Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Incorrect-World

I coined the expression "Incorrect-World" to label a type of world
that is both unsustainable and wrong in nature, which happens to be
the present-day world we live in !

Every single institution and ideology and religion, presently finds its
main reason for existence & praxis, to defend and propagandize this
very Incorrect-World
. Sure, on the verbose side of discourse, they
claim to be 'critical', but their actions & agendas betray a consistent
brainwash, to indoctrinate humans to believe in and support this very

What is this world then based on... one may ask...? The Subconscious
essence of it, can be expressed as a firm belief in:

(1). THE ILLUSION OF "SOLIDITY" (of 3D Matter).

Consciously, it can be expressed as a Stockholm Syndrome towards
supporting a Reality-Construct made of:

(3). POWER & FAME.
(5). "STATE-NATIONS" (Out-Of-Control Government).

You will observe, that crucial notions such as... INTELLIGENCE or...
WISDOM, or... LOVE, or... HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, are simply
not-part-of this World Construct. Neither is the notion of real & true
... CHANGE, a part of it. They have been simply left-out, often while
at the same time vociferously pretending to speak and do 'in name of'
them. Thus intrinsically so, this construct can and must be labeled...
the "Incorrect-World" !

Just for a moment, imagine a world where there is no money. Where
the "currency" is how intelligent & wise you are, and how much you
are able to contribute in Changing reality for the better. The present
World-Construct, boasts of "changing conditions" towards Progress
and Development, yet what they are doing is actually doing something
good, while at the same time doing something bad & unsustainable.
Of course the news media will never let you in on the bad "collateral
damage" side of it all. That, you will have to discover all by yourself,
unless it hits you before you can make sense of it, through climate
changes, illness, mental diseases, stress, constant recessions, being
permanently interdicted/surveilled/dominated, and what have you.

In your painful road to awareness, you will have to come to terms
with the sad fact that the "price" of Progress/Development, is quite
a hefty one, often incalculable and terminal in itself.

Soon you will get to the psychological milestone of realizing that in
order to "progress" -as defined under the prevailing "Versions of
Reality"-, you must accept that you are HUMAN CATTLE, gofer,
mush. That the 6 above essences (in blue), always imply that "One
Man's Gain Is Another Man's Loss", that "In Order For One To Win
Others Must Lose", and so forth.

In other words, you have painfully become aware of the fact that
this World-Construct is essentially A VAMPIRIC MANIFESTATION.

In other words, it is an Energy-Transfer "reality" projected and
laid-out in such a way as to facilitate a Psionic-Suction out of the
Self of the many, unto the Will of the few; a soul/mind-rape, that is.

Once you have landed on this territory of awareness, there is no way
back, and no Sugar-Coating eloquence will blind you to this fact. Out
there the world always tries to convince you that it is all a question
of the Right Allegiance; it is all an "Us vs. Them" conundrum. Really?

The vampiric world construct is therefore "divided" (fragmented)
into Nations, Religions, Ideologies, Races, Lifestyles, etc etc etc. Just
by "choosing" the "proper" one, you are "saved" and "good". Really?

As Roger Waters sang in the deep-critique album "Amused to Death":
"And the Germans killed the Jews
And the Jews killed the Arabs
And the Arabs killed the hostages
And that is the news".

You simply have to add other nationalities, & religions, & ideologies
to these lyrics, and that's exactly how this world "works" ultimately.
Well, most often times the killing is done In-Slow-Motion, via
disease, poverty, starvation, disguised boycott, and the like; the old
politics of "preferential comparative advantage" (not that War is
not employed regularly and consistently all the same...).

The Herd-Mentality propels people to believe the problem merely
lies in "that" particular nation, or "that" particular religion, or "that"
particular race, or "that" particular ideology, or "that" particular
lifestyle, ad infinitum.

You will notice how it's always "That" and Them". It's never "Mine"
or "Me", or "We" the problem. This is one Incorrect-World we live in,
because it is an outward projection in 3D material terms, of a truly
sick INNER MENTAL STRUCTURE, based on incorrect assumptions,
and unsustainable pragmatism's.

Then of course the "solution" is not yet "another" new political axis
of a program/agenda to deal with "them" & "that". The path to a true
recovery, is through Introspection and Self-Critique. If every country
keeps thinking it is the best and oh how inferior are the rest, and if
people keep thinking the same about themselves, the whole Humanity
endeavour is... utterly pointless.

This is what Humanity at large must reclaim now, a sense of Deep-
Critique and assessment of the wrong assumptions, of the incorrect
worldviews, of the illusory nature of the current models of reality and
self. Until that happens, only more & more truly pointless inorganic &
unsustainable types of "Progress/Development" are bound to multiply.

Take for example the case of "HYPER POPULATION"; while it is true
that some nefarious Elites have used this argument as a way to enact
their evil Depopulation Agenda, on the other hand there is little doubt
that presently we are faced with a terrible ordeal; while the intelligent
and wise amongst us are NOT PROCREATING, the less intelligent and
educated are literally multiplying like rabbits
, beyond any reasonable
safe levels and actually beyond hope, quite frankly.

This is a clear-case of... DEVOLUTION in practice, happening every
day in your planet. Of course the way out of this is through education
and higher culture, but most prominently so, it is though getting rid
of the age old Incorrect-World paradigms. The masses keep engaged
in this insane type of behaviour, simply because the entire structure
& mentality behind the current models of "Progress & Development"
actually profit and incentivize it.

Altogether the Capitalist and the Communist and the Religious
Fundamentalist systems require permanent growth of the lower-
level less-intelligent population, to sustain the "production" and
machinery of their very own particular models. Through this, they
are in fact practicing what is best-termed REVERSE EUGENICS,
propitiating a less-capable and less-excelling humanity.

Thus we have both a Classic ("kill 'em") Eugenics as well as a ("breed
'em") Reverse Eugenic agenda, simultaneously juxtaposing; and the
latter is gaining ground, leading to an increased Devolution. Now isn't
it interesting that official "education" only teaches Evolution, while it
never does teach Devolution...?

Now of course just by thinking Devolution as a real enacted Agenda,
one is confronted with a series of other 'issues' regarding Human Life
in a much larger galactic perspective, such as "Who does benefit from
Human Devolution...?"
These are the types of questions & revisions
that the current Incorrect-World censors and tries to avoid at all
cost, by inseminating feel-good worldviews, and basically paying an
endless tirade of "Buzz Agents" to propagandize about the reality
we live in as true & inevitable, like there was no other way than this.

The reason ancient history is still concealed, and the masses are led
to believe we are the 1st. intelligent & advanced civilization on this
planet, is because knowing it is knowing about ...Devolution!

By hiding the true far longer ancient history, all the necessary clues
about the "Human" existence are thus concealed from the minds of
the population. All the ups & downs of Evolution & Devolution, all the
movements toward Ascension and all the Vampiric Enslavement's
become obvious to the mind, when the origin and fall of previously
more advanced civilizations are exposed. The current and prevailing
"Incorrect-World" -as I labeled it- profits massively from ignorance
of such, as populations are kept in an "information-vacuum" cocoon,
bent on believing even the stupidest assumptions. No introspection
and self-critique can really happen at all, if the full extent of the
"Human" paradigm is not contemplated, and only superficial and
often caricaturesque notions in the religious and race/nationalistic
vein are popularized as mainstream.

The illusory belief that we are at the top of the food-chain, can be
the most dangerous of the assumptions. When careful thought is
given to the fact that there might be entities interested in this
double-direction EUGENICS (to breed indiscriminately, and to
kill indiscriminately
), a self-evident analogy to the meat-industry
emerges, for ex. Yet we must include the existence of Parallel
realities (or higher dimensions) into the equation. Thus the 2
lists of essential assumptions and goals I gave at the beginning
of this post (in Red and in Blue), find an easy explanation, as
being the "perfect conditioning" of Humanity for this purpose
of Vampiric Harvesting (Kundalini 3D Organic Factory).

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