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Please heighten the Super Bowl area/date security!

-Later added links-:
{Was the Feb 1st. 2009 SuperBowl one of the set dates...? My post
below would have helped to prevent that, losing the surprise-factor}
Example of the speculation on the internet; in this link, the deal is
assumed to be averted right on that very day of Flight 1549 plane
landing on the Hudson. {Eerily, one of my Phone Numbers ends in
549, and my last name and city I live have a lot in common with
* (Note: see also later added relevant news at the end of the post)

I was asked to check on the Gematria/Numerology aspect of the
upcoming Feb 1st. 2009 Super Bowl, due to a faint web rumour of
linguistic coincidences related to the Hudson River plane landing;
in a nutshell, here is what I came up with.

On October 25th 2008, the night-before shootings of relatives to the
former American Idol singer Jennifer Hudson was big news in the
media (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26);

Jennifer HUDSON ~~~ HUDSON River

153 is a very big Key Number in Gematria -as you can easily find
in my previous post "Key No. 153"- (it is used for ex. as sign of the
"Resurrection" theme in the Miracle Fishing of the Gospel. When
we say "Resurrection", think of Nibiru's 2nd Coming). Morover:


{ RIVER = 72 = FIRST } (Feb 1st.)

Jennifer Hudson & Bruce Springsteen were the choices for the Super
Bowl musical acts, at the James Raymond Stadium in Tampa Bay FL.
Hillsborough River lies somewhat close to the East:


The Super Bowl uses roman numerals to indicate its number, this one
the "Super Bowl XLIII". Thus "XLIII" is a match of "Oct 25":

OCT 25 = 63 = XLIII

You must observe how the hero-pilot of the jet plane that landed in
Hudson River, is one "Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger III", emphasis
on the "III" (note 911 was a jet plane event, emphasis on "II").
Another key esoteric number is "144" (related to the Book of Rev.,
and to Key No. 153, if you cared to read my older post):


Notice how the location "Tampa Bay" embeds "Obama" in reverse:


[ "PRESIDENT B. OBAMA" = 144 ]

Now let's take a closer look at that "US Airways Flight 1549" (which
in roman numerals is written as "MDXLIX" ~ 1549):


[ (1+5+4+9) + US AIRWAYS = 155 ]

The media prominently settled for "155 Passengers" as survivors
of the plane crash-landing over water. Look at the roman numerals:

MDXLIX ~~~ MDX "XLI" (Super Bowl "XLIII")

News of the plane crash-landing on JANUARY 16, the birthday of
MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr...!!!! Go to Google Maps and input the
name of the Super Bowl stadium; it sits framed by W. Martin Luther
King Jr Blvd./W. Tampa Bay Blvd./N. Dale Mabry Hwy 92/N. Himes
Ave. (92 can also be 'seen' as pun of 911). Furthermore:

(N. DALE MABRY) + (N. HIMES AVE.) = 191

Connect to the US Airways flight & to the Feb 1st. Super Bowl date:



Emblematically, the "National Anthem" is sung at the Super Bowl;
the closest cipher-embedded link to this is the 2007 release of the
Nicholas Cage series "National Treasure, Book of Secrets", a film
explicitly loaded with masonic ciphers as its theme, which deals with
Mount Rushmore NATIONAL MEMORIAL to 4 Presidents, located
in South Dakota:




More importantly so, the flight N. 1549 / MDXLIX, encodes this
very "National" Anthem moment at the Super Bowl:


In "spoken" form, the alphanumerics of 1549 yield No. Pi (3.14...):


"Pi" is link to the Piramid/Pyramid, both in cipher and in actual
mathematical fact; if this was a coded-message, the riddle would
be solved as "National Memorial/Monument Song" (Stone=Tones):

73 =Egypt=Corner=Stone=Britain=United=Kingdom=Crown


There is yet another much less visible synchronicity; the 'funny'
computer "Y2K" fiasco of 2000, seems to have had readings of
another kind.

Y2K ~~~ "WHY 2 KEY" ~~~ "WHY TWO KEY"


"TWO" = "TOW" (ers) ~~~ "2 Towers"/TW-in Towers

[ WHY TWO KEY = 155 ]
{ 155 Passengers -the press reported- survived the New York City
crash landing on the Hudson River }

In other words, if "Y2K" in its other forms encoded New York City's
2 Twin Towers, the "155" synchronizes it with the Hudson R. event;
flight ( 1/5/4/9 Us Airways = 155).


Readings much less visible like these, must not be discarded as too
subtle to form a Numeric Cluster or Pattern. For ex. in the case of
911, we find such readings providing crucial synchronicities, as in:

[ NEW YORK = 111 ]

[ "One One One" = 101+1 = Jet Planes ]

Once again the same connection to the Super Bowl '09 emerges:

[ "W. TAMPA BAY" = 101+1 ]

A 'deeper' & more 4-Dimensional way of doing Gematria involves
the use of Magic Squares to form "Watch-Towers"; if you notice
"World-Trade"/"Watch-Tower" share initials. This would mean
the 911 event was scripted in 4D in a Watch-Tower template from
a Magic Square (Template ~ Temple, while: TOWER=81=SQUARE).
The simplest one is the Magic Square of "Lo-Shu" -in chinese lore-
or of Saturn in occidental lore, a 3x3 grid:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

These are numbers 1 to 9 arranged in a "magic" configuration due
to its arithmetical unique properties. Observe the "T" shape the
numbers of Flight 1549 form, if we combine them with the Super
Bowl date of "2/1" & also "911" ("T"ower ~ "T"emple ~ "T"ampa):

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

This MS of Saturn contains emblematically the "492" key, which
was used on 2 really big life-altering events for planet Earth; the
Discovery of America, and America entering WWII, after the Dec.
7 - 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (i.e. 1st. phase of America from
"1492 to 1942").

Thus this Watch-Tower has the POTENTIAL to induce WWIII...!
(If the entities and/or humans manipulating events wish so).

I am not promoting Fear, I am simply reading into the quite strong
Gematria cluster; when read in this way, the Super Bowl "XLIII"
acquires a radically more ominous potential meaning, of "WWIII":

[ WWIII = 73 = NIBIRU ]

[ III = 27 = Code = 27 = RED ]

WORLD TRADE CENTER ( "RED" in reverse)

The pervasiveness & resilience of this Gematria cluster is worth
the effort I'm putting into it, because of its potential implications.
See Pearl Harbor date 12/7/1941:

[ 12 + 7 + (19+41) = 79 = SUPER = 79 = TAMPA BAY ]

Exposing Gematria clusters & Watch-Towers before they have the
chance of "surprising" us, greatly diminishes their chance of coming
into a reality here. The object of this post is to do precisely such, by
focusing on the possible 'apex' point at the Super Bowl XLIII. The
more people read this post, the lesser the chance for such a negative
manifestation, as the subconscious Gematria substrata comes forth
unto the conscious -similar to becoming aware of a danger-. Also
it is possible that the '1st. half' of the 'potential event' was already
averted, as the plane crash-landing was very well handled and there
were no victims at all -everybody describing it as a near miracle-.
Yet that's no guarantee as to the Super Bowl XLIII Gematria cluster.
Today Monday Jan.19, new revelations surface, that the same plane
on the same route & flight No. 1549, 2 days before the crash-landing
on the Hudson River, experienced loud banging sounds, the captain
informing of turbine anomalies and announcing a U-turn, eventually
continuing the flight.

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