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"God" & Dynasties

Now that the "king" is gone, we must not forget the Big Picture. In
fact they were 2 kings -a father & a son-; more in fact, they were
3 kings. Find a decent picture of Prince Charles, then find a decent
comparative picture of George jr. Now take a really deep breath,
and look at the similarities...! Acc. to public records, born with just
1 year of difference (1947/1948), the latter's full name is "Charles
Philip Arthur George", yes, indeed also... George. But this full-name
also encodes the word "PRES" (ident):


Let's not forget the late John Kennedy Jr. published a magazine
called... George. He died in a suspicious "accident", when it is well
rumoured he had already accepted to run for president in... 2000.

Yes, imagine George Jr. running against John Jr., sort of a perfect
non-match; is there any doubt as to the fact that John Jr. was going
to absolutely win the Election 2000 by a landslide victory...? Nope.
Even worse, then Governor Bush was MYSTERIOUSLY ABSENT
for 3 days from office, exactly the time-lapse of the John Jr.'s death.
This is f-a-c-t. The most notorious magazine issue featured Cindy
Crawford naked inside the outfit of George Washington; asked about
the cryptic meaning of such, John Jr. answered that things are not
the way the appear to be...!!!! (key word "George").

George Sr.'s 1st. 'big job' was to be Coordinator of the Bay of Pigs
invasion in Cuba; that didn't go too well, now didn't it...? Yet maybe
that went precisely acc. to plan ! See, things... are not the way they
appear to be. Fidel served for decades as the GRAND EXCUSE for
anti-communism in America; dictatorships all over Latin America
had to be installed to "counter such threat". That an island a stone-
throw away from Miami could still to this maintain such regime,
calls for suspicion. After all, even Guantanamo is based in Cuba !?
Thus Bush Sr. was instrumental in installing Fidel. Now that would
explain why John Kennedy Sr. was so pissed off about all this...!
Bush Sr. had landed him a royal pain-in-the neck hot potato, by
launching an invasion without consulting him/providing the facts.

Later one (supposedly) Harvey Lee Oswald would be the mythical
"Lone Gunman" assassin of same John Sr; Oswald was triangulated
to the Agency via one George DeMohrenschidt, who was in charge
of "handling" Oswald (i.e. framing him); inside George DeM.'s pocket
was found a little agenda with George Sr.'s phone number in it.

Later then in 1980/1981 within just months 3 famous figures were
shot, Pope John Paul II/Ronald Reagan/John Lennon. The media
tried hard to put again the false spin that the Pope's shooter was a
"left-wing" radical, when in fact he was a right-wing nut (just like
they did in Oswald's case). Thus the Pope was rendered even more
so a puppet of the Opus Dei, and the Oval Office was run by the Vice
Pres. George Sr. , Ronnie requiring long sleeps in the afternoon, and
becoming more of just a Public Speaker. Next link highly pertinent:,_Jr.

Now if we go to the Book of Revelation, we see that the most famous
Rev. 13:18 cipher (666), is actually a BLUEPRINT of an agenda TO
BE ENACTED. Since its inception in the 3rd Century, this has been
a certifiable goal of some elites, to "match" the emblematic cipher.
To this end they have for centuries accommodated & chosen numbers
and titles, attempting a perfect match. The cipher has a very easy
setup, being split in 2, as follows:

[ 666 = 234 + 432 ] { 13x18 = 234 } ("Rev 13:18")

{ 13 = Id ] { 18 = Head }

For centuries a great many names have been successfully assigned
as 'match' to the cipher, in the 20th Century a long list of notables
have been thus also 'matched'. The Windsor & Bush dynasties are
just the latest of those 'matches' (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


"A George Herbert Walker Bush" + "A George Walker Bush" = 432

Therefore a "Father & Son" both presidents 'match' the description
of the Beast of the Earth as having "2 Horns". Indeed:

[ "2 HORNS" = 76 = HERBERT = 76 = "REV 13+18" ]

While at the same time, it is a fractal of:

[ "TWO HORNS" = 66+66 = "A PRINCE CHARLES" ]

This doesn't mean that they will be the last to try to become the
agenda leaders in the cipher, but it certainly means that either
they enacted a large portion of such, or... they miserably failed.

The number of Gematria concordances in the Bush dynasty defies
comprehension, it is way too long and rather tedious. The 2 most
interesting ones, are related to the 2 main "Names of God" in the
Old Testament: "ALHYM" (usually transliterated incorrectly as
"Elohim", either Alhim/Elohim are Plural names, not 1 "God" but
-the "Gods"-), and the TetraGrammaton "YHWH" (or "IHVH").
In early previous posts, I dealt extensively with the "B-ALHIM"
Code, might be worth a careful read.

Both names are strictly a FORMULA, not a "name" in the way we
view them as merely 'designating' a person; they are a Kabbalistic
secret formula, a Code for other themes (YHWH the Genetic Code).

"YHWH" 4-Quaternary formula, as "ALHYM" is a 5-Pentagonal
formula; they share 2 letters: "HY". This 2 letters are intimately
tied into the concept of VIRGIN, and Birth: the vaginal "HYMEN".
This word comes from the Greek God "Hymenaios":

Hymenaios would dress as a Woman to disguise himself; this leads to
a whole new way of understanding that famous "George" mag cover.

"ALHYM" notoriously ties in with hebrew Circumcision, called the
"BRIT-MYLAH"; in other words, "ALHYM" alludes to the female
virgin Vagina, as well as the yet-uncircumcized male Penis. "ALHIM"
is the name employed in the 1st. verses of Genesis, that "Creator"
'God' setting the Heavens & the Earth.

At the deepest levels of Magick, Magic Squares are used to insert
letters acc. to their reduced number (for ex. 12 is 3: 1+2=3); the
"reduced number" letters for "6" are "F-O-X" (6-6-6). Thus the
sarcastically named "Fix"/"Faux" channel or "Bush channel", then
carries the cipher "666", quite obviously so. Moreover its notorious
owner australian media-mogul Rupert Murdoch also carries the
Rev 13:18 cipher in his very initials: [ M = 13, R=18 ]. Using the
usual 1-Space down the alphabet, "FOX" becomes "ENW"="NEW",
as in... "New World Order".

Which leads as to the famous "W" ('Dubya'); when spelled "DUBIA",
the get to: [ DUBIA = 37 = SEAL ]. Eerily, the former boat of
notorious drug pilot turned informant (then betrayed by the Reagan
administration) Barry Seal, ended up as Dubya's possession (see the
1991 film "Double Crossed", starring Dennis Hopper as Barry Seal).
The "W" as "Walker" is a pun of "Walk-In", beings that come into
a human body from outside dimensions, a "Walker" is a "Walk-In".
Pope JPII was "W"-ojtyla, sharing the "JOHN" name with Lennon.
Of course the Book of Rev. was supposedly written by a "John", this
just a Code, because no one knows who wrote it (a team obviously);
"John" is a highly ritualistic name, carrying a lot of esoterics. For ex.
the originator of English Gematria -Sir John Dee during Elizabeth I-
also carries the "John"; his name is a Code for many things as well.
When moving 1+Space in the alphabet:

[ "JOHN" becomes "KPIO" ]
"JOHN DEE" then becomes [ "KPIO DEE" = "OP. DEI" + KE ]
(meaning: "OPUS DEI KEY")

"KPIO DEE" ~~~ "KODE" ~~~ (Code)

"DEI" if spelled "DEY", is the last initials of "LeE HarveY OswalD",
who was placed in "DEALEY Plaza" - Dallas, Nov. (11=K) 1963; the
numerology of this date ties in with "911":

[ "NOV. 22 + (1+9+6+3)" = 92 ] { 1+9+6+3 = 19 }

If you search in Google-Maps for "World Trace Center NY", you will
see that there is a street leading to its center called "DEY St.", at the
intersection with "CHURCH St.". 1 block N from the site stands one
"MURRAY St."; in May 2000 the Opus Dei changed its american
headquarters from Chicago to New York in 34th x Lexington, to a
new building called the "MURRAY Hill Place". In previous years the
"MURRAH Bldg." in Oklahoma was destroyed. You will notice that
the names "M-urra-Y" and "M-urra-H" contain in their initials the
keys to "AL-HYM" (as "TimothY McVeigH last initials yield "HY").

Now the famous MS (Magic Square) (..."Micro-Soft"...) of Saturn
-also called the LoShu in chinese lore-, is the key to "ALHIM":

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

H A !

I left the last letter empty as a "!", because it is Number 6, which
we must fill in as "F.O.X."...! You see in symmetrical form at left
the letters for "ALHIM" (or ALHYM), while on its symmetrical
right side you see the 3 emblematic letters for the Bush dynasty !
With "FOX" properly at the bottom signaling their emblematic TV
channel of propaganda.

The embedded subliminal esoteric message, is that "GWB" & "FOX"
are "God" ALHIM on Earth.

As to the "OPUS DEI", in english it is "God's Work", once again the
emblematic Bush dynasty initials, now embedding "God" in english.
George Jr. was installed suspending the recount of Florida (clearly
favoring Al Gore), and the Supreme Court voting 5-4 for him. The
deciding vote was cast by Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia of
the Opus Dei...!!!! Interesting that a religious order of only 3000
secret members in the USA, could manage to have people in such
high power places. Former FBI director Louis Freeh also is an Opus
Dei member. These are the ones we know of...!? Furthermore, in
Election 2004 the now Pope Benedict 16 sent a Secret Memo to
the USA Bishops, instructing them to Excommunicate catholics
who voted for John Kerry, using the usual "abortion" technicality.
This was a blatant and horrendous interdiction of the Pres. Election;
thus George Jr. "won" by a tight margin, again.


The Opus Dei are the modern-day Knight Templars, their Personal
Prelature priesthood Order carries the same privileges only granted
to the Templars, such as complete independence from Bishops and
Cardinals, they only answer directly to the Pope...!? The Templars
constitution was called..."MILITIA DEI":

[ Militia = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]

[ DEI = 19 ] [ MILITIA DEI = 91 ] (...911...)

The British Secret Service is the "MI" (see also "MI"crosoft).

The last initials of the Bush dynasty form the Greek word for Beast:


In Rev/Apoc 13:18 the "Beast" is actually "THERION" in Greek,
translated literally to English as "WILD BEAST" (initials "WB" ).


*Note: Robert Hanssen, the FBI veteran spy/traitor, was Opus Dei.

*Note: the Opus Dei were not granted Priesthood until John Paul II.

*Note: monotheist religions Judaism/Islam/Christianity are 1 Triad.

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