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To understand this 3rd part, it would be helpful if you 1st. view the
1968 Stanley Kubrick film "2001 A Space Odyssey"; until you are
able to find a copy, the short summary of the film in the above link
suffices -although relying on the memory of the last time you saw
the film, or on the above link's broad sketch, might leave out all the
relevant details that make this article worth a read-. Maybe adding
a few other links might help fill the gap -and provide more analysis-

Ok, now you're sort of ready to dig in (I hope you realized you had to
click on "II"/"III"/"IV" at bottom right when prompted, on the 1st.
link...). My opinion of the 'undertext' of the film, was drawn before
reading or seeing any of the multitude of analysis this film has always
been a magnet for; you would not be able to reach it, unless you paid
closer attention to... LANGUAGE....! Have a little patience, because
while you might have to peruse through what may seem a bit obtuse,
by the end you'll realize how pertinent even on a day-to-day basis it
all becomes, & how relevant as hidden -(for a reason)- information.

As observed in older posts, the first 4 letters of the word "ODYSSEY"
encode the spanish name of "God": "DIOS" ("DYOS"). As Part I & II
described, the 4-letter TetraGrammaton of "YHWH" in the hebrew
Kabbalah tradition incorporated into the "Bible", is nothing else than
a symbol and clue for the 4 letters of the Human Genome (DNA). As
in spanish the name "Adam" is "ADAN", the DNA ref is overwhelming.
"ADAN" backwards reads "NADA" (spanish for"nothing"), something
clearly in the mind of Kubrick when writing/directing this film; as the
2nd. link states, when Arthur C. Clarke wrote the epic, the Monolith
was actually a Pyramid, it was Kubrick who made the change to try
to effect a correlation with the movie screen, the Monolith being the
screen, and the black empty screen a PROJECTION of the EYE in
this 5-Senses construct we inhabit in 3D. Kubrick of course implied
a "matrix" notion, that after all it's all an illusion, a projection; quite
the advanced film-maker. What kind of things were you preocupied
with in 1968 -if you were even born then-...?

The biblical foremost "End Times" prophetic works are both the book
of Daniel and the book of Revelation (usually rendered as "REV");
they are considered a twin riddle, and if we put together both "DAN"
& "REV", we read the code: "REV DNA". This is no accident, this is
intrinsic and essential to the whole saga, part of a hidden synchronic
code, which most have never even fathomed.

When Carl Munck taught us how to decode ancient monument using
the simplest way to read their elemental message, he was doing what
I here will do with the Pyramid: it is a 4-side Square base, out of each
arising four 3-sided Triangles; thus the message is, the MORPHING
OF 4D TO/FROM 3D REALITY. This is the real hidden meaning of
the TetraGrammaton, the written equivalent of the Pyramid; that
the human DNA is a reverse engineering Devolution from 4D DNA
Genomes; as the "Hebrew" (and the Kabbalah and the Bible at large)
is nothing more than EGYPTIAN science of the soul -a translation of
esoteric mysteries into exoteric narratives-, it is irrefutable that the
"YHWH" as supposed "name of god" contains both the HISTORY as
well as the FUTURE of "Man" (both supressed from mainstream).
If you don't think it is of utmost importance to know which info has
been hidden from you about where you come from and where you're
going, then I guess this is no good read for you, better switch to the
the Headlies news and forget about this info that might upset the oh
so fragile balance of the house of cards that comprise your beliefs.

Exoteric 'religion' preaches that Redemption is the agenda; it means
that the source & origin of this essential theology involves the history
of the "Coming down through Devolution" from the 4D to the 3D
reality, altogether with the notion that we will as a species and a
world are "Coming back from the 3D to the 4D" (and up) once again.
In other words... "Downward Cycles" & "Upward Cycles"; and that
the DNA fractally reflects these cycles. By now it's extremely obvious
the Pyramids of Giza act as emblems for "STARGATES" into/from
higher dimensional realms (and also parallel worlds). The message
be augmented to the notion of "STELLAR ALIGNMENT".

Research on the Giza Pyramids has shown they are all about stellar
alignments, through tiny passages pointing to specific famous stars.
So we have "4D" (Square) and "3D" (Triangle) fused & morphed via
Stellar Alignments: a clearcut impossible-to-miss concise message,
utilizing universal simple symbols. No wonder so many people have
so far read & understood the same message; while the message may
be simple, the events themselves however, are a different story. So
Arthur C. Clarke was referencing the "EYE OF HORUS" in his "2001
A Space Odyssey" book, you'd have to be retarded not to see that;
he used the Pyramid Triangle instead of the Monolith that Kubrick
employed. I will show here, that either the Pyramid or the Monolith
are nothing more than shorthand for "GOD" (i.e. "the gods"), and
that the distinction between this base-level understanding of God
and a very advanced super-computer, is blurry; such that when at
the end of the film the last survivor astronaut played by Keir Dullea
goes through the StarGate opened at the Jupiter Alignment, hedoes
enters the 4D realm, having to leave behind his "3D SEQUENTIAL
TIME MATERIAL BODY Consciousness", while altogether has to
leave behind this "God" as the AI Computer Alter-Ego.

This constitutes the real hidden theme of the book/film; man has
to leave overly idealized beliefs in the benefits of the AI computers
and their subconscious symbiosis with the notion of "God", leaving
both as the way to the Ascension into becoming a StarChild. Death
not only the decomposition of the material body, but a "reckoning"
of multiple subconscious beliefs and rituals, that have to be dealt
with before entering the StarChild new pod existence, free from
those delusional dangers. To put it in a different way, the hidden
code of the book/film is, that man as evolved ape relies too heavily
& naively on the "supreme power" and "non errant" power of both
the aid of Computers & the aid of "God" (the gods). The conundrum
is solved by the ingenuity & courage of the astronaut disconnecting
the super-computer only using a basic screwdriver. - this just a raw
metaphor to the larger than life fixation on its symbiotic other flip
side of the coin dependance on a "God" that is only another mirror
projection of his mind, and that has to be similarly confronted and
disconnected in likewise fashion-.

On the other hand it is not reasonable to think that Arthur C. Clarke
or Stanley Kubrick had never heard of Philip K. Dick; although later
in 1981 he would publish the "VALIS" works, thse did not come out
of a void, they were longtime preocupations with the nature of our
reality in the planet. He envisioned a satellite from Sirius orbiting
the Earth to provide a holographic language/consciousness interface
between species, other times VALIS as a living super-computer
disguised as the environment, all related to complex awareness of
the thin lines dividing "sanity" from "squizophrenia" and such.

It's no secret in the conspiracy circles that Arthur C. Clarke knew
a whole lot more than he let on, the man had "access"; same story
with Kubrick. Maybe the most tale-telling clue is the birthday scene,
the parents of one astronaut portrayed as overly idiosyncratic and
in that respect eerily Stepford-like. The idea of the film that people
like this will never make it through the coming Stargate event, due
to their own cocoon existence in a tiny Oblivion, and it only takes a
guy so far removed from these types as Keir Dullea in outer space is
from Earth, to be able to make it through, and ultimately become a
EVOLUTIONARY STEP-. So that only "astronaut" types (those who
are 'far-out gone' from convention & the norm) have a real chance of
making it to the ALIGNMENT & entering the STARGATE, because
indeed man is but a baby in the higher realms -thus "StarChild"-.

Forget about "salvation in groups", says the book/film; the 3D to 4D
Shift is so lonely & personal, as Keir Dullea alone in outer space and
having to deal with the super-computer gone bonkers is...!? That the
computer's name is "HAL 9000" is the key to the whole encryption:

"2001 HAL 9000" = "2" & "1" HAL 9 x 1000"

Using standard english Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) and "M" for
"1000" in Roman Numerals, shows that this is code for "GOD":

"2" & "1" HAL "9" & 1000"
"B"-- "A" HAL "I"---"M"

Number "1" can be writen as "I" thus it can be "A"' or the letter "I":


In older posts I showed that the supposed "hebrew "name of god"
rendered as "ALHIM" (and usually called "Elohim") has 1 letter
left out, that letter "B" that gives away the entire story. Yes we do
have the hebrew "ALHIM" and the arab "ALLAH" and so forth,
while on the supposed "evil side" we have the perennal goid "BAL"
or "BAAL, and all that "BABEL" and "BABYLON" derived branch.
Never mind that the word "BIBLE" so similar to BABEL..., that
the secret appears to be a same exact origin for oth sides, the "judeo
/arab" as well as the "canaanite/babylonian", we only need the
missing link-letter "B".

Therefore "ALHIM" or "ALLAH" in reality should be "BALHIM" or
"BAALHIM", and "BALLAH"; this seemingly intricate small detail,
is peculiarly evident in the word "KABBALAH"; which includes the
left out "B". Since Kabbalah was an esoteric mystery teaching for
the elite few ones, they did not bother take out the key "B". This
pesky little dirty secret is eloquently spelled out in the book/film in
question, as it is also no secret the name "HAL" is code for "IBM"
-moving 1+space up the alphabet HAL becomes IBM-. So when you
read or say "HAL" you in secret should be coupling the "missing"
complementary letters altogether, thus in correct alphabetic order:


Furthermore, this is why the so-called "Star of David" was adopted
as symbol for the hebrew; one should note that it does not match
the 5-letters of the name "ALHIM", neither if matches the 4-letters
of the name "YHWH"; it is 2 Triangles intersecting, the total result
a geometric cryptogram of number 6 and/or 666 (which is not an
"evil" number, there are no evil numbers, and it is indeed the shape
of water crystallized). The only answer to this, is that IN SECRET
the hidden "name of god" was always the 6-letter "BALHIM" in this
tradition -the occultic nazis knew it, and just made it public; until
then this was not a public symbol for the hebrew-.

The hidden "B" pops up here & there; in the Middle Ages the Knight
Templars secretly revered the idol/formula known as BAPHOMET
(BAPHOMET = BAHM+poet) which contains 4 letters of "BALHIM".
The esoteric group known as Shakespeare wrote: "To B or not to B"
-in the know that all sides are the same in secret-. The ASCII as
universal computer language (secretly "Ascension 2" also showing
a "B=2". The famous masonic "P2" lodge seems to also be pointing
at this secret "B=2". The Numerological meaning of Number 2, is
DUALITY, always both sides. Our money and laws are labeled as
"BILL" and "Business".

The essential symbol of masons is the Ritual Resurrection of HIRAM
ABIFF, supposed master builder of the supposed Temple of Solomon,
which consisted of 2 main Pillars known as JOACHIM & BOAZ. It is
rather self-evident that masonry is about re-integrating the 2 poles,
the Good & Evil in One; fusing the exoteric "J" with the secret "B".



Make note of the fact that the word "ARAB" ends in "B" and is also
contained in the name "HIRAM ABIFF". In other words, what I
am implying, that masonry is about the "resurrection" of the secret,
that both -all- sides are the same, it symbolized in the 2 Pillars of
Solomon: "J"oachim (Jewish) and "B"oaz (araB). This emphasis in
Number 2 is evident in the 2 occidental branches of the Scottish &
French rite, or the division between Orient & Occident. It is apalling
how few people today realize that masonry has 2 bodies both in our
western world as well as in the East (the muslim and indian world).
So much for the fraudulent "Clash of Civilizations" slogan used to
give some logic to the wars in the Middle East.

The 2 End-Times prophetic stream in judeo-christian tradition are
DANIEL & REVELATION (REV) -std english: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26-:

DANIEL = 45 = REV = 45 = BALHIM

This totally proves the code, and the secret key missing "B". In the
book/film, the Jupiter Mission to investigate the Monolith travels in
the "Discovery 1" space ship:


Using Reduced Numerology (reducing numbers to 1-digit, for ex.
12 ~ 3, as 1+2=3, etc), we discover the Monolith is ALHIM -"God"-:


Grouping in pairs starting with the key number "13":

AL+HI+M = 13+89+4 = 106 = MONOLITH

This evidently reaffirmed in the spelling of both words "ALHIM"


You should by now have picked up on the fact I've been using the ex
of the codes hidden in the book/film "2001 A Space Odyssey" just to
to expound on the much larger issues touched on Parts I & II; they
must be factored in the same example. Another name for "god" is
given in EXODUS 3:14, which is in itself an In-Your-Face code for
the number "PI" (3.14), when "Moses" asks "God" which name to
use, as both ALHIM and YHWH up to that point in the narrative
had been used; to which he was given the new name "I AM that
I AM":


The secret esoteric egyptian masonic knowledge passed on embedded
in the supposed "Bible religious" trappings, is that the name BALHIM
contains a geometric key to number PI (3.14).

What's even more revealing of the role of the secret letter "B" hidden
from the public "ALHIM" name of "god", is found in the fundamental
doctrine supposedly instituted by "Moses", the CIRCUMCISION of
men. Of course Circumcision is considerably older than supposedly
"Moses time" and as such was practiced in Egypt before, and from
Egypt it was exported to Africa at large. The jewish term for this is
the expression "BRIT MILAH", almost identical to "BALHIM",
the emblematic "B" separated from "MILAH/ALHIM", and as an
initial to the other word "BRIT"; any simil to the word "BRITAIN"
is strtictly sheer random coincidence... right...? I repeat; all sides
are the same, and the same formulas are embedded in all names
big enough (observe how the "2001 HAL 9000" code offered at the
beginning -as "BAHALIM"-, matches in the order of the letters to
perfection, the "MILAH" of Circumcision -in reverse-. It is in this
respect that one of the links given, implying phallic/solar occult
symbols in the film, might be onto something; the Discovery 1 a
long phallic shape).

Meanwhile, we are taught to think and learn in "specialized" totally
separated/unrelated ways; it will never cross the minds of anyone to
think "BRIT" is the same in the jewish Circumcision as in the name
of "BRITAIN", as they both come from the same code of "BALHIM"
branching out of Egypt. But yes, indeed:



The way we are conditioned not to see what is there in front of our
own very eyes, is particularly preposterous in the case of:


Perhaps this would explain to you why the same Stanley Kubrick
made another film (his last) named "EYES WIDE SHUT". It's our
own eyes he was talking about, ok...? Eyes that need to be opened,
and start reading what's there for all to see, that all sides are the
same, as they all share exactly the same hidden codes and secret
cosmic multi-dimensional knowledge, albeit hidden from view.

As to the elusive mystery of Number PI, think of one Planet that
carries its code... and that would be... JUPITER; therefore events
transpire in JUPITER's vicinity in the book/film. Correlate the
notion of EXODUS to Jupiter to undertake the larger EXODUS
to the 4D realm through the StarGate at ther Alignment, and you
begin to grasp what is cooking beneath the neatly disguised public
facade of "Religions". Exodus 3:14 in the Bible, is read by Arthur
C. Clarke as Exodus to Ju-PI-ter; most objects in the film thus of
a circular shape, aligning towards a center.

Then proceed to view the MENORAH -Jewish Candelabrum- of
7-Flames, 3 on each side connected via semi circles , with 1-Flame
at the center, as an extant ORBIT CENTERING DEVICE...!
the name "Candelabrum" ties in with the 2 prevalent main themes
of Ancient Greece, the LABYRINTH/LABRYS". If by now you
have not begun to gather the feeling that behind public "Religion"
hides a very secret agenda of retrieving ancient lost knowledge
about a higher extant multi-dimensional science & technology, that
is hoarded for the few in the secret elite, and totally kept away from
the masses which are fed theologies of universal codes of conduct
embellished by a profusion of Rituals that distract, then you have
not been reading attentively enough.

What I am saying is that there is A RACE FOR INFORMATION

That this race on possessing the right information has been utterly
kept out of the public view, that "Religions" have served both as a
distractor and carrier of essential pieces of the scattered Templates
of the former more advanced sciences -throughout millenia-, and
as Research-Centers for this, disguised as "theological studies"and
such, collecting fragmented information in the form of ancient data
of any kind.

In previous older posts I've hinted at the fact that actually a much
larger GAME is at play, by which devolving/descending species are

engaged in attemting a re-entry into higher dimensions where they
have been exiled from, particularly the 5th Dimension/Density. As
it is widely known some "prime humans" will skip the 4D altogether
and directly shift to 5D, these "prime humans"closely monitored &
even experimented upon, to decipher their "DNA DIMENSIONAL
LEAP" Template.

In other words, that although negative devolving vampiric types
may be the quintessential Evil, they might have a vested interest
in "understanding/exploring/investigating" Goodness, with a very
specific interest in "piggy-backing" on the DNA of those "prime
humans" who will reach the 5D. Therefore their interest in Human
Hybridization and also in Human Spirituality might have a meaning
way beyond Mankind as Prey, but only as passport to trojanizing
the 5th Dimensison/Density -undetected so to speak-. And that
this may be "Slepper Genes" that for millenia have been brewing
to "combine" what we conceive as "Good * Evil" in ONE, albeit
undetected, subconsciously. An example of which could be the
overly vampiric overtones of the Christian Sacrifice for ex, the
abnormal emphasis on the Blood an such, while at the same time
perfectly blended with a sense of spiritual virtue & love; these
could be "experimental entry points" into the 5D Consciousness,
by beings who have lost the capacity of empathy & love, yet are
bent on simulating their DNA fractals. IN such a way that a "prime
human" generation of individuals might have been "bred"to effect
the Dimensional Leap into 5D, while still carrying the etheric genetic
imprint of the devolving 4D vampires, establishing "Silver Chords"
reaching -hopefully to them- all the way up to the 5th Dimension/
Density. Ands that this is their "Jacob's Ladder" so to speak; a
"New Troy" of the higher realms. This would mean that the events
in TROY NEVER HAPPENED, but tha these are symbols for their
agenda into the future during the Dimensional StarGate Shift.

This scenario would explain the extreme secrecy with which the
information regarding the coming Dimensional Shift is treated, as
information is given on a Need-To-Basis only, and the emphasis is

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