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Joshua... or NIBIRUM

"2001 Space Odyssey" provided us a crucial piece of the et-"gods"
secret ciphers. In the film the pathologically semi-sentient computer
is called "HAL", and everybody knows this means "IBM" by moving
up 1 space in the alphabet. IBM stands for "International Business
Machines", but the question if IBM was code for HAL from the very
beginning, begs. See, HAL is a short way of saying "ALHIM", one
of the 2 names of God in the book of Genesis in the Bible (the other
is IHVH or YHWH), usually rendered "Elohim". The Kubrick film is
about the influence of Elohim et's in the Fast-Evolution of Mankind
out of the apes; the Monolith represents the Elohim, for simplicity
purposes. Things get interesting adding a "B" to "ALHIM/ALHYM:

[ B+ALHIM = "HAL" + "IBM" ]

Adding the "B" solves the riddle of the mesopotamian "BAL" deity;
the Semites developed all knowledge out of the Babylonian and later
from the Egyptians. By hiding the key "B", one loses the name link.
I tend to favour a sarcastic fringe view of the ancient deities names,
as analogous to the film "The Planet of the Apes", where the N. York
signs in runs in the future, where recycled by devolved apes to mean
important words in their religious make believe concoction. As for
ex "BAL" could mean "LAB" (yes, Laboratory; this would suggest
a time-travel team from our present into the past, amusing... to be
trapped into never-ending Time Loops):

[ "BALHYM" = "B. MYLAH" ]

"BRIT MYLAH" of course is the name for CIRCUMCISION. It is
normally assumed the jews took Circumcision from the Egyptians,
who imposed it upon their slave-classes, but "BALHYM" suggests
that it comes from further back in Sumeria/Mesopotamia, only the
"priestly" overtone from the later Egyptians. The Old Testament
has "Moses" prescribing it as instrument of salvation. However the
condition known as "PHIMOSIS" is what Brit-Mylah Circumcision
sought to combat, the constriction of the Prepuce/Foreskin in the
Penis in about 1 in 20, to 1 in 30 humans on average. No damage or
health ill effect is related to Phimosis, Circumcision is not "needed"
as a medical practice whatsoever. Why would Nature be so "wrong"
in such large numbers...?


The "Messiah" means the "Anointed One", as Egyptians anointed
with Crocodile Fat, the crocodile being the "Messeh". This reptilian
cult called the "Order of the Ophis" (Ophis means Serpent) is most
notably present in the name of Akhenaten, creator of Monotheism,
renamed "AMENOPHIS IV" after he became Pharaoh, as well as
in the egyptian head-dress with a protruding Cobra. The Shedding
of the Skin by the Snake, was ritualized in the form of Circumcision,
as a "Shedding the Penis Foreskin", IN ORDER TO BRING OUT

The Penis was seen as a Fractal of the Cobra or Snake, where the
Kundalini is spiked to sexually surge up the spine through many
chakras, until it reaches the Pineal & Pituitary Glands in the Brain,
where the "Third Eye" is activated to connect with the reptilian 4D
overlords, this symbolized by the protruding Cobra. The genitals
were considered a Male/Female intertwined Kundalini activator,
the Penis Foreskin holding the Female (PhiMale) energy in males,
and the Clitoris holding the male energy in females, Circumcision
usually for both genders -as it is today in much of Africa and the
MiddleEast-. In other words, Male-Female opposite energies were
excised out of each gender, in order to imbalance the Kundalini,to
render the person open to reptilian intrusion & alter-control. One
cannot but notice how "Phimosis" reads like "Phi Moses"; during
the Greco-Roman culture and later Medieval and Renaissance eras,
Phimosis was considered THE IDEAL, as immortalized in statues &
paintings for all to see. Apparently they knew the deep secret, that
Phimosis protects at the etheric Kundalini energy-frequency level,
and induces a more balanced individual, of higher freq resonance.

[ MYLAH = 59 = DRAGON ]

We can find "Brit Mylah" in the planet name "NIBIRUM" as well:

[ NIBIRUM = "BRI" + "MI" + un ]

This is where the "HAL/IBM" key comes handy. The "Planet of
the Cross"-ing, is called Nibirum in darker demonic lore, while it is
usually rendered as Nibiru in open circles. Notice the "IBM":

[ NIBIRUM = "INR" + "IBM" + U ]

[ (1+) space in the alphabet "INR" becomes "JOS" ]
[ (1-) space in the alphabet "IBM" becomes "HAL" ]

[ "NIBIRUM" becomes: {"JOS"+"HAL"+U = "JOSHUA L."} ]

Observe how "JOS" is the cipher by which the Old Testament
Moses saga starts in Egypt with the Patriarch Joseph, and Joseph
in the New Testament starts the Jesus saga. "Joshua" is a proto-
name for Jesus; Joshua is part of the event when the SUN stopped
its motion in the sky, a clear reference to the passage of the "Planet
of the Cross"-ing NIBIRUM (or to the billiard-ball like solar system
momentary chaos after Nibirum's moon crashed into former planet
Maldek). Jesus at the Cross is accompanied by an Eclipse or solar
anomaly, in the religious script. The Cross bears an "INRI" sign":

[ "INRI" is code for NIBIRUM" ]

[ Babylonian "NIMROD" is code for "NIBIRUM" ]

"Jesus with the 12 Apostles" is an astrological image of the SUN in
its 12 Zodiac signs path, symbolized as a "Star of David". These are
the "Stations of the Cross" in religious lore. In secular anglo lore, it
is "Arthur & 12 Knights of the Round Table" (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ "JOSHUA L." = 86 = "ARTHUR" ]

(the L" stands for "Lis"/royal Fleur-De-Lis, or "Liz"/Lizard)

The way the NIBIRUM reptilians gain leverage over humans on
Earth, is by creating polarized slanted versions of "Good" & "Evil",
of their own design and to their convencience; human population
is compelled to "opt" for one or the other extreme version of the
polarity, while the reptilian overlords stay ever and always on top,

The NIBIRUM rule by fabricating versions of "God" &
"Satan" , that play by sleight-of-hand in their favor, because in
secret they have construed both God & Satan to be THEM, and
they do role-play and strive to represent both simultaneously:

[ "JOSHUA" = 1+73 = "JESUS" = 1+73 = "LUCIFER" ]

[ Nibiru = 73 = Egypt ]
[ 73 = The Nile = Corner = Stone ]
[ Pyramid = 86 = Joshua L. = 86 = Arthur ]
And to solve the IBM riddle at the beginning of the post:


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