Monday, June 7, 2010

"Insulza-Insulta"; goes FECAL (Fe-lipe Cal-deron) as Arizona goes int'l

As head of the OEA (Organizacion Estados Americanos), a United
Nations offshoot as disfunctional & irrelevant as any of the sort, he
goes FECAL a'la FEL-ipe CAL-deron of Mexico, in promoting the
"Mexifornia" disaster as recipe for the USA.

We are talking about Jose Miguel Insulza, a chilean socialist -more
aptly named a "Faux Socialist" (you know, a New World Order shill
passing off as leftist)-, who at an almost geriatric 67 years old has
forgotten that the USA during his exile under Pinochet's rule, took
him in at the United States Institute and the Center for Economic
Research and Studies.

Insulza -in the face of a 70% support of americans to the stance of
Arizona (the single issue on which americans agree to a tee), and
16 states considering similar legislation to enforce the Constitution
laws (i.e. to actually have a national border), and the vast majority
of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS also supporting same stance...!-, calls the
1 Million illegal immigrants a year that slip through the Mexican
border (and the already here illegally 30 million) a -I quote here
for your disgusting pleasure- ..."NATURAL PHENOMENON"...

Well see, Insulza is married to a... mexican; that might also in part
explain a few things, now wouldn't it...? Call it "Conflict of Interest".
This marriage might also explain why a chilean like Insulza for the
1st time ever, holds a high int'l position; Mexico and the New World
Order agenda these days, seem to mean the same exact thing. How?
Defined as "Faux" banana governments, reverse-speech politics, a
verifiable status-quo of "irregular presidential elections" (Calderon
was "not" properly elected), DRUG CARTEL ECONOMY, violence
& extreme crime, human trafficking, governments that don't seem
to do their job at all (Mexico has no real social security programmes,
it outsources those to the USA, this country "must" immigrate-in
its untaken-care-of citizenry, en-masse), over the top corruption,
a mass of illiterate population, out of control human reproduction,
etc etc etc. Meantime mexican Carlos Sims every few years is the
world's richest man; in the face of some of the continent's most
horrid poverty in Mexico.

Insulza also said in his formal OEA declaration, that Arizona is by
all means "DISCRIMINATING" against latinos; gee, when this
state does not want to go broke & dysfunctional as California -the
mecca of porn & overspending (no meca/fecal pun intended, as in
spanish 'meca' is 'caca'/sh*t, CA), & decides to act against a scary
rising tide of drug-related (or not) mexican 'extreme' crime wave
-in Phoenix the kidnapping of americans taken south of the border
for ransom is up the roof, beyond belief-, in the midst of the worst
ever Great Depression (real unemployment is 20%), then to bluntly
accuse this defensive-emergency rational mood as "discrimination"
has to fly in the face of the most elemental common sense.

In modern history, there has not been a country that has been more
tolerant of immigration than the USA, by a long shot, hands down !;
how can then a total sellout as Insulza dare to label Arizonians (and
by extension the 70% of americans who support Arizona) in terms of
being "discriminatory"...? The USA is the 1st white country to ever
elect a black president, has for decades not only allowed in, but in the
most emblematic way fully welcomed with true open arms the latino
population. It is only NOW, that the Great Depression is upon us, &
that the illegal immigration as pushed "beyond the rubicon" by the
New World Order agents -(creating a crime wave & a Balkanization
of the USA, as 5th Column in the elite War Against the Middle Class)-,
that for the 1st time "ever" americans react against this manipulated
chaotic insanity on the part of the Powers-That-Be. Then here comes
Insulza parroting the New World Order reverse-speech lingo like a
geriatric absent-minded moron, in the middle of all this rising tide of
awakening and resistance. You only have to go out to eat (the myriad
of mexican restaurants), pass by a construction site (100% mexican
workers), or simply drive around or just look in a Google Map the
names of many posh neighborhoods with beautiful spanish names
and streets, to realize how open the USA has been to latinos all along
-without the need to vacation in Miami or California as the extreme-.
Does this country need a phony Insulza like politico to criticize its
former open arms immigration attitude towards mexicans...?

You know, Insulza is a chilean Socialist Party leader; & Chile is well
known to be "the" most Xenophobic country in the continent. Ironic
then that Insulza would feel like giving lessons on Xenophobia. For
all intents, chileans also have seemed to have come to the conclusion
that official Socialism there, is "Faux" -just a pretend cause, for all
these power hungry bureaucrats to win elections-; the left-of-center
Concertacion (Coalition) in Chile recently just lost the presidential
election to a right-of-center billionaire (the 1st time in 50 years the
Right in Chile wins an election, explainable due to Pinochet's rule
for 17 years). Current polls prove that 56% of chileans totally not
approve the Concertacion left-of-center "faux" behaviour, having
become and odious Concertacion in their minds; not surprisingly,
during the primaries, the real new force in Chile was one Marco
Enriquez Ominami, doing to the official Left there what here in the
USA Ron Paul is doing to the official Right -ie.e calling it corrupt
and a sellout to the New World Order- (except in Chile this kind
of mental discourse still in its infancy, if at all; they still speak the
Left-Right 19th century worn out paradigm and present Big-Lie
of mainstream media). It has become painfully evident in Chile,
that either for politicos, or for well-to-do people like argentinian
genius soccer coach Bielsa (currently coaching the chilean team
that will play the coming World Soccer Cup), it is oh-so easy to do
the "I love the Concertacion" walk and actually believe it I mean,
while for the rest of chileans conditions are not as shiny or rosy as
purported -thus their support to the Concertacion at an all time
low, call it a full freefall dive-.

All of which of course echoes the exact same conundrum that an
Obama as "Faux" supposed man-of-the-people is experiencing in
the USA, for exactly the same reasons of deep-seated grievances,
also freefalling in the polls, in ostensible prevailing anger -the only
1st World people to actually still believe his dog & pony show by &
large are the europeans, quite naively so (or for vested interests,
as for ex many like Lyndon LaRouche have denounced Obama as
just a shill for the British, rather the City of London secret elite,
which is becoming accutely evident through the British Petroleum
catatrophe in the Gulf)-. Eerily while Bush had its Katrina, Obama
is having his own Oil Spill 'katrina' at exactly the same geographic
spot, so did the ousted chilean Concertacion almost had its very own
'katrina', as their first 12 hours response to the 8.9 Earthquake in
Chile, was pathetic:

Of course what's going on is not that Obama or the chilean main
Concertacion agenda "loses the Left", but in truth they have both
LOST THE INDEPENDENTS, which are the real rising majority
all over the world. People presently will "elect" whomever they
view as "The Least Damage" to an already highly toxic/destructive/
dysfunctional government, truly not for-the-people-by-the-people
anymore than corporations or media are, for that matter. Electing
the "least evil" is definitely a sign of a total breakdown in trust in
politicians; people will put in office anybody from any Left/Right
balloney plaftorm, as long as they are slightly less dangerous than
the former, that is what politics has become. You got "choice": it is
Pepsi or Coke, period... And both Pepsi or Coke once in alternating
power, will all the same push their New World Order agendas pre-
scripted and shoved down the people's throats, constantly in full
taunting of the opinion of the people, as emblematically in the case
of the 70% of americans (& also Legal Latino Immigrants) who by
overwhelming majority support Arizona's lawful & ethical stance.

So Insulza, stop Insulting the real people with your pre-scripted
false "humanitarian" peptalk, and start listening to the people in
your own country for a change.

It would be enlightening for chileans to learn an actual proportion
based COMPARISON between Chile & the USA as to the illegal
immigration issue; imagine for a moment that Chile's northeast
neighbor Bolivia was of a different Race & Language, seeking an
active "Reconquista" of the lost (in war created by Bolivia) now
north-Chile territories, using for that agenda the ruse of "illegal
immigration". Imagine then in this peculiar hairy situation, that
1.6 MILLION of those "La Raza style" bolivians w/attitude were
already illegally in Chile waiting a massive Amnesty, while every
year no less than 3500 slipped through the Arica region border
into Chile. Imagine that these had developed a highly deliberate
and sophisticated "Anchor Babies" strategy of reproduction to
this end, that they were NOT interested in chileans or in Chile
itself as in itself, were not wanting to speak chilean language,
that demanded in each major city to have at least 2 TV channels
of their own language, that they had negotiated to obtain tax-
payers financed free education (and bilingual teachers/programs,
some promoting the bolivian agenda), that they took jobs every
where you look (claiming chileans "do not want" these type of
jobs), that they do not pay taxes and sent half of their earned
money back to bolivia, that a sizable segment of these were
actively involved in either the drug crime syndicate or in gangs
of the worst imaginable nature operating rampantly in big cities
and slowly moving in to smaller towns as well, that they possess
an ingrained culture of guns & violence, that they call chileans by
the deriding nickname "Hueros" even in public at the job, that
they had penetrated the health care/welfare system which they
use to their taking care of like a subset mafia, that they bring in
a notorious deadly penchant for reckless driving, and that they
in fact debase the entire wages/labor structure by becoming a
de-facto disguised slavery of sorts, ruining the Middle Class
(often referred as "Insourcing coupled with Outsourcing", take
the jobs to the 3rd World, while bringing in the 3rd World into
the country via massive illegal immigration human Dumping).
Etc, etc, etc. You get the picture...

How would chileans react to this Mr "Insulta"...? Let me tell you
exactly how they would react if this scenario happened over in
Chile as it is in Proportion Based Comparison happening today in
the USA; without a doubt chileans would have been shooting at
illegals if this was the case, and this is no exaggeration ! Yet I have
not heard of any americans shooting at illegal mexicans; whereas
the true nature of what is happening is concealed by government
& media -and big New World Order agenda politicos anchored in
organizations like the OEA, like Insulza-, the independent people
have it very clear, crystal loud & clear. They KNOW the GAME,
they know they are being ATTACKED, and they want it stopped;
meawhile all these sellout 'has-been' politicos like Insulza, will
keep parroting the reverse-speech lies into oblivion, unto their
own guaranteed slow fadeaway demise ending, apparently sooner
than later -that the big surprise here-.

On top of all this, it is no mystery that radical islamic jihadists come
into the USA using precisely the "open & free" Mexican border, as
they have learned to easily pass off as "mexicans". Meanwhile we
the people have to be degraded in Airport "security" and such full
nonsense paraphernalia of procedures; it is the same with Legal
immigrants, who must go through a stringent procedure of many
years, pay their fees, are submitted to interviews, thorough intel
agency performed background checks, must pass a medical exam
including X-rays and vaccine, etc. Meanwhile all these "who knows
who they are" masses of mexicans just walk in through the border
like it's their own home, in the biggest travesty in modern history.
Just because the Powers-That-be have a long-term covert treaty
bring-the-drugs-in part, as the USA gives jobs and social security
programmes to the abandoned by their corrupt government poor
citizens of Mexico. What a crying shame...!