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Nostradamus CXQ72


"CXQ72" (or C10Q72 - Century X Quatrain 72) is without a doubt
the most famous Nostradamus quote, sensationalized as speaking
of a "Great King of Terror" that comes from the sky in July 1999.
When this date passed without incident, most people dismissed the
perennial Nostradamus prophetic charm. On Sept 11 - 2001 once
again the Quatrain got considerable notoriety, being believed it was
changing "1" for "9" that the "year 1999" really meant "9111", and
the King of Terror of course was Osama. A little too convenient for
those with a giant baloney detector. After all, many Nostradamus
quatrains have been employed as propaganda overtly, even during
WWII when also way-too-contrived flier printed quatrains were
dropped from airplanes over enemy territory to demoralize troops;
both the Allies & the Germans engaged in this curious "prophetic"
information warfare. And ever since there's been a deliberate use
of Nostradamus quatrains to politically imply this or that.

It matters little if Nostradamus really saw the future or not, since
when the minds of pools of readers have been thus hammered with
these sensational "translations", they end up getting blogged-in the
Collective Unconscious anyhow; and once that occurs, the Powers-
That-Be in the Cryptocracy find them to be a useful tool.


"L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand
Roy deffraieur resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois. Avant apres
Mars regner par bon heur".

"In the year 1999 the seven month, from the sky will come a great
King to bear/pay costs to resurrect the great King of Angolmois.
Before and after Mars reign merrily".

No "King of Terror" here; the word "deffraieur" meaning to bear
pay costs (to defray), was miscopied as "d'effrayeur", apostrophe
added and wrong spelling that doesn't exist in the original text, from
whence the word "terror" was thus inserted into the meaning.


If there is any validity to any of Nostradamus texts, it would be as
to their "World War" scenarios; that's when they become plausible.
Bearing in mind the utilitarian cryptographic use some secret elites
could be putting them to, our attention is drawn to the mysterious
name "ANGOLMOIS", which most have translated as "Mongolia",
without much basis. So the propaganda implies the antichrist comes
from China or the Middle-East, see...? ANGOLMOIS though, a few
sharp researchers have observed, is better understood as Anagram.
As to the "Year 1999", maybe he was referring to what he would've
seen as the 'beginning' of the WWIII drama, tied to the ascent of the
famed "King". In other words, not a single flash-event, but rather a
a process, a series of escalating events, which is how real life wars do
evolve and materialize. He might have been pinpointing the cues. As
even the cataloguing of the quatrains has become emblematic, they
could be used as well, a part of the same Collective Unconscious:

" C X Q 7 2" split in two becomes: { "C X Q" and "7 2" }

Moving back 1-space in the alphabet:
{ "C X Q" becomes: " B W P" } and { "7 2" is: " G B" }

That looks awfully familiar, doesn't it? The current incumbent,
who started his "P"residential bid around... July 1999. Talk about
precision, Mr. Nostradamus...!? A lot of debts to pay indeed, as
we veer into the biggest deficits and public debts in history. But
in his 1st term, indeed there was a "9111" event, to use the rev
Nostradamus reference. Escalating events, see...? If Nostradamus
was anything but a total retard, he would have surely spotted the
crucial date "8/8/8" in the escalating timeline of events. That is
"August 8, 2008", the BEIJING OLYMPICS. And he might have
seen this patently overt numerological date, as the pivotal point in
the escalation spiral towards igniting WWIII. The very same ritual
of "IGNITING THE FLAME" of the Olympics, gets a new meaning:


In the dark night of 8/8/8 Georgia launches a sneak attack against
the population of South "OSSETIA" in the russian border, killing
close to 2000 civilians, reports speak of people being burned alive.
Observe the 8/8/8 ritual numerology (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ OSSETIA = 88 ] matches the { 8/8/8 date }

Now that our attention's tickled, we go for the big one:


Don't scratch your eyes, you read that right; never mind the I/Y:


Once again talk about precision, Mr Nostradamus! Grand Events
for a Grand 8/8/8/ Date, the ritual Igniting the Flame of WWIII.
Gematria confirmation follows:

[ OLYMPICS = 1+111 = 8/8/8/ OSSETIA ]

Furthermore, as we are almost at a transition between presidents,
we eerily find the synchronicity of the initials for both George Bush
and Barack Obama. Or was it all scripted beforehand?:

[ { BEIJING is "GB" } while { BEIJING OLYMPICS is "BO" }

More strikingly so, we find "GEORGIA" in the full expression:

{ "ROY D" = 62 = GEORGIA ]

Therefore the full phrase "ROY D 'ANGOLMOIS" can be read:


Now to complete the irony:

{ "BEIJ PICS SSETI" = 145 = NOSTRADAMUS } ("I" left out)

It gets even crazier, as the totals "72" and "73" are clearly formed:
{ "BEIJ PICS" = 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown }
{ "SSETI" = 72 = Monarch } (as in Quatrain "72"}

And when you link the 2 Grand Events into 1:
"144" is the Key to the English Alphabet (by No. of letters):

[ 144 = One Two Six ] [ 144 = Four Five Nine ]

[ 144+26 = Three Seven Eight ] ( 26 = "BEIJ" )

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