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A wedding ring is used to symbolize the bond between male & female
in marriage. Yet secretly this is an In-Your-Face reference to SATURN
and its emblematic rings; this is why the hebrew tradition places clear
emphasis between "God"/"Saturn", as Saturday is the Day of Saturn,
and thus we have the perennial Sabbath. However Saturn is also the
astrological origin of the term "Satan", so we must ask ourselves what
is really the bond promoted as the "union" of Male & Female...?

We must remember that "Female" is actually "PHI-Male"; while the
external public Torah in Genesis presents Adam as the Male/Female
hermaphrodite in Chapter 1, and Eve merely an 'After-Product' of
Adam's Creation in Chapter 2 we are treated to a 2nd., after the
fact creation of "Eve" from Adam's "Rib").

However as shown in previous posts, the secret emphasis in on the
word "RIB" -as short cipher for "NIBIRU"-, in such a way that the
true meaning of "Forming Eve Out of Adam's RIB" is to be a marker
for the Origin of the Woman's DNA; yes, taken out of Adam, yet &
only when this Genetic Operation is performed, the NIBIRU origin
comes to play! It cannot be clearer once you get the clue, that the
Woman is a HYBRID OF HUMAN & NIBIRU DNA. Then it follows
that rather than being an 'After-Product' of Adam in the sense of
being "inferior", the secret encoded text actually places the Woman
as Nibiru's main DNA carrier...! (therefore the rest of the encoding
as to the present day follows: "BRITAIN" ~ NIBIRU", the Queen

I contend that the literal sense is just a shell, & bears no resemblance
to the true INNER SECRET MEANING of the fable; in reality, "EVE"
is the supreme created being in the story. This because there is a big
picture embedded (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Even nutcracker Rush Limbaugh declared in one of his soberest radio
programs ever, that the elite behind the global conspiracy are a few
bloodlines that believe themselves to be from MARS -as the last port
in cosmic sense, so to speak
-. We might deride the above Gematria
match as irrelevant, only to be enlightened as to why some of the
most powerful names on the planet were... matched to the same in
purpose it seems, for ex.: [ USA = 51 = MARS = A BUSH ].

This gives a totally different spin to the Old Testament tale of that
"Moses" meeting "God" as a "Burning Bush". Do keep in mind that
"GOTHA" indicates the Windsor family as well, their true last name
being: "Saxe-Coburg-Gotha", the word "Gotha" old english for "God"
-as in the the past tense of "Give", God the Giver-Maker, constant
in all languages-.

Thus if we see that "M-ose-S" matches "M-ar-S" too obviously, than
the "Burning Bush" might indicate perhaps a Burning of Mars as the
reason for leaving that planet and coming here...? Because let's admit
it, Mars is more like a frozen planet by now, but it looks eerily burnt.

Did a SuperNova from a nearby star kill the Dinosaurs...?

I am not the only one to ask this question; some have gone the same
path, speculating that a comet cluster as solidified debris from this
ancient event might have hit the Solar System, one impacting the
Yucatan Peninsula, forming the current Gulf of Mexico and altering
the weather conditions so suddenly that this might have killed most
dinosaurs. But in previous older posts, I've offered the "Velikovsky
Approach" to the same, involving different versions of either Venus
as a wandering planet being trapped by the Sun's gravity, making
its way into its current position -displacing Mars outwards-, its ice
falling into Earth's atmosphere causing Instant Ice Age conditions,
or its more elaborate alter version; an impact into the extinguished
planet Maldek between Mars & Jupiter (its debris now the current
Asteroid Belt in that precise position that should by Bode's Law be
a planet), a piece of it forming the current Earth we dwell in, while
the impacter Venus in part landing at its current position, etc. -you
get the idea-. There are many versions & tales of cosmic struggle
between stellar species at war, usually involved in this convoluted
billiards-ball saga inside our Solar System, and many versions of
the possible combinations of outcomes.

However a nearby SuperNova might best explain why Mars seems
like "burnt". Could it be... that the real inhabited incoming planet
was actually Mars, as from the SuperNova star system...? This is
a peculiarly different angle to the old conundrum. As such, it may
give the symbol of "GOD/GOTHA" an entirely new meaning, the
notion of the Red planet Mars as the burning bush itself. This is an
interesting take on the subject; however we must keep in mind that
the most consistent version is either incoming Venus -or both Venus
& Mars- as former members of the wandering NIBIRU Star System,
caught by our Solar System in one of its periodical "Crosses" with
our Sun. Perhaps it might be that Mars made a comet-like orbit
into the Sun like a regular comet does, getting too close to it before
landing in its current orbit -losing its atmosphere & getting burned-.

The idea that planet Mars originally belonged to the NIBIRU system
gives the Mars-To-Earth EXODUS a decidedly more "alien" flavour,
and this "Union" of Mars & Earth seems reaffirmed by Gematria:


A lot more alluring than this maybe, the possibility that the entire
NIBIRU system would actually be an escapee from the nearby star
SuperNova in question...! Did the giant red star Betelgeuse already
go through a "Phase 1" SuperNova, about to go through a "Phase 2"
SuperNova...? In other words, the 1st SuperNova stage simply as a
sudden enlargement to massive proportions while sustaining its star
status, while the 2nd SuperNova might be its becoming a Black Hole.

This leads to a stunning scenario whereby we experienced a massive
incoming of Visitors during Phase 1 SuperNova, as we have begun to
witness a similar incoming of Visitors the closer we get to the Phase
2 Super nova. The "Visitors" might not exactly be in our 3D reality,
but in an In-Between Dimensional Crevice -or in 4D entirely-, as we

are dealing with much more advanced beings with inter-dimensional
science & technology at their disposal.

Therefore what is commonly referred to as the "New World Order"
agenda might be under this scenario nothing more than establishing
a "Spec Planet" under their minimum requirements of acceptability;
and that this Phase 1 & Phase 2 might be what was symbolized in the
fable of the 1st. Coming of "Jesus" (Zeus) and the now 2nd. Coming
of "Jesus" again ad-portas. In other words, they came, and left some
science & knowledge & theology. They left until this would mature
under some secret guidelines to a sustainable alternative planet of
dwelling for them -after a few aborted tries in Atlantis & Lemuria-.

Meanwhile, the public theology concocted by them would've by now
grown steadily into a fixed and& ingrained Blind Allegiance to them
representing the "Jesus" and "God" figures in the minds of humans.

Neil Young in the 1983 album "Trans" seemed to grasp at this in his
song "Like an Inca": "...Said the Condor to the Preying Mantis, we're
gonna lose this one just like we lost Atlantis...". He implies these
agendas were tried before, with bad results.

Then again, if the numbers of these Visitors are big enough, Earth
would be insufficient to receive them, thus needing other planets in
our Solar System as well. Now this solves the situation suspected by
some, of a "Firing Up" or "Seeded Nuclear Activation" of Jupiter and
Saturn into STARS, that apparently has been going on; because the
outer orbits even from Mars on, are too cold and away from the sun.


As to why superior beings with an inter-dimensional very advanced
science & technology would need to land on our 3D Solar System of
gross material nature, is for grabs. Maybe they are indeed what was
rightly labeled "Fallen Angels", in the sense that these are beings on
the run, exiled from the higher dimensional realms. This in turn is fit
to explain the whole Devolution saga traditionally knows as "The Fall",
of which the fall of "Adam & Eve" from "Eden", as but a minor fractal
of the much larger one. The suppression of the Book of Enoch from
the Bible, seems to point in this direction, as this book was important
enough to be a main body of work as root for most of the rest of the
Bible, involving some scattered accounts of the Fallen Ones in their
contacts with humans -the Fallen Ones abusing/exploiting mankind-.
By suppressing this book, this bottom-line crucial realm of knowledge
was kept under wraps, and most mankind would not be aware of it
until rather recently again, thus would not ever suspect any et wrong
doing behind the "God" myths and theologies.

In previous posts I have delved on deeper implications of much more
complex nature, consisting of a possible covert agenda to "Piggyback"
on Human DNA with the potential of 5F Ascencion Shift, in order to
render them an easy hidden entry into this higher dimension that
seems to be a realm they can no longer access; in this scenario, they
need to come here and possess hybrid humans precisely at the very
"Moments of Ascension Shift", occurring cyclically every 26,ooo years.

We here on Earth are under the delusion that what happens to us is
really "important", and have a false impression of our status amongst
the cosmic order of things, oblivious to the miniature size of our world
here. The following link with In-Scale illustrations, might dispel this:


To get a better sense of the landscapes & sizes of things beyond our
Miniature-Matrix on Earth, please do look at the following collection
of stunning photographs of the 3D Cosmos...!:


For a better sense of the theme's layers, do a Google search under:
---"Ignite Jupiter" 2010
---"William Cooper" Jupiter 2010

That the giant stars Betelgeuse & Antares are both undergoing an
imminent SuperNova end, is no mystery; for ex. Karl Schwartz has
been warning us of such scenario in no uncertain terms, as shown
in these links:


When you do Gematria/Notarikon on these names, this happens
(notice how the matching letters in the 3 cases cluster together at
the right, in the words "BETELGEUSE ANTARES SUPERNOVA"):




But if we pay closer attention to the 1st. expression, we see that:


This is a clear & unmistakable short for "ORION BETHEL".

In other words, the "Birth of Jesus" in the "House of Bethel" fable,
is a direct reference to the "Orion Bethel" cipher of "Revelation". It
constitutes a revelation of the secret meaning embedded; this is why
the last book in the Bible was called Revelation, because in there you
find revealed some of the before very secret hidden ciphers. This
does not prove at all either the Bible or the Book of Revelation are
of "divine origin", but rather simply that throughout the entire Bible
a narrative was construed to conceal a stellar Exodus unto Earth,
in 2 phases -a 1st. Coming & a 2nd. Coming-, basically. The names
of the event of origin encoded, only to be decoded in the ENGLISH
language at the present day (thus the notion of "Seals").

The beings effecting the symbology and the encoding, not humans
but higher dimensional et's, used to a higher SYNCHRONIC mode
of LANGUAGE, utilizing the principle of FRACTAL RESONANCE
or CONCORDANCE, configuring a Harmonic Template. Under this
modality, a much larger pool of information involving different
levels of meaning in sync with the Collective Unconscious of the
UNIVERSAL MIND, can be "compressed" into a Linear Format
of Language, under the naive appearance of "literal stories", all
for the purpose of most efficient transmission of information to
their hybrid offspring on Earth (hybrid humans), as well as the
best way of "assimilating" the human Collective Unconscious pool
unto theirs, what could be best-termed "psychically owning" us,
and not solely a material Power over us. The latter provides a
"Silver Chord" attrachment capability, that renders us prone to
ENERGY TRANSFER -i.e. to be Vampirized etherically-.

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