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"Magic Square" Trinity & 8/8/8

When we say "Trinity", we must think in numbers, as a Progression
from 1-digit to 3-digits repeated: [ 1 ] [ 1 1 ] [ 1 1 1 ].

The word "tRINIty" contains the cipher "INRI", supposedly placed
on top of Jesus' Cross by Pontius Pilate. In my opinion, the Roman
figure here simply serves as a linguistic code; akin to the way "Peter
& Paul" express the Pituitary & Pineal glands inside the brain. We
easily see that:

{ Pontius = Pitu + Son } while { Pilate = Pieal + t } thus;

"Peter"/"Pontius" is for PITUITARY
"Paul"/ "Pilate" is for PINEAL

As pointed out in a previous post, only other highly relevant word
that also emblematically contains "INRI", is "NIBIRUM". When we
consider the possibility that the Anunnaki might have used Nibiru
as cyclical substation to inseminate/hybridize earth, returning after
a while periodically to check evolution of the "NEPHILIM" offspring,
we can use this 1st numerological clue to consider Trinity as cipher
(a=1, b=2, ... , z=26):

[ "NEPHILIM GOD" = 1+111 ]

The famous and globally revered "MAGIC SQUARE OF SATURN"
or "LO SHU" amongst the chinese, represents TRINITY within the
alchemy of numbers. This 3x3 magic number grid is thus a key:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

Adding the 3-digit numbers in any direction yields "1665":
(492+357+816) = 1665 = (294+753+618)
(438+951+276) = 1665 = (834+159+672)
And the 3-digit diagonals in both directions add up to "2220":
(456+258)+(654+852) = 2220


All Masonic Lodges have chequer-board Black & White tile pattern
to secretly symbolize the many MAGIC SQUARES, of which the Lo
Shu or Saturn "MS" is the smallest 3x3. In previous posts I showed
how "MS" also means "Moon & Sun", also encoded as "MicroSoft".
This 3x3 MS of Saturn is ritually also a Black & White color pattern.

[ 111 x 15 = "1665" ] [ 111 x 16 = "1776" ]

[ "1776" + 222 = "1998" = 666+666+666 ]

The YEARS "1776 to 1998" were therefore very important to the
esoteric cabal, in that they signify a "Beginning & End" years-span,
intrinsically related to the "111" TRINITY square grid-pattern.
The Beginning as "George W.(ashington)", the End as "George W.
(Bush). Which suggests perhaps the plan-maestro is rather late
in schedule, as "1998" was the ideal occultic pre-set date. We can
tie this to the "Rev 13:18 cipher", in this simplest of ways:

[ 111 x 13 = 1443 ] [ 111 x 18 = 1998 = 666+666+666 ]

As the Book of Revelation was supposedly written in Patmos Island:
[ Patmos Island = 143 ] [ 43 = Mark ]

It is thus irrefutable that the TRINITY concept as Numeric Cipher
centered in the MAGIC SQUARE OF SATURN, is the core of both
the prophecy of Rev 13:18 cipher, as well as the "INRI" cipher, all
in all constituting one big puzzle united in a very simple manner.


Besides obviously being a Fractal [ 8 ] [ 8 8 ] [ 8 8 8 ] of Trinity in
the same cipher, by Phonetic/Vocal alphanumerics we confirm:

[ (Eight) + (Eight Eight) + (Eight Eight Eight) = 294 ]

Most emblematically "294" or in reverse equally "492" is the mark
of the Magic Square of Saturn, how it is best known, as it encoded
the year esoterically & carefully chosen to be the official Discovery
of America, "1492". Then by anagram we arrive at "1942" the year
chosen to be the centerpiece esoteric key to pinpoint World War II,
as America entered the war scene. [1942 - 1492 = 450 ] years,
which is the period of "Time, Times, and Half a Time" as
symbolized in the Book of Revelation: {100+300+50 = 450}.

The esoteric cabal has been without a doubt carefully following the
cipher-coded instructions in the Book of Rev, to mark each time
the most important events (staging).


You must observe how the "Even Numbers" form an "X" inside
the MS of Saturn, while the "Uneven Numbers" form an "+". Its
diagonals "456" & "258" form THE CROSS inside all calculators'
keyboards (like in your computer number keyboard). Whether
it is the "St Andrews" Cross or the regular Cross, all the same
the symbolism of a Magic Square for Cipher purposes, is inherent
to the "INRI" as symbol of both Trinity/Nibirum in the gospels
narrative of the Cross as crucifixion. If we look at the MS again:

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

The "Head" of the Cross in Red, is vertically where "9" & "5" lie.
So that Pontius Pilate supposedly placed the "INRI" sign on top of
the Cross above Jesus' head, matching in the Magic Square where
the Number "9" is. But if we SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ENGLISH
LETTERS (a=1, b=2, ... , z=26) those 2 numbers "9" & "5", we
have "IN" or "RI" written in the Magic Square... precisely in the
"Head position symbolically described...! In 'reduced value' of classic
basic Numerology:

{ 9 = I = R } and { 5 = N } (R=18; 1+8=9) (N=14; 1+4=5)


The "reduced value" numbers for the English Letters are:
[ 1 = A J S ] [ 2 = B K T ] [ 3 = C L U ] [ 4 = D M V ] [ 5 = E N W ]
[ 6 = F O X ] [ 7 = G P Y ] [ 8 = H Q Z ] [ 9 = I R ]

Thus the Letter transliterated MS of Saturn can read:

H 1 6

That is clearly & unmistakably "GWB" in "DC" (even the "H" adds
on diagonally to confirm the father: "GHWB"). I've left deliberately
the right-bottom numbers "1"&"6" without transliteration-to-letter,
because if you take both numbers together as one whole number, it
can be read as {"16"=P}, indicating the "P" title for President.

Moreover, the right-bottom corner number "6" is transliterated as
any of the 3 letters of "F-O-X", therefore that space can be filled
with the entire "FOX" term, because it happens to be the emblem
of the TV Propaganda channel dedicated to the current incumbent,
in such a peculiarly identifiable way; never before had an incumbent
a full TV Network almost solely dedicated to glorifying him.

What this implies, is that since the Phoenicians construed the main
2 linguistic branches of Hebrew & Greek, the fundamental Name /
Formula of "GOD" has been "ALHIM", and this has been gradually
embedded through generations & incarnations into the Soul Matrix
of a sizable segment of the present population, who have this Magic
Square Template (i.e. The Temple) as the Subconscious Grid under
the surface of their thoughts & beliefs, these early Kabbalistic cipher
constructions as the virtual "platform" of their mindset. By tapping
into it, the secret esoteric cabal is able to effect detailed methodical
linguistic "MATCHES" into the Magic Squares, that for all practical
purposes act as Subliminals, albeit incredibly powerful ones. The
Brain knows the word ALHIM, the brain knows much more than the
present incarnation and "Conscious I" lets through, all these ciphers
are the real Matrix processed underneath the thin outward "Self".

These are not "God's Destiny" matches, these are long-term gradual
deliberate Constructions by the secret Cipher-Builders (the real
meaning of "MS" -MaSons-). Languages were built, names were
carefully chosen, this the Temple/Template symbolized in ritual.


During Queen Elizabeth I in Britain, occultist and main advisor to
the Queen -John Dee-, began centuries ago to deliberately effect
these Magic Squares subliminals, he called them "WatchTowers"
due to him declaring all this science came directly from the "Fallen
Angels" (i.e. so-called "Watchers"), through spirit communications.

This form of deliberate "matching" PASSWORDS are a "Labyrinth"
type of ENTRY INTO THE HUMAN MIND, like a BackDoor to the
Brain Computer, if you will. The Brain is supposedly 'Templated'
after the Magic Square patterns, and they who possess the keys,
can tamper with the Linguistic Codes & Passwords, control humans
via the mind. Charles Taze Russell aprox in 1870 in Pennsylvania,
founded the organization now called "Watch Tower Bible & Tract
Society Inc.", which ventured into these new forms of 'Bible Mind
Control' (the 4 main words fit into a 5x5 Magic Square-WatchTower,
"Watch" / "Tower"/ "Bible" / "Tract" have all 5 letters each, and
the first 2 "Watch" & "Tower" have embedded trigger commands
like "Act" / "Owe"). This org. has also used Image Subliminals in
their magazines, that is quite well known. Ch. T. Russell belonged
to the famous Russell Bloodline (Skull & Bones legal arm is called
the Russell Trust), was a pedophile, was ritually murdered on the
night of Halloween, and was buried in RoseMount Cemetery across
the oldest and most powerful masonic lodge inside a pyramid tomb;
he was a RoseCross (Rosicrucian) agent in charge of this chapter of
Bible mind-passwords research, who stole a lot of esoteric material
Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Societywhen she came
to New York to give many lectures/seminars during that exact time.

THE "IBM / HAL" CIPHER MEANS "294" (MS of Saturn)

Similarly we can transliterate "294" as "BIM" on top of the Magic
Square. The famous "2001 Space Odyssey" film included a famous
"HAL" name for the computer-gone-psycho-sentient, everybody
knows moving (1+) space up the alphabet it yields "IBM".

However there is more to the cipher, as the Monolith in the film is a
symbol for the ELOHIM et's, who came to speed up the evolution of
the apes; but the original exact name is not Elohim but "ALHIM",
so "HAL" in turn denotes "ALHIM" as name for 'The Et Gods'. In
the Bible, every time you are translated ALHIM into "God", is a
quite deliberately wrong translation, since ALHIM is Plural...!?
The name ALHIM is ultimately an Alchemical Formula related
to the 5 elements and their 'Transmutations'; in other words, it
is a formula for Shape-Shifting or the sort, not an indicative 'name'
under any means, much less of a single being. This is perhaps the
easiest to confirm disinfo/lie, by even fast research.

We can irrefutably confirm that the cipher "IBM / HAL" actually
refers to the Magic Square of Saturn, by also replacing letters for


Visibly "ALHIM" can be seen in symmetrical figure at left.

More deliberately so, the complementary symmetrical letters
in Red to the right, as "GWB" with the optional "P" or full "FOX"
detailed before (in the "A" and "X"), imply the notion that he is
intrinsically part of ALHIM/GOD. This would explain the basic
manipulation of politics into fundamentalist religion that has been
the centerpiece of the current pres. term since 2000. Most of the
books written about the incumbent include prominently the word
"GOD" in the title along with his name, reinforcing the subliminal
Template (the "G" for "God" & "George" also does the same; keep
in mind all blue masonic lodges have a "G" between the compass &
square, as a public sign out in the street).

All this can be considered a highly sophisticated linguistic form of
theological/political brainwash, tapping directly into the Maze of
the Subconscious Magic Square Template of the brain, nothing less.


It has been pointed out in the Internet that the China earthquake
occurred "88" Days before the 8/8/8 Olympics date. In the same
line, the US Presidential Election happens "88" Days after 8/8/8.

There is also another meaning to "88", encoded in "Heil Hitler":
[ "H"=8 ] therefore "88" stands for "H.H."


[ ALHIM = 43 = MARK ] [ ALHYM = 59 = DRAGON ]


Hugo Alexandre said...

357 is also 17 X 21 (second row of Saturn Magic Square)

Luke 17:21 - The kingdom of God is within you.

Within "U" oval circle with open top...Also of note the word God is within the word Kingdom...

thanks Chris!

Unknown said...

Croft's 'Trinity of Magic Squares' fits into your cosmology: http://www.primesdemystified.com/magicmatrix.html

Unknown said...

Croft's 'Trinity of Magic Squares' fits into your cosmology: http://www.primesdemystified.com/magicmatrix.html