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So far you've read about a hidden theme in most religions, concealed
behind the outer cover stories presented as "literal history", mainly
consisting of an inter-stellar and/or inter-dimensional saga with the
prominence of 3 SUNS as its core "Shift Event" scheduled to occur
at the times we now live. You have learned that there is no "Single
Language" as originator within any of the main religions, and that the
real historical context they came from, is indeed a Melting Pot with
many languages & dialects, mostly arising from Phoenician Script, as
a 'translation' of Egyptian Hieroglyphs or parallel source to the same,
as well as a Melting Pot in the ethnic & cultural sense.

Thus the 2 main lies, are of the "Chosen Race" & of the "Sacred One
Language", be it Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Arabic, etc. However the
contention here is that there is a META-LANGUAGE which shows
roots not in the Past but in the Future; the Present times we live in.
This meta-originator flies above any of the historical developments
of utilitarian language, fractalizing and harmonizing all KEY WORDS/
NAMES, the ones that are crucial and imply a "theology" or an all
abiding reference or context. This meta cross-referencing 4D tool
operates best within the English language.

The few people that practice and understand Modern English Std.
GEMATRIA, are not 'experts' in the super-specialized way that
academia conceives such; they (we -I am one-), have awaken from
a pervasive state of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE regarding the use
of language. The best example I can come up with, is the outrageous
figure of "Santa Klaus" in relation to the "Birth of Jesus"; added in
the medieval ages, we have to "dissonantly believe" that it's a "good"
myth for the kids as a key Xmas character. But you really have to be
blind not to see that [ SANTA = SATAN ]. "Santa" is Latin/Spanish
for a Feminine saint -not a masculine one-, a discordance that seems
not to bother anyone. He is dressed in Red, and comes from the black
Chimney, an impossible to miss pun of the DEVIL; interpretation of
dreams knows that Chimneys are often symbols for Portals into the
Netherworld, gateways of the wrong kind. Judeo-Christian Hell is
indeed allegorized Red as in burning flames & smoke; Satan the Devil
is allegorized Red with 2 Horns.

This symbolism of the 2 Pillars/2 Lights/2 Horns, is pervasive, and a
fractal of the 2 "Towers" or Strands of the DNA. So we must view
high-visibility history-altering events such as the 911/Twin Towers
happening, as integral part of the same exact holographic harmonic
(a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ SANTA KLAUS = 119 ]. It was done as
a FIRE ritual, the RED color its dominant theme (see last initials):
[ WORLD TRADE CENTER ~~~ "RED" ]. Clearly a Phoenix
ritual, the red bird that dies in flames only to resurrect from its own
ashes. The word PHOENIX/PHOENYX comes directly from Egypt,
and ties in both the SPHYNX as well as the OPHIS/OPHYS -meaning


Therefore the 'modern' Knight Templars of the medieval ages when
said to be worshipping the idol BAPHOMET -which we now know is
just an irrefutable cipher for "SOPHIA" (Wisdom, in greek)-, this is
nothing else than an intricate encrytption to hide the fact they are of
the ancient ORDER OF THE OPHIS -the Brotherhood of the Serpent-.
Since Masonry derived from the Knight Templars, their use of the
expression "The Brotherhood" to call themselves, refers exactly to
this. But... the word "Brotherhood" gives away the key letter "B",
the hidden key to the whole "Name of God" algorithm, so to speak.
Beast, etc etc etc. This key hidden "B" is making quite the comeback,
towards the approach of the so-called "2012" vortex date:

BUSH Sr. / BILL Clinton / BUSH Jr. / BLAIR /BROWN /

In music the biggest icons were BOB Dylan & the BEATLES. There is
this highly ritualistic pummeling of the letter "B" the closer we get to
the "2012". They have to fabricate 'superstars' like Britney, maintain
the 'prominence' of dubious european political figures like Berlusconi,
etc. The famous P2 conspiratorial power lodge hides the B=2. Pope
John Paul I did not provide the B, therefore he only lasted 33 days...
so a John Paul II (II=2=B) could provide the fractal. Sometimes the
fractals are found in smaller places, like how Chile has been used to
script the big codes, sort of an announcement pad for the few; the '73
Coup there happened on 911 ! As the 2008 Election was heating up
and Hillary Clinton as 1st. female president-to-be faced with BA-rack
& Michelle Obama, the chilean Michelle BA-chelet became president
there, short blonde hair and slightly chubby figure like Hillary (who
did not spare the time to make comments about Bachelet). I could
go on forever giving fractal examples. We must be selective, and
get to realize what the game is all about, what the keyword here is:
it's all about getting you to... to BELIEVE... it's all about "Belief":

LIVE = EVIL = "V Lie"
BELIEVE = "Be Lie Ve"
BIBLE = "BB Lie"

There's big innuendo in these words; we are forced to believe that
we Live because of Eve, yet somehow like the old Church preached,
the Lie of Eve brought Evil to us. Then by extension the Bible is said
to be a Big-Bad Lie. And all these things are implicit every time we
use these very words; call it MANUFACTURING CONSENT. Like,
consenting to be lied, to be abused, to be devolved, "because" the
key words we use contain the clear innuendos -consciously we only
mean the outer meaning, but subconsciously is another story-. Thus
'Shakespeare's famous words become part of the same innuendo:
To B or not to B. Which B...?

The Sun rules the Day, the Moon & Stars rule the Night; the term
"SON of God" is code for the "SUN of God". But that is only the Sun
Cult, the day part of the story; the day is our external physical life
in 3D, the material realm, the World of Action. Introspection comes
by night, the forces of creation, of transcendence, when we seek the
door to the vortex, the 4D gate, expressed in the Stars & Planets,
the starry night offers us a glimpse of the Circle beyond linear time;
Square by Day, Circle by night, dreams like orbs. We reach the stars
via the planets, the biggest vortex via the smaller vortex. In the
treetop of our brain, inside the Cave of Brahman lies the PINEAL
Gland, the 3rd Eye; this is the "Tree of Life", and the "4 Rivers of
Eden", symbolizing the 4 Arteries that give "light" into our brain
(arteries... stars...). The main artery is the Nile River, the Milky
Way, where the Water becomes Light. The "fruits" in the Tree of
Life, are the different MIND PROGRAMS, the software that make
the mind "see" what it sees, and "think" what it thinks, and "speak"
what it speaks. You eat the fruit, you digest; you insert the program,
you reconfigure the computer:


We already know there is the Twin Pillars/Twin Lights of the Pineal
& Pituitary (the Paul & Peter in "religious" lingo), then we must ask
which are these in the planetary realm; the holographic fractal for
these are:


We already know the Pineal Gland reacts to Light in order to fulfill
its metabolic functions as regulator; the light of the Sun is masculine,
while the Moon reflecting the Sun's light is feminine. Same "gender"
energy applies to Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine); however
when we get to the 2 either EXTINGUISHED STARS OR SOON TO
BE STARS as the pair of Jupiter & Saturn -the gaseous giants-, the
distinction is not clear. Thing is, secretly:

JUPITER ~~~ ZEUS ~~~ JESUS (masculine)
SATURN ~~~ SATAN ~~~ ASTARTE (feminine)

This hidden association, might be at the root of why the old Church
always labeled women as the bringers of evil; therefore the shutting
off of the 2 former stars now Jupiter & Saturn may account for "The
Fall", their resurgence and re-lighting again may account for the
"illuminati" agenda; first the Pituitary & Pineal (Jupiter & Saturn)
got shut-off, then at "2012" times, both find their light once again.
This is the hidden occult archaeo-astro-theology underligning the
plethora of polytheist & later monotheist beliefs, ritualized under the
guise of esoteric ciphers within the Masonic obsessions.

First a Devolution ("The Fall"), then a Re-Ev olution ("Ascension");
according to this writer, these were cycles long time ago set, in a
vast astronomical circle; that the ET's try to utilize in their favour
through long-term Hybridization programmes, designed to propel
the "right DNA mix" at the Moment-Of-Ascension -when the Star
Gates open once again, like they cyclically do-. In other words, the
hybridization programmes mean nothing unless THEY ARE TRULY

All these linguistic ciphers are "embedded" in the DNA Memory, so
that "owning" a species is effected via "Assimilating their Collective
Unconscious" pool. Laboratory DNA/gene splicing is for dummies;
owning a species means hybridizing it at will, both genetically and
linguistically, because each is a fractal of the other. This is why we
are given in all traditions all the same, different altered versions of
the same emphasis in "The Word of God"; if you experiment in
their DNA, without assimilating their Neuro-Linguistic Subconscious,
you will only own their bodies, not their minds & souls.

Thus we must repeat: which is the occult stellar "B" of origin...? We
are told "Jesus" was "B"orn in... Bethelehem; the "House of Bethel"
the main theme here; think... "Birth"... "Bethel"... "Bethlehem"...
Why these NAMES under the "B"...?

Think... we are told "God" is a... TRINITY ("INRI" at the "Cross"-
ing vortex in the "2012 alignment"), & that "Man" was made in the
"Image" of "God"; we already have heard that the word "ORIGIN"
is a code for "ORION GEN" (Orion Gen-Isis), but we only think the
"image" meaning strictly applies to the DNA. Shortsighted to say the
least; in reality, we must "RECONSTRUCT THE TEMPLATE" IN
A FRACTAL HOLOGRAPHIC WAY, apply the 4D Harmonics to
the 3D Linear Sequential.

Think... 3 Stars are used to represent and bring attention to Orion;
Trinity/3 Stars/3 Pyramids/3 Kings/3 Mary's. This is Orion's "B"elt,
however the story might be bigger;

BETELGEUSE in Orion...!

You truly have to be retarded not to figure out they are encoding the
giant RED STAR called Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis ("Al-him"). While
"BE"-ta Orionis is the BLUE STAR called Rigel. The word "Regal"
for Royalty derives from Rigel; you have RED Human "B"lood, and
BLUE Reptilian "B"lood, irrigating the "Paradise" entry point into the
Higher Realms (Heavens), nurturing the Tree of Life which is the
Spine ending at the Twins Pituitary/Pineal; thus the expression
"The Tree of Good & Evil"; the Pituitary (male energy) is rendered
as the "Good", while the Pineal (feminine energy) is rendered as the
"EVE"/"EVIL". I tend to think this is a fractal of BETELGEUSE AS

Same holographic pattern then is fractalized in The Sirius Double
or Triple Star system (Twin, or Trinity, depending in the emphasis
sought), then also fractalized in Jupiter & Saturn (making a triad
with the Sun), and then in Mars & Venus (making a triad with the
Earth). In Orion itself, the "Originator of the Template", the 2 Stars
of Betgelgeuse & Rigel must make a triad with a 3rd Star, which is
ALNITAK (..."AL-him"...) -being the main star in Orion's Belt, as
such signaled as the main "Great Pyramid" of Khufu, out of the 3 in

None of this makes any sense whatsoever from the point of view of
the sequential linear 3D construct; it only makes sense with the 4D
holographic fractal harmonic construct in mind. Only with the idea
of "fractalizing" into concordance all the stars & planets & names,
that the TEMPLATE comes alive as "Perfect Resonance" beyond
the material 3D 'reality', within the Multiverse. Yet at the same time
we must be aware all this is nothing else than the synchronicity that
the beings from ORION have enacted here, it does not mean this is
"the" only or the "true" synchronicity. These are the major points
and shapes and coordinates and meanings, so to speak, by which
they "own" the human COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. Because
every single main BELIEF and theology and secret mystery has
been built and designed to encode these, in secret.

In our 3D reality construct here on Earth, the majority of humans
is totally unaware that the elites believe themselves to be BOTH
the Saviour ("Good") and the Destroyer/vampire ("Evil"); while
the small individual outsider-person is peer-presured to take one
or the other option, at the top they play BOTH ROLES; they think
of themselves both as Juputer & Saturn -Jesus & Satan (God & the
Devil)-. This is the small fineprint in the 'religious' contract...

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