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Is the PHOENIX Bird.. NIBIRU? (Part 2)

Let's start then observing how the Gematria Scripts are all mingled
with the ordinary language and names to everything "normal", in
order to confer PSIONIC POWER of "manifesting" to those who
hold the Synchronic keys.

Back in 1956 "The 10 Commandments" film was made, with Charlton
Heston as Moses Crossing the Red Sea in its most famous scene,
along with actor Yul Brinner as the Pharaoh:


What's the hidden message? The Pharaoh is related to NIBIRU.
In 1959 another epic film called "Ben-Hur" also starred Heston:


So by triangulation, Moses is also related to Nibiru. However this
cipher works also by linking Nibiru to the Phoenix Bird; originally
this Firebird was called "BENNU" ("I Am Bennu, the Soul of Ra"),
born in the Incense trees in the garden of the prince of Heliopolis
(Helios means SUN), resting on a nest made of Incense & Myrrh,
-as Herodotus described- carrying on its beak an EGG of Myrrh
with the ashes of its Former-Self (its father). Pliny added that a
small WORM appeared from his body, that metamorphosed into
a Bird, called BENNU; this was the origin of the name "VENUS",
because it was the Star of the ship of Bennu-Ausar (Osiris) and
"Morning Star". Thus Nibiru & Venus share a flight in the sky,
that is symbolized as the Bennu/Phoenix Bird of Fire; this is an
extant memory of the incoming Nibiru system, when one of its
bodies apparently collided with the planet Maldek (today as the
Asteroid Belt, the extant fragments), "Venus" the thrown-out
piece of this collision, razing and robbing Mars of its atmosphere,
and passing by the Earth provoking the Deluge and Pole Shift;
Venus settling where the Earth was, the Earth taking Mars orbit,
and Mars pushed further out to the cold position it has today.

Whatever the real catastrophes were, the PHOENIX BIRD was
RED with Golden plumage on its edges, nesting in Myrrh and
(frank) Incense; Myrrh was since then asociated with Priesthood,
and Incense with Death ("CROSS"-ing of Nibiru); the whole theme
of the Phoenix death and rebirth, has been the foundation of "all"
ever since, both in linguistic and esoteric terms. It is not needed
to delve into the ancient languages, because was is truly happening
is that the Gematria Templates (Temple) are constructed outside
our 3D linear-historic "reality", merely yuxtaposed to our normal
language of randomness; it is 4D Synchronic Language without
Time, applied to for ex. modern English (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):




As the time of the Repeat-Cycle event of Nibiru's "2nd Coming"
draws nearer, signs hidden-in-plain-sight began to appear since
the '70's, in particular 1973 (73=Nibiru) with the fall of Nixon:


Ever since, it has become customary almost to embed Nibiru more
and more into everything highly visible, often just as its minimal
"NI" prefix, as for ex: JOHN McCAIN/SARAH PALIN (carrying
both the prefixes "NI" and "PH", for all to see dressed in RED).
This "CODE RED" is of maximum importance; Nibiru is the Red
Star & Planet system, Phoenix is the RED Firebird, Moses Crosses
the RED Sea, the Knights Templar Cross is RED (origin of the now
known medical "Red Cross"), etc.

[ CODE = 27 = RED ] [ PHOENIX = 91 ] ("911")

Goro Adachi makes an impressive case for the portion of the Nile
River that is called "Red Nile" as opposed to the other "Blue Nile",
as superimposed fractal of the further East rivers of Mesopotamia
(thus comprising the 4 Rivers of Genesis). A concomitant theme
of the BLUE bloods CROSS-breeding into the normal RED bloods,
can be made, as well (origin of occidental "Royalty").

The point marked by the RED Nile would be the "1st. Coming" of
Nibiru. The 3 Pyramids appear to have been constructed prior to
this catastrophe, as mirror-mage of the 3 Stars in Orions's Belt.
Thus the "3 Kings" or "Magi" in the fable of the Gospels, coming
to the "Birth of Jesus" following an unusual Star, carrying Gold,
Incense & Myrrh, is a clear pun on NIBIRU PHOENIX, because
Bennu the Phoenix was Red with Golden Plumage in the edges,
nesting in Incense & Myrrh, all this quite evidently/unmistakably
so; you really need to be quite ignorant of Egypt not to notice it.

But the better traceable point of origin of all this encoding, can be
pinpointed during AKHENATEN's reign, also called AMENOPHIS
IV (or even AMENHOTEP), the 18th Dynasty (Rev 13: 18):


It simply cannot be clearer; "OPHIS" means "SERPENT" and this
is the Masonic origin of the ritual term "Office of the President"
(President = Serpent Id). This in relation to the Egyptian "Order
of the Serpent", where the Pharaoh (Phoenix) was to be the very
Serpent race incarnated -as shown in the protruding Cobra in his
Head-Dress, symbol for an activated/open 3rd. Eye (Pineal Gland).

These codes can be found in visible places like "MS" (MicroSoft is
MS the "Morning Star" -Bennu/Phoenix-), as also the well used
program "Office" is pun of Ophis, etc. The more things are hidden
in plain sight, the less people will see them , due to the state of
their conditioned mind, programmed to perceive in compartments;
whenever you point out any of these obvious puns & synchronicities,
most people get instantly irritated, some even seriously angered;
this is all an internal reaction to their programming, which does not
allow to be recognized. If you are reading these posts without
experiencing unusual compulsive defense-mechanism reactions,
you are truly lucky or have to a point deprogrammed yourself.

Particularly revealing is the suspect figure of "Santa Klaus" that so
many laughingly call "Satan Klaus";
one really famous at the time
"St. Nicholaus" was transformed into "Nicklaus" then "Santa Klaus",
a RED dressed character residing in the North Pole, who is flown to
children's houses on X-Mas Eve to deliver gifts, by reindeers of
which the key one is one "Rudolph the RED nosed Reindeer", whose
magical RED nose lights up the dark path in the sky.

The Red Nibiru metaphor is overwhelming, but with surprising new
details; he comes into the houses through the Chimney, an ancient
symbol of Fire as well as WormHole portal to parallel realities, and
the North Pole is a stunning reference to the ALPHA DRACONIS
Star at the celestial pole. The name of God in Genesis 1 is "ALHIM"
or "ALHYM": [ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]
Thus the suspect figure of "Santa Klaus" has been constructed in such
a way as to imply that the "Son of the Dragon" is the one being born.
In the british Camelot lore this is literally so, through the figure of
"Luther Pendragon". To this day the flag of the Prince is of a Dragon,
RED in color of course. In medieval times the "Order of the Dragon"
was known as the Vlad Dracula reign in Transylvania (son of the
dragon/devil) in today's Romania; the current british dynasty are
cousins of the mentioned romanian dynasty.

In the Book of Revelation, Nibiru is called "WORMWOOD", in ref.
to the WORM out of which the Bennu/Phoenix is born anew, and
also as a "WormHole" portal; this implies that perhaps what is
incoming as "Nibiru" system, is only partially in physical 3D form,
and mostly in 4D form. On the other hand it could be argued that
this is an instruction to build a WormHole portal to escape the
event, into an alternate TimeLine reality, or most likely both.

The emblematic color RED can also be found early in the nazi regalia,
as designed in grandeur by architect Albert Speer, from the giant
red hanging curtains to the red swastika, etc. Thus Hitler can be
seen as precursor of the present New World Order that is nothing
else than the global preparation for the "2nd. Coming" of Nibiru.
As "Santa" is carried by "Rudolph" in front, so "Adolph" Hitler
matches the symbolism.

We find this linguistic code in anything really famous, even in the
funky mediatized business of "OJ" murdering NIcole Goldman;
the Golden Age coming, under the auspices of the perennial "NI".
"OJ" 1-space back the alphabet also becomes "NI".

Another funky mediatized event was of one MONICA LEWINSKY
seducing President CLINTON: you really have to be blind not to
pick up the "NI" cue; after all the one extracting the information
was LINDA TRIPP, who few know was the secretary of Clinton's
Counselor VINCENT Foster (and she was the one who served him
his last meal in the form of a burger and soda -she was an extant
employee of the former Bush Sr. term-); that the media would not
report this little "detail", speaks volumes on the state of the press.

A few years before, David Koresh burned in a blaze of fire with his
followers, in Waco - Texas, in a very controversial event that many
claim was intentionally set as such:

"PHOENIX BIRD" 1st & last initials: "PB/XD"
Back 1-space in the alphabet they become: ["OA/WC" = WACO]

So saying "WACO" is code for "Phoenix Bird"; guess where George
Bush Jr. resided? In a ranch a little nortwest of Waco in Crawford.
This is how the elite hides their symbolic synchronic language, in
plain sight...! This means that George was assigned the uneasy task
of bringing down America ("Death of America the Phoenix"), while
Obama is assigned the task of representing the "Rebirth of America
the Phoenix". The original Bird in the Seal was the Phoenix, only later
changed to the Eagle, thus the Eagle is secret-code for Phoenix. In a
more literal sense John McCain was proposing himself to be the new
Phoenix, as he comes from Arizona (and the city of Phoenix is there);
he was trying to enact himself as Akhenaten, Sarah Palin so clearly
as Nefertiti. In truth, Obama was the pre-selected archetypal figure
representing the "New Akhenaten", to begin with he actually indeed
resembles the very face of Akhenaten...! -quite obviously so-, who
ruled in what is called the "Amarna Period".

In the JFK assassination, his vice-pres Lyndon Johnson was also
implicated as it is well-known fact in Texas, so then the Phoenix
Death is encoded as in the name of Lyndon Johnson's wife, the
famous "Lady Bird" (Phoenix Bird), always Birth & Rebirth. In
this event the cues were given through the wives: "JacquelINe"
married Onassis who was also involved in the hit, because in the
mafia code of honor, an important man who kills another important
man, has to marry the widow (also JFK's car right after the hit
drove through TRINITY Pass at the end of Dealey Plaza, and
Oswald the patsy was later killed by RUBY ~ NIBYRU).

The Obamamania has origin in the Masonic lore, as "HIRAM ABIFF"
represents Death and Rebirth, Obama is there because he enacts
symbolically what they want to:


The Masonic agenda of provoking Death and Rebirth is famously
explicited in their motto "Ordo Ab Chao" (Order Out of Chaos):

The axis-theme of "Hope" and "Change" has a corresponding key:

His previous Phoenix enacting figure Bush in Crawford - Texas:

The Pope gives the famous yearly "URBI ET ORBI" benediction:

Only this time approaching 2012, this crucial last Pope acc. to the
prophecies of St. Malachy, is one RATZINGER, whose official
chosen Pope name "BENEDICTUS" precisely points to that same
benediction, all too clearly indicating... Nibiru's time.

This is even more visibly represented atop the very "Cross of Jesus"
with the sign "INRI", quite an obvious reference to NIBIRU:

"INRI" supposedly means "KING of the Jews", still carrying the
NIBIRU prefix; it is all a Gematria representation of the Star or
Planet of the Crossing NIBIRU; Jesus sheds RED blood and is
clothed initially in a Scarlet robe, the sky turns red and darkens
as a big unusual eclipse takes place, all a pun of the Nibiru/Sun
eclipse. He is given a beverage mixed with myrrh, in irrefutable
reference to the "3 KINGS". The whole scene of the "Crucifixion"
is self-evidently the 3 Pyramids & 3 Stars of Orion's Belt, as the
3 Kings; it is the [ TRINITY ], pictured as the 3 crucified.

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