only Hebrew but also Mithraic in origin, therefore
comes from a "higher" universal extant previous more advanced
civilization (i.e. global Atlantis, as a colony of Mars). Central letter
"N" in aramaic is FISH, this the original symbol for Jesus (not the
Cross, which came 3 centuries later). So the Square meant Mithras,
also Fish, later Jesus, etc:


In the last link you see clearly how the CELTIC CROSS is the true
TEMPLATE KEY to this Magic Square; the CIRCLE of that Cross
ROTATES (..."ROTAS"...), concealing the letters "PR" (repeated).
This secret cipher "Wheel" juxtaposed to the Square/Crux, thus
bring-in or take-out letters at will, and must be considered a Key
or Modus Operandi in Magic Squares and such. This brings both
the "Sator Rotas" Square and the Celtic Cross to an entire new
ballgame, while at the same time make it plainly evident that all
these ancient things are extant fragmentary pieces of something
much larger in scope, from much longer way back in time, in the
form of more advanced Wisdom & Science that was later concealed
and taken out of public circulation. Thus the real 'meaning' of this
"Sator Rotas' Magic Square, acts as a MEMORY of how Ciphers of
Secret Magic operate behind the public eye, utilizing Circle/Square
geometries in the pool of Neuro-Linguistic manipulation. Since it
somehow managed to survive in the open (I repeat, simply as one
scattered piece), it has then been used by many as a template to
all kinds of Magical activities, passing off as Religion, or Politics,
or what have you, as a token of "Secret Power"unbeknownst to
most people.

At another zodiacal archeo-astronomical level, this "Sator Rotas"
Square acts as the living public MEMORY OF SATURN AS "TRUE"

PLACE. The "death" of former Saturn as Sun, and the "birth" of the
new Sol Sun, is what is behind most of the current monotheistic
religions, their backbone and actual origin. This is where the actual
notions of "Resurrection", "Light of the World", and such, began.
As Acharya S./D.M. Murdock has aptly demonstrated, the stellar
phenomena is what is behind the religious Myths ("The Mythicist
Position", also dealt with in the "Zeitgeist" film, religous chapter):


It is a matter of personal opinion -related to the scanty evidence
of all things ancient (suppressed)-, if indeed Saturn was the real
Sun before the current Sol, or if actually there are Parallel Earths
with a Solar System of different configuration (in one Saturn is the
sun, in another Jupiter is, in our current one Sol is) in each, all
these parallel realms related to one another -incarnations, psychic
or soul Collectives, and otherwise-. In either case the imprint of
the solar & planets & stars configuration on the psyche, becomes
the defining "GOD" or divine archon/icon or the religious Myths
derived of such, as they are transformed by Anthropomorphism.

As the cipher word "ROTAS" means to "ROTATE" the Wheel of
the cipher square, it also means that at an astronomical zodiacal
level we must rotate the Wheel of Time/Space. Then in reverse
means SATURN ("SATOR") -another Time/Space sun-. This is
where the polarity "God/Satan" derives from, whether it is this
current Sol Sun the actual "good" God, or the former Saturn the
"evil" God. The implied operations of the Magic Square (to Rotate
using the circular template, and to Reverse using the linear Crux
are a fractal of the StarGate Crossing between realms or as a Time
Travel destination from/to. This is what the mythical "EXODUS"
means; thus whenever the "Sator Rotas" Square is utilized to give
a certain figure the power of its cipher, this secretly implies that
another of the many Exodus mega-events is about to take place,
another way of secretly signaling this agenda throughout history.
Exodus here may be regarded as BOTH an "incoming" as well as
an "outgoing", this historically has been an exchange between the
Earth & Mars, without a doubt.

The "Sator Rotas" Square then, has been and still is sort of like a
bulletin-board of these travels, an announcement of sorts on the
impending to/from Exodus in interstellar and/or between realms
of Space/Time terms, to all those who still have the ability to read
and see, whose consciousness is still up and are not sleeping sheeple.
We must then ask if there are any CURRENT FIGURES ENCRYPTED
Square...? The answer is... Yes...! Quite emblematically so.



The undisputed No.1 and best paid (by a really long shot, that is) TV
figure globally is one... OPRAH Winfrey, whose name sounds exactly
as... "OPERA". She is black for a reason; her "twin" symbol figure is
also black, one Barry SAETORO, otherwise known as Barack Obama.
"SATOR" ~~~ "SAETORO"....!!!! (Saetoro was the 2nd. husband of
Obama's mother, so he carried that name for most of his life).

You'd really have to be living in a cave not to notice the strong and
clear message here implied; as to the central "TENET", it's not hard
at all to realize why George Tenet was named Director of the Central
intel agency, the 2nd. longest serving Director since Dulles, serving
both under Clinton & Bush (1997 to 2004). He is of Greek descent,
and was once the director of the American Hellenic Institute (any
pun to the Latin-Hellenic cipher Square, just a 'coincidence'...).

Then the naive notion on the part of practically all of ethnic peoples
that it is "only" the western white race at the elite that utilize these
codes & the inherent occultic manipulation, flies in the face of facts
easy to see & verify such as this "Sator Rotas" Square and the icons
of Oprah Winfrey (to "Win") and Barry Saetoro (Barack Obama) as
twin icons to subliminally suggest their "divine" (Mithras & Jesus)
apparition at this very juncture of an impending Exodus to & from
Mars once again.

Ostensibly Obama plays the "Moses/Akhenaten" part, as well as the
"Lincoln" role, deliberately so with this occultic & societal imprint in
mind, while Oprah plays the "Black Madonna" that was brought out
into the open by Pope John Paul II (who worshipped intensely in
public in sight of all the Black Madonna of Czestochowa) so precisely
to this end. This means secretly the "Magdalen" Myth (Renees Le
Chateau), as a continuation of the Queen Tiye's egyptian myth (the
mother of Akhenaten, evidently role played by Michelle Robin-Son
Obama, Oprah also evidently role playing the Nefertiti archetype.



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