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Boredomphilia? Aghastaphilia? Or the true DaVinci code -part 1

Cool performing musicians with too many effect-pedals onstage when
asked about the unusual quantity would reply: "I'm a Pedalphile...".
It's hard to joke about pedophilia, but I'll try the sardonic path here.

I've been always fascinated by things that appear to be what they're
not -like politics & politicians-, and from an early age it seemed to
me that sex was hardly about sex at all. So I always had sort of a
morbid fascination with what's "behind" sex, although not in the
Freudian sense; I never bought his overly dependent on childhood
traumas analysis. To me sex appeared to be not about sex, yet in
a different way, in the sense of "enacting" larger issues of life, how
one attaches to this 3D material polar-based life, and so forth. Even
with that background, I was still surprised to find out that the oh-so
sudden recent Pedophilia craze was... -predictably-... also not about
Pedophilia in itself (for the most part I mean, there's always that
fixed tiny segment of pathological abusers who will always be here;
they are not "increasing" in numbers, they were always here, ok...?
-you & I just didn't know about them-).

I started researching this subject truly with a grain of salt, because
from the beginning I was fully aware that the war-on-pedos is like
all official wars (the war-on-drugs, etc), phonier than thou. It was
never a mystery that the high elites in business/politics etc, were
privy to secret clandestine child prostitution rings, and that this
"perk" had always been a powerful incentive in their recruitment.
This is part of how politicos and business figures are controlled, as
the higher-up puppeteers got a lot on them, and can pressure them
at will on any crucial issue; I knew this is how our "civilized" world
really works.

But what really irked my attention, was reading internet blah-blah
on how typically Kooks tend to be if not pedophiles, sort of liking
the really young babes -as they say-. The rise of Kooks in this era
is akin to the rise of informatics geeks in the early computer days,
so I concluded -(being a Kook myself I guess)-, that this seriously
misrepresented the field, since I never entertained such notions.
Or that it could lead to a serious overall problem in society, if true.
I never liked being called a Kook, much less being suggested to be
in the near-pedo camp; so I felt I had to sort this thing out.

I was fascinated by this innuendo-suggestion that somehow liking
young girls was somehow a product of not liking the world you live
in -the trademark of all things Kook-, because it fit into my long
held belief that sex is not really about sex. Unfortunately it would
be easier to investigate how whales meditate, than to research on
pedophilia. This is quite the hard subject, you really have to gasp
before you even begin; besides the internet which was almost
throwing the teaser-light-stuff at you, I actually just began to pay
a heck of a lot more serious attention to social commentary, be it
in bars or forums or what have you -on anything related to sex &
relationships, that is (not just on pedophilia or the like). Now this
was painful, since I never have given sex a lot of credit on anything,
thus to suddenly having to take it "seriously", felt moronic.

To me personally, sex was an easy equation: if I had a better/truer
connection to my female partner, than sex followed naturally. In my
case that translated into for ex things being "really" better if she was
a musician; in other words, as soon as another higher-vibe etheric
connection was there, sex became just an expansion of the same.
This presented a theme; if most pedophiles seem to get a much
bigger "high" on sex when preying on very young partners, under
my approach this would imply that they felt also "connected" at
a deeper etheric level with children than with adults (assuming they
had a similar experience than mine). Could this be possible...?

Could this be an overlooked clue to their behaviour? Browsing on
web commentaries on the part of defenders of soft non-abusive type
of pedophilia so to speak (meaning consensual) -I couldn't stomach
anything worse than this-, it indeed became apparent that there
were 2 groups. One was just an unfulfilled type who essentially
sought out to fulfill all their childhood & teen years fantasies in the
matter, and another who actually was kind of traumatized by the
present social reality of relationships, and veering into this alter
world of younger teens or worse, provided them a sense of "escape"
or even "vengeance". In this respect, this particular group proved
the "kook theory" to be correct; sex is not about sex, and it merely
theatrically dramatizes in sensual terms larger issues & resentments,
or feelings of validation, or of "discovery", etc etc etc.

It's dead obvious pathological-psychotic abusers have not increased
in numbers, nor have the "replay-unfulfilled-young-fantasies" group;
however it became instantly apparent THERE WAS A HUGE NUMBER
THE LAST GROUP DESCRIBED; and that this group thus represented
the most noticeable "new market niche" that accounts for the alleged
"rise" in "near or full pedophilia". This group was vocal, unashamed,
didn't feel they had anything to hide really, and this new twist in a
consistently "Dead-Scene" between genders nowadays, seemed to
provide the fuel for this new craze. And the marketers of sex as a
sellable for-profit product, had been faster than anyone in their
determining that the fallout debris of the broken social-agreement
between males & females was something they could make a serious
buck on. Amazing how early on they spotted this, and how well they
perceived that not the "usual pro slut" would appeal to this group of
essentially dissatisfied guys (for the most part, males), but that they
had to inexorably sell the core of the sore issue itself:

If the truth about titty-bars is not really prostitution, but actually
the lack of meaningful Foreplay (yes, MEN lacking this experience
by their "strictly-go-thru-the-motions" female partners), then in
this case it followed that there was a growing number of Men who
began to feel seriously dissatisfied with females, mainly missing the
most valuable of feminine assets: Innocence. And a mass of Men
at that, to put a veritable measure to the problem; for these Men,
turning to the young camp, was akin to a PROTEST, no different
than the excitement of Protest songs in the 60's, a true rebellion
of sorts, operating at the backbone of society behind the scenes.
And besides the public posture, Men were really bothered by the
prevailing new lesbian fad, much more so than they cared to show.

I thought I was going to find Kooks, and I ended up finding a rising
protest against how Women have become -in the eyes of worn out
Men-; this view translated into words of contentment for the $$$
approach females put into play in relationships, for the exaggerated
price they appraise themselves to have, for the manipulative traits
of a large contingent of women, the I-know-it-all attitude, for the
lack of a sense of discovery & newness, all in all just a drag. These
Men spoke of just losing interest in the female segment of the
population defined in the present terms...! As these types spoke
their discontent and their newfound "freedom", the talk had surely
morphed to "freedom of expression" and such and this is how
the Kook perception creeped in. These types had adamantly began
to feel they had the right to pursue a fresher experience, away from
the "corrupted" form the female engagement was bringing in so far,
than a real pure joy in sex and engaging with the other gender. Oh
yes, I should have known better, as Leonard Cohen already in 1987
sang in his famous "Everybody Knows" tune: "Everybody knows
that the naked man and woman, are just a shining artifact of the

Furthermore, I myself felt a lot more connected to the allure of the
'young-craze' whenever I had a similar state of mind; besides this
psychological point-of-entry so to speak, the only other way I could
even remotely began to get aroused, was to go to the other type,
the ones reminiscing unfulfilled early teen fantasies, or simply just
reminiscing early girlfriends and such. This is actually what I've
determined is largely responsible for the biggest "increase"; the
suppliers of child soft-porn (meaning non-nude, or innocent nude,
non sexual), clearly know mature males are reminiscing, and seek
to provide the biggest number of faces & body types, so that at
some point a casual onlooker might "click" a face/body with a real
memory of his own far past. As this soft-porn in all its apparent
innocence is the true point-of-entry into the scene, it is of great
use to observe its mechanics.

Then of course I had to ponder the inevitable fact; that the VIAGRA
availability had coincided with the rise in supposed "Pedophilia"
taste. This convergence cannot be overlooked as sheer coincidence,
because the pharma producers of these sex-enhancement drugs
are acutely aware that in this day & era, MEN ARE NOT GETTING
approach this disfunction separated from the previous "worn-out"
attitude; this new non-arousal has even become endemic amongst
the teen crowd...! In England for ex Viagra is used by most teens, it
is a de-facto natural habit by now. On the other hand and coinciding
with this tale-telling fact, also in England (to keep the comparison
valid) youngsters are engaging in all-out sex as early as 9-years old,
in huge numbers -it's becoming the norm-. As one news article just

recently put it: "The new early kissing amongst kids, is now a blow-

Now the moralist usual suspects will explain all this by alluding to a
lack of principles and so forth; however based on my research, this
perspective is dead-wrong, there is something totally different
happening altogether in this respect. It seems to me, as if now even
the teen males are not "feeling fine" with their teen partners; thus
the female teens now have to start "earlier" to truly knock them out
of the impression, so to speak. Thus both either the mature males
as well as the teen males themselves, are experiencing a severe
DISCOMFORT WITH FEMALES. And that this would be the real
underlying & under-reported reason for the "Pedophilia" trend,
a true quest for a lost innocence. Why...? Because Innocence is the
only true powerful aphrodisiac that exists, and lasts a lifetime.

In the past women kept their Innocence in psychological terms up
to a much older age, thus Men found them desirable; nowadays
even young teen chicks don't possess any Innocence anymore. Many
will read this and say that I am "transferring" or "projecting" what
is basically a male issue unto the guilt of Women, yet this is exactly
where my research led me to. And everyday the more I look at this
issue, the more I get the same sense; it's been advertised as the Era
of the Return of the Mother-Goddess, but it is felt as the Death of
Innocence rather
. And as the mainstream media falsely encourages
Women to behave slutty & manipulatively, more Women by the
scores walk into their own trap. No, I don't buy the whole slant
of semi-misogynist Henry Makow's worldview, but it's ever more
so evident, he has made his point (
Whereas he applies the fundamentalist religious prism, I apply the
prism that I verified to be the correct one, that Women in our
present day & age are semi-dead (in the eyes of a significant portion
of males, a growing trend), because since millennia females were
appraised in value as related to their innocence -virgins et al-.

And in an almost subconscious automatic move, Men move on to
the next thing that they view as "still alive", which are the younger
ones. So while naturally there is a large portion of perverts in this
territory, the evidence showed me that there is a "not marginal"
portion of males that effect this shift in instant-subconscious mode
toward the young/alive (in innocence), as a near Survival Trick.
And this new-segment, is the one that accounts for the "rise" in
the cases of so-called near or full pedo types. One must keep in
mind that the male is wired to implant its seed in as many a female
he can feel "alive & well" to carry on the species survival; this is how
Nature works and why we are here, to a large degree. If at any
given point the female is "felt & perceived" even subliminally as
Not-Alive/Not-Well/Not-Pure enough, the male instinct within
the subconscious is to turn to the next one...!
While in Nature
Women seek the better male genes for their offspring, the Men
will seek the Most Alive/Most Pure female womb...!

And this is not a Genetic Memory that can be instantly-erased by
new arbitrary social conventions and new egotistic female behaviour
as the latest fad of sorts, nor it should be erased at all...! A distant
Genetic Memory that is becoming more & more valued the more
it fades out amongst females, and it is time this error imposed by
the blatant interdiction of Social Engineers in our society, reaches
a tipping point when it begins to be seriously corrected. Otherwise
we'll keep on afflicting the younger generations with ego rabbit-like
flimsy mediocre strictly-material sex, fueled by Viagra/Ecstasy
and whatever the new drug cocktails become, to compensate for
the death of a true interaction.

Men have definitely lost TRUST in Women, much more than the
media portray Women as losing trust in men as in the cases of
abuse & rape and so forth, shows. These are pathological criminal
cases, while the distrust of scores of tired Men occurs in otherwise
seemingly totally "normal" relationships. This trust is only found in
Innocence -not the naive kind, nor the cheesy kind-, but the pure
kind. So far it seems as if the very word "pure" has been exiled from
the very female alphabet by now...! While the high geo-politics have
acknowledged a pervading dissatisfaction with politicians & business
"leaders" all over the globe, there is this tinnitus-like deafening wave
of an unacknowledged intimate issue, afflicting the Man/Woman
paradigm, which is never referred to properly in the right terms,
much less even addressed (besides the compulsive fix-it-fast mania
of the pill-popping kind). Society as a whole WILL NOT cure itself
of the grave issues affecting high politics, if a similar correction is
not applied from within the fabric of the genders interaction itself.

I've heard many guys complaining that women bicker about the
abusive or lousy male partners they've had, as if implying this is
the norm amongst males -when it simply at the contrary reflects
the BAD CHOICES they have CONSISTENTLY MADE for decades-.
I've detected a male awareness of a repetitive pattern of always
choosing the bad males on the part of women; I have even heard
this explained as: "You put 1 psychopath in a room with 10 other
great guys, bring in a few women, and they'll be all over the psycho
like bees on the honey...!?".
It's hard to disprove such, when every
male has seen this happen many times, and knows for a fact this
is a sad truth. Are good Men tired of being nagged by their female
partners, while they witness females tend to compulsively choose
or be attracted to the worst kind of men...? Are males perceiving
Is this the bottom-line origin of all the underlying distrust...?

Whichever the case, this is what I found out when I decided to tackle
the issue of "a rapid rise in so-called pedophilia". Predictably, it was
not about sex at all really; the "young flesh" meant simply the loss of
the Genetic Memory of Innocence as the ideal Female. When we
consider that 15 years from now, only 50% OF PEOPLE IN THE US
-meaning half will never marry or have a serious relationship, all
the same-, you must conclude that I'm not so off the mark here.

What we're speaking candidly here, is about a social disfunction in
between the genders, that has an instant impact on the instinctive
Psyche of the Male, and a long-term impact in the survival of the
species as the reasonable "sustainable" rates of reproduction are
way off balance; & that this has been caused (deliberately as Makow
states...?) by an in-your-face interdiction and re-engineering of the
"female model", that instead of correcting the passive-submissive
previous mode, has simply killed Innocence & Partnership based
on trust in Women -as perceived instinctively by Men-. Thus we
get scores of males suddenly searching for a viable alternative, in
this case the Male instinct flies to the younger. So instead of just
shouting "pervert pedo!?" to this new segment who was NEVER
before acted as a pedo (thus the profile is not matching), the logical
response should should be the kind of approach I am taking here, to
identify & deal with the true underlying terminal true issue -instead
of the phony "more internet censorship and spying", and such-.

If relationships were Health, we would be presently at a cancer
screening just about to be told "You Got Cancer".
NOTE: the current reproduction rate amongst European whites
is below the "sustainable" survival rate. In the US it is barely
"at" the "sustainable" rate -and decreasing-, trending towards
the European rate.

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