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In this crucial article, Jay Weidner proposes that the moon landings
were fake, not because we did not go to the moon, but because some
elites did not want to reveal the REAL technology used in space, and
wanted to create the illusion that our accepted "Rocket Technology"
is the only technology to that end -i.e. the most advanced-; Weidner
elaborates that JFK planned the moon landings, in order to declassify
the secret "ufo" technologies, & all the rest of suppressed sciences,
going to the moon just the operational anchor to this end. By getting
rid of him and staging a false-technology landing, his key agenda was
aborted. Thus the paradigm is much more complex than the popular
REM song "...If you believe they put a man on the moon..." attitude,
and the notion JFK was killed only because of his 'liberal' stance.

Movie-maker Stanley Kubrick has been long associated in conspiracy
circles with these supposed fake landings, however Weidner here
goes to closer detail into the alleged plot, tying it directly with the
main film "2001 A Space Odyssey" -the film the direct result of the
same plot-.

In Part 3, I offered all the relevant info on the film, but here I'll begin
to tie it in with the whole Arthur C. Clarke saga -including "2010"-,
and the SHIFT POINT located in the Jupiter/Saturn area, in relation
to the STARGATE theme (as exemplified in the end of the "2001..."
film) -as the OMEGA POINT, counter to the ALPHA POINT of an
EXODUS from the Red Star Betelgeuse, and the Blue Star Rigel, as
the OrionGen/Orion 'GenIsis'-.

Following my Part 4 post of last week concerning Betelgeuse as the
main Code behind the religious symbology, yesterday
posted the above link "Might Betelgeuse Go Boom" article, a direct
and rather obvious corollary to my expose. Similarly, after I began
this "Stargate of the 3 Suns" series, the 2nd. link article was shown
on a few major websites, confirming the 3-Suns archetype.

Let's then recap; if "Santa Klaus" is nothing more than a repetition
of the Betelgeuse Code in a more easier to spot manner, inserted as
the timeline of the NEW EXODUS approaches, than we must clearly
see what the color RED means, and why he's entering the house via
the chimney. As the Red Star Betelgeuse begins to behave in a path
towards being a SUPER NOVA, the beings in that region of Orion
had to effect an Exodus through a WormHole portal (the chimney);
this is the real meaning behind the "Red Sea Crossing" Exodus in
the "Old Testament". As in the far past a similar Exodus from the
Red Planet Mars was effected, the code of "RED" as to the Exodus
theme, is an overwhelmingly obvious repetitive synchronic fractal.

We shall call this Exodus as the "Mother Ship" of a species looking
for new homes -new planets, of which the Earth is but one of a list-
after the central Sun Star begins a dangerous anomalous behaviour
culminating in a final Super Nova (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ SUPER = 79 = Mother ] [ NOVA = 52 = Ship ]

Pay attention, because at this point in the topic, most of the hidden
codes begin to manifest beyond doubt; as the Church of Peter in the
Gospels is called "The Ship of Peter", this encrypts the knowledge
the Christian Church is called "Mother Church/Ship of Peter" (via
the ETHER / "p-Eter" through a WormHole). Nevertheless the name
"Peter" has more fractals associated:


In other words, the entry/exit point of the StarGate in this our Solar
System, is in the area of Jupiter/Saturn; this is why the "2001..." &
"2010" Space Odyssey saga always ends up in the area; "Mission to
Jupiter" was the event of the "2001..." saga, culminating in the Shift
point at the opening of the StarGate in Alignment with Jupiter. When
in previous posts I've stated the "JUPITER/JESUS" & "SATURN/SATAN"
equation, I was not merely offering an interesting hint; I was indeed
pointing directly to the entire crux of the matter.

POPE = 52 = NOVA

The Christian Church has always called Jesus "The Good News", as a
translation from the italian "BUONA NUOVA":

BUONA NUOVA ~~~ Betelgeuse NOVA

Thus the "3 Kings" in the Gospel fable of the "Birth of Jesus" (ZEUS,
as JUPITER), symbolize ORION (3 Stars of Orion's Belt/3 Pyramids
of Giza), and their story of "We saw his star in the sky, & we followed
it", a symbol for the Betelgeuse Super Nova and the Exodus to Earth,
where they are "Born Again" (thus the emphasis on this expression, as
well). But we find pagan mythologies associated to the same Code:

"NOVA" (in reverse is) "AVON"

The mythical "Avon Gorge" in Britain for ex, is said to have been built
by 2 GIANTS (called Goram & Vincent), such a clear ref to the 2 super
giant gaseous semi-star planets Jupiter & Saturn [GORAM=54=Sun ],
[ A VINCENT=88= EXODUS]; attached to Avon the names Bristol &
Blaise & Bradford & Bridge, in that area of Britain.


The biggest planet/semi-star is Jupiter, the biggest moon of Jupiter
being Titan:

We call the act of religious belief, to WORSHIP (mirror the "W"/"M"):


I've expressed before that we have 3 Manifestations of the Template:
the Church, the Monarchy, the Masonry. Therefore we must look for
the Code within all 3 of them:

"WINDSOR" = "DINOSWR" (Reptilian code)


This is why the far right wing masonic order that runs the Vatican
-the Opus Dei- encodes this "Dios" as God on its 1st & last initials:

OPUS DEI ~~~ "D.I.O.S."

The Windsor's also carry the english "GOD", since their true name
is "Saxe-Coburg-GOTHA" ("Gotha" is old english for "God"), as they
changed it to Windsor in 1917 during WWI, to appease the people.
Yet the same key-word hides the full 1st & last initials of the agenda
for a global centralized rule known as the "New World Order":

DINOSAWR ~~~ N-e-W W-orl-D O-rde-R

On a religious level, the catholic church rules from IL VATICANO:



We may revisit the symbology of the name "SAINT PETER":


Furthermore, the very word "SHIP" is almost identical to "OPHIS"
(Serpent), thus when for ex you do "WORSHIP", embedded is the
word "OPHIS", you worship... the Ophis...! Where again in the world
of secular business the corresponding 'cathedral' is the "OFFICE".

Now the added-bonus story of the SantaKlaus character, is there to
provide the necessary specificity, as the End-Times Shift approaches;
we are thus treated to a decidedly closer to the real thing imagery, as
Santa indeed travels through the night sky, following a... RED NOSED
Reindeer called Rudolph:


While this effectively pinpoints the area in the Solar System where
you are supposed to rendezvous with incoming "Santa", the question
remains... as to whom... "Santa" really represents (in stellar terms):


Pronounce like "REINDIR", that gives us the perennial "INRI" at
the "Cross", which I've stated many times in previous posts, is code
of shorthand for "NIBIRU". Yes, the childish RedNosed Reindeer,
with its red nose that lightens the way through the free wandering
across the sky... is... yes, indeed it is, NIBIRU the RedStar system..!
as it wanders between the 3D and the 4D realm in eccentric orbit
manifestations, the ultimate MOTHER SHIP:

73 =NIBIRU=Egypt=Britain=United=Kingdom=Crown

Armed with this knowledge, we proceed to the "2012 Pope"s name:


The name "Benedict" encrypts something from far back in Egypt,
the "BENU BIRD" otherwise known as the "PHOENIX"; this is why
there is such a distinct emphasis in repeating the initial "B" in these
days, as shown in Part 4 (Bush, Blair/Brown, Barack, Bill, Buffet,
etc etc etc):


Thus we learn that the Red Bird called Benu or Phoenix, that dies
in red flames of fire, and is reborn from its ashes, because he lays a
a WORM that preserves his life form -the symbol or Resurrection-,
is the Star System called NIBIRU, that went into EXODUS after
the impending SUPER NOVA fire event in BETELGEUSE (and also
in Rigel) in ORION, dimensionally traveling through WORMHOLES.

Which translated from ancient egyptian ET theology into Roman
Empire "christian" theology, means that "Jesus" is the Shift Point
of Alignment at the "Cross" (the StarGate) event at JUPITER (or
Zeus), where the rendezvous with incoming NIBIRU is achieved.
This is the "2nd. COMING", the RETURN OF NIBIRU as openly
symbolized in the "Sign of the Cross" as "INRI" (Inri ~ Nibiru).

This is the inner hidden occultic content of the external shell of
literal gospel religions, as sold to the low level population. In the
meantime, preparations are made as the date approaches, through
several projects, like for ex the "LHC" -Large Hadron Collider in
Switzerland, intended to actually open a smaller WormHole from
Earth to the Jupiter/Saturn area -not that every scientist working
at the LHC knows it...-.

As explained before, Jupiter/Saturn are the "2 Pillars" of the Temple
also rendered as the "2 Lights" between which the sacred sacrifice
must be performed, because they are the PORTAL, the 2 Pillars
through which you enter the major Dimensional WormHole in the
Great Shift; as such they find a perfect fractal in the 2 Glands within
the Cave of Brahman in the Brain -The Pituitary/"Peter" and the
Pineal/"Paul"-. The approach of the Planetary/Gland alignment in
full fractal holographic mode, is announced properly in the figure
of a RED dressed and RED lipped Sarah "PALIN" -symbolizing the
rendezvous with the incoming Red NIBIRU-; it is a she, because the
real archetype of power in Orion are/were the famed Orion Queens.

The again we find a striking correlation between NASA's & Europe's
space interest in exploring the JUPITER/SATURN area, as to the
"Mission to Jupiter" saga laid-out by the "2001..." & "2010" films:

Well, you may well be one of those who never heard of the quest to
"fire up" Jupiter and/or Saturn into a NEW SUN, as supposed secret
agenda beyond human means (meaning, an ET agenda).

This ET agenda is usually labeled a "seeding" of Jupiter, fueling it in
order to create a "controlled super nova" early state, from planet to
star. The cluster of comets that hit Jupiter in 1994 were thought of
as that precise seeding; this very week Jupiter was hit by another
comet, with eerie synchronicities involving the dates:

However, the Apollo landing, the Shoemaker comet cluster, this
week's event, the death of Walter Cronkite, show a remarkable
synchronicity of dates, that conspiracy circles see as evident ET
agendas operating in our midst. Pertinent to this Part 5 post, is the
meaning of the name "WALTER CRONKITE":

CRONUS/CHRONUS is another name for SATURN, and
represents the "Timing" of celestial events.

While "KITE" is a wandering Kite in the sky.


Thus his death at this exact timing, is an announcement of the Super
Nova Code rendezvous with Nibiru; it must be contemplated in the
same time -screen as the death og Michael Jackson, whose initials
as used widely in the media/blogs are "MJ", which famously serve
to indicate the "MAJESTIC 12" agenda -also called "MJ12", which
(bogus or not, all the same) indicate the THEME of ET incoming and
the plans for outgoing evacuation of Earth altogether:

This theme finds concordance with the fable of the "LAST SUPPER",
when "Jesus" suppoosedly dinjed with his 12 Apostles before dyung
at the "Cross"; however by now you visualize the Code and understand
it actually refers to events in the coming future, not the far past; the
"12" mans the ZODIAC SIGNS ALIGNMENT, & the word "SUPPER"
almost exactly matches the word "SUPER" -for "Super Nove". This
word is also shorthand for Jupiter or for Saturn/Jupiter. Moreover:

LAST = 52 = NOVA

(Earth = 52 = Pope)

"Last Supper" = 95 = A Saturn

Yes, it is that synchronistic, once you pickup the thread and the real
underlyiong meaning, the fractals never leave you, they match over &
over & over again, overwhelmingly so. You may recall just a short
time ago, that among the US carmakers in trouble, the 1st. &
foremost brand to disappear was... Saturn.

It must be noted, that I have not used so far any strong language to
imply a radical assesment of "Evil" or "Good" in any of these agendas
and events and encryptions; I am of the opinion that Good/Evil exist
in any agenda all the same as good uses and misuses apply to all, and
that the usual extreme POLARITY that is often used to treat the
complex matters involved, is obtuse. I am here merely indicating
the main agendas and occultic knowledge; the essential fact remains
that some elites at the top levels seem to hoard relevant information
from common folks, while at the same time providing miscues and
distractions. My job thus is to expand the accesibility of knowledge,
more than being a "judge"; you get the pertinent information, you
make up your mind. On the other hand, the Vampirism implicit in
some factions, is unethical and can be classified as intrinsically evil.

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