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How they changed "ANTE-Christ" to "Anti-Christ"

The original Koine Greek term for the famous "Antichrist" as it's now
commonly rendered, is ANTE -not "anti"-, meaning to stand before,
or to stand in place of, to substitute for, to precede.

When this horrendous deception was effected, the real meaning of
the text was thus totally altered; from thinking about substitutes
of the Christos spiritual consciousness "Passing off as Christ/God",
we now get the wrong impression the text was referring to someone
or a force externally/publicly "against" all things Christ. In this way
-what a truly perverse alteration-, we usually find the quintessential
new protestant view of an "Antichrist" to be then found in places that
are not within Christianity, as in other religions & so forth. But the
original text clearly and irrefutably denounced a force WITHIN THE
CHRISTIAN realm, as taking its place, and substituting it.

So from the '80's most popularly, we had scores of vested -interests
in the political arena, suggesting that Saddam Hussein or the likes,
were the prophesied Antichrists; this was used to justify waging wars!
When the truth is that the prophecy clearly spoke of Christianity itself
as the realm of the ANTE-Christ. So say goodbye to all the illuminati
satanic deceivers like Pat Robertson, Hagee, et al -who are without a
doubt key agents paid for by the global elite and enacting a luciferian
consciousness agenda-.

Even Nostradamus understood this very well back then, writing in
his Quatrains about a series of Antichrists, all in a fractal repeating
mode, pushing the same archetype's agenda -WITHIN the realm
of Christianity; his first 2 candidates were Napolean & Hitler, both
clearly arising from Christianity itself-. When political powers wish
to use Nostradamus for current day agendas, portraying this or that
non-christian origin figure as the "3rd Antichrist", this is just playing
of people's crass ignorance on the subject.

But simply hiding the fact that the Ante-Christ is defined as Christian,
is not the worst offense of the rotten deal deception ; of course what
the prophecy does is merely repeat the exact same archetype of the
Gospels, where a Jesus finds mortal enemies in the ORGANIZED
RELIGIONS of the day, who according to the story, bring him to
trial and finally execute him (utilizing the roman governor as the
legal executioner). The Book of Rev does not state anything new in
this regard, it clearly maintains that this archetype will continue to
judge and execute the true spiritual people, in the name of religion
& the status-quo of each era. However beyond this generic layer
of understanding, there is considerable more precision involved.

Rev 13:18 tells the reader to look for the NUMBER OF THE NAME
of the Beast (the ante-christ); however this Beast is actually stated
to be 2 -one from the SEA and one from the EARTH-. Irrefutably
this is intended to mean that there are 2 Realms or Realities from
where this "Beast" operates; one Realm is DENSER (3D Earth or 3rd
Density/Dimension) and the other realm LESS DENSE (4D Ether or
4th Density/Dimension) -as Water is less dense than Earth-. In this
regard the prophecy is very well constructed, and great economy of
words/concepts, a true masterpiece at such we might say.

The majority of the people (and of course religions, which naturally
intend to project the culprit away from them), proceed to search
a vast array of names in order to apply Gematria/Numerology in
various languages (typically Hebrew/Greek/Latin -only recently
actually looking into English-) to "match" the 666 total figure of the
prophecy. However they don't realize that the name WAS ALREADY
GIVEN IN THE TERM "ANTE"-Christ...!!!! And this is precisely why
the term was so preposterously changed to "Anti", because doing so
they were not just taking the focus out of organized religion, but also
they were ERASING THE VERY NAME OF THE Ante-Christ, as given
in the prophecy (whether one considers this to be a true subject or
not is another topic, it is still a very relevant an influential topic, and
a such this commentary is crucial).


Irrefutably, the "organized religion" type of spirituality that takes
the place of and substitutes for the "Christos Consciousness" of the
Age of Ascension, is spelled out clearly as the CULT OF THE ATEN,
which stems from the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, when AKEN-ATEN
was Pharaoh.

Since the vast majority of the population has absolutely no clue as
to the imprint this Akhen-Aten cult effected on both the entire blue-
print of be it Religion & Masonry & Politics all the same, little they
suspect this Akhenaten character's relevance to the prophecy in
question, or reality itself at large. Nothing illustrates the extent of
his interdiction on human affairs more than the very term "Christ";
religious believers think of it as a Last-Name, sort of like Jones or
Smith, pertaining to a blood lineage. When pressed they will admit
that well, it's not really a last-name, but more... a concept of "The
Christ"; when pressed a bit more to really define their belief, they
will stutter and babble incoherently. Why...? Because even the very
term "Christ" in itself, has also been interdicted by the ATEN cult,
and to conceal their imprint, they've created a public vacuum on this
respect. Thus we have a double ignorance, of the term "Ante" & of
the term "Christ"; this speaks volumes on the current state of human
religious beliefs.

The english term "CHRIST" is a transliteration of the greek
term "CHRISTOS", which is a translation of the hebrew term
"MESSIAH". So what does the term "Messiah" mean then...?

Little -if ever- does the believer of either Judaism/Islam/Christianity
realize that the "Messiah" concept originated NOT in the Semitic area
but actually in the religion of the Pharaonic EGYPT...!? It was taken
from the Egyptian Cult, and "appropriated-into" the Semitic cults.
Whereas in the old days without dictionaries & encyclopedias and so
forth it was hard to research for yourself these themes, nowadays
with the Internet it is simply inexcusable and utterly irresponsible
behaviour not to take the minimum time to do so. Or it it really that
at the subconscious level you ALREADY know the truth, and thus
pretend not to know it 'yet' in the conscious level...? What you need
to search for is the original Egyptian word for "Messiah", which is

And for ex you get this typical mediocre web result, of little info.
The 1st. thing any researcher will find truly odd, is how hard it is
to find anything on the term "MESSEH". For such a crucial and
incredibly important term, the seemingly total blackout of info is
most suspicious. You may find something on the crocodile type of
God in Egypt -named "SOBEK"; but even the info on Sobek is also
suspiciously scanty. You often read that it was simply a little god
to appease the ferocity of the crocodiles in the Nile. Really...? How
come then, the Pharaohs had to be ANOINTED in CROCODILE FAT
TO ASCEND TO THE THRONE...? Yes, "Messiah" in hebrew means
exactly that: The Anointed One; because in Egypt "Messeh" meant
the one anointed with the crocodile fat, the Pharaoh...! If you do a
little elemental english Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Is this just a 'coincidence' of language...? You will notice
that the word "Sobek" contains "BES" of "BEAST". You will also
observe that the old spelling of "anointed" used a double-N as in
"ANNOINTED", thus indicating the "ANNUNAKI" (reptilian et
hybrids, said to be "gods" responsible for the human interdiction).

In other words, the NAME (not the spiritual concept) of the Christ
is 100% not a Semitic but a Pharaonic Egyptian cult term. This is
why the Rev. 13:18 prophecy instructs to look for the Number of
the NAME -never to research concepts & dogmas-.

What is instructed has the clear purpose of making the seeker and
researcher acutely aware THAT NAMES HAVE BEEN ALTERED &
respects to all spiritual/religious matters. And that this huge name-
appropriation is akin to a vast TROJAN virus program operating
within the SUBCONSCIOUS of humans, retrofitting all spiritual
concepts to be re-directed and "detoured" SUBLIMINALLY unto
the reptilian source of Egypt's overlords: THE ATEN CULT.

Thus it is majestically evident, that simply by doing an elemental
research on the very terms "ANTE" & "CHRIST", you would be
directly led to the answer you were looking for...! And precisely
so, in all effect, this is the overall meaning of organized religion
as being overtaken and trojanized from its inception, to be a covert
tool for this reptilian ATEN cult -not being relevant this or that
denomination, but as a whole-.

Of course there is a plethora of other concomitant evidence to the
point, here I merely expose the incredible simplicity of the method
you were instructed to use: simply look at the Names & Numbers.

This process of trojanized covert "appropriation", can be visualized
as a computer hacker who gets your key information, steals your
identity, and proceeds to syphon-off a considerable portion of your
assets to his own account, subrepticiously; what the original Koine
Greek term "ANTE-CHRIST" means is exactly this, a clear case of
spiritual identity-theft.

What is at the core of the issue of spirituality & religion, is the fact
that irrefutably, all 3 major Monotheistic religions of Islam/Judaism/
Christianity are merely the 3 Stars/Pyramids of Orion's Belt, coming
from & secretly originating in Pharaoh AKHENATEN's 18th Dynasty.

I don't venture in the other religions of the East, because I don't know
their history as well as I know the history of these, and also because
the reptilian themes are totally overt in those sources -as opposed
to the way they were absolutely disguised on ours-; besides this, the
inherent complexities of taking into considerations further languages
and races and so forth, put an inordinate tremendous amount of
extra pressure in one's ability to stay focused in the major theme,
without deviating into a myriad of branches. Not because I consider
those of the East to be "oh so much better" or the "only true" ones,
or the like; they in turn have been trojanized just the same.

However it is fairly easy to do research on the origins of the Semitic
tribes, when we look at the Egyptian records; there are 2 peoples that
were MIGRANT WORKERS in the Egyptian times, coming to/from the
lands of Canaan and beyond; these were either the HYKSOS or the so-
called HABIRU (or HAPIRU) -this last term evidently similar to the
now called "HEBREW"-. These are the only peoples in the Egyptian
times, that can be fit into being the "Semites"; thus either these are
the original Israelites & Arabs & Canaanites, or the Bible is not true
in the sense that these peoples never laboured in Egypt for a very
long time. All the Egyptian records define these peoples NOT as a
unified "RACE", but at the contrary as a lose mix of many races
of undetermined origin constantly moving like bedouins in that
Canaan area, and into/from Egypt; the names thus appied to them
simply meant what they were, migrant workers, not a bloodline.
As for present-day jewish people for ex, 95% of these officially
are defined as of the "ASHKENAZI" origin, which is NOT from the
Semitic Canaan area (attempts are always made to imply that
the original Semites left Canaan to the North, and these are the
Ashkenazi, but this is merely blind-belief, no proof of it at all).

These peoples had no unified race, or religion, or rituals, or anything
that would make them become "One" people; and this was evidently
their crucial weakness. However when they literally invaded Egypt in
the days of this Pharaonic Dynasty's decline, they rose to positions of
power, until at the end the Egyptians in order to maintain their reign,
had to "integrate" them into the Pharaonic court -eventually some of
them becoming Pharaoh-. This is all well documented, and now clear
knowledge of the issue; AKHENATEN was indeed a Hyksos Dynasty
-though his wife NEFERTITI is of unknown race, most likely a Celtic
WHITE woman, this explaining why their daughter Meritaten ended
up settling in now Ireland, after their demise-. Already early in the
beginning of the 20th Century, Sigmund Freud who was Jewish,
maintained that the exile of Akhenaten and his Hyksos people were
the true actors in what the Bible allegorized as the "Exodus of Moses
& the Israelites". His protege Carl Jung also wrote that Akhenaten
was the true Moses; both Freud & Jung were privy to secret info of
the "above grade 33" masonic circles, on the matter (this is known).

It is all too self-evident that whatever agreement the Egyptians had
concocted with the Hyksos, was not maintained by these, because as
soon as Akhenaten became Pharaoh, he created a new capital called
AMARNA, instituted a new monotheistic ATEN CULT, and effected
drastic changes that the original Egyptians rejected en-masse; this
resulted in his expulsion & exile, a Coup-D-Etat that culminated in
the Egyptians erasing nearly all records of him from statues & stone
carvings, etc (eventually some would survive, enough to reconstruct
his place and sequence in history beyond a doubt). From then on and
after he reached (or his people and adherents) Canaan (now Israel),
he began the creation of languages and all following institutions that
eventually would become the basis for Islam/Judaism/Christianity
religions of this day. However all the fundamental tenets were carry-
overs from the former land of Egypt and the deep Mysteries of the
elite Pharaonic cults.

None of this factual truth, means that the Spirituality of ASCENSION
is not valid & good, but that Akhenaten appropriated all this & more,
and syncretized it into his own concoction and agenda, which was
to become a ONE WORLD RULER. Akhenaten was the last attempt
at what we now know as the global New World Order. He was clearly
just using the cover of "religion" & monarchy" to serve his hidden
agenda, which has been carried out through centuries for almost
3300 years, to this very day, in great detail
. This is exactly were
Masonry originates from, and their real agenda; similarly with the
hidden elite that controls all religions in the background, while in
public simulating to be "opposites". It's the same ATEN CULT, the
same agenda, the same crowd, the same force.

Therefore it is "v-e-r-y" easy to find AKHENATEN's name encoded
in nearly everything of importance & power on planet Earth today.
it is unavoidable, it is overwhelming.

Part of the agenda was to extensively use Deception; most native
american nations south of the USA were deceived into believing
that a "white god" would RETURN ("2nd COMING"), and they
indeed were made to return matching the very day/week/year of
their prophecies (all in purpose, the secret elite in Europe had come
to America many times before, they staged this). So the indians
believed them to be the propheziced "gods", and were easily
conquered; instead of the paradise offered, they got genocide and
subjugation...!? Please use your judgement, to wisely infer similar
tactics employed on the population at large today, as to what they
have also pre-planned for our time immediately ahead.

That CHRISTIANITY out of the 3 Monoltheistic religions derived
of Akhenaten is the one that had been chosen to be the "Fall Guy"
of the conspiracy, is the clue to the conundrum; so Judaism plays
a "victim" role, just like Islam does -both in different ways-. But
in reality beyond these public overt power-play images, all 3 were
always the same secretly (and this is why the Knight Templars had
to be dissolved, when it became apparent to the french aristocrats
fighting the Crusades, that they were in secret alliance with the
supposed islamic "enemy"; the Templars were implementing the
Oriental Masonry mysteries in the West, using the Crusades as
a cover...!). The "ANTE-Christ"/"Antichrist" was designed to be
of the Christian realm, to make it the "Fall Guy" publicly.

It is clear beyond a doubt, that the secret Aten Cult elite is staging
a "2nd. Coming" of Akhenaten; and in preparation to this event a
series of mass sacrifices have been taking place for some time now,
all carrying the irrefutable "name" imprint of Akhenaten. We have
to consider all his 3 official names: the original "AMEN-HOTEP IV"
of the Pharaonic lineage, translated into greek as "AMEN-OPHIS IV",
and then the new name he chose for himself, "AKEN-ATEN":

AMEN = 33
(what "above grade 33" means in Masonry)
{ AMEN = NAME } ("The Number of the NAME of the Beast")

"ANTE-Christ" already indicated the exact name "ATEN' just like
"The NAME of the Beast" already indicated the "AMEN" name...!
There is no other name to be found, it has already been given...!
The Root-Name given, the "666" is the constant regeneration of
this agenda, through many fractal names of key figures as time
goes by in history, always adding up to either 234 or 432, since
[666 = 234+432], and [13x18=234]. This the full Rev 13:18
riddle thoughroughly solved; you find a series of names adding
up to 234 & 432. Most recently & famously (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

{A Prince Charles Windsor=234}
{(A George Herbert Walker Bush)+(A George Walker Bush)=432}

("Ophis" means Serpent; Order of the Ophis~Sophia/Baphomet)


AMENOPHIS IV = 66+66 = A Prince Charles


("276" the cross-complement of "492" in Magic Square of Saturn,
-or Cronos- this why 1492 was chosen as the discovery of America):

2 7 6
9 5 1
4 3 8

The key masonic ritual figure of one "HIRAM ABIFF" as the "true"
Builder of the Temple (who was murdered, his Resurrection is the

object of Masonry, as the allegory goes) is... Akhenaten...! The true
"Temple" is not the inexistent "Temple of Solomon", this merely a
code for the CITY OF AMARNA -Akhenaten's new capital-:

"HI-RAMA-BIFF" ~~~ "AMAR-NA" (in reverse)



As painful as these appropriations appear, the Truth Shall Set You
Free; when we look at "Lord Jesus Christ" the following is encoded
-extract the full 1st. & last initials, then extract separately the root
center remaining letters-:


[ LJC/DST = 68 = Barack Obama ]
[ OR ESU HRIS = 131 = Prince Charles ]

georgE busH baracK obamA saraH paliN ~~~ AKHEN

These are just isolated examples; that there is a big neuro-linguistic
agenda regarding "NAMES" appropriated by the ATEN CULT cabal,
should go without saying. This is the agenda that the Book of Rev
sets to expose with the instruction to look for the "Number of the
Name of the Beast(s)", a generic title to imply the full extent of what
is called GEMATRIA and its many methods of encrytpon/encoding
That is why it is stated: "Let Him Who Has Wisdom/Understanding"
calculate the number of the name; this means those who possess
the clue/key of the methods to employ regarding the NAMES, which
is the ancient science of Gematria. But why...? Because this type of
evidence/proof, is akin to fingerprinting or Dna analysis, it's objective
irrefutable evidence, you can't make this up, it's there as it is, period.
Theological mumbo-jumbo may confuse you, Gematria will set you
free from the inherent subliminal trans-generational hypnotisms.
You cannot make up, you cannot alter, you can't change or invent
or "interpret" to your whim, what the Names and Numbers show
objectively in themselves:








In Sept 11 in 1973, the elite used "Santiago in Chile" as the coup-d'
etat "trial-run" of the New World Order -beta version, so to speak-,
installing one "Augusto Pinochet Ugarte" in power:



I know; it doesn't look good, now does it...? It's painful, is it? Yes,
it is bad and it is painful. But you can revert this negative energy,
by becoming conscious, and using your will in pychic/psionic terms.
A Deception and a Subliminal only work so far as they are still in
the subconscious realm. The work of Spiritual Ascension involves
crucially confronting these neural-scripts and the very negative
energies that have been attached to them as human sacrifices. It
is rather easy with higher technologies to do as you wish with a
species that is inferior in means to you; yet the power of sheer
Consciousness, is your potential. Beings in a higher Density or
Dimension immediate to ours use us and manipulate our mind
and our spirituality, but in the end you can always be free again.

We are dealing with a negative isolated group of negative devolved
reptilian beings who operate from the nearby "4th Density/Dim.",
because they can no longer dwell in higher realms; they desperately
need energy, and they utilize the Human Species as ETHERIC FOOD
as we in turn utilize animal as material food. We are not the highest
in the food chain; you become food when you refuse to aknowledge
your true position & situation in the Density/Dimensional realms
in a fully conscious manner, preferring to "believe" anything that is
more "appealing" to your 5-Senses construct. You are conditioned
to believe in a "God" that is "out there" instead of WITHIN YOU,
you are taught to "do things & rituals" instead of BEING who you
truly ARE, you are told to believe in this reality as "real" when it
is but a shadow world of a projection, you are conditioned to believe
in the Past/Present/Future linear timeline sequences & the intrinsic
linear logic of Ego ("plans & programs & achievements"), etc.

The real Spirituality of Ascension, has been caged/imprisoned and
diverted to neuro-linguistic niches of mind conditioning & worship,
always embedded with massive codes of the original "OWNERS"
of the trojan system, the originators -in this case Akhenaten-. It
would be very naive to assume this FRANCHISE is only utilized
in this planet and in this reality; there are multiple parallel realms,
and many planets in the 4th Density/Dimensions; all this is thus
no different than how a commercial franchise is implemented in
multiple nations. We are not that important, just another little
place, see if it works... Nice try...!? It won't. It's awakening time.


Anonymous said...

Really insightful post! CAPTCHA VALUE: UNMADIE --- DIE MAN U

David L. Kaas said...

The words "Anti-Christ" means any and all who go against the teachings of Jesus.
The words "Ante' Christ" means the predecessor of the return of Jesus the Christ(Messiah).
There is still much speculation upon the meanings of these opposite meanings, however the spelling, as well as the definitions should now be understood.