Monday, January 25, 2010

The Age of the Orb -part 2-

Once you have understood that "opposites" are merely OPPOSAMES,
the typical Bi-Polarity of all manipulation comes crashing down like a
giant house of cards. As all sides are both Abusers & Abused, plenty
of "justification" is found to perceive & label either one as "the good
guys", or holy, or the truest, or what have you. As all sides in a cold
de-facto mode practice a Jihad against all others -the only difference
really the degree to which this Jihad is implemented-, the world as
a whole is one big Jungle, its crushing law of domination/territoriality
being the centerpiece of it all.

Sure blacks have been slaved & oppressed; the entire world indeed
was one global slavery factory up until very recently; but if we're to
believe the media, it is "o-n-l-y" the jews & the blacks who've been
slaved & exterminated by the white devil. Unfortunately for these
reductivist proselitisms, the real history is considerably more ample
and complex, and the charicaturesque "cowboy vs. indians" views
are replaced by a pervading palette in shades-of-gray. A careful
research of WWII reveals that the german people (not the nazis)
were exterminated by the millions, most notably after the end of
the war. In this day and age, only the unlearned and naive really
believes that 6 million jews were exterminated by the nazis; just
as in the opposite camp only the naive believe the claims that the
nazis were "benevolent" and have been "maligned"; the truth is of
course somewhere in between those shades-of-gray, genocide did
occur, but the numbers were certifiably grossly exaggerated. True
to the real relevant figures, aprox. 35 MILLION died in WWII, and
the majority of those were... (drumroll)... non-jew W-H-I-T-E-S.

Blacks compose aprox. 14% of the USA, and in their clear minority
position, they are represented disproportionately all over the place.
I am quite aware of black discrimination and the like, & have always
defended blacks when I saw it; but that doesn't mean I'm a foolish
naive blind person -I got eyes, I can add up, and I can connect the
dots-. Any more advantaged race on this planet has sought both
the submission and even the culling the numbers of all those who
they see as inferior. This is not an "only" white trait; within Africa
even amongst blacks tribes to this day practice genocide against all
other enemy tribes, in the most shocking of manners. The myth of
the "white-devil" is really the case of the most powerful, period; all
across history, it did not matter which race was the most powerful,
they all ended up dominating/enslaving/exterminating the rest, it's
a HUMAN CONDITION, not peculiar to any specific race. And without
exception, in each case RELIGIONS have played a defining role by
producing "theological justifications" for their Jihads.

Nope, this is not a beautiful planet as it is; but it can be. After all,
don't you who profess to be a victim, kill & eat other living beings
who you consider inferior -animals-...? Does anyone seriously think
that if the tables had been reversed and black people would have
become the dominating force worldwide, that they would've treated
whites and the rest of races better than the whites have done...?
Most often I get the vivid impression this alternative parallel line
of history would have been far more genocidal. This the real truth,
the hard one, the one that doesn't sell books and get you votes, the
one that the masses are told NOT to learn, as they are indoctrinated
& brainwashed in any form of the myriad of popular Bi-Polarities.
See, the evil is always "there", it's "them", they are the "guilty".
Oh really...?

The white people don't own this planet; they are but the latest fad.
At the top, an extra-terrestrial inter-dimensional group are the real
honchos. And they don't give a rat's ass whether it's blacks or whites
or chinese or semites or mayans or what, that serve best their goals
and purposes for the control of the place. That's why Pan-Africans
or Nation of Islam fanatics don't ever like to hear about the Shamans
like Credo Mutwa and such -the real africans-; 'cause this is exactly
what they tell. Mutwa for ex speaks of the illuminati as a breed of
the Chitauri (et's of negative slant), as responsible for the evils in
the world; according to him your race is irrelevant, anyone can be a
pawn for and a Chitauri half-breed. Now Mutwa comes from a long
line of african zulu Shamans, that have held deep secrets about all
this for millennia. Interestingly Mutwa denounced Obama as fraud,
as a false leader & uniter -very early on, before his current slip-.

Something's decidedly wrong with the picture that black apologists
present of their reality in America. Let's do the following exercise
that'll dramatically highlight exactly what's wrong with it; let's
assume the blacks are the jews in the 1930's & 40's, and the white
americans are the german nazis in that era; now imagine that
they never ever went to war with the allies, and that after Hitler
a JEWISH became the Fuhrer...!? That they also developed TV &
media like now we do, & that a JEWISH WOMAN became the most
powerful and best paid figure in Entertainment...!? That they also
developed sports into the mega-billion industry it is today, and that
a JEWISH became the biggest best-paid sportsperson...!? Wouldn't
it appear strange to you, if after that they kept on talking about
the jewish oppression...?

Yet here in America, with blacks only at about 14% of the pop, we
have a black president in Barack Obama, a black woman in Oprah
Winfrey who is bar none the singlemost powerful & best-paid figure
in media (often called the most powerful woman in the world -after
the Queen of England-); by 2008 she earned $275 Million/year, and
the 2nd. figure after her earned 5 times less...!? Forget about small
timers like Letterman, they're nobody in comparison. And we have
a black sportsman in Tiger Woods, also bar none the singlemost rich
& powerful athlete (in 2008 he cashed in $105 Millon). In comparison,
Paul McCartney of The Beatles accumulated like $150 Million in his
entire life career...!? Tiger Woods was sponsored by companies such
as General Motors, Nike, Gatorade, etc etc etc. Then in the alleged
"all-white-to-the-hilt" administration of G. W. Bush, we find at the
very top black figures like Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. Huh?
Excuse me if I'm pesky, but something absolutely doesn't match
with the picture the media keeps portraying. In the mid 90's, a
famous black sports & entertainment OJ Simpson, walked out
free & clean after murdering his blonde ex-wife and a male jewish
friend -when EVERYBODY knew he did it-. And when you even
dare to point out these "discrepancies" with the official view of the
state of blacks in the union, you will instantly be labeled as racist.

Now the title of this series is "The Age of the Orb". Better start
paying attention; "O"prah, "O"bama", "O"J Simpson (Orenthal);
could it be that yes the common black man & woman are treated
unfairly, but yet at the top a powerful line of BLACK MASONS
and occultists, yield as much entrance to the illuminati as either
the whites or the jews or any of the rest of them...?

Oprah has a magazine called "O", and several other enterprises
emphasizing the "O" in their title/logo. Unsurprisingly, both she
and Obama come from a broken family, and were raised by their
grandmother for a while; Oprah was the offspring of an unwanted
teen pregnancy, and claims to have been sexually abused by her
uncle, her cousin, & a family friend, starting at 9-years old. At 13
she ran away from home, at 14 she got pregnant, the baby dying
2 weeks after in a hospital. She told her black high-school boyfriend
she didn't have time for a relationship and broke with him (he was
much later shocked to learn she had borne a baby before). Just a
few months later she had an intense relationship with William
"bubba" Taylor at Tennessee State Univ; when Oprah landed a
job at a radio in Baltimore, Taylor refused to move. She landed
a job in a TV station, and started a relationship with reporter
Lloyd Kramer (who supported her when management criticized
her appearance on air, and the fact she cried during broadcasts).
She then moved to New York where she started a relationship
with a man she had been warned to avoid -who was married-;
at some point in this she became even suicidal. When in 1997 she
played the therapist in the sitcom "Ellen", in the episode where
Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet as lesbian, some people
suggested Oprah was also a closet-bisexual. Yet before, the most
powerful jewish man in Hollywood -Steven Spielberg-, had chosen
her for a role in the film "The Color Purple", even though her
acting experience was almost nil (predictably she was nominated
for an award). Ultimately, her TV shows in the "confessional"
tone, propelled her to super-stardom amongst women prone
to this genre, ballooning her to the top of Entertainment. Through
the years she has been active in a few charities, and her own
Oprah's Angel Network has raised $51 Million; impressive, yet
paltry when compared to the $275 Million/year she makes.
What is the perennial "O" in all this, one may ask -unless she's
a sick case of nascissism-...? We shall answer this later.

Excuse me if I play the non-believer here, but I just don't seem
to swallow the fairy-tale that a black girl with this background,
that used to live in utter poverty in Mississippi, to the point of
wearing potato sack dresses to high-school, would so easily make
it to the very top, even as to be the determining factor in electing
the president of the USA...!? I'm sorry, but this story is bollocks
(as the british say -we call it BS here-). Then on top of that, we
are supposed to also swallow the other fairy-tale of the Obama
she crucially supported way before his run for the presidency,
who also coming from a schewed background about most of which
we don't know an iota about (some claim he wasn't even born on
american soil), "miraculously" made it to the top just as well.
Meantime -to add insult to injury-, we are also told that in spite
of this, blacks are still "terribly opressed" in America. Clearly,
either you believe in the double fairy-tales, or not believe in the
latter claim, both can't go together ! Sure, blacks are so-but-so
opressed, that a guy with a name as "Barack Hussein Obama" is
still elected president of the USA.

It is clear for any who has eyes to see, that people like OJ, Oprah,
Obama, Tiger Woods, etc, were constructed and promoted by the
PTB (Powers-That-Be). Just like on the white camp figures like
Dubya and Palin were constructed & promoted from the top, to
be spoon-fed to the masses, or rather shoved down the throats
of the sheeple -Dubya didn't even win the 2000 election; oops!,
when the plan fails... you install him anyway...!?-.

So it's no mystery to any person with 2 working brain cells, that
we have a system of "Philosopher Kings" deciding everything on
the background behind the curtain, while these manufactured and
fairy-tale figures do the Salesman part, selling the agendas to the
blind masses who really believe these puppets are truly in charge.
Now I don't have a bit of a problem with the notion of Philosopher
Kings as rulers; that's just great, 'cept the guys doing the behind
scenes thing, are no Philosophers !? That's the real issue here, folks.
The problem's not the behind the scenes thing, but that the honchos
are not the right people at all -and that they've gone absolutely
bonkers is no mystery to no one, either-.

Now this Gone-Bonkers scenario has played out on many occasions
on this planet before; just a peek into the late Egyptian "science"
and "spirituality" is like walking into a lunatic's asylum, it's all for
the most part, just plain dementia. This is classic Modus-Operandi
on the part of the extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional masters,
who seem to not only like but be fanatically amused at how they
fool humans into believing even the most insane and nonsensical
things. You go back in history, and are confronted by spaghetti-like
elaborations, like an endless maze of a few truths and a gazillion
laughable preposterous things, passing as the most serious and
religious spirituality and knowledge. After all, you have to think:
if indeed Humans are Etheric-Energy food for negative vampiric
et's, what better way of "seasoning" the human food resource,
than to concoct the most insane ideas & rituals, to keep them forever
lost in a perpetual psychic maze, without never really achieving
anything or getting anywhere at all. Then you have to reconsider
that this may have been the theme of the LABYRINTH, precisely;
-a WARNING from the Greek Philosophers who did figure the
situation- to the future generations on this planet, about the state
of the Human Psyche -that humans are toyed to become demented
in their beliefs and thoughts and goals, behaving like lunatics in an
asylum, acting like clueless worshippers of mirages-.

People often make a huge smoke plume out of the tiny little fire
of the scanty things we know about characters like the ones cited;
I would suggest that what we do know, has already been sanitized,
and that we may never know the full extent of their lives. In the
case of Tiger Woods for ex, even an 8-year old kid with elemental
notions about Mind Control, could tell that he is the quintessential
case of a mind controllee -who when becoming less submissive, is
made to experience "glitches" that render him inoperative in normal
society- (like being in a deep snoring sleep when he crashed his SUV,
as the witness described...!?). Thus his "magical" powers for a sport
like golf that requires true robotic temple; maybe he just fell out
with the Obama crowd, and was punished likewise -Oprah and
Tiger were the most high-ticket media figures to support him-.
Isn't it a little strange Oprah, that you did never comment on this,
when it is patently obvious to anyone...?

But these are all mere "ARCHETYPE" figures, chosen for their
color of skin, and most importantly for their names, to play a
highly sophisticated neuro-linguistic script, prepared by the big
guys behind the curtain, that revolves around the idea of the
"2nd Coming" of AKHENATEN and his Aten-Orb theology, which
was the foundation of the monotheistic religions of Islam/Judaism/
Christianity. Because Akhenaten was of human Black-Semitic
race, and Reptilian origin; therefore the "sudden" rise of iconic
black figures into the american high media and power, is but a
meticulous RITUAL performed to "bring-back" Egypt into life.

Akhenaten was the "Uniter of the 2 Lands", and within Masonry
this is today viewed as re-uniting the White Masons with the old
Black Masons -thus... completing the... ORB-. In Obama, we even
find the exact physical resemblance to the Akhenaten ancestry,
confirmed in his Kenyan roots, which specifically make him truly
a part of the very Akhenaten family -by genealogy, as a fact-.

What happens -and this is how laughable the whole fiasco is-, is that
to Pan-African neo-Pharaonic blacks (thinly disguised for example
behind the "Nation of Islam" cover), the game is simple; it's all a
matter of stating that blacks are "The True Source", and that whites
stole their Royal dominion from them, corrupting the "True Religion"
of Old, now the time to enact the "Coming Back To Source". But this
is the tired old demented game played over & over again like an
out-of-tune screeching horrendous violin, within the fighting game
of supremacy amongst all religions. Mormons will claim they are the
ONLY TRUE ORIGINAL source, so will the Jehova's Witnesses,
so did the Catholics, then the Protestants, denounced as impostors
by the Gnostics and the Cathars and all the rest of them, in idiotic
endless ad- infinitum self righteousness. It's the ridiculous parade
of the "I'm The Only One Representing the True God" club.

And of course this is exactly the same identical "fundamental" reason
each of the 3 Main Monotheistic religions wages a Jihad against all
others, because allegedly each is "The Only True Source" as opposed
to the rest of the forgerers and impostors and the like. This utterly
ridiculous trick, the most preposterous way of manipulating stupid
people into believeing they are "Of God" & MUST impose themselves
upon all others, is the very trick that the ET masters have used to
great success, to keep humanity forever engaged in fighting against
. And the resurgence of the old Black Masons in the form of a
mixture of Islam/Christianity & Kabbalism under a neo-Egyptian
cloak, is but the latest utter stupidity in the block.

So what is the Aten-Orb...? It is many things, the most important
in a religious sense, that it means the re-birth of the source roots,
the re-unification of religions under a "New Religion" in a global
scale, under a new template, according to the new state of mind
and consciousness of the Age. Behind the scenes religions have
been negotiating this in secret, and they fight to merely take the
biggest piece of the pie at the end of the road. Zionism was made
to be a part of all things political, to fuse Judaism & Christianity, as
the Islam faction is refusing to reunite if not under an arab-semitic
bloodline. So this fusion is seen to be speeded up if a black proto
neo-egyptian bloodline is revided into power, & this is the current
ruse. The "Uniting of the 2 Lands" is the agenda, because this is
how the New World Order gets to be truly implemented, from a
masonic-religious perspective beyond the politics of control.

And from an exo-politics point of view, the ORB is a cipher:

ORB ~~~ Orion Rigel Betelgeuse
ORB ~~~ Orion Reptilian Brotherhood

This is why in the PEPSI logo, that is the corresponding OBAMA logo,
the classic Red & Blue colors are utilized; in the "Hybrid-Blood" sense
they represent the human "Red" blood mixed with the copper based
reptilian "Blue" blood. Betelgeuse is the giant Red star, while Rigel is
the Blue star. From "Rigel" we get the "Regal" or "Royal" expression;
from "Betelgeuse" we get the "Beetle Juice" pun, a comic way of
ironizing the fate of humans as "Juice" (Etheric Kundalini) providers.
It helps to remember that OJ Simpson's nickname was "The Juice";
this started as the "Orange Juice" after his initials, but soon it was
understood as "Electric Juice" in the sports lingo, and as such was
referred to explicitly. I suggest there is more to OJ than meets the
eye, and that he's been in the "deeper circles" from the getgo. We
can also see how going back to source in reverse the "ORB" yields
the sequence "B"ush - "O"bama, towards the 2012-2016 window
(interesting how Nostradamus wrote of "ROYREB").

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