Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The "All-Is-One" Field


Physics went from Newton’s Absolutism to Einstein’s Relativity.
But Relativity brought in the “Unified Field”, which cannot exist in
a world of Absolutes, where everything is “only” or “just” what-it-
is in itself, DISCONNECTED internally from everything else. In the
Newtonian universe the only connections are external-mechanic;
light is only light, gravity is just gravity, mass only mass, etc. This
is a powerful DECEPTION, albeit deliberate one on the part of Sir
Isaac, who we know, was in secret a member of the most powerful
esoteric groups. In other words, Newton provided 400 more years
of support to Theocratic Fundamentalism, which is a form of Control
& Manipulation of Consciousness, by rendering it into a rigid/static/
immobile FOSSIL. Easy to win over and dominate, that is, by the
Crown to which Sir Isaac was an agent of. Absolutism = Dementia,
because there isn’t a thing in the universes, that is fixed and
is “only” itself.

The true nature of reality, is quite more infinitely varying, that
is Inter-Connected from within (be it the Form or the Content,
all the same). Not even the so-called ‘external’ Shell of things, is a
“Separate” entity, the Shell contains fractal contents of the All-Is-
One as well, and is thus open to Synchronicity & Morphing, which
are the true Modes of Existence.

A Chair is only a chair, and it is solid mass, says the inmate in the
asylum. No it’s not; diagonally on the floor it becomes a mountain
and a half mountain, and it can linguistically be a (c) Hair, etc.. It is
only our devolved demented version of “consciousness” that fixes
things into static 3D self-separate “ideas”, that bear no relation to
real reality, of how things are beyond the thin/flat earth version
of ideas & perceptions. Young children not yet subjected to these
systematic forms of imposed dementia, are still able to see & they
perceive how all things are Synchronistic & Morph.


Lucy was a friend of child Sean Lennon, and he painted her with
diamonds in the sky, and when daddy John saw it he wrote “Lucy
In the Sky with Diamonds”, which in turn could become a cipher
for L.S.D. Events & Things & Beings are continually ‘open’ to new
selves and to become other, THE INFINITE is a part of anything
or everything, and like children not yet conditioned by so narrowly
imposed deliberate ‘edumacation’, artists (the real ones, not the
phonies that the system promotes as ‘artists’) also know the true
nature of reality. That is why the system murders the true artists,
or at least starve or sicken them in slow motion, everybody knows
that. Children are systematically subjected to Pedophilia abuse and
edumacation’ brainwash. True artists are marginalized, ostracized,
falsely gossiped about, laughed at, despised, deprived of minimal
income, black-listed, and ultimately murdered in case they become
too big and influential; unless they sellout to the asylum keepers,
that is. The best painter in history -Vincent Van Gogh- never sold
a single painting (his brother pretended to buy 1).


What the system wants and promotes, are actors. Make-Believe,
as in be-LIE-ve. Politicians are nothing else than just professional
actors representing make-believe scripts of reality unto the masses.
The Asylum fiercely defends its rigid ilusory perimeters, there are
"Consciousness Guards" everywhere (Leonard Cohen called them
"The Jazz Police"), at every corner, under every stone, & definitely
everywhere in the screen. This is symbolized in the book of Genesis
as the Cherubim that guards the entrance to Paradise; these are
the Watchers, the Prison Warders, whose mission is to BLOCK
your Consciousness from establishing a synchronistic link & to avoid
you from connecting organically to the Universal Mind, their role is
to keep you "in"within the Matrix walls of concept & perception. In
this narrow band of frequencies, you will "Be-Lie-ve" their Version
of Reality, and "Be/Live a Lie", betraying your true hidden nature.

The notions of “Synchronicity & Morphing” are not allowed in
the Asylum, they are labeled a "forbidden-fruit". If you were by
any chance to establish a connection with the divine inside instead
of the mind-trick false externalization game of a separate
“god”, you were burned at the stake as a witch not too long ago,
seemingly just yesterday in our "god-chosen culture".


"Going-In" into the Gates of Consciousness, is by and large, still
a CRIME punishable in most harsh terms. Teams of surveillance
will haunt the adventurous inner-trekker, the perimeters of the
Asylum are fiercely scanned. You will become persona-non-grata
the moment your Brain connects to the Infinite Mind. You must at
all times act as if you really believe things are rigid, fixed, absolute,
separate, limited, self-contained in only themselves, 3D linear logic
constructed. Severe punishment awaits those who have peeked into
the other side, the real. Socrates was made to drink the poison cup,
just a warning to all philosophers; his disciple Plato quickly learned
to only speak in metaphors (or else), and Plato’s disciple Aristotle
simply decided that “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…!?”. Thus the
world has been Aristotelian ever since, that’s the law, shut up...!?
God is outside of you, you gotta go to that building over there, and
do some external rituals, etc. That's how you are "saved".

At the 1st part of the 20th century, physics went into Relativity
and eerily different Quantum Theory, yet entire blind masses of
seemingly "educated" population still haven't the slightest idea of
the implications of these changes in concept of reality; their minds
are still pretty much in the Medieval cosmos, still under the safe
cover of Beliefs and patronage of Saviour-Protectors, only enjoying
a debauched lifestyle of thinly disguised rape & pillage. Everybody
is turned into a warrior, to “compete” you must rape & pillage, see?
Sports -Conditioning early on teaches you that the only way to win is
to make another lose. Of course Einstein attained the Unified Field
Theory, but that would brake the mechanistic shell, so it’s kept...er
secret. The UFT is nothing else than the realization/corroboration
that true reality is an “event” within “events”, all part of the same
One & Infinite Event, and open to multiple alternate realities as
possibilities of Synchronicity & Morphing. However Sixpack Joe still
‘thinks’ things are 'what they are' and that implies that by definition
they are fixed/rigid/stable/unchanged/absolute. Sixpack Joe is but
utterly demented; there is no such thing...!? He sees with his eyes
alright but his mind is shut, locked inside his Brain, which is nothing
more than a "Body Computer" running recursively in/unto itself,
without ever connecting to the Web of the Universal Mind Field.


Sixpack Joe is a broken record, a repetitive loop, he thinks static, as
if his paltry 70-years lifespan average was "it", a stable constant.
But he cries in his beer about the nevertheless morphing taking
place whether he likes it or not. From sperm to fetus to child to
teenager to young adult to adult to mature to senile to coffin corpse
oh well, let's have another beer to celebrate absolutism. Some will
need more than a soft drug to cope with the morphing. But Sixpack
Joe will refuse to admit his fixed notion of reality is dead-wrong;
thats why he's demented & he's kept within the Matrix planetary
prison Asylum.

See, in higher truer realms that are way more real than our tiny 3D
downgraded version “Instant Manifestation” is standard routine;
If Sixpack Joe lived there, he would fossilize and freeze Heaven
so to speak..!? Up in higher dimensions, things are like they behave
in Gematria numerology, constantly Morphing and possessed of an
Inner Synchronicity that allows them to become whatever they
may be, unimpeded. So Sixpack Joe thinks Gematria numerology is
“crazy” & yes, in HIS rigid glacial static ilusory world, it is. Within
the Asylum, Gematria numerology's “crazy”, yet it simply manifests
the all-too-obvious qualities and how true reality is outside the 3D
Matrix Asylum. Language is a 4D/5D construct, and only beings
who have a Psyche & Soul in the 4D/5D can speak; if you are not
Ensouled, you are an organic robot, and you will speak a fraction of
the Language Synchronicity; every further possibility in Language,
will be out of your reach, and perceived as “crazy”. A robot is a fixed
program, where Morphing does not exist and Synchronicity is non-
computable, for the Organic Robot acting human, these capabilities
are out of the question.

Sixpack Joe is the guy that is APPOINTED to every single directing
position in world affairs, from your local municipality to corporations
or governments, all places of management and control, are loaded
to the hilt of this Sixpack Joe prototype.

Therefore GEMATRIA as a Consciousness tool to break the spell of
the imposed surrounding Neuro-Linguistic loop, is marginalized to
a handful of individuals in the whole planet. So the limiting-spell
is made to give the ilusion it "creates reality" by "its work" and its
"sweat" but... reality is created at the LINGUISTIC level inside the
brain as processor of the Universal Mind. Reality is PROJECTED
through the Brain into the dimensional frequency context you're in
at the moment (called "life"), that is how reality "assembles" into
atoms or whatever units to "materialize" a "form" within a specific
dimension. Whether you consciously take part in that assemblage
or not, that's the question; whether your Unconscious/Subconscious
is utilized unbeknownst to you to "Process/Project Reality", that's
the ultimate conundrum. Quantum Reality implies a Computer on
top of all Probabilities, and that computer may be... YOU linked in
chain to ever other human, behind your conscious perception.

Gematria is the humble experience of evidencing the underlying
Linguistic Templates used in the projection, thank you Plato.

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