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Official academia is a dead-end in many ways; it deals with "reality"
the way it is accepted within the 5-Senses construct. Time as linear
vector of constant 'speed' from Past to Present is all official history
can deal with; no Time acceleration is allowed to be thought of, no
Time-Jumps, no parallel TimeLines, no realm Beyond Time, neither
the notion of beings dwelling in 4D or 5D & up, whose "time" might
be different than ours in 3D. In this cognitive terrain, to even fathom
a series of TimeLines often going in Reverse vector directions -as I
described in Part I as manifestation of Reverse Merkabbah Spin-, is
considered utter lunacy.

I was an amateur astronomer in my youth, studied a few years of
Engineering, and the full length of Architecture; I am a musician,
and a poet, and always have studied Numerology & Gematria as an
'unofficial profession'. Besides that I am 100% fully bilingual - that
includes the poetry & music composing part-, and all of this I guess
makes me a quintessential so-called "Rennaissance Man" type. Ok,
so what that means in ref to this series of articles, is that when you
have a multipolar cognitive center, you do NOTICE THINGS. Like
things other "specialized" people would not, in the sense that their
unipolar training leaves them handicapped to make connections
that are not apparent, fill the blanks, connect the dots, and figure
out the bizarre or conspiratorial, or the mere secretive and occult.

If you've been only trained to be a "super-specialist" knowing almost
everything about almost nothing, and at the same time this training
indoctrinates/brainwashes you to only accept the 5-Senses construct
as "real", -trust me- you are left between a rock and a hard place in
terms of getting to really grasp what's going on. It's the conspiracy
-(or curse, pick whichever)- of learning & promoting a "This-Is-All-
There- Is- Science". It pays good, it leads you places, so you marry
good, raise a progeny, live the good life, carry some respect, hang a
lot of framed degrees & achievement certificates on the wall, maybe
a few award trophies, as you become the ideal "Degreed Barbarian"
the system manipulates and peer-pressures you to be... An expert in
all the little tiny bits, but a goon in all other aspects too-big-to-handle
by your microscopic view. Concerning all the larger than life "?"s, you
just go: "Hey that's what everybody does so I just might do it as well"!
Exactly the way like the big mofos have designed it -YOU- to become.
The perfect pipe technician with just enough knowledge to operate
the machinery so to speak, but not enough to figure the Big-Picture.

Analytical science was formulated to separate objects into parts, in
order to study them in relative isolation, assuming at the end of the
many layered process a unifying Synthesis would be performed. Yet
this Synthesis is never effected; the linguist here, the archaeologist
there, the astronomer here, the anthropologist there, etc. Perhaps
this is the one verifiable mother of all conspiracies, that an integral
Synthesis of knowledge or wisdom is continually fought against by
the system, marginalized, even derided as 'fringe'. On a larger scale,
this precisely the reason anachronisms on the planet barely seem to
improve, besides the few of us who reside in a couple of great places;
all the industrial or global scale Systems Engineering through models
and simulations of outcomes, are by definition isolated entities from
the rest of the objects and/or variables and/or specialties. Superb
for the small & middle scale, tragic for the total. Our current global
economic crisis, is not just a result of the shelf-life expiration of the
capitalism mantras, but more directly the logical consequence of a
system of "isolated specialties" operating quite beyond their puny
limits, yet impacting the whole like a heavy truck without driver but
full of mechanics. Sign: "Drivers needed -The New World Order-.

I could spent a lifetime studying Comparative Religion, whereas if
I am able TO NOTICE THINGS, while not being self-censored by
the constraint of Linear-Time & Linear-Logic impositions, I can
much better come to conclude that all major religions all come from
the same sources, and that they are "degradations" of an original
Spiritual Science related to more advanced sciences & technologies
stemming from the very far past, such past not accepted by official
history, who seems overly obsessed with selling the utter idiocy that
we are the "1st advanced civilization in this planet", when nearly
everywhere you look there are evidences of such all around; and
particularly so -this is the contention here- in Religion, of all places!

(computer 'semi-evolved' by Megalyth in "2001 Space Odyssey")
("HALL of Records"/"Kingdom HALL" in masonic & egyptian lore)
(Elysian Fields like "City of HALLs" in Norse mythology)
(Center of the Earth/Garden of Eden like place in Tibetan lore, etc)
(linguistic 'Sacred Software' code of life & reality in hebrew lore)
(Name of "God" in Islam)
(Name of "God" the Creator in Judeo-Christian religions)

As self-evident as these observations are (as a token, an example),
most people filter them out of their minds; they will read and look,
but not see what's right in front of their very eyes. Why...? Because
in the 5-Senses construct they have been brainwashed to accept
as 'reality', all periods in history belong to the same and single only
1 TimeLine, strictly successive one after the other, such that all
languages follow a "development" in the same manner. This is the
official accepted notion for the growth of languages. Notions like a

completely escape their narrow 1-track-horse view.

Yet is is no mystery to those who have not self-censored what is
dead-obvious, that THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE is a much better
of languages. Why...? Because it does unify better than any other
language, terms of apparent no connection & pertaining to vastly
"dissimilar" traditions and time-frames. Such as it's cleverly hinted
at in the Gospel words: "The First Shall Be Last and the Last
Shall Be First" -the Last Language seems to be the First,
& to possess all the Originating Keys-. Except that this quote
has been misunderstood as a mere good morals meaning; assuming
then science fiction things like "Reverse Time Loops" into the old
status quo equation of "religion", is non-computable for most.

Yet anybody who has even scratched the outer surface of Gematria
(and Numerology), knows that Language behaves completely beyond
the limited cage of "utilitary randomly agreed linguistics" in the sense
we use it habitually. Gematria researchers know for a fact that it has
an overwhelmingly intrinsic way of being both "OMNIPRESENT" &
"UBIQUITOUS", all its under-the-radar clues resonating like clear
synchronic fractals irrelevant of the tongue employed or the time
and geography of its 3D Origin. From our linear time point of view,
all these higher-dimensional roots within Language, seem as if to be
coming... from the future...!?

The preponderance of english lyrics in modern popular music, is not
only due to the minimalism & poetics of the current popular arts era,
but more rather due to THE POWER OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE
as a Resonating Harmonic Fractal; in other words, somehow more
advanced, more "future" if you will. No other language has been able
to match this phenomenal predisposition to singing, altogether being
able to act as carrier of full content meaningful lyrics, in such a way
that during the 20th century, music in english practically served as
"Consciousness Expansion" trigger. Thus an equivalent weight must
apply to the notion of english being a "Keystone" language (and I say
this as a double-entendre pun; "Keystone Cops" slapstick for the Oh
So Unaware masses, & real "Key-Stone" Rosetta-Stone for the few).

So to add some sarcasm to the whole bit, let's go to Keystone-South
Dakota; there in the Black Hills we find a STONE MONUMENT of
4-faces in MOUNT RUSHMORE, dedicated to 4-presidents. If we
read "Keystone" we understand "Cornerstone"; if it is a massive
stone monument, we think Pyramids; if we think Pyramids, we
also think "HALL OF RECORDS". Indeed, the Mount Rushmore
project considered a tunnel where a vault chamber would serve as
precisely that, a Hall of Records as a Time Capsule preserving our
present history. This part of the project we are told was abandoned,
although in '98 it was again partially built, copies of the Constitution
& such were placed there for posterity. Amongst the Lakota Sioux
the Black Hills territory was sacred & magic, no one before the white
settlers came would sleep there at night.

Let's see: 4-presidents faces in stone... reminds me of the SPHINX,
next to the Pyramids in Giza (a Pyramid has a 4-sided square base).
A Mount of symbolic epic meaning... reminds me of MOUNT ZION
in Jerusalem, where Israelites claim the Temple of Solomon was, as
well as a 2nd. Temple -and they are bent on building the last, called
THE TEMPLE MOUNT, precisely there, it being the reason d'etre
for all the Arab/Israeli conflict...! Because in that Mount sits the
islamic Dome of the Rock, the islamic shrine with the so-called
Foundation Stone in its center, under which lies a cavern called
the Well of the Souls-. There are also unexplored caverns in the
Mount Rushmore site, to complete the FRACTAL REPLICA. Not
a literal replica (which could be instantly perceived as such, as is
the case with the 3 Statues of Liberty, in NY/Paris/Luxembourg)

What is the lesson in this example...? That as a constant, whenever
we find highly symbolic/highly meaningful "sacred" places and/or
concepts and/or names, be them in any of the 4 main religions,
and/or secular biggest nations, we always find that all supposed
"opposites" actually converge & carry the same exact archetypes.
It does not matter if they "appear" to be arab/islamic, or jewish,
or christian anglosaxon, or native indian, or tibetan, or what have
you; THEY WILL ALL converge on the same things/places/icons,
even up to the very names. Small variations are effected in order
to confuse and distract, creating a false sense of "difference", so
that only a trained eye and someone with esoteric knowledge,
is able to see that they are the same under apparently diverse

This is the real reason why all churches & temples all over the globe
are exactly built on top of former past temples and shrines; most of
the present religious sites spanning back to the medieval times, are
all built on sacred sacrificial sites dating MANY MILLENIA -some
beyond accepted history-. Because the secret elite forces behind
the public facade of exoteric "religions", do know the very SECRET
SPIRITUAL SCIENCE esoteric clues that are universal to all. They
just... keep them out of your reach, while they hoard them for their
own benefit. Meanwhile, you are compelled to go die in battle for the
sake of the external simulated differences, and often are told this will
bring "Instant Salvation & entry to Paradise". Take it as a snack, be
happy in the knowledge "Mount Zion" refers to... Egypt's God...!!!!
Observe the 1st. & last initials -move 1+space up the alphabet the
center "ZT" letters-:

(move "ZT" 1+ up): M U A N = "A M U N"

Yes, that is "AMUN" (sometimes called "Amun-Ra"), with Osiris the
most common god in Egypt; Pharaoh "TUTANKAMUN" of the 18th
Dynasty, named after this god. Also sometmes spelled "Amen", this
the origin of the usual "AMEN" prayer ending in Christianity. Also
the "UN" (United Nations) comes from the same Cipher, as well as
"AM-erica" { "A M" - "U N" }, in other words, everything that is
big enough in either size/power/meaning/origin.

On another level of the same exact Encryption Cipher, as "ZION" is
a 4-letter words that matches the 4-side base of the Pyramid, and
actually refers to the 3 Pyramids as the 3-Stars in Orion's Belt, its
name "ZION" an impossible to miss pun of "ORION". As "ORION"
is a 5-letter word, to make the match perfect, for ex the founder of
the Jehovah's Witnesses, one Charles Taze Russell (of the illuminati
Russell Trust fund family, i.e. Skull & Bones) formally launched the
"ZION'S WATCH TOWER BIBLE Society" in 1884; in this case the
term "ZION'S" has 5-letters, like all the rest, forming what is known
either as a 5x5 Magic Square or a magic 5x5 WatchTower. Since the
term "ZION" (or "ZION's" all the same) was still then a secret code
for the illuminati, Russell in 1896 dropped the "ZION'S" out of the
corporation's name, and added the "& TRACT" (becoming what is
to this day the "Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society"):


Charles Taze Russell was a pedophile and a mason, a Rosicrucian
agent to create a new religion out of the status quo Bible sources,
blending them with the newly arrived in New York superstar of
the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavtsky, and other secretive
"John Dee" type of Enochian Magic manipulations of language, in
the form of Mind Control et al (thus the clear reference to J. Dee's
magickal "Watch Towers"
. There is no doubt these magickal Dee
applications were the secret heart of the organization, since the 5
letter constant is no coincidence, and it is a written PENTAGRAM.
Russell was ritually murdered by the inner secret elite circle on
Halloween. It is stunning to realize that the origin of the "ACTG"
4-letters of the Human Genome is also encrypted (whatever terms
they serve as initials for, those easily chosen to match); since this
Russell illuminati was chosen to enact some studies & uses for the
TetraGrammaton "Name of God" as "YHWH", when he dropped
the all-meaningful "ZION'S" out of the name of the corporation, &
replaced it with "TRACT", this was an equally symbolic substitute
name; that is why "TR-ACT" carries the future "ACTG: of Biology.
It's all secret, it's all encoded, it's all the Cryptocracy at work. Also
the subliminal instructions "ACT" / "OWE"/"LIE"/"ACT" are such
vivid & clearly visible memes in the front name of the corporation;
WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT". This is why the corporation is
actually a Literature sales operation of Books & Magazines, due to
the extensive knowledge of these embedded subliminals & complex
WatchTower letter-crosswords embedded.

Charles T. Russell was buried in "ROSEMOUNT United Cemetery"
in Pennsylvania, almost at the juncture with "Masonic Way", where
the continent of America's principal masonic lodge was. His tomb a
Pyramid -and the CAPSTONE on top- with the Rosicrucian symbol
of the Cross inside the Crown. This obsession with life after death
& cemetery symbolism became a staple of the organization, who to
the present era owned cemeteries and such, and at some point did
buy a house to receive the resurrected Old Testamenter Patriarchs.
However others claim the cemeteries are a usual way of disposing
body remains from human sacrifices amongst the elite; moreover,
this obsession with the dead -so Egyptian in its character-, belies the
official external public doctrine of their religion, who considers those
who died just plain dead -no "Soul Afterlife"-, only until the moment
of resurrection for the very few chosen (just 144 thousand).

This Jehova's Witnesses secret elite masonic cult at the top level
(the Capstone), unbeknownst to the regular followers of the cult,
serves as a superb example of the same tactics & encryptions used
by other bigger religions; since the 4 main religions are much older,
it is simply a lot harder and more complex to find the same threads.
Russell claimed to be the Prophet of the End Times and to have
decoded the Book of Revelation -and it famous "666" Rev 13:18
verse-. However what is maybe the most In-Your-Face revealing
encryption, is how he managed to embed in the very name of the
corporation itself, the initials for the "Wild Beast" (the antichrist,
originally in greek : "THERION", in english it's: "WILD BEAST"),
and a 4-letter portion of the word "THER-ION" in the rest of the
1st. & last initials ("Therion" is another pun for "Orion", just like
"Zion" is) :


To disguise his Orion fixation (and thus reveal the Reptilian core),
Russell taught publicly that "Jehovah" resides in the Pleiades star
system of the nightsky. Apparently he knew a lot of secrets, because
it appears as if our Sun Solar Systems rotates around the Pleiades.

Excellent researchers such as Acharya S. have pierced the veil of the
deception, & exposed the underlying Sun/Moon archaeo-zodiac cults
spanning at least 6000 thousand years, that constitute the factual
basis of most big religions. Nevertheless the rabbit-hole goes a lot
deeper, and there's way more to the story, as usual. To illustrate on
this, let's dig just a bit deeper in the case of "Mount Rushmore" as a
symbolic fractal of the same old sources:

(M*R -Rev 13*18-, from MeR-kabah, as indicated in Part I)

That Mount Rushmore is a symbolic fractal of MOUNT ZION is all
the more evident in that the word "Z-I-O-N" has 4 letters, thus:
4 Presidents...! The esoteric concept of "ZION" is indeed a 4-letter
TetraGrammaton no different than the "YHWH" (or JHVH, IVHH)
of the formula for the Human Genome -labeled "ACTG" in science)-.
{ 4 letters each: ZION-RUSH-MORE }

The Square base of the Pyramid, the Square of masonry, the 4-letter
"name of god" YHWH, the word "ZION", the 4 Gospels, the 4 Rivers
of Genesis (a disguised image of the 4 Arteries of the Brain), the 4
sides of the New Jerusalem,... etc etc etc... are all part of exactly the
same source and fractal knowledge. Each specific agenda is only an
application of the same secret occult knowledge, no different than
say all engineers in the world use exactly the same mathematical
formulas to calculate and build things. If you have not been taught
science and lived outside modern technology, if an engineer came
to your abode and build a giant bridge or tower, you would think he
is "a god". By analogy, in keeping the masses outside the realm of
the Secret Knowledge, what is indeed universal spiritual science, is
utilized by the elites to pass as "gods" or "with the power of god"
-i.e "Religion". You are not educated to see THE EXACT SAME
FORMULAS used in fractal holographic resonant mode, by varied
sources; to you the believer follower, it is just "magic", it is "divine
power" and such.

In other words, if after long research you end up concluding what the
evidence proves, that all main religions are extant "amalgamations"
of former very ancient Sun/Moon archaeo-zodiac cults, and proceed
to think it's just mumbo-jumbo, you will be missing a crucial aspect;
that the very old esoteric cults and the "Modern "Religions" do in
fact utilize an ancient MORE ADVANCED SCIENCE kept secret and
hidden from the public view, except that it is degraded and washed
down scattered/fragmented power, often misapplied and also not
correctly understood. What trickled down to us from ancient more
advanced civilizations, often came across in the manner of how bits
and pieces of signs of streets, or logos of buildings or corporations
or LABORATORIES OR PROJECTS, as seen in the film "The Planet
of the Apes" are in the future devolved planet meshed into a mush
of "religious" hocus-pocus. In my opinion, this film is in many ways
a quite literal depiction of what happened, although it misses the
fact that at the same time there is also an alite in touch with ET's,
that knows better, but they hoard all this

So our current 3D Earth existence is indeed a sad place; we live
knowing not really where we truly come from, or where we're going;
we are given phony child-like stories by the status quo "religions"
and Usual Suspect elites. Knowledge of the far past more advanced
civilizations is kept hidden, and there exist considerably higher and
better technologies, that are not "declassified" yet for the masses.
The more integral higher sciences of spiritual fractal nature, are
kept under Lock & Key often slanted & deprived of an applicable
explanation of their true use. Not even the existence of ET's is in
public aknowledged, the whole shebang reading like a bad script for
a B-movie centered around the theme of Circus, or Lunatic Asylum,
or a cheesy feel-good "Consciousness Kindergarten". And this is the
point of view aware people like comedian George Carlin & so many
others developed, often described as "The Lunatics have taken
over the Asylum".

Following the same example, if we look into the NUMBER PI as the
relationship between Circle & Square (masonic Compass & Square),
and we apply elemental english Gematria, we are stunned to find:

PI = 3,1415926.
Applying an english letter to the decimals by highest yield:

Yes, you read that right" "ZION" in reverse...!

The word "ZION" was chosen by HyperDimensional beings, both
to indicate that it is a "Construction Key" to "Square the Circle" -a
hyperdimensional riddle-, as well as to pinpoint to the agenda of
"PI" in this last use, is a CODE FOR PINEAL, the gland named
after the Pine Cone, called by Descartes "The Seat of the Soul"
and commonly known as "The 3rd. Eye", the center of the Brain
inside the "Cave of Brahman" that flashes up and gets illuminated
(thus the term "illuminati") when being activated to ACT AS AN

So the outer ritual of politically fight to death to own Mount Zion
in Jerusalem, is nothing more than that... a R-I-T-U-A-L battle,
a competition no different than a soccer match during the World
Cup, a sports play where the teams of every country pursue the
Champion title; but it is a symbolic fight, it is a... GAME. It vies
to enact in a "defined & agreed field" -acc to certain rules-, what
real countries could very well enact literally in a warfare mode.
"Fighting for the Temple Mount" in the "sacred land" of Jerusalem
representing the actual control of the Human Race by possession
& interdiction of the the Pineal Gland.

"PI" & "PHI" are both symbols & fractals of the Pineal/Pituitary
Glands, as the "Squaring of the Circle" is a symbol for the CROSS
in the sense of CROSSING the 3D into the 4D HyperDimensional
realm. This is what is implied in the "Compass & Square"; the act
of surfing the Crossing Gate. By Control of the Pineal/Pituitary
gate, it is meant allowing only an INWARD portal, and blocking
the OUTWARD exit; 4D beings can "Walk-In" into humans, while

we -those souls/spirits experiencing a human incarnation- cannot
get out of our bodies into the higher dimensions. This operation is
only allowed DURING SLEEP, in a state of unconsciousness -during
REM dream time-. The shape of our dreams are MASKS of the real
events -as Freud & Jung already discovered nearly a century ago-.

This is why people tend to confuse "Zionism" with "Judaism", the
former is a SECRET CABAL utilizing esoteric knowledge of higher
sciences, beyond any race or religion or ideology. While it sees as
convenient to ally with the Jewish state, at other moments just as
well it allies with apparently the "enemy" of the Jewish. For ex the
Nazi party; just 1 letter of difference to distract, that's all folks:

[ ZION = NOZI ] ~~~ "NAZI"

Everything is hidden in plain view...! People look but don't "see".
Remember the crucial "godly" HAL/HALL/ALL-AH/AL-HIM,
just as well integrated into the Nordic Arian 'VALHALLAH" and
also into the Tibetan "SHAMBALLAH", etc...? Look at the initials:


All sides are the same, they're just playing a supremacy sports game
amongst themselves. When you hear the TetraGrammaton 'oh must'
be pronounced this or that way, please laugh; it is a 4-letter "YHWH"
(or "JHVH", or IHVH") consonants only formula, in which the "H" is
repeated twice. Thus if the 2nd, "H" is pronounced sometimes "HO"
as in the popular -(and balloney!?)- "JEHOVAH", the last H also
carries same vowel, thus more likely: "JAHAVAH"/"YAHAWAH".
So Adolf Hitler carried this "HA", just as "Nazi" is 1-vowel removed
from "Zion". So much for supposed "opposite enemies"... ... ... ...

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